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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air France
Overall score based on 4,168 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "The cabin crew were amazing and the seats very comfortable, even in economy. I'm not a super comfortable flyer so I loved that the pilot would always warn when we were getting into turbulence. 2 thumbs up. I will fly Air France again"
Cons: "I'd appreciate a better selection of food and drinks, even if I have to pay for the drinks."

Pros: "The entire experience was amazing that gives me a broader scope to choose from when selecting flights to Europe. The most amazing part was the attentiveness of the staff. Exemplary!!!!!"
Cons: "For me this part is not applicable"

Pros: "Check in agent extremely helpful and friendly."
Cons: "Not boarding on tarmac via bus. Sandwich - tartar sauce and “chicken” - with two quarter sized pieces of meat was terrible."

Pros: "Nothing !! Such a bullshit flight ever !!!"
Cons: "No tv fo 14 hr long flight !! Flight delayed for 1 he !! No proper arranged to board .. it was kiosk!! Food quality was worse. No space to seat !! Can’t sleep .. no leg space !! Worst fight till the date !!!"

Cons: "Boarding clusterf..."

Pros: "crew great comfortable"

Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Food could be better, or at least be provided an option to purchase an upgraded meal. Also, insufficient amount of drinking water provided to passengers."

Pros: "Bag was sent straight to NY although Norwegian screwed it up. Am yet to receive my luggage."

Pros: "On time, no hassle."

Pros: "Amazing crews!"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Too much time spent at boarding. On luggage missing."

Pros: "Left on time. No turbulence."

Pros: "The airplane"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Air france crew at Mumbai Airport very rude and not supportive during checkin"

Pros: "The crew was very gentile."
Cons: "No enterteinment on the plane."

Pros: "Good selection of movies"

Cons: "Not much legroom."

Pros: "The only thing that I like about the flight was that it was easy to boarding"
Cons: "The food was not heat correctly it was cold and I felt that the crew rush to give out the food. The seats are terrible, if the person in front of you reclines you won’t be able to see the screen if your watching a movie and you will see the top of the persons head."

Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Cons: "Didn’t have the meal I ordered Got in 30 min early but no gate for us. We waited over 80min on tarmac to deplane I paid extra for an exit seat but there was no indication when I did that there would be walls for armrests and that made it very uncomfortable for me"

Pros: "If the flight would have leave in time we would receive our luggage in time"

Pros: "Food was Fantastic, Air France the Best on Air."

Cons: "Plane was canceled at the last minute with a transfer desk literally assaulted by 100s of people. Only 3 persons on the desk. No lane for sky priority. Queued for nearly two hours before some airport employee gave us instructions to travel by train without any other information or tickets etc. Had to buy my ticket. Couldn’t recuperate my suitcase. Had to wait for it the next day for three hours. Up to this hour I don’t know how I am going to be reimbursed (train and plane)."

Pros: "Flight was smooth"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "The space and the people"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The crew took care with calm and kindness of a man in deep distress and erratic behavior. Impressive. More generally , the crew showed respect and attention to all passengers. Not frequent."

Cons: "It was delayed. I missed my flight. Now I don’t have a bag. I am not sure when I get it back or if I have to go all the way back to the airport"

Cons: "no vegeterian sandwiches very disappointed"

Pros: "Punctual, not crowded."
Cons: "Even though the plane was far from full, passengers were allowed only 1 carry-on item (no personal item), contrary to policy published online by Air France. This policy applied even to people with Economy Premium for the rest of the trip (which allows 2 carry-on suitcases, not a useful feature if one cannot begin with this number to reach the transoceanic flight)."

Pros: "Good service at gate and on board"

Pros: "Nice food Right in time Police and customs formalities easy"
Cons: "Poor comfort in business class No entertainment at all"

Pros: "The crew is great, with their typical slightly humourous and casual French attitude. Great collection of international quality movies."
Cons: "Average and disappointing sitting space. The vegan lacto-ovo meal is disappointing."

