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FAQs about flying with Beijing Capital Airlines

  • What is Beijing Capital Airlines' carry-on size allowance?

    On board Beijing Capital Airlines flights, cabin baggage should not exceed 45in. If your hand luggage is bigger, the Beijing Capital Airlines assistance team will most likely ask you to pay extra for checked luggage.

  • Where does Beijing Capital Airlines fly to?

    Beijing Capital Airlines offers direct flights to 79 cities in 8 different countries. Lijiang, Yinchuan, and Hangzhou are the most popular cities covered by Beijing Capital Airlines.

  • What is Beijing Capital Airlines’ primary hub?

    Beijing Capital Airlines concentrates most of its flight operations in Hangzhou.

  • How does KAYAK find such low prices on Beijing Capital Airlines flights?

    KAYAK is a travel search engine, meaning that we continuously look across the web to find the best deals for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from all airlines, including Beijing Capital Airlines.

  • What’s the cheapest route that Beijing Capital Airlines flies?

    In the last 72 hours, the cheapest route flown by Beijing Capital Airlines found on KAYAK was from Hohhot to Nanjing, with a price of $154 for a round-trip.

  • What are the most popular airports for Beijing Capital Airlines flights to depart from?

  • Is Beijing Capital Airlines part of an airline alliance?

    No, Beijing Capital Airlines is not part of an airline alliance.

  • How many destinations does Beijing Capital Airlines fly to?

    In total, Beijing Capital Airlines flies to 79 destinations.

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Beijing Capital Airlines customer reviews

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4.0 Mediocre
Pros:Nothing, it was extremely annoying.
Cons:Because of the two hour delay, I was going to miss my next flight. I told the flight attendant about my problem. She said that it would be fine, and they would help me once I landed. That didn't occur. I got through customs and rushed to the airline desk. They then told my that my connection flight had been delayed. I went through security, and I sat next to my gate. For hours it said delayed, but didn't give a new time. I asked the staff, and they said later. After four hours, I asked again, and they told me that the flight had left. I asked another staff member, who told me that the flight had been canceled, and I needed to get a new ticket. I never got an answer as to whether the flight had been canceled, but I was not going to leave Xi'an that day. They sent me to a hotel, which was more than 20 minutes away from the airport. In the morning, the airport transport was late, which caused even more stress. To top all of this off, I had to go to three different people for my ticket because there was some unknown problem.
4.0 Mediocre
Cons:Need to pick up all my luggages at Chongqing airport and use the cart to carry all luggages from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. It's a LONG way. Why can they auto transfer all my luggages from Hainan Airlines to Beijing Capital Airlines? They even didn't mention the transfer process when I bought the ticket. That's too bad.
9.6 Wonderful
Pros:Flew from Vancouver to Qingdao and despite my concerns after reading earlier reviews, the flight was great! The seat was comfortable and reclined enough that you could actually sleep. I think I was one of very few non-Chinese passengers on board and there was a bit of a language barrier, but the staff was super friendly and accomodating.
Cons:I ended up with a middle seat, but the seat was comfortable and roomier than normal, so it wasn't so bad.
3.6 Poor
Pros:The crew is good and the seat is comfortable as it's the business class
Cons:The food can be more fresh or tasty if they're from australia
7.0 Good
Pros:Crew and comfort good. Well organized and professional .Communication good. Aircraft clean.
Cons:Choice of music and movies very limited, and those vy average quality. Food vy average.

Beijing Capital Airlines flight status

Fri 7/26

Beijing Capital Airlines route map - Which destinations does Beijing Capital Airlines fly to?

