Province-by-Province: Canada Day’s Most Popular Destinations

Cue the fireworks – Canada is turning 150. 🎉

According to our data, for Canadian travellers Canada Day is by far the most popular travel weekend of the summer. Because we’re all about celebrating what makes Canada great, we wanted to know where Canadians are taking off to for the holiday.  We tracked site searches to figure out the most popular destinations for the July 1st weekend.

Here’s what we found:

Key Takeaways

  • Staying home. It’s no surprise that for the holiday, most Canadians are celebrating within their own country. Toronto tops the list as the place to be (makes sense considering it’s hosting one of the biggest Canada Day celebrations).
  • Looking to the South. Of the 10 provinces we’re able to track, 9 had at least one US city in their top 3 most popular destinations.
  • Hotel rates are up. Well, turning 150 is a pretty big deal. So, in celebration, it appears that hotel prices are going up. We found an increase of 21% for this Canada Day weekend versus last year’s. Prince Edward Island is the province seeing the biggest jump with nightly hotel rates up 34%.
  • August is giving people the travel itch. While Canada Day is the most popular weekend of the summer, the runner-up is the weekend of August 11 – August 13. We see a 50% increase in travel this weekend than at the same time last year.


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