KAYAK’s Out of Office Generator

You're ready to get back to travel. So now that you've planned a fantastic trip, pair it with an equally stellar out of office message (it’s probably been a while since you last used one). Choose the options that best fit your trip’s vibe, and we'll serve up a custom message so people know you're away.

Why are you traveling?

We've been cooped up together too long, my family needs a vacation.
I'm headed out on my own, putting to practice all that self care we've learned to do.
I'm not ready to fly yet, but need a change of scenery.
Virtual happy hours with my friends aren't cutting it - we’re ready to party like it’s 2019!
Me and my plus one can't wait to get romantic AF.
Do I have to have a reason?

When are you returning to work?

Fri 3/31

Fess up. What’s your favorite cocktail?

Is beer a cocktail?
Bottle, box or can - I only drink wine.
My pandemic cocktail was whiskey, straight up.
Shots, shots, shots.
Shaken, stirred… no matter what, I like mine to go.
No alcohol for me, thanks.

What’s your favorite travel snack?

Fresh fruit
Granola bars

While you're out - how available are you?

Let’s be honest, I'll have a strong WiFi connection so will check email frequently.
Meh. I'll check in on occasion if I feel like it.
If I could travel without any tech, I would. Please don't contact me.

What’s your out of office vibe?

Sweet 🍭Spicy 🌶

Who should people contact in your absence?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to save their email