Find out which destinations you can fly to direct with Beijing Capital Airlines by entering your departure airport. If you want to know if Beijing Capital Airlines flies a certain route, enter both the departure and destination airport before hitting search.
Fri 7/26

All Beijing Capital Airlines flight routes

Flight #Departure AirportArrival AirportDurationSunMonTueWedThuFriSat
5351Lijiang (LJG)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 0m
5136Hangzhou (HGH)Sanya (SYX)2h 50m
5135Sanya (SYX)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 0m
5617Fuzhou (FOC)Shenyang (SHE)3h 5m
5618Fuzhou (FOC)Sanya (SYX)2h 40m
5618Shenyang (SHE)Fuzhou (FOC)3h 30m
5574Shenyang (SHE)Shijiazhuang (SJW)1h 55m
5574Shijiazhuang (SJW)Lijiang (LJG)3h 10m
5617Sanya (SYX)Fuzhou (FOC)2h 30m
5145Sanya (SYX)Jinan (TNA)3h 40m
5146Jinan (TNA)Sanya (SYX)3h 25m
5612Zhengzhou (CGO)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 5m
5612Bayingolin (KRL)Zhengzhou (CGO)4h 30m
5306Chenzhou (HCZ)Haikou (HAK)1h 40m
5306Xi'an (XIY)Chenzhou (HCZ)2h 25m
5055Xi'an (XIY)Ili (YIN)4h 15m
5056Ili (YIN)Xi'an (XIY)4h 5m
5833Hangzhou (HGH)Yinchuan (INC)3h 20m
5376Zhengzhou (CGO)Haikou (HAK)2h 50m
365Hangzhou (HGH)Osaka (KIX)2h 40m
366Osaka (KIX)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 5m
456Malé (MLE)Beijing (PKX)7h 40m
455Beijing (PKX)Malé (MLE)7h 45m
5922Guangzhou (CAN)Beijing (PKX)2h 55m
5161Guangzhou (CAN)Chengdu (TFU)2h 15m
5842Changchun (CGQ)Hefei (HFE)2h 40m
5916Changchun (CGQ)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 15m
5842Hefei (HFE)Haikou (HAK)2h 55m
419Hangzhou (HGH)Bangkok (BKK)4h 20m
5745Hangzhou (HGH)Guilin (KWL)2h 20m
5352Hangzhou (HGH)Lijiang (LJG)3h 25m
5843Hangzhou (HGH)Ürümqi (URC)5h 5m
5294Xishuangbanna (JHG)Lijiang (LJG)1h 15m
5960Guiyang (KWE)Beijing (PKX)2h 45m
5746Guilin (KWL)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 0m
5293Lijiang (LJG)Xishuangbanna (JHG)1h 5m
5573Lijiang (LJG)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 45m
5921Beijing (PKX)Guangzhou (CAN)3h 0m
5959Beijing (PKX)Guiyang (KWE)3h 0m
5559Beijing (PKX)Chengdu (TFU)2h 45m
5219Beijing (PKX)Ürümqi (URC)4h 10m
5916Shijiazhuang (SJW)Guangzhou (CAN)3h 20m
5573Shijiazhuang (SJW)Shenyang (SHE)1h 45m
5162Chengdu (TFU)Guangzhou (CAN)2h 40m
5560Chengdu (TFU)Beijing (PKX)2h 25m
5844Ürümqi (URC)Hangzhou (HGH)4h 55m
5220Ürümqi (URC)Beijing (PKX)3h 40m
5841Haikou (HAK)Hefei (HFE)2h 50m
5841Hefei (HFE)Changchun (CGQ)2h 35m
5940Hulunbuir (HLD)Beijing (PKX)2h 25m
5108Xishuangbanna (JHG)Beijing (PKX)3h 45m
5939Beijing (PKX)Hulunbuir (HLD)2h 10m
5107Beijing (PKX)Xishuangbanna (JHG)4h 10m
5207Beijing (PKX)Xining (XNN)2h 40m
5207Xining (XNN)Yushu (YUS)1h 20m
5957Hangzhou (HGH)Hulunbuir (HLD)4h 10m
5787Hangzhou (HGH)Xishuangbanna (JHG)3h 30m
5788Xishuangbanna (JHG)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 5m
