KAYAK Travel Planner: Plan Your Group Trip in Messenger


Think we can all agree that one of the most challenging parts of planning a group trip is figuring out a date that works for everyone and agreeing on where to go.

So, we’re making it easier to get your group trip off the ground with the KAYAK Travel Planner for Facebook Messenger. This new enhancement to our bot takes advantage of Messenger’s new Chat Extensions which launched today at F8 and makes group travel planning a more social experience. 

With the KAYAK Travel Planner, you can plan your group trip from start to finish with just a few taps and without leaving Messenger. Create a poll to agree on dates and where to go. Share it with friends so they can vote, view results, pick the winners and kick off a search. 

To try the KAYAK Travel Planner, open the most recent version of Messenger on your favorite mobile device and tap “+” within a conversation. Select the KAYAK icon* and start building your poll. Choose your destinations and travel dates, then save and share with the group. You can track your polls and, of course, search for flights once you know when and where the group wants to go.

Want to learn more about our Messenger bot? Here’s what you can do with it.

It’s all part of our mission to make sure KAYAK is everywhere you need it most — in the social apps and sites you use every day. Travel Problem Solved.

*If you cannot see the KAYAK icon, go to m.me/kayak and find your original chat. Repeat the process above. Still not seeing it? Did someone forget to update their app? (Trust us, it’s worth it.)