Roses Are Red (and So Passé), But V-Day Travel Memories Don’t Wilt

By Andrea Charriez
Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to get away for a long weekend after the December holidays with the one you love… or escape unrequited romance. Searches on KAYAK for Valentine’s Day travel show US travelers are yearning for some exotic locales around the world (and two interesting destinations here in the US) to make the most of this saccharine holiday.
The top five most romantic cities from KAYAK hotel searches are:
1.      New York City (the city that never sleeps. Isn’t that what we all want on Valentine’s Day?)
2.      Venice, Italy (tutta amore, this ancient city provides an idyllic background for a charming lovefest)
3.      Honolulu, HI (what could say romance better than one of the top honeymoon destinations)
4.      Maui, HI (tropical fun, and hula dancing, in the sun)
5.      Denver (Romantic Ski Chalet weekend in nearby Breckenridge and Colorado Springs)
What exactly makes a city one of the top romantic destinations? Here’s the recipe for designating a city with this title (according to the travel trend geeks at KAYAK):
1) search volume (the number of searches for that location) and
2) the percentage of change in search volume for Valentine’s Day compared to the weekends before and after February 14th
Searches for US flights showed a spike for Valentine’s travel to New York City and Chicago. Both cities are foodie havens with tons of amazing ethnic restaurants. If you’re headed to one of these two cities this Valentine’s Day, spice up your weekend with an excursion to an exotic restaurant and try a new cuisine. You may not be traveling internationally, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a bland trip.

Cheers to a sweet escape this Valentine’s Day!

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