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Authentic and bustling, the seaside city of Shantou boasts a thriving metropolitan culture, friendly and inquisitive inhabitants, and - unfortunately - a disappearing historic center.

Those wanting to see a major Chinese city unadulterated by Westernization and hordes of visitors would do well to visit this destination. Here, you can get a feeling for the rapid change that has transformed China's urban areas in recent decades. From local specialties like Beef Balls to historic monuments like the Palace-Temple of the Old Mother, there's something for everyone in Shantou.

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Shantou enjoys temperate weather throughout the year, with average daily highs peaking at just under 90 during July and only dipping to 65 in January.

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Where to Stay in Shantou

The full range of hotels can be found in Shantou, with budget options such as Yijia International Hotel, mid-range choices like the Shantou International Hotel, and luxury establishments such as the Sheraton Shantou Hotel.

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Shopping Streets

A number of major stores are located on the Jinsha E Road in the Longhu District. Jeans cost about ¥150 in the city.

Groceries and Other

There is a Walmart on Jinsha E Road and other grocers can be found throughout the city. A pound of potatoes is about ¥2, and a large bottle of water costs about ¥2.

Where to Eat in Shantou

Recommended restaurants include the Lianhua Vegetarian Restaurant and LaoMa Gong Zong Qiu (Xin Guan Jie). Low-key meals cost about ¥20, while more expensive ones run up to ¥60 for a main course.

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