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You're Going to Love Finland

Finland is a country of great natural beauty with three quarters of the country covered by forest and around 10% of the land covered with lakes. There is a striking contrast between the sparsely populated north of the country and the more developed south, which makes this an interesting place to visit.

What to do in Finland

1. Witness the Changing of the Seasons

Celebrate the summer solstice and head up to the north of Finland so you can experience the days when the sun never sets.

2. Catch the Northern Lights

Look out for the Northern Lights between the months of November and May. While a sighting of this magical spectacle is never guaranteed, it is well worth taking the risk.

3. Go Skiing

Cross-country skiing is one of the most common ways to get around during the winter and skiing and snowboarding options are available around Lapland.

4. Travel by Dog Sled

After being shown by an expert how to manage your team of huskies, you will be able to go off on your own through the winter landscape.

5. Take in the Rich Culture

The cultural side of Finland ranges from modernist architecture in Jyväskylä (a town in Lakeland in the east of the country) to the Sámi culture of Lapland and the Karelian culture that exists as a result of the district of Karelia being split by the Russian border.

When to visit Finland

Finland in September
Estimated hotel price
1 night at 3-star hotel
Finland in September
Estimated hotel price
1 night at 3-star hotel

For visiting Lapland, the reindeer and Santa Claus, the best time to go is around December. In Lapland, the sun doesn't rise in the winter, while in the south of the country you can expect around 6 hours of daylight. If you want to enjoy the summer, the months between June and August are the best time of the year to plan your trip.

How to Get to Finland

Entry Requirements

Passport holders from the Schengen countries, as well as the USA, Canada and Australia, will not need a visa, but your passport should be valid for three months after the date you leave Finland.


The main point of entry into Finland by air is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, which operates international flights for around 30 foreign airlines, as well as the two Finnish airlines Finnair and Norra.


Both Interrail and Eurail tickets include trips into Finland. You can also travel directly between Russia and Finland on trains.


There are a number of ferry companies that operate between Finland and countries including Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Estonia. It is possible to buy tickets for cars and passengers while some of the ferry companies will provide cabins for overnight trips.

Popular airlines serving Finland

Good (2,575 reviews)
Good (402 reviews)
British Airways
Good (1,746 reviews)
Good (535 reviews)
Good (3,375 reviews)
Turkish Airlines
Good (1,510 reviews)
Good (1,039 reviews)
Air France
Good (498 reviews)
Austrian Airlines
Good (306 reviews)
United Airlines
Good (3,200 reviews)
Qatar Airways
Good (1,443 reviews)
Excellent (1,275 reviews)
Air Canada
Good (2,048 reviews)
Brussels Airlines
Good (131 reviews)
Good (668 reviews)
Scandinavian Airlines
Good (492 reviews)
Good (780 reviews)
Good (2,064 reviews)
Singapore Airlines
Excellent (479 reviews)
Good (1,396 reviews)
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Where to stay in Finland

Finland has a number of options for tourist accommodation, including bed and breakfasts that can be booked via the Finnish Tourist Board. The Youth Hostels in Finland tend to be busier during the summer months. There are also plenty of budget and luxury hotels.

Where to stay in popular areas of Finland

Most booked hotels in Finland

Santa Claus Holiday Village
Excellent (9, 4281 reviews)
Hilton Helsinki Airport
Excellent (8.6, 7535 reviews)
Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Excellent (8.5, 5136 reviews)
Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre
Excellent (8.5, 2484 reviews)
Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel, Helsinki
Excellent (8.4, 5930 reviews)
Hotel Hullu Poro
Excellent (8.1, 1752 reviews)
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How to Get Around Finland

Public Transportation

There is an extensive, well-run public transport system throughout Finland. It can be relatively expensive compared with other countries in Europe.


Trains in in Finland are fast and efficient, and the rail network runs throughout the country. Tickets cost anywhere from around €9-60 ($10-66) depending on the day you are traveling and the distance.


Different bus routes link cities and towns across Finland and there is a good bus network in Greater Helsinki, Turku and Tempere. The Matkahuolto bus company provides transport links to most of Finland while serving as the only overland travel option to Lapland.


Renting a car can cost you approximately €80 ($89) per day, although longer rentals often enjoy a discount on the daily rate. The main roads are well kept and the highways are mostly in the south of the country and near bigger cities.


You can book flights internally from Helsinki to Oulo for around €34 ($37) on a budget airline or around €260 ($289) for a fully flexible fare.

The Cost of Living in Finland

The cost of living is considered to be one of the highest in Europe. Eating out can range anywhere from €12-60 ($13-66). A monthly transport pass can cost around €55 ($61). It is possible to use all major credit and debit cards in Finland and there are ATMs in most towns and villages.

Popular cities in Finland