Studying and all-nighters aside, being a student can have its perks – especially when it comes with discounts. So why should museum tickets get to have all the fun? Keep reading to find out more about student travel programs and how they can help you save on seeing the world.


About student travel discounts

First things first: How do student rates work?

Skeptical about discounted travel programs? Here’s some context: Travel providers often work together with certain airlines to come up with discounted rates reserved for students or adults under 30 (depending on the provider). Together, they decide on flight prices for student travelers through a number of factors including flight route, airline, and time of year.

What makes these fares unique?

The sweet savings, of course. Though programs may not tell you outright what you saved, according to FLYLA, ScholarTrip and StudentUniverse, discounts on student travel can range anywhere from 5 – 40% off normal flight prices. Price point aside, student fares also often offer more flexibility than standard fares but it’s best to read the fine print before you book.

How do I qualify for these discounts?

Each provider has different requirements for student fares. Because these special prices are reserved for students (or people who are student-aged), programs may ask for verification to prove that you qualify for these deals. For some, that might depend on your age or other identifiers that validate your eligibility for these discounts.

What student travel programs are on KAYAK?

Currently, we offer search results for FLYLA, ScholarTrip, and StudentUniverse.

How do I find results for student travel programs?

Head over to the flights page and make your way to the search bar. Above the search fields, you’ll see the second drop-down option to select your passenger status.

Here, you can uncheck the “adult” box and instead select the “student” box. After that, you can plug in your usual search criteria and see what results appear. As noted before, student validation may be required when you book through the select provider.

You can also narrow down your search results to only see offers from our student travel programs by checking their specific boxes found under the “Booking sites” filter.



Get to know our partners


FLYLA is a student travel program that’s all about pursuing travel in the name of flexibility and spontaneity. This provider works with several well-known airlines, such as Lufthansa and British Airways, to negotiate deals for university-enrolled students. Though the flights available are typically basic economy class, you can easily find which fares have student discounts by checking to see if it’s marked by a tiny graduation cap symbol at the time of booking.


ScholarTrip is a student travel company that believes learning extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. Created for college students, and youths under the age of 26, ScholarTrip offers special fares with the world’s best-known airlines to destinations across the US and the world. Some of the most popular destinations offered by ScholarTrip include New York, London and Qatar – although they offer fares to destinations around the world.

In addition to discounted fares on many airlines, select fares booked through the ScholarTrip program offer additional perks for students, like flexible terms, extended lengths of stay, special one-way fares and additional baggage. Flexibility extends to payment as well – as they offer the ability to book now and pay later through programs offered with their ScholarTrip Deposit Program and Uplift. If you ever have questions or need help with your trip, ScholarTrip has 24/7 support by phone or by live chat.


Created back in 2000, StudentUniverse is a platform that helps students and young adults travel the world for less. StudentUniverse partners with popular airlines such as United Airlines, British Airways, and Air China, to get students the best possible deal on bookings. Some of their most popular destinations include Miami, Paris, and Barcelona – though they offer routes around the country and the world.

When students book through this platform, StudentUniverse provides a clear breakdown of fees and how much of a discount comes with each fare. On top of already lower prices, this provider also has promo codes that can be used at checkout for even greater discounts. If you really want to score big with StudentUniverse, don’t sleep on their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Booking through this platform also comes with a degree of flexibility – many flights can be canceled risk-free within 24 hours of booking. Other perks offered might include free travel date changes, exclusive one-way fare pricing, free wifi, and additional luggage allowance.

The bottom line: Student-aged travelers get extra savings.

Whether you want to get a headstart on spring break planning or are booking your flights for study abroad, our student travel programs can help you save on your excursions. Ready to get your search started? Head over to our flights page to explore your options.

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