New Look. Same

By Andrea Charriez

We released a new design for our site today. We’ve been working on it for several months, so it’s not surprising that we like it a lot.

More importantly, here’s why we think it’s going to be better for you:

  • The design makes it easier for you to find the hotel, flight or car rental that fits your needs.
  • We know that a large portion of KAYAK users are visiting from their phones/tablets and using our mobile apps. This design makes KAYAK more consistent across platforms so you only have to get used to one experience — in this case, we’ve made our site look more like our mobile app (which by the way is the #1 travel app out there).
  • It also looks nicer (we hope you agree). Our goal remains helping you cut-through all the information easily, but our experience with our iPhone app has shown us that function and form don’t have to be a trade-off.
  • The redesign is also based on tons of analysis of how you’ve actually conducted hundreds of millions of queries for flights, hotels and car rentals.
  • We finally waxed our unibrow. We’re still promising ‘Search One and Done,’ but we’ve probably screamed it enough for now.

We’re always looking to make KAYAK easier to use, better and just more enjoyable in general.