5605Sanya (SYX)Taiyuan (TYN)3h 30m
5606Taiyuan (TYN)Sanya (SYX)3h 45m
5981Dazhou (DZH)Yinchuan (INC)1h 40m
5982Dazhou (DZH)Sanya (SYX)2h 25m
5982Yinchuan (INC)Dazhou (DZH)1h 40m
5288Guiyang (KWE)Sanya (SYX)1h 55m
5981Sanya (SYX)Dazhou (DZH)2h 35m
5287Sanya (SYX)Guiyang (KWE)2h 0m
5125Sanya (SYX)Nanjing (NKG)3h 10m
5915Guangzhou (CAN)Shijiazhuang (SJW)3h 10m
5915Shijiazhuang (SJW)Changchun (CGQ)2h 5m
5834Yinchuan (INC)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 10m
5126Nanjing (NKG)Sanya (SYX)3h 25m
5671Enshi (ENH)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 5m
5672Enshi (ENH)Xi'an (XIY)1h 20m
5375Haikou (HAK)Zhengzhou (CGO)3h 0m
5225Haikou (HAK)Taiyuan (TYN)3h 5m
5672Hangzhou (HGH)Enshi (ENH)2h 20m
5542Linyi (LYI)Sanya (SYX)3h 25m
5058Shijiazhuang (SJW)Xi'an (XIY)1h 45m
5057Shijiazhuang (SJW)Songyuan (YSQ)2h 5m
5541Sanya (SYX)Linyi (LYI)3h 25m
5226Taiyuan (TYN)Haikou (HAK)3h 35m
5679Xi'an (XIY)Zhangjiajie (DYG)1h 35m
5671Xi'an (XIY)Enshi (ENH)1h 30m
5057Xi'an (XIY)Shijiazhuang (SJW)1h 30m
5058Songyuan (YSQ)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 10m
5303Xi'an (XIY)Xining (XNN)1h 50m
5580Hohhot (HET)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 0m
5579Hangzhou (HGH)Hohhot (HET)2h 40m
5128Kunming (KMG)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 10m
420Bangkok (BKK)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 40m
5795Haikou (HAK)Jinan (TNA)3h 10m
5958Hulunbuir (HLD)Hangzhou (HGH)4h 0m
5795Jinan (TNA)Harbin (HRB)2h 20m
369Hangzhou (HGH)Shizuoka (FSZ)2h 40m
360Jeju City (CJU)Hangzhou (HGH)1h 55m
359Hangzhou (HGH)Jeju City (CJU)2h 5m
5680Zhangjiajie (DYG)Xi'an (XIY)1h 45m
5911Haikou (HAK)Nanjing (NKG)2h 55m
5914Haikou (HAK)Beijing (PKX)3h 40m
5912Nanjing (NKG)Haikou (HAK)3h 0m
5913Beijing (PKX)Haikou (HAK)3h 45m
5627Sanya (SYX)Wuhan (WUH)2h 40m
5627Wuhan (WUH)Shenyang (SHE)2h 35m
461Qingdao (TAO)Melbourne (MEL)11h 15m
5646Zhengzhou (CGO)Lijiang (LJG)2h 40m
5645Lijiang (LJG)Zhengzhou (CGO)2h 45m
385Hangzhou (HGH)Melbourne (MEL)10h 15m
5775Sanya (SYX)Xi'an (XIY)3h 20m
5689Hangzhou (HGH)Yichang (YIH)1h 50m
5936Harbin (HRB)Qingdao (TAO)2h 15m
5690Guiyang (KWE)Yichang (YIH)1h 30m
5936Qingdao (TAO)Haikou (HAK)4h 15m
5208Xining (XNN)Beijing (PKX)2h 20m
5690Yichang (YIH)Hangzhou (HGH)1h 45m
5689Yichang (YIH)Guiyang (KWE)1h 45m
5208Yushu (YUS)Xining (XNN)1h 20m
5532Harbin (HRB)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 20m
5532Shijiazhuang (SJW)Sanya (SYX)3h 50m
5611Zhengzhou (CGO)Bayingolin (KRL)4h 35m
5611Hangzhou (HGH)Zhengzhou (CGO)2h 0m
5302Hangzhou (HGH)Xi'an (XIY)2h 30m
5724Zhengzhou (CGO)Sanya (SYX)3h 20m
5703Chongqing (CKG)Nanning (NNG)1h 40m
5328Yinchuan (INC)Beijing (PKX)2h 0m
5723Sanya (SYX)Zhengzhou (CGO)3h 10m
5328Ili (YIN)Yinchuan (INC)4h 10m
5776Xi'an (XIY)Sanya (SYX)3h 0m
5506Jinan (TNA)Xi'an (XIY)2h 30m
