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Urumqi used to play a major role as one of the stops on the Silk Road. Today, it's home to a diverse population of Han, Hui, Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Mongols. Staying in Urumqi is the perfect occasion to discover these cultures, to explore the nearby Tian Shan mountains, the Heavenly Lake, or the Red Hill Park and its temples.

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Summer nights can be hot and humid and the temperature can drop to -30 degrees during winter nights. The weather will be more pleasant if you plan your visit in the fall or spring.

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Where to Stay in Urumqi

Stay at the Hung Fu Hotel Urumqi if you want to be in the downtown area. The Sheraton Urumqi Hotel is another excellent option.

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Shopping Streets

Head to the downtown area to shop at Da Bazar or to visit the Friendly Emporium mall. You will also find the Hualin Market in the south of the city.

Groceries and Other

Da Bazar and the Hualin Market are great places to shop for fresh foods and local or imported delicacies. You will also find a Carrefour location downtown. Expect to pay ¥41 for a gallon of milk and ¥12 for a dozen eggs.

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Where to Eat in Urumqi

Try the chicken at Qosh Amet and eat at Bodun or Avral if you want to try traditional fare. Korgan is a great choice if you want an upscale experience. A meal at a simple restaurant will cost you ¥10, while an upscale place can cost ¥90 or more.