How Canadians Plan Travel at Work


When 12pm rolls around, what are Canadians searching for? (Besides some supermarket sushi, that is.) According to our data, they’re searching for and planning their next vacation while on the job.

Now, that’s our kind of lunch break, Canada.

In fact, between 12pm and 3pm during the work week, our site sees a significant spike in searches from our neighbours to the north. This led us to wonder: what’s promoting the spike in midday planning? We decided to dig a little deeper to learn more about Canadian travellers’ lunchtime planning prowess.

We teamed up with Leger 360 to survey Canadian professionals and get inside their travel-planning heads. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Millennials are planning travel on the sly.

    Young Canadians are significantly more willing to lie about an upcoming vacation or fake an illness for a few days of freedom. Some say they will even take steps to hide the planning of their next trip from their boss and colleagues.  

  • On the job daydreaming.

    Half of working Canadians say they often daydream about their next personal/family trip during work hours. However, slightly fewer (37%) have used work time to plan personal travel.

  • Torontonians are focused… on planning their next vacation.

    Our search data reveals that Torontonians are doing the most travel planning at work, followed by Montrealais and Vancouverites.

  • Afternoon slump.

    Younger Canadians are significantly more likely to experience an “afternoon slump.” They are also more likely to use work time to accomplish personal errands, while older generations said they would only use their lunch hour to accomplish personal errands at work.

Regardless of when Canadians are researching their next big trip, they’ve come to the right place. Our search data reveals that this week is going to be a big one for the Great North. With the trifecta of last-minute March Break deal-sealers, those looking to travel for Easter and travellers getting ahead of summer planning – we think this will be the most popular week for Canadians to plan a trip in 2017.

PSA to all the bosses – you might as well plan a trip this week, too. We won’t tell. And for our friends in Toronto, we’re going to give you a leg up on making your lunchtime travel-planning dreams a reality. On Friday, March 10th we’ve partnered with UberEATS to give away 500 lunches to lucky Torontonians so they can stay at their desks and plan their next trip on their lunch break. For more information (and for terms and conditions), see our post.