KAYAK + Quicket.io Can Help You Pick the Right Flight


Here’s the thing: when you’re choosing the right flight, it isn’t always about price and departure times. Other needs can come into the fold like whether or not the flight has WiFi access or extra legroom. Thankfully, we teamed up with Quicket.io to help take the guesswork out of what you get when you fly.

Quicket is a data-driven api that we’ve seamlessly integrated into our flight search results. Because we know how important these in-flight amenities are when you’re choosing a flight. So now, when you search flights on KAYAK, we’ll show you what Quicket has to say about what each flight can offer. Do you have access to Wifi? Will there be room to stretch out? What’s the on-board entertainment situation? Your questions are answered in a glance.

So, pick your perk: extra legroom? Power outlets? Live TV? By integrating Quicket’s data into our flight search results, we’re getting you the information you need to book your flights with confidence.