Where should your next epic vacation be?

Ready to travel but don't know where to go? Tell us how you spent your quarantine (#nojudgment) and what you're most excited to experience on your next trip. We'll match you with one of our top Travel Hacker destinations to get you started.

First of all, how many days off are you working with?

Which trip were you most bummed to cancel in 2020?

A Eurotrip with my best friends.
That once-in-a-lifetime, international bucket list trip.
A romantic trip to the Caribbean with my forever (or for right now) plus one.
A family escape to the beach.
A solo adventure in the woods.
I was always staying stateside so I kept my trip on the books.

We say “trip,” you say...

Get me out of the U.S!
I want to see America.
Give me the sun and sand - and I'm happy.
I need an escape from my family, preferably solo.
I miss my friends, where’s the next beach party at?
Can't wait to reunite with my family.

You're headed to the airport. What are you wearing?

My best athleisure - all about that comfort on a long flight.
I like to dress to impress. You never know who you'll meet at the airport bar.
Definitely yesterday’s sweats, no contest.
Why did you all stop wearing jeans? They're the best.

How did you spend your free time in 2020?

I got outside. A lot.
I tried every takeout restaurant in my neighborhood. Twice.
Working on those #gains and meeting my fitness goals.
I read so much, I contemplated starting a bookstagram.
I just netflixed and chilled through 2020.
Too many virtual happy hours.

What was your best quarantine purchase?

A home gym
A new grill
The latest electronics
I bought a house
My pandemic pet
More sweatpants

What was your favorite pandemic trend?

Dalgona coffee
Tomato and feta pasta bake
All the plant babies
Working from home
To-go cocktails
Tiktok dances