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Many people flock to the city of Hakuba in the Japanese Alps to enjoy the many hot springs, winter ski resorts and hiking opportunities.

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The best season to visit is during the winter when the many popular ski resorts open, offering visitors an opportunity to indulge in many snow sports.

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KMQ Komatsu
TOY Toyama

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Where to Stay in Hakuba

The Yamano Hotel Hakuba is centrally located within a 5-minute walking distance to the Hapo Ski Resort. Daily rates start at JPY8,500 and include breakfast

Popular Neighborhoods in Hakuba

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The Cost of Living in Hakuba

Shopping Streets

The majority of tourist souvenirs and ski gear can be bought from the ski resort gift shops. There is currently no major shopping mall in Hakuba.

Groceries and Other

Tsuruya and Matsuya are the main supermarket chains selling food for self-catering. A dozen eggs costs around JPY180.

Where to Eat in Hakuba

Soba Shubo Zen offers Asian and Japanese food, including noodles, sashimi and goza. Meal prices cost roughly JPY1,200.