5505Xi'an (XIY)Jinan (TNA)2h 5m
5702Guilin (KWL)Nanjing (NKG)2h 0m
5701Nanjing (NKG)Guilin (KWL)2h 10m
5301Xi'an (XIY)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 25m
5585Haikou (HAK)Guiyang (KWE)2h 10m
5586Guiyang (KWE)Haikou (HAK)2h 10m
5276Kunming (KMG)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 55m
5275Shijiazhuang (SJW)Kunming (KMG)3h 5m
5227Guangzhou (CAN)Chongqing (CKG)2h 10m
5269Guangzhou (CAN)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 15m
5131Guangzhou (CAN)Lijiang (LJG)2h 40m
5228Chongqing (CKG)Guangzhou (CAN)2h 0m
5270Hangzhou (HGH)Guangzhou (CAN)2h 20m
5907Hangzhou (HGH)Beijing (PKX)2h 10m
5259Hangzhou (HGH)Chengdu (TFU)3h 15m
5327Yinchuan (INC)Ili (YIN)4h 40m
5942Bayingolin (KRL)Chengdu (TFU)4h 0m
5132Lijiang (LJG)Guangzhou (CAN)2h 25m
5115Lijiang (LJG)Chengdu (TFU)1h 35m
5327Beijing (PKX)Yinchuan (INC)2h 20m
5852Shijiazhuang (SJW)Nanjing (NKG)1h 45m
5355Shijiazhuang (SJW)Zhangjiakou (ZQZ)1h 10m
5941Sanya (SYX)Chengdu (TFU)2h 25m
5260Chengdu (TFU)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 0m
5941Chengdu (TFU)Bayingolin (KRL)4h 15m
5116Chengdu (TFU)Lijiang (LJG)1h 15m
5942Chengdu (TFU)Sanya (SYX)2h 35m
5852Ürümqi (URC)Shijiazhuang (SJW)3h 45m
5356Zhangjiakou (ZQZ)Shijiazhuang (SJW)0h 55m
5377Hangzhou (HGH)Harbin (HRB)3h 5m
5394Changchun (CGQ)Taiyuan (TYN)2h 50m
5393Chongqing (CKG)Taiyuan (TYN)2h 0m
370Shizuoka (FSZ)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 20m
5770Hohhot (HET)Nanjing (NKG)2h 5m
5144Guilin (KWL)Xi'an (XIY)2h 20m
5769Nanjing (NKG)Hohhot (HET)2h 25m
5851Nanjing (NKG)Shijiazhuang (SJW)1h 45m
5704Nanning (NNG)Chongqing (CKG)1h 40m
5908Beijing (PKX)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 50m
5629Beijing (PKX)Kunming (KMG)3h 40m
5851Shijiazhuang (SJW)Ürümqi (URC)4h 20m
5393Taiyuan (TYN)Changchun (CGQ)2h 25m
5394Taiyuan (TYN)Chongqing (CKG)2h 30m
5143Xi'an (XIY)Guilin (KWL)2h 10m
5564Guiyang (KWE)Xi'an (XIY)2h 0m
432London (LHR)Qingdao (TAO)10h 50m
5172Lanzhou (LHW)Nanjing (NKG)2h 35m
386Melbourne (MEL)Hangzhou (HGH)10h 45m
5171Nanjing (NKG)Lanzhou (LHW)3h 10m
480Sydney (SYD)Qingdao (TAO)11h 10m
431Qingdao (TAO)London (LHR)11h 25m
5563Xi'an (XIY)Guiyang (KWE)2h 0m
5397Hangzhou (HGH)Nanning (NNG)3h 5m
5378Harbin (HRB)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 30m
5398Nanning (NNG)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 40m
5307Guangzhou (CAN)Yinchuan (INC)3h 0m
5527Haikou (HAK)Quanzhou (JJN)1h 50m
5528Huai'an (HIA)Quanzhou (JJN)2h 5m
5528Quanzhou (JJN)Haikou (HAK)2h 10m
5527Quanzhou (JJN)Huai'an (HIA)2h 0m
5628Shenyang (SHE)Wuhan (WUH)3h 0m
5628Wuhan (WUH)Sanya (SYX)2h 40m
5610Chongqing (CKG)Lijiang (LJG)1h 40m
5623Haikou (HAK)Changsha (CSX)2h 15m
5278Hohhot (HET)Qingdao (TAO)2h 20m
5346Hefei (HFE)Lijiang (LJG)3h 0m
5345Lijiang (LJG)Hefei (HFE)2h 45m
5549Lijiang (LJG)Nanjing (NKG)2h 55m
