KAYAK + Siri Shortcut: See your travel plans on command


We’re used to things being easy. One-click pizza ordering. Apps that bring your favorite hangover snacks to your door. Hotel rooms you can book on command. Well, we’re taking things one step further. We’re all-in on the new Siri Shortcuts, where you can assign a voice command to almost any action on your phone. This new feature means we’re able to make your travel plans instantly accessible by voice command.

Imagine this: you’ve just landed in LA, hopped in a cab with your bags and need to quickly tell the cab driver the address to your hotel. Instead of scrolling through your inbox (with 100 new messages while you were in-flight), looking for your hotel confirmation email, all you need to do is open your phone and say “travel plans.” And all of your hotel information will pop up instantly (hotel photo, address, check-in time, etc) using only your voice.

You can set up your Shortcut on your updated iOS device in just a few steps. First, open your KAYAK App and tap over to Trips. Then, simply push “Add to Siri” and your phone will prompt you to set a custom voice command that’ll call up your trip information instantly.

Just another way we’re working with new technology to make sure you have what you need to be confident when you travel.

No travel plans to command? Let’s start planning your next trip.

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