Stop, Collaborate and Trip Plan with KAYAK for Google Hangouts Chat


We all know the frustrations that can come with coordinating business travel. No matter how good your intentions, things like finding the best price on a flight for you and your boss (because she’s definitely flying first class) or coordinating flight times with co-workers (because who doesn’t want a few hours by the pool before the big meeting?) can get cumbersome. So, because collaboration is an important part of any team, we’re making it even easier for companies that use G Suite to plan their travel while they chat. We’re excited to announce a bot that will integrate with Hangouts Chat- an intelligent and secure collaboration tool in G Suite built to bring teams together.

With KAYAK on Hangouts Chat, you’re able find flights and hotels, discover new destinations within your price range and track flights for yourself and colleagues, whether you’re a cubicle or country away. To start, first make sure you’re logged into Chat. Click on the “+” sign to enable a new conversation and tell us what you’re looking for- we’ll do the rest. Need a flight or hotel room to Las Vegas for a conference next next month? Simply type “Flights from New York to Las Vegas on March 15” or “4 star hotels in Las Vegas for March 15.” We’ll chat you back with the best travel options for your trip.

Planning a work trip for more than just yourself? We know the struggle. So, we’re making it as easy to plan a group outing as it is to share cat GIFs. Just create a group channel, give it a title (like “Definitely a Conference in Cancun & Not a Vacation”) and invite your colleagues. Now, you can collectively search for flight and hotel options, and choose what’s best. No sweat. You can even track everyone’s landing times with the KAYAK bot for Hangouts. Just click into the channel and then ask our bot “@KAYAK, track flight AA2114” and we’ll let you know the status of your colleague’s flight in just one click.

And, while we’re trying to make travel planning and collaboration at work easier, you can also use the KAYAK bot for personal use. Caught yourself daydreaming at the office? Fortunately, we’ve enabled our popular Explore tool, so now you can uncover all the destinations you can fly to next month within a certain price range — all within Chat. Just make sure your boss isn’t nearby.

Our integration with Chat is just one more way KAYAK is leading the online travel industry in AI-driven innovation and trying to make you more confident when you plan travel. Find out more about how we’re using AI in the travel industry here, here and here.


Flight prices are per person, for e–tickets, and include all taxes & fees.