5182Lijiang (LJG)Beijing (PKX)3h 15m
5237Lijiang (LJG)Jinan (TNA)3h 0m
5649Lijiang (LJG)Xiamen (XMN)2h 45m
5550Nanjing (NKG)Lijiang (LJG)3h 15m
5869Nanjing (NKG)Xining (XNN)3h 5m
5277Qingdao (TAO)Hohhot (HET)2h 35m
5160Qingdao (TAO)Xi'an (XIY)2h 30m
5106Huangshan (TXN)Xi'an (XIY)2h 0m
5105Huangshan (TXN)Xiamen (XMN)1h 20m
5159Xi'an (XIY)Qingdao (TAO)2h 15m
5105Xi'an (XIY)Huangshan (TXN)2h 10m
5106Xiamen (XMN)Huangshan (TXN)1h 15m
5763Haikou (HAK)Guilin (KWL)1h 35m
5570Hohhot (HET)Hefei (HFE)2h 5m
5569Hefei (HFE)Hohhot (HET)2h 5m
5570Hefei (HFE)Sanya (SYX)3h 0m
5764Guilin (KWL)Haikou (HAK)1h 20m
5763Guilin (KWL)Linyi (LYI)2h 25m
5764Linyi (LYI)Guilin (KWL)2h 40m
5569Sanya (SYX)Hefei (HFE)3h 0m
5587Sanya (SYX)Nanning (NNG)1h 10m
5932Changsha (CSX)Beijing (PKX)2h 10m
5324Xiangxi (DXJ)Beijing (PKX)2h 10m
5891Haikou (HAK)Shijiazhuang (SJW)3h 20m
5630Kunming (KMG)Beijing (PKX)3h 15m
5931Beijing (PKX)Changsha (CSX)2h 10m
5323Beijing (PKX)Xiangxi (DXJ)2h 45m
5891Shijiazhuang (SJW)Chifeng (CIF)1h 20m
5252Xiamen (XMN)Beijing (PKX)2h 50m
5388Nanning (NNG)Lijiang (LJG)1h 50m
5388Jieyang (SWA)Nanning (NNG)2h 0m
5238Jinan (TNA)Lijiang (LJG)3h 20m
5540Dalian (DLC)Ningbo (NGB)2h 0m
5539Haikou (HAK)Ningbo (NGB)2h 35m
5609Lijiang (LJG)Chongqing (CKG)2h 0m
5539Ningbo (NGB)Dalian (DLC)1h 55m
5540Ningbo (NGB)Haikou (HAK)2h 45m
5740Tianjin (TSN)Lijiang (LJG)3h 45m
5796Harbin (HRB)Jinan (TNA)2h 30m
5179Sanya (SYX)Shijiazhuang (SJW)3h 30m
5796Jinan (TNA)Haikou (HAK)3h 45m
5290Chongqing (CKG)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 0m
380Changsha (CSX)Bangkok (BKK)3h 15m
5762Enshi (ENH)Nanjing (NKG)1h 40m
5966Fuzhou (FOC)Xi'an (XIY)2h 40m
5038Guangyuan (GYS)Haikou (HAK)2h 40m
5762Haikou (HAK)Enshi (ENH)2h 0m
5305Haikou (HAK)Chenzhou (HCZ)1h 35m
5305Chenzhou (HCZ)Xi'an (XIY)2h 15m
5901Hangzhou (HGH)Tianjin (TSN)2h 20m
5038Yinchuan (INC)Guangyuan (GYS)1h 35m
5289Shijiazhuang (SJW)Chongqing (CKG)2h 25m
5304Xining (XNN)Xi'an (XIY)1h 20m
5935Haikou (HAK)Qingdao (TAO)3h 25m
5015Haikou (HAK)Zhuhai (ZUH)1h 5m
5935Qingdao (TAO)Harbin (HRB)2h 20m
5016Zhuhai (ZUH)Haikou (HAK)1h 20m
5892Chifeng (CIF)Shijiazhuang (SJW)1h 10m
5264Nanchang (KHN)Sanya (SYX)2h 45m
5739Lijiang (LJG)Tianjin (TSN)3h 20m
5892Shijiazhuang (SJW)Haikou (HAK)3h 45m
5263Sanya (SYX)Nanchang (KHN)2h 35m
5650Xiamen (XMN)Lijiang (LJG)3h 40m
5634Changsha (CSX)Haikou (HAK)2h 15m
5588Nanning (NNG)Sanya (SYX)1h 25m
5881Zhengzhou (CGO)Hohhot (HET)1h 40m
5766Changchun (CGQ)Changsha (CSX)3h 30m
5765Changsha (CSX)Changchun (CGQ)3h 35m
5766Changsha (CSX)Sanya (SYX)2h 5m
5882Hohhot (HET)Zhengzhou (CGO)1h 40m
5363Lijiang (LJG)Zunyi (WMT)1h 25m
5859Lijiang (LJG)Wuhan (WUH)2h 25m
5364Shijiazhuang (SJW)Zunyi (WMT)2h 30m
5765Sanya (SYX)Changsha (CSX)2h 25m
5364Zunyi (WMT)Lijiang (LJG)1h 30m
5363Zunyi (WMT)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 30m
