KAYAK adds map-based search tool to the site’s popular iPad app


KAYAK (kayak.com), the world’s leading travel search engine, released a new version of KAYAK Mobile for the iPad that includes the site’s explore search feature (kayak.com/explore). KAYAK’s explore feature gives travel junkies a new way to research deals and find inspiration for trip ideas.

KAYAK.com/explore is an interactive, map-based search tool that shows flight prices from almost any origin to destinations around the world. The prices shown are fares that were found by KAYAK users in the previous 48 hours. Travelers can see where in the world they might be able to fly for how much by selecting a price range, and they can also filter by activities and average daily temperature. Since its introduction in May, KAYAK.com/explore has quickly become one of the site’s most popular search tools.

“Our explore feature is an innovative and fun new way to think about travel planning,” said KAYAK Chief Architect, Bill O’Donnell. “KAYAK.com users who’ve tried explore have responded very positively, but it’s even more compelling on the iPad’s touch screen.”

KAYAK Mobile (kayak.com/mobile) is a leading travel application available on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad platforms. The application is installed on over 2 million unique devices. The new version of KAYAK Mobile for the iPad also includes the ability to search for multi-city flights.

Visit the App Store in Apple’s iTunes and download KAYAK Mobile for the iPad, version 12.0