Decoding Fees, Fares and more with KAYAK


When we got started in 2004, shopping for flights, hotels and rental cars was fairly simple. You told us where you wanted to go and when, and we pulled up a list of options arranged by price. Fast forward to 2018 when shopping for airfare is more complex than ever. There’s a whole new lingo to learn (like “Basic Economy”) and new fees to navigate. Which, yeah, can get frustrating. Because the last thing we want is for you to realize that “great deal” you found on a flight to Miami is not-so-great when you realize the price didn’t include your carry-on baggage.   

So, we’ve got a new tool and updates to help you out.  

Our new Baggage Fee Assistant was designed to help you better understand how flight costs change as you add more bags.

The Baggage Fee Assistant sits on top of your flight search results. Select the number of bags you’re taking and watch as your results magically update. Now, you can easily see whether your luggage is (or is not) included in the overall flight price. Maybe a better name for this is the “packing light motivator.”


Branded Fares – the latest and greatest

When airlines started rolling out basic economy fares last March, we became the first metasearch to clearly display the differences in these fare prices. Today, we’re making it even clearer by displaying the price breakdown for each cabin class, so you can easily see the price difference between branded fares (ie Basic Economy vs. Economy) along with what’s included in each.

And finally, you may have noticed we’ve updated our look — a bold new redesign with new icons, images and fonts. It’s all in the name of making it even easier to navigate KAYAK and find the travel info you need. So you’re not just confident you’ve booked the perfect trip — you’re KAYAK Confident.