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Visit Brasov, the land of Dracula, and experience one of Romania's most historical towns. With traditional Romanian dishes, castles, outdoor sports and Christmas markets, there's sure to be something for the whole family to love.

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The best time to visit Brasov is in the Spring (April-June), when the attractions in the nearby countryside become more accessible. However, it is also a popular destination in the winter for its skiing and winter markets.

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SBZ Sibiu
BCM Bacău

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Where to Stay in Brasov

House of Dracula Hotel near Poiana Brașov ski resort offers rooms staring at 150lei per night.

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Centrul Vechi

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Shopping Streets

The main pedestrian shopping area in Old Town is Republicii Street, which sells books, clothes, art and souveniers.

Groceries and Other

The two main supermarkets in Brasv are Rapid and ProfiCity. A dozen eggs costs 6.5lei.

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Where to Eat in Brasov

La Ceaun Restaurant close to the old square serves traditional Romanian food, with a standard meal costing 20lei.