The Top Destinations for 2019

Introducing our 5th Annual Travel Hacker Guide (cue the fireworks). We’ve combed through over 1.5 billion annual KAYAK searches to bring you the ultimate guide for where you should travel this year. Find out where to go, when to book, what to expect and how much to spend in the top destinations of 2019.

But if you’re already a fan of the Guide (and who wouldn’t be), there are a few new features you should know about. For many of our destinations, we’re giving you the inside scoop on what restaurants are trending in that city (thanks to our friends at OpenTable). Plus, as part of our When to Fly section, we’ve rounded up the top 5 deal destinations for every month of the year. We’ve also carried over our popular Out of Office Generator to get your inbox vacation-ready.

Before you get started, here are some of the key travel insights we’ve uncovered for 2019:

  • Wallet-Friendly destinations are even friendlier than 2018.  Good news for frugal travelers – there are better deals to be had in 2019 vs. 2018. The cities on our Top 10 list are seeing a decrease between 43-53%, whereas last year our destinations saw a decrease between 23-41%.
  • Now’s a good time to check out Denver.  Curious to see what the hype is? Consider adding the Mile High City to your list in 2019, when prices are 55% cheaper than the average trip cost.
  • Mexico and Southeast Asia are on top, while Europe is still hot: Two cities in Mexico (Mexico City and Guadalajara) and two in Southeast Asia (Bali and Ho Chi Minh) take 4 of the top 5 spots on this year’s Top Trending Destinations list. But Europe is still a standout. Lisbon, Paris, Rome all made the list for the second year in a row.
  • Go far out for your beach vacation: Tahiti and Bali took the top 2 spots on the Trending Beach list, respectively seeing a 55% and 49% increase in searches vs. last year. The Maldives also joined the list this year at #8.
  • Hawaii is HOT: Three of this year’s Trending Beach destinations are in Hawaii – Maui (#4), Kauai (#5) and Honolulu (#7).
  • Vacation options that fit your interests: We’ve expanded our KAYAK Picks list this year by categorizing our picks. Destinations have earned titles such as #1 Most Instagrammable Destination, Best Foodie Destination, Best Pet-Friendly Destination, Best Wine Destination, and more.  


Now, on to the lists…


Top 10 Trending Destinations

Know what’s hot in travel before everyone else. These destinations saw the biggest surge in KAYAK searches, compared to the previous year. Meaning they’re on travelers’ minds (and hearts). Book a trip to one of these cities so you can be confident you’re planning a vacation that’s on-trend. Our #1 destination was recently named the Design Capital of the World, making it a hotspot for artists, innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking to get in on the action.

Top 10 Most Popular Destinations

It’s good to be the king. These destinations are coming out on top — they’re the most-searched-for cities on KAYAK. And our #1 city reigns supreme — it’s topped our list for the past 3 years. Whether you’re there for a show or to make your fortune, it’s easy to see why travelers are feeling the love. Find out for yourself what travelers love about these places.

Top 10 Trending Beach Destinations

Travel’s hottest destinations just got a whole lot sunnier. These beachside cities are seeing the biggest increase in KAYAK searches. And coming in at #1, this island paradise is the stuff of legends (and maybe inspired the hit movie your little cousin can’t stop singing to). So break out your towel, lather up that sunscreen, and plan a trip that’s both on-trend and off-shore.

Top 10 Wallet-Friendly Trips

Need a vacation that packs a punch without breaking the bank? These destinations are the most affordable places to visit. We looked at flight and hotel prices to find the top cities to visit on a budget. And at 55% less than most other cities, this #1 destination is perfect for travelers looking to stretch their dollars.


Some destinations defy numbers. For those intangible metrics such as best place to visit if you want an awesome Instagram pic or most foodie-friendly city, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the places you need to be this year.

When to Fly

Knowing where to go on your next trip is half the journey. We’ve gathered up our top insights on the best flight deals by month, as well as our recommendations on how far in advance you should book your flights.


Get customized insights on flights from your home airport to destinations around the world. We’ll let you in on things like high/low season, and how much to spend, so you can be confident you’re planning the perfect trip.

OOO Generator

After planning the perfect trip, you’ll need the perfect OOO message to let everyone know you’re away. Use our custom filters to find an auto-reply that puts you in vacation-mode.


So, what events will shape your year? Engaged? Our 10 Trending Beach Destinations are perfect escapes for a 2018 honeymoon. Making moves? Try out any of our 10 Wallet-Friendly Trips to help you see the world on a budget. Planning a group vacation? Pick from our 10 Most Popular Destinations to please a crowd. Whatever your reason for travel this year, we’re here to give you the information you need to make confident decisions.

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