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You're Going to Love Algiers

Algiers' location on the Mediterranean has fueled its fortunes through the centuries. Once a French colony, the city's European influence blends with Arabic and Berber cultures to create a fascinating place with a reputation for hospitality. You'll find the people friendly, and the city full of treasures to explore.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Algiers

What to do in Algiers

La Casbah d'Alger
Mémorial du Martyr
Notre Dame d'Afrique
Grande Mosquée d'Alger

When to Visit Algiers

With its Mediterranean location, the weather in Algiers is warm and typically sunny, making it a true year-round destination, with a slight bump in tourist visits during the drier months between May and November.

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How to Get to Algiers

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Where to Stay in Algiers

Enjoy views of the sea and a sunny terrace at the Hotel Ikram El Dhayf. At the Hôtel el-Djazaïr, you'll stay in a historic location that once played host to Churchill and Eisenhower.

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The Cost of Living in Algiers

Shopping Streets

You'll find independent local boutiques and artisan stores along the rue Didouche Mourad. For local markets and shops, look to the old city.

Groceries and Other

Ardis and Galaxy supermarkets can be found in town. A quart of milk costs about DA121.50, while a dozen eggs costs about DA130.

Cheap meal
Cheap meal
A pair of jeans
A pair of jeans
Single public transport ticket
Single public transport ticket

Where to Eat in Algiers

Enjoy local cuisine in upscale style at Le Caïd, where main dishes start at DA24,000. For cheap eats while you're exploring the Casbah, try the Cafe-Restaurant El Salam, where meals start at DA400.