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6 Tips for Planning Travel At Work Without Getting Caught

By Andrea Charriez

Sitting at your desk with reheated leftovers, frantically scrolling through flights before your boss gets back from her lunch meeting? Maybe it’s because your work-life balance is out of whack or maybe it’s because you’ve hit an afternoon slump that only dreaming of a vacation can fix. Well, you’re not alone. KAYAK sees a surge in searches during work hours. In fact, the most popular time to search is between 11am and 12pm.*

To help remove roadblocks in the way of your vacation success, we’ve come up with solutions to aid you in your at-work travel planning (and keep you from getting caught):

6 Tips to Help You Plan Travel at Work

  1. KAYAK At Work: Hide your travel search from prying eyes (or just look really productive) by using our KAYAK At Work site. When using your desktop computer or laptop at work, it’ll cover the KAYAK website with what looks like a very in-depth, professional spreadsheet (hint: it’s not). You’ll still be able to search for and book travel (without having to quickly close tabs whenever your boss walks by) using the spreadsheet’s fields.
  2. The KAYAK Bots: No, it’s not the name of our in-house band (that would be The Flexible Dates). We’re arming the chat apps you use every day with AI-innovation to help you travel plan. You can search for flights, hotels and rentals cars as well as track flights with our bots for Slack, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger. Bonus: they’re also helpful planning travel with your team for a conference (maybe tack on a few personal days?).
  3. Price Alerts: We’ll monitor flight and hotel prices so you don’t have to. Set up a Price Alert, and get notified when prices change. You can set an alert for travel to a specific destination using exact or flexible dates, or you can get alerts for our Top 25 Cities and see what happens.
  4. Practical Tricks: You can master the art of “looking busy” so that no one will dare break your concentration mid-search. Or, you can turn down the brightness on your monitor so that it’s much more difficult for someone to see what’s on your screen.
  5. The Right Tools: Try attaching a small mirror to your monitor so you can see if anyone’s behind you. Or, if you don’t mind becoming the guy people avoid at the watercooler, may we suggest a Computer Privacy Scarf?
  6. Navigate Your Options: There’s something about reviewing a map that just looks, well, important. If you’ve got vacation time but just don’t know where to spend it, our Explore tool can show you where in the world you can travel to on your budget. Plug in your exact dates or keep it flexible if you have some wiggle room.

Any productivity guru worth their salt knows that work-life balance is critical for a happy, healthy workplace. So, in our continued effort to make travel planning easier, we’re making sure you have the tools you need to strike that balance by getting your travel planning done at your desk. Travel Problem Solved.

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*Methodology: On 3/27/2017 we analyzed searches conducted on KAYAK US from January 1, 2017 – March 21, 2017