We’re Very Sorry BlackBerry Users.

By Andrea Charriez

It is with a heavy heart (and thumbs) that we must announce this:

KAYAK Mobile is dropping active support and maintenance for our BlackBerry application.

We are sincerely sorry to BlackBerry users, but we have regrettably come to this practical decision.

When we started KAYAK in 2004, we issued BlackBerries to the entire engineering team so we could communicate instantly 24/7. Today we’ve all switched, and it seems our users are doing the same. Our audience of BlackBerry users has been declining precipitously, and we can’t justify the cost any longer.

RIM was a smartphone pioneer and we thank them for what they’ve done, and wish them renewed success. BlackBerry was (and is) an amazing messaging platform. But it’s not working out to be a great channel for consumer mobile applications, which is what leads us to this sad post.

By dropping active support, we won’t be launching any new features, updates or fixes to problems that may arise on the KAYAK BlackBerry app as our system changes.

Our website does work on the BlackBerry browser, and if you’re thinking of switching to an iPhone, Googlerola phone, other Android device, Windows Phone 7 device, or a Nokia device, we will continue to innovate and maintain our free apps for you.

— billo

(Preview photo cred: iStock.com/Xtock Images)