Pros: "the food"
Cons: "no room for legs"

Pros: "Friendly onboard staff"
Cons: "Treated like cattle while boarding unless your preferred member. Average food quality."

Pros: "Getting there on time despite delay"
Cons: "entertainment had very old media and no recent additions. Crew was not very organized"

Pros: "Great people"
Cons: "It was an hour late"

Pros: "full Meal service in coach , customer service , free wine , personal entertainment, power outlets , everything !"
Cons: "Bottom seat cushions could be a little more comfortable ."

Pros: "Airplane staff were good"

Cons: "The delay in the flight without even informing us of the reasons. Changing the boarding gates twice, and no options in the meal."

Pros: "Chicako Párizs szuper , udvarias személyzet pontos érkezés."
Cons: "."

Pros: "Flight arrived safely."
Cons: "Air France offered no help rebooking missed connection at JFK due to delay of more than 2 hours in arrival."

Cons: "bad smell around my seat"

Pros: "Other crew members were very polite to us, in particular a younger tall woman."
Cons: "2 crew members, one named Terri were quite rude and short with us. I even heard her say she was ready to get off the flight. She also asked everyone around me if they liked their flight but did not ask me. She basically threw my coffee condiments at me and dismissed my concerns about the food. I was unsure if the fruit was expired and she quickly dismissed my question without any real explanation."

Cons: "Late...delayed from algiers"

Pros: "Wheel chair service at LAX is run by the airport. Their priority is to get you to your flight, not to a VIP room regardless of how early you check in."

Pros: "Food and service"
Cons: "Too many business class seats and the plane is so big it basically feels like flying on coach. You have two seats next to the window so it's exactly the same when trying to get up than in economy class with a passenger stuck next to you"

Pros: "It was a fine flight"
Cons: "no specific feedback"

Cons: "Airport handling is catastrophic. A lost bagage created the twins to be locked. Half an hour and we could not enter. Delays and huge mess in front of police checkpoint. No announcement and no care for passengers approaching departure time. And to top it all no announcement of any delays. Had to cheat my way through the priority line and run a sprint through security and beyond. Reached the gate to note that there was a delay of 5 minutes.... Grrrr"

Pros: "Entertainment center is brand new and Cleanliness Crew was ok And yeah there's wine (that way you can get plastered and ignore the uncomfortable seats)"
Cons: "Checking in was ridiculous. They're charging for literally EVERYTHING now. On economy class you have many options: - Normal (free!) "ergonomic" seats: uncomfortable, narrow, really close to the one in front of you. - Normal (exit row): just give up. There's like 6 of these and they're taken immediately. - Normal (middle of the plane): are you kidding me? These are NORMAL seats and you charge an extra €30? - Normal (2 seats per row!): what a bargain. Same crappy seats, but two people instead of three! This is really worth my money. - Upgrade to business! Why are you so poor! AF food went from being the best in international flights to disgusting microwave food (especially vegetarian)."

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Ground service at check-in was very poor: Misinformation and failure to provide a level of service that other SkyMiles partners provide for Gold level traveler."

Cons: "The big four-engine Airbus has no electrical outlets or USB ports at each seat. Entertainment screen was intermittent."

Pros: "A very comfortable flight (with a full plane and in economy). The crew was clear, gave good instructions and were available to help. Even though the flight started bumpy, they will still able to complete service on a short flight."
Cons: "Despite my status with Star Alliance (Gold...the highest), I still was not allowed to take my roller carry on into the plane. There was plenty of space as they were allowing NO one in economy to take a roller carry on. Despite requesting it twice (I was at the end of a long, 3 day journey from the US to Harare) I was denied. This was unnecessary and spiteful to those of us who fly frequently."

Pros: "Cattle car"

Pros: "They crew was so generous and very polite!"
Cons: "More room in economy seats"

Pros: "The crew the amazing. Very kind and helpful."
Cons: "The layout of the plane when picking seats was not the same as the plane itself. It was really cramped and uncomfortable for a 16 hour flight. Also SAA staff in RSA did not notify flyers that our flight was delayed until the plane landed at 21:20!"

