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Salento in the Cocora Valley lies at the entrance of the Los Nevados National Natural Park. Renowned for its lush vegetation and extensive coffee plantations, the town, founded in 1850, still preserves much of its paisa architecture.

Salento draws hikers eager to explore the meadows and forests of the valley and witness the colorful birdlife that populates the majestic wax palms.

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The best time to visit Salento is from December to March, the summer months, which are ideal for hiking and seeing the landscape at its lushest.

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Where to Stay in Salento

The Salento Real, a casual yet colorful hotel, offers comfortable rooms, suites, as well as a restaurant and courtyard. El Mirador del Cocora, a quaint lodge, overlooks the mountains and valley.

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Salento has over 200 artisan shops on Calle Real.

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Supercocora carries staples as well as fruits, baked goods, and beverages. Salento is relatively inexpensive. A gallon of milk averages COL$8,216 and a dozen eggs is COL$3,850.

Where to Eat in Salento

Brunch de Salento serves pancakes, waffles, omelets, hamburgers, veggie burgers, and curry dishes. Entrees average COL$20,000. Café Bernabé Gourmet specializes in pastas and beef dishes. Entrees average COL$25,000.