Discover the top 10 Travel Hackers of 2019
With 195 countries to explore across the globe, it can be difficult knowing where to start.We've put together a list of the well-traveled bloggers, Instagrammers and more who embody KAYAK Confidence.

Top 10 Travel Hackers

Whether they're out there, serving up the latest travel trends or scoring stunning Instagrams of city scenes, these Travel Hackers are bold, number-loving adventurers, who have the tips you need to confidently plan your trips.
The Blonde Abroad has traveled to 31 of KAYAK's 46 Travel Hacker Guide destinations. She keeps her feed full of helpful packing guides and destination lists to help you find the type of trip you're looking for.
Adventurous Kate lives up to her name. She's traveled to 32 of the 46 Travel Hacker Guide destinations and offers up authentic destination insights all in a straightforward and irreverent tone.
Lee is the youngest person to visit every country (plus the North and South Poles). His bold personality and vast experience make him a go-to source for travel inspiration and practical info alike.
Kimberly Tate of Stuffed Suitcase is a mom who makes travel a vital part of her family life. Her enthusiasm for travel planning inspires others to travel confidently, and her advice for travel on a budget makes her a trusted resource.
Clint Johnson is a travel photographer who's been to 124 countries and counting. He often shares his favorite travel tech and tools to help make travel easier and more enjoyable.
Aubrie Bell brings a fun, authentic aesthetic, combining vibrant, always-on-the-go imagery with top 10 lists that help you feel like a local in any destination.
Matt Karsten is a full-time adventurer who shares entertaining stories, budget travel tips, fun videos and inspiring photography. He's all about opening your mind to new possibilities, inspiring others to travel boldly.
2 Travel Dads is the first LGBTQ FAMILY TRAVEL blog, innovating and bringing diversity and inclusion to the travel space. The offer practical travel tips, tricks and destination inspiration that every family can benefit from.
Andrea Duclos is a vegan traveler and mom committed to seeing and sharing the world with her daughter. Her writing is authentic and honest, and her photos provide a vibrant snapshot into her life and travels.
Rachelle Lucas plans her travels around dining. Her comprehensive food guides have a bright, fun aesthetic. They feature destinations around the world, from popular cities to the off-the-beaten-path places.