Pros: "The ease of boarding, flight was half empty so lots of space and confort, the seats are well spaced so lots of leg room."
Cons: "No entertainment, the tvs were not working."

Cons: "Very long lines for check-in and confused staff"

Pros: "I survived"
Cons: "The seat The food, but that’s fine. We weren’t expecting The entertainment Less cattle treatment Sigh, this is going nowhere"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Now I am seriously delayed to my destination"

Pros: "Crew was okayish"
Cons: "Flight and lateness"

Pros: "Good service, good food. Landed on time even though we left slightly late."
Cons: "There wasn't a TV per seat and you can't select what you want to watch, but this was not really an issue as the flight was only 2 hours."

Pros: "No significant delays and flight attendants were nice enough."
Cons: "The system didn’t work and eventually had to move seats and away from my wife. Food is passable."

Pros: "Overall good experience but nothing special"
Cons: "Food was subpar"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Webjet, after 3 failed booking attempts Webjets booking resulted in them booking me as “Josh” vs “Joshua” and South African Airlines wouldn’t allow me to check in. After webjet refused to fix the issue claiming it would take a week to fix, South African airlines forced me to pay $2,700 to repurchase the same ticket in order to board the flight."

Pros: "The vibe was happy and welcoming and the cabin was clean. Overall it was a well managed flight and friendly staff throughout the plane. Enjoyable and relaxing"
Cons: "All good"

Pros: "The crew members was very nice and helpful during the flight."
Cons: "Nothing pleasant first time experience."

Pros: "The crew was incredibly attentive and professional. Aircraft was clean."

Pros: "Courteous an professional flight team. Comfortable seats."

Cons: "Check-in gates open at 3!? So I have to light luggage around London. The crew wasn't the friendliest, and there were more excuses than help on the flight. The in-flight entertainment and the remote did not work. I had 11 hours of staring into space cause I couldn't the reading light on Twice my in-flight entertainment was reset and on both occasions no crew came to check if it was really fixed."

Pros: "The flight itself was comfortable and the service attentive."
Cons: "Poor connection in JHB - Immigration at O R Tambo chaotic and took more than 95 minutes. Nearly missed this connecting flight to Cape Town. Literally ran from terminal A to B with my on board luggage over my shoulder. I had rechecked my main bag for the domestic flight but, nevertheless, it was left in JHB and had to be forwarded on a later plane. The folks meeting me in Cape Town had to wait an extra hour at the airport to collect it. Very unsatisfactory. As the national airline, SAA should pressure O R Tambo into improving their terrible immigration services."

Pros: "Plane was clean and seats were comfortable. Staff was overall friendly."
Cons: "One of the interactive tv displays was not working, the crew attempted to reset the system for that one seat but was unable to fix it. Normally this would not have been a big deal but for a 15 hour flight with no onboard entertainment was disheartening. (There also aren't any plugs to charge personal devices to have watched instead)"

Pros: "Didn't make it."

Pros: "Everything was fine, only the entertainment system was out for the first four hours of the flight Food was just okay - no snack was offered mid-flight."
Cons: "Entertainment system was not working for at least the first four hours of the flight"

Pros: "food was excellent flights were on time except where second security check of every single carry-on made us late."
Cons: "The 'second' security check at the gate. I don't know it these were SAA persons or NSA but they were downright rude. After passing regular security check, these people removed a whole pile of items from our bags including items that should have fine such as bottled drinks just purchased at kiosks next to the gate, tubes of hand lotion (tiny ones), fingernail clippers that had traveled around the world (many, many previous security checks), and their attitudes were thats "too bad, throw these items out or don't fly" Such a bad start ruined my flight. Food servers onboard were equally 'grouchy;."

