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State by State: The Hottest Spring Break Destinations

By Andrea Charriez

Long ago, someone looked at winter’s transition to spring and thought, “Yeah, this is a good excuse for a vacation.” Alternative facts aside, we know that travel tastes are constantly changing. So, we wanted to find out: what destinations are seeing a new spike in interest for Spring Break travel for 2017? Whether you’re grabbing your passport or staying closer to home, see what’s trending for travelers in your state.

Key takeaways from our discoveries:


  • Prepare for lei puns.

    Maui topped our Travel Hacker Guide as the year’s top beach destination. That trend continues with 21 states in the Union seeing triple digit increases in interest to this island city. If you want to wait out the Break crowds, we found the lowest airfare and hotel rates in April.


  • Looking to travel the world.

    Dubai. Helsinki. Cape Town. Taipei. These are just a few of the far-flung destinations that Spring Breakers are searching. States like South Carolina, Vermont, Connecticut and Wyoming are looking to travel as many miles as possible, picking destinations like Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Christchurch and Glasgow, respectively.


  • Visiting neighbors to the South.

    Other states are still exercising their passports but keeping it closer to home. Travelers from Arkansas saw a 154% in interest to Managua, Nicaragua, while Spring Breakers from DC, North Carolina and Pennsylvania have their eyes on Santiago, Chile.


  • The new American Spring Break spots?

    Several states are keeping it continental by sticking with Spring Break spots in the contiguous United States. South Dakotans are hoping Hilton Head, SC will give them a beachy break. Nevadans are looking to let loose Texas-style in Corpus Christi. With a 90% increase in searches, Delaware has a lot of love for Reno.


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State #1 Trending Destination % Growth in Searches
Alabama Maui, HI 325%
Alaska Barcelona, Spain 154%
Arizona Maui, HI 274%
Arkansas Managua, Nicaragua 154%
California Maui, HI 301%
Colorado Helsinki, Finland 453%
Connecticut Christchurch, New Zealand    210%
Washington, DC    Santiago, Chile 574%
Delaware Reno, NV 90%
Florida Havana, Cuba 217%
Georgia Maui, HI 522%
Hawaii Taipei, Taiwan 153%
Idaho Rome, Italy 195%
Illinois Maui, HI 271%
Indiana Maui, HI 354%
Iowa Cape Town, South Africa 282%
Kansas Dubai, United Arab Emirates 928%
Kentucky Havana, Cuba 224%
Louisiana Havana, Cuba 170%
Maine Maui, HI 295%
Maryland Maui, HI 398%
Massachusetts Maui, HI 257%
Michigan Maui, HI 305%
Minnesota Havana, Cuba 281%
Mississippi Maui, HI 317%
Missouri Havana, Cuba 342%
Montana Maui, HI 355%
Nebraska Maui, HI 267%
Nevada Corpus Christi, TX 422%
New Hampshire Glasgow, Scotland 388%
New Jersey Havana, Cuba 190%
New Mexico Maui, HI 352%
New York Maui, HI 388%
North Carolina Santiago, Chile 407%
North Dakota Paris, France 262%
Ohio Maui, HI 347%
Oklahoma Havana, Cuba 249%
Oregon Maui, HI 333%
Pennsylvania Santiago, Chile 309%
Rhode Island Belize City, Belize 336%
South Carolina Tel Aviv, Israel 216%
South Dakota Hilton Head, SC 419%
Tennessee Maui, HI 288%
Texas Havana, Cuba 239%
Utah Havana, Cuba 250%
Vermont Lisbon, Portugal 207%
Virginia Maui, HI 614%
Washington Maui, HI 482%
West Virginia Havana, Cuba 156%
Wisconsin Maui, HI 411%
Wyoming Glasgow, Scotland 245%


Methodology: Considered flight searches conducted on the US locale between 2016/06/17 – 2017/01/17 for travel between 03/04/2017 and 04/17/2017 and compared to the year prior (03/04/2016 through 04/17/2016) to see which destinations were seeing the biggest increase in search. Filtered searches by IP address to identify which state searches were conducted in. Only considered destination results with at least 50 clicks in both 2016 and 2017.