If you’re looking for a sign to book those holiday flights, this is it.


Based on data pulled from recent years, our numbers predict that November 8 is the cheapest day to book domestic flights for the holiday season* before prices really start to climb. In fact, prices for domestic flights are 7% lower than average on 11/8 for holiday travel – after that, fares typically increase daily as we make our way towards the end of December.


With this in mind, there are still some decent deals out there. If you’re looking to go somewhere a little warmer this holiday season, here are a handful of destinations where you can still save:

Need another incentive to book?

If saving up to $25 on flights isn’t enough to convince you to set an alarm for 11/8, maybe this will help seal the deal:

  • Keep things flexible.
    Maybe your family hasn’t quite decided when the holiday festivities start and end – that’s ok! Just check the no change fees box under the flexible options filter. That way, if you score flights that are a steal, you won’t have to pay up in change fees if you end up having to switch up your travel plans.
  • We’ll keep our eyes on the prize.
    No need to check on your flights, we’ve got you covered. Set a Price Alert for different flight options and we’ll monitor the price to make sure you get the best deal. If there are any changes in price (or even none at all), we’ll let you know to checkout or hold off on booking.
  • Get the deal without the commitment.
    Not quite ready to check out? Don’t worry – you can still take advantage of the 11/8 low fares with the price freeze feature. KAYAK’s Price Freeze tool allows you to put that fare on ice and “freeze” your flight search results for a small fee. If the price goes up, you pay the price you froze. If it goes down – you pay the lower price. Easy freezy.

Book now

Save the date

Let’s face it, some of us need a little push to get things done – so consider this a loving shove. Now that you’re in the know, be sure to mark off your calendar, set an alarm…whatever you gotta do to remember to book your holiday flights by 11/8.

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*Methodology: KAYAK considered searches from September 19, 2021 to October 17, 2021 for travel between November 19, 2021 to January 7, 2022. To compare to 2019, we considered searches from September 22, 2019 to October 20, 2019 for travel between November 22, 2019 to January 10, 2020.

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