Pros: "CREW: The crew from SA to Accra were very professional, well organised and friendly. It was evident that they were concerned about making us feel comfortable. They were very attentive to our requests. I wish this crew was on the Accra-Washington Dc leg Food: this was okay, standard plane food. The food options were made known ahead of time and the crew made sure that we were constantly hydrated. They even offered more than two drinks at a time. Very helpful and friendly staff. Smooth flight: Kudos to the pilot. This was a smooth flight despite the minor turbulence we received."
Cons: "Entertainment: This was very disappointing. There was no variety of the shows and movies to choose from. Request for more options and newer episodes."

Pros: "Food only good thing"
Cons: "Dirty plane since the beginning Screen not working Very loud crew at night Very cold only in our area so impossible to fix Uncomfortable economy seat"

Cons: "Babies crying too much"

Pros: "Nothing... We were bounced because they oversold"
Cons: "Bounced. Told us nothing. Seemed impressed that they were paying for an off airport hotel for us. Gave us a minor voucher that expires in a year and is not transferable so worthless."

Pros: "The crew was courteous and overall the flight okay. The entertainment system was not working properly."
Cons: "The aircraft was very clean and the crew was very courteous."

Cons: "lost luggage"

Pros: "The service on board of this flight was amazing! From the food to the staff. Aircraft was impeccably clean and the comfort of the seats were surprisingly good."
Cons: "There was nothing to dislike besides de size of the toilets!"

Pros: "I liked the professionalism each staff displayed at every interaction, and the genuine friendly demeanor as well. Staff appeared to truly like being service providers. The women's head dressing was akin to the majesty of Lawrence of Arabia-classic!"

Pros: "The ground crew were very efficient and kind. I felt like we were in good hands throughout the process, which included checking everyone's visas. Above all the flight crew was helpful, friendly and quick. they took very good care of us. I thought their service on the flight was exceptionally good."

Pros: "The Media available for viewing was very good. There was a lot of choices, both movies and TV shows. They could be viewed in 4 different languages. It helped make our 10 hour flight a bit easier."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed by 2+15 hours. We were told as compensation we would be able to access the South African Airlines lounge. When we went there they said we had been misinformed. When we boarded the plane I was pleased at first to see that we were in a 2 seat row and wouldn't have to deal with the horrid middle seat. This didn't last long due to the person in front of me reclining thier seat onto my lap. Within one hour we were served a meal that I declined since I had eaten during my two hour wait to board the plan. At 2:30 in the afternoon they had everyone shut the shades and the plane remained dark all day. It wasn't until the dinner serving that the lights came on. You did have the option of the seat lamp that offered little light. The staff seemed jaded. They did nothing wrong but they seemed to do as little as possible. The day before we had flown on Mango airlines and it was excellent. The staff were smiling, helpful and took extra care of the elderly passengers. They have extra leg room also."

Pros: "The service was excellent"
Cons: "The food was poor - relevant to other SAA flights. The boarding was ok, but take off was delayed by 2 hours."

Pros: "Boarding was efficient."
Cons: "The entertainment system for entire rows did not work for the entire 12+ hour long flight. There were no open seats to switch to, they ran out of food and bottled water (!). I could not aircheck my custom chartered family painting because they could not fit it through a machine to scan and they would not bring it to a bigger scanner downstairs, even though they had the options to and had previously airchecked it with SAA, PLUS I was charged extra to check it. Ridiculous."

Pros: "Good service overall, the food was good indeed."
Cons: "Entertainment system was faulty. My playback was not working and next seat's audio was not working properly"

Cons: "Seats were so small and squashed on lax to jhb flight 16 hours Zero way to charge devices - no usb etc Very few of the entertainment consoles actually worked Food poor Help yourselves to water which was nowhere to be found Lost our baggage not once but twice No help rebooking connectors after SAA delayed our flight from Harare for 2 hours - took us 3 days to get home"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Basically everything. The plane was old and a lot of things were broken. The tv screens were touch screens which didn't touch. The crew was not friendly or helpful. The captain told us we were in a circling pattern and wouldn't be landing for 30-40 minutes, yet the crew made us turn off all electronics and out our seats up. So for 40 minutes we sat there uncomfortably. It was unnecessary. Basically everything on this flight was uncomfortable, inconvienent, and bad."

