Top 10 Wallet-Friendly Trip Destinations
#9 Wallet-Friendly Trips Destination
Houston, Texas
2.313 Million
primary language
great for
Budget, shopping, family friendly, history
% less than average trip cost
Hacker Tip

If you plan on visiting attractions like the zoo and Space Center, definitely go in for a CityPass. It makes admission more affordable. 

Buffalo Bayou is the perfect place to relax, hike, see public art, and kayak. It has a hidden secret: overlooking the bayou on the Preston Street Bridge is an unmarked red button. Push it, and you'll unleash the "Big Bubble." No worries, it's perfectly safe (and encouraged).

Median Airfare to Houston
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What to See in Houston
Museum of Fine Arts
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Rothko Chapel
Average Temperature in Houston
Average Precipitation in Houston
Top 10 Wallet-Friendly Trip Destinations