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Pros: "The crew was not overly friendly"

Cons: "Food was terrible. Paid for first class, expected something better than coach. Our food choice was a ham sandwich, there were better choices but the crew took them for themselves so nothing left for the 1st class passengers. Similar situation on our eastbound flight the week earlier. I doubt if Delta knows or cares that this occurs. After paying more than twice the coach fare, we expect something better than a ham sandwich on a coast to coast flight."

Pros: "I needed extra space because of my pregnancy, but didn't realize I couldn't upgrade my seat online or at check in. I was advised to tell the Boarding attendants I needed extra space and they promptly changed my seat and let me preboard. I'm so grateful and I had a wonderful flight back home. I was also very sick, so it was a relief knowing I could rest comfortably before arriving home to my children."

Pros: "Great entertainment options, best in class"
Cons: "Earlier food service for more sleep"

Pros: "The cabin crew was helpful and professional"
Cons: "Having better time performance . The first leg of my trip was so delayed that I almost missed my connection."

Cons: "They ran out of food by the time they got to the back of the plane."

Pros: "The plane arrived in Atlanta ahead of time and thus we were able to start boarding earlier than usual. The gate agent kept the process in order and moved the boarding process along nicely. The pilots also got us to Baton Rouge 28 minutes ahead of schedule which was appreciated. Nice flight."
Cons: "Same issue with getting passengers seated once on the aircraft and then getting their luggage stowed takes too much time."

Pros: "Flying Delta’s always a treat after our KLM connection. Everything is better! The staff in particular are always outstanding in comparison. Great job guys! :-)"
Cons: "Really not much. A few more media entertainment options perhaps."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly. The plane was very quiet (except for noisy crying babies)."
Cons: "Unless you can afford the higher priced "comfort class" or first class seats, the seating is very, very cramped on Delta's 757s. It's a good thing the flight was only 5+ hours (but that's not long enough to get any decent amount of sleep on this flight scheduled as a redeye)."

Pros: "Delayed, packed, bought a sandwich! Good sandwiches!"
Cons: "Packed and delayed"

Pros: "I like having the adjustable head rests."
Cons: "There was no window in the back row of seats, which was claustrophobic. The seat rows are too close together, that it was hard to focus on the movie on the seatback in front of me. My seat didn't recline at all."

Cons: "Everything was great"

Cons: "More leg room and seat width. I don’t like having other passengers pressed against me."

Pros: "The crew was professional and courteous, one of the best crews we had experienced onboard Delta."
Cons: "Cleaner bathroom"

Cons: "K a y a k. Booked tickets on WestJet for us, but we were never told that check in and reservation was to be manage through delta so checkin was difficult and we ended up with poor seats because we were not given any advance notice"

Pros: "Attendant was friendly and efficient."
Cons: "No beverages or snacks."

Pros: "Crew were very good but the seats were not comfortable for an eight hour flight"
Cons: "A little bit of leg space"

Pros: "Delta personnel at DTW knew they were overwhelmed and did everything they could to mitigate the problems."
Cons: "Delta should have had more than 3 staff on to check in 300 people."

Pros: "Departed on time. Very courteous crew."
Cons: "Nothing."

Cons: "At least one hour late"

Pros: "I liked the cookies and juice. The interactive screen to watch something. The cleanliness. The price. On time. The service. Thank you. The excitement of flying."

Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Business class seats were short whdn lay flat. Metal footrest at the end made it uncomfortable to hang feet off the end. Little privacy"

Pros: "codeshare by China Southern"
Cons: "codeshare by China Southern"

Pros: "You guys did an all around great job and my flight experience was the best I’ve ever had. The quality of the service was exceptional."

Cons: "The flight was delayed. It took longer than expected due to the hurricane. When we arrived, there was no gate so we had to sit on the runway forever. Then the gate checked bags took forever. I was supposed to have a 1.5 hour layover. I barely made my connection as I only had 20 minutes left until takeoff by the time we got off the plane."

Cons: "On my trip from Atlanta to Mexico City it was overbooked, they booked me on a different plane, which was 2 hrs delayed...which caused me to missed the flight from Mexico City to leon."

Pros: "The plane had mechanical so we had a long delay. No fun"

Pros: "The crew at the airport was very courteous and helpful."
Cons: "No food; not even offered water; I asked a Delta employee about our seats and she was very unprofessional (mind you I'm traveling with kids and my boarding pass said that seats were to be assigned at the gate)."

Pros: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos, please reimburse on the credit card"
Cons: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos of the studio and musicians"

Cons: "Seat did not recline."

Cons: "The monitors kept on freezing"

Pros: "I will always fly Delta. I have tried other airlines and they don't conmpare to Delta's service"

Pros: "The snacks were decent on the flight. Everything else was a disappointment."
Cons: "Unexpected delay for take off after being told the flight was going to be on time. They couldn’t give us a reason or