Now on the KAYAK App: TSA Wait Times and New Terminal Maps


Navigating the airport over the holidays can turn anyone into a grinch. After all, you have to factor in the time it takes to check-in, get through security, and grab a coffee before you board. What if we told you that a lot of those unknowns were about to get a lot more… knowable.

Our latest KAYAK app update includes two brand-new features: an in-app security wait-time estimate and newly integrated airport terminal maps. (App Store, Google Play)

So, while the KAYAK app can’t summon a body double to stand in the security line for you, we can tell you about how long that wait will take. Our estimate is based on data from official sources like the TSA and from feedback that helpful travelers like yourself give us by reporting your wait time via the KAYAK app. #payitforward

Then, once you make it through the line, we can navigate you from coffee shop to newsstand to your gate, seamlessly.

Both features can be found on your app by going directly to your Trip or by selecting “Directory” from the app’s menu.


The wait time estimator traffics in information from traditional sources (like TSA). It also provides a pay-it-forward mechanism in the app that allows travelers to report their actual wait time in order to aid future travelers.

Navigate the Gate 

Then, as travelers make their way through the airport with bags in hand, they often find themselves having to make tough choices. Do I get dinner here or is there something better closer to my gate? Is this my best option for coffee or is my favorite chain just around the corner?

We’ve ended the guessing game by adding airport terminal maps to our app to ensure travelers never have to settle for second best when it comes to airport amenities. Currently available for 34 of the largest international airports, the new feature includes turn-by-turn directions to all of your dining options, restrooms and shopping spots. 

Just two more ways we’re making travel better. Travel Problem Solved.