Each State’s #1 Summer Travel Destination

By Andrea Charriez

Always surprised when you arrive on vacation and meet people from back home? We let our Travel Hacker Data do the talking to determine which flight destinations are most popular by state this summer, so you can either follow the crowds or find some peace elsewhere. All in all, over half of U.S. states chose Las Vegas as their #1 destination, so it doesn’t look like that infamous desert heat is scaring travelers off this summer. And for those of you with strong state loyalty, take a look at which city you’re most likely to run into your neighbors and see how much it’ll cost you to join in on the fun.

Most Popular Summer Destinations by State:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City clocked in as the most popular summer destination for 28 states – no better time to head west and soak in those desert rays.

  1. Orlando, Florida

This amusement park mecca popped for 4 states this summer. Nothing says family fun quite like roller coasters and cotton candy.

  1. Denver, Colorado

With an extensive list of free arts, music, entertainment and food festivals to choose from, it’s no wonder that this Green City topped the list for 4 different states.

  1. Los Angeles, California

L.A. also topped the charts for 4 states this summer. Pack your finest muscle tee and blend in with the locals at Santa Monica Pier or check out the Friday night wine tastings at Barnsdall Art Park – tres hipster.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

Nothing says summer more than a day at the ballpark. 3 states agreed that the iconic Fenway Park is the perfect place to grab a hot dog and a beer and relax with America’s favorite pastime.

  1. Seattle, Washington

Parked on the Pacific, the Emerald City is most popular for 2 states and a great place to find lush scenery, beautiful parks, and quirky culture. Enjoy a cup of infamous coffee and check out local music, museums, and galleries.

  1. Washington, D.C.

Perfect for any history buff, our nation’s capital is the most popular destination for 2 states. Spend a sunny afternoon on the National Mall or pop into the Smithsonian for some fresh new facts to share at the dinner table.

  1. New York, New York

Who says a trip to the Big Apple needs to be expensive? Looks like Arkansans will enjoy saving on free parades, festivals, concerts and movie screenings all summer long in NYC. For some prime sightseeing, get a birds-eye view of the city with a stroll on the Highline.

  1. Charlotte, North Carolina

New Hampshirites are sure to enjoy an action-packed getaway in the Queen City. For your daily dose of thrill, drop by the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Charlotte Motor Speedway right in time for race season. And if racing isn’t your thing, head on over to Carowinds amusement park.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

With a little practice (and a lot of lessons) Nevadans will be surfing like the locals in this tropical paradise. And when the sun goes down, hop on one of the sunset canoe tours for some Insta-worthy photos.


The alphabetical rundown by state:

Home State Most Popular Destination Median Airfare
Alabama Washington, D.C. $302
Alaska Seattle, Washington $246
Arizona Denver, Colorado $136
Arkansas New York, New York $344
California Las Vegas, Nevada $140
Colorado Las Vegas, Nevada $164
Connecticut Orlando, Florida $226
Washington D.C. Los Angeles, California $398
Delaware Orlando, Florida $176
Florida Las Vegas, Nevada $331
Georgia Las Vegas, Nevada $278
Hawaii Los Angeles, California $502
Iowa Las Vegas, Nevada $246
Idaho Las Vegas, Nevada $156
Illinois Las Vegas, Nevada $269
Indiana Las Vegas, Nevada $230
Kansas Las Vegas, Nevada $211
Kentucky Las Vegas, Nevada $424
Louisiana Las Vegas, Nevada $395
Massachusetts San Francisco, California $434
Maryland Las Vegas, Nevada $222
Maine Washington, D.C. $281
Michigan Las Vegas, Nevada $331
Minnesota Las Vegas, Nevada $268
Missouri Las Vegas, Nevada $230
Mississippi Las Vegas, Nevada $448
Montana Las Vegas, Nevada $219
North Carolina Boston, Massachusetts $213
North Dakota Denver, Colorado $332
Nebraska Los Angeles, California $324
New Hampshire Charlotte, North Carolina $239
New Jersey Orlando, Florida $286
New Mexico Seattle, Washington $281
Nevada Honolulu, Hawaii $469
New York Las Vegas, Nevada $406
Ohio Las Vegas, Nevada $271
Oklahoma Las Vegas, Nevada $239
Oregon Las Vegas, Nevada $206
Pennsylvania Las Vegas, Nevada $323
Rhode Island Orlando, Florida $226
South Carolina Las Vegas, Nevada $497
South Dakota Las Vegas, Nevada $279
Tennessee Las Vegas, Nevada $370
Texas Las Vegas, Nevada $233
Utah Los Angeles, California $179
Virginia Boston, Massachusetts $197
Vermont Denver, Colorado $490
Washington Las Vegas, Nevada $268
Wisconsin Denver, Colorado $254
West Virginia Las Vegas, Nevada $537
Wyoming Boston, Massachusetts $619

* For queries conducted on US + CA locales with US + CA origins for summer travel dates [05/22/2015 through 09/07/2015] and search dates through 05/21/15, most popular destination based on search share broken down by origin state.