Pros: "Not much really. We were searched with our shoes off, body molestation at the boarding gate."
Cons: "Flight crew at my section was rude and impatient, food was horrible, entertainment was not working, and prior to that we were searched at the boarding gate and had our water we bought at duty free seized whilst alcohol bought at duty free were allowed on board. I guess water is now more dangerous than alcohol."

Pros: "Flight on time. Easy for connection in JNB. We booked with SA as it had a better departure time as well as arrival time so we weren't getting at destination in the middle of the night. Instructions given in multiple languages which was appreciated."
Cons: "Very expensive to pick seats. No charging stations in the seat Confusing as to boarding process. It would have been nice if they would have announced which seats were to board in the front or rear."

Pros: "Price and time schedule"
Cons: "Our flight time moved up one hour and no one notified me. If I wasn't at the airport early I would have missed my flight and my connection"

Pros: "Crew, food and entertainment are great. Crew makes sure they keep passengers hydrated!"
Cons: "Plane was late and threw the overall boarding process off"

Pros: "Special order meals filling and delicious."

Pros: "Clean modern cabin and professional flight crew."
Cons: "Special order meal not delivered without explanation. Meal not on board when inquired about it."

Pros: "The crew was excellent, working very hard to make up for all the other problems. They were able to arrange a seat with an open seat next to it so I could sit diagonally and thus actually make it through the flight uninjured."
Cons: "I reserved extra legroom twice. They lost it twice without any notice. After printing the boarding pass and finding a middle, no-legroom seat assigned, customer service unconcernedly said that when you book through a third party, that sometimes just happens. I don't physically fit in a cramped regular seat, too tall. Getting a transfer pass printed in Johannesburg was a nightmare too, with three priority agents handling literally thirty requests in the time it took the regular agents to handle three. Also, the on-board video system was broken, with one screen in my row not working and two more with the vocal channel not working."

Cons: "Although mechanical problem had been known about for more than 6 hours, passengers only received notice of a delay 2 hours before the boarding time. The delay continued to be extended until it reached an 8 hour delay. The "mechanical" problem was the need to replace a tire. The airline told us that they had to send a crew form Washington, DC to New York to drive back with the tire. Including the time of the delay and the additional time that the plane was on the ground prior to the delay, this "repair" took 18 hours. As a frequent flyer, I received an email from the airline that the flight was going to be delayed the full 8 jours. The board at the gate initially only listed a 3 hour delay. When I inquired, the attendant told me not to say anything because that had not been officially announced yet. Once we boarded the plane, there was no apology. As we boarded (after 18 hours of the plane being at the same gate), they announced that they would then begin refueling the plane. Throughout the flight, the crew seemed annoyed and annoyed. Throughout the delay, other passengers talked about similar delays and the financial issues that the airline has been having. I would avoid this airline - they seem to be struggling."

Cons: "The crew wasnt very friendly. There wasn't any vegetarian food available. There wasn't any way to charge my phone on a 15 hour flight."

Pros: "- the hygiene kit was amazing. - loved the entertainment selection - blanket was great - I appreciate that the cabin was kept dark for most of the flight - kind staff"
Cons: "- headphone jack for entertainment was broken - seats felt really hard after a bit - meal was good, snacks weren't so good"

Cons: "This flight never happened and South African Airlines knew it was cancelled, yet we did not receive a notification. Instead, I lost a day of travel in Cape Town. I had to be re-routed through Johannesburg and then to Cape Town. Both flights were late and my luggage came in on the wrong plane. An absolutely nightmare of an experience."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Austin to Port Louis

Airlines flying from Austin to Port Louis have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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