Vacation from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Sure, vacations are great, but who has the time to travel anymore? Download one of KAYAK's fully immersive Virtual Vacations today and experience a trip so real that you'll swear you're there. A true first for the travel industry, KAYAK's new Virtual Vacations allows you to not only see and hear the sights and sounds of your vacation, but for the first time ever, touch and taste!

Every Virtual Vacation Features:

Vacation Vision

What's better than seeing all of the sights with your own two eyes? Seeing them on your Vacation Vision screen of course.

Tropical Tastes

A true first in VR. Imagine tasting and eating everything within arm's reach without the calories, guilt, or awkward stares from onlookers.

Holiday Hearing

Hear just what you want to hear and block out all of the other noises. Designed specifically for the family vacation download.

True Travel Touch

Feel and touch everything around you without the need for any hand sanitizer.

After downloading one of the three available vacation packages (Culinary Delights, Family Fun, Mountain Adventures), you will receive your: 360 VR headset, Ultra-VMX Headphones, and neural scanner preloaded with the vacation of your choice.