The Weekly Newsletter: Thanksgiving Edition 2021

We’re thankful for you.

Is this sentiment original? No. Do we mean it? Every word. Though travel in the past year has had its ups and downs, we remain grateful for all our KAYAK travelers, and we’re so excited to reunite with family and friends this Thanksgiving. Mushy talk aside, here’s a shortened version of our weekly newsletter to help you navigate traveling this Turkey Day.


The pre-check

With a whirlwind of travel in preparation for Turkey Day, here are your top-three stories to get you up to speed.


ICYMI: Turkey Day travel tips

What to expect and what to keep in mind when traveling this Thanksgiving.

Expect travel to look different this holiday.
If you’ve been reading our recent newsletters, this shouldn’t come as a surprise – Thanksgiving travel this week will probably (definitely) look different compared to last year. After all, many of us can be reunited with family again, which is great. But keep in mind, the travel industry is still playing catch-up. No matter how you plan to celebrate Turkey Day, here are some tips for making holiday commuting a little more tolerable.

  • Tip 1: Be extra prepared.
    We don’t just mean arriving for your flight earlier than usual…though you should do that too. Be sure to read up on the latest travel mandates, including if you need to get COVID-19 tested and when. It also can’t hurt to pack extra masks, read up on local COVID-19 mandates and secure all the appropriate documents needed before you start packing.
  • Tip 2: Head out before or after Wednesday.
    The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest day to travel for the holiday. If you’re driving or decided to fly last-minute, try and leave today or even Thursday. It’s also worth noting that this year might be more traffic-heavy, so pack your patience and take deep breaths if you hit a slow patch along the way. P.S., if you’re driving, see which states have the best gas prices, it could save you some extra snack money for the ride.
  • Tip 3: Loosen up a little.
    It’s the holidays – things are going to go wrong and there will most likely be bumps along the way, no matter how you’re getting to your destination. Let’s remember to treat each other with kindness and roll with the punches. Restaurants closed at your gate? Pack extra snacks. Waiting in line? Pop in a podcast. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, let’s be grateful for the chance to travel again this year.
  • Bonus Tip: Don’t forget the leftovers.
    Getting liquids (like gravy) through TSA may be tricky, but solid foods should be good to go. Check out this list of leftover dos and don’ts when flying for what you can bring home.


Something to take the edge off.

A refreshing way to unwind after arriving at your destination.
If you like to indulge in some seasonal libations, here’s a festive recipe that can help you relax after a day of travel.


Turkey Day Temper Tamer


  • A serving of vodka, chilled
  • Cranapple juice (cranberry cocktail will work too)
  • Sparkling wine, champagne, or prosecco


How to make it:
Leaving some space in your cup, combine equal parts vodka, apple juice and cranberry juice. Stir it up, top it off with a little bubbly and bottoms up.

Psssst: For those flying United, you can also make this cocktail in-flight by ordering from the beverage cart. Otherwise, we’d advise waiting till you touch down at your destination to enjoy this drink…consuming alcohol not provided by the airline is illegal.


Social shoutouts

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we asked @athabascan.adventures for her perspective on how to be a respectful traveler when visiting Native and Indigenous spaces. Check out the full story here.


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