5860Wuhan (WUH)Lijiang (LJG)2h 30m
5859Wuhan (WUH)Yantai (YNT)2h 0m
5860Yantai (YNT)Wuhan (WUH)2h 20m
5248Ankang (AKA)Hangzhou (HGH)1h 50m
5946Bazhong (BZX)Qingdao (TAO)2h 20m
5247Hangzhou (HGH)Ankang (AKA)2h 25m
5946Nanning (NNG)Bazhong (BZX)2h 0m
5902Tianjin (TSN)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 10m
5965Xi'an (XIY)Fuzhou (FOC)3h 5m
5037Guangyuan (GYS)Yinchuan (INC)1h 35m
5037Haikou (HAK)Guangyuan (GYS)2h 40m
5206Lijiang (LJG)Xi'an (XIY)1h 50m
462Melbourne (MEL)Qingdao (TAO)11h 30m
5531Shijiazhuang (SJW)Harbin (HRB)2h 25m
5870Xining (XNN)Nanjing (NKG)2h 35m
5325Dazhou (DZH)Nanning (NNG)1h 55m
5326Dazhou (DZH)Qingdao (TAO)2h 25m
5390Hefei (HFE)Qingdao (TAO)1h 45m
5157Hangzhou (HGH)Kunming (KMG)3h 25m
5828Nanchang (KHN)Lijiang (LJG)2h 50m
5390Guiyang (KWE)Hefei (HFE)2h 0m
5827Lijiang (LJG)Nanchang (KHN)2h 30m
5387Lijiang (LJG)Nanning (NNG)1h 50m
5326Nanning (NNG)Dazhou (DZH)1h 45m
5387Nanning (NNG)Jieyang (SWA)1h 35m
5325Qingdao (TAO)Dazhou (DZH)2h 35m
5824Dazhou (DZH)Haikou (HAK)2h 10m
5823Dazhou (DZH)Shijiazhuang (SJW)1h 50m
5823Haikou (HAK)Dazhou (DZH)2h 20m
5824Shijiazhuang (SJW)Dazhou (DZH)2h 10m
5203Shijiazhuang (SJW)Xining (XNN)2h 25m
5204Xining (XNN)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 0m
5389Hefei (HFE)Guiyang (KWE)2h 35m
5781Hangzhou (HGH)Xining (XNN)3h 45m
5389Qingdao (TAO)Hefei (HFE)1h 35m
5945Bazhong (BZX)Nanning (NNG)2h 10m
5514Sanya (SYX)Yichun (YIC)2h 15m
5945Qingdao (TAO)Bazhong (BZX)2h 50m
5513Xi'an (XIY)Yichun (YIC)2h 0m
5782Xining (XNN)Hangzhou (HGH)3h 15m
5513Yichun (YIC)Sanya (SYX)2h 20m
5514Yichun (YIC)Xi'an (XIY)1h 55m
5761Enshi (ENH)Haikou (HAK)2h 15m
5761Nanjing (NKG)Enshi (ENH)1h 55m
5174Guiyang (KWE)Lijiang (LJG)1h 15m
5173Lijiang (LJG)Guiyang (KWE)1h 25m
5711Nanjing (NKG)Taiyuan (TYN)2h 15m
5693Nanjing (NKG)Xiamen (XMN)1h 50m
5712Taiyuan (TYN)Nanjing (NKG)2h 15m
5711Taiyuan (TYN)Wuhai (WUA)1h 35m
5712Wuhai (WUA)Taiyuan (TYN)1h 30m
5694Xiamen (XMN)Nanjing (NKG)1h 50m
5097Haikou (HAK)Jieyang (SWA)1h 25m
5308Yinchuan (INC)Guangzhou (CAN)3h 15m
5926Kunming (KMG)Sanya (SYX)2h 15m
5925Sanya (SYX)Kunming (KMG)2h 10m
5205Xi'an (XIY)Lijiang (LJG)2h 15m
5619Bazhong (BZX)Lijiang (LJG)1h 55m
5620Bazhong (BZX)Nanjing (NKG)2h 0m
5620Lijiang (LJG)Bazhong (BZX)1h 45m
5619Nanjing (NKG)Bazhong (BZX)2h 35m
379Bangkok (BKK)Changsha (CSX)2h 25m
5285Haikou (HAK)Wuhan (WUH)2h 35m
5774Chenzhou (HCZ)Nanjing (NKG)1h 45m
5251Beijing (PKX)Xiamen (XMN)3h 5m
5286Wuhan (WUH)Haikou (HAK)2h 15m
5147Xi'an (XIY)Xishuangbanna (JHG)2h 35m
5366Changsha (CSX)Qingdao (TAO)2h 30m
5953Harbin (HRB)Guiyang (KWE)4h 40m
5993Harbin (HRB)Ningbo (NGB)3h 10m
5954Guiyang (KWE)Harbin (HRB)4h 10m
5994Ningbo (NGB)Harbin (HRB)2h 40m
5365Qingdao (TAO)Changsha (CSX)2h 30m
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Beijing Capital Airlines contact information

Overview of Beijing Capital Airlines

A low-cost airline that is based in China, Beijing Capital Airlines primarily services domestic flights throughout the country and between the regions’ largest cities. However, it is possible to travel with the company to international destinations, with some examples being Canada, Taiwan, and Portugal.

This company does not have any codeshare agreements and does not have membership in any air alliances, but it is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines. Also based in China, Hainan Airlines created Beijing Capital Airlines in 1995 for the purpose of being able to offer low-cost flights throughout the region.

In addition to having three primary airport hubs, this airline also has over 10 different focus cities, with each of them being located in China or a nearby country. Additionally, there is an administrative office that can be found in Taiwan.

Beijing Capital Airlines has a fleet that is composed of over 80 different types of planes, with all of them being the brand Airbus. The Airbus A320-200 is the aircraft that is used the most frequently by the airline, as it is specifically meant for medium-range trips, can fit up to 152 passengers, and has an impressive fuel capacity. For smaller trips, such as domestic voyages within China, the Airbus A319-100 is more commonly chosen, as it can only fit up to 138 passengers and is a smaller choice. If it is a long-haul flight that is traveling between countries located on two different continents, the Airbus A330-300 is most likely the plane that will be used, as it is the largest aircraft in the fleet and holds up to 306 passengers.

Beijing Capital Airlines information

Top routeJinan to Lijiang
Airports served79
Top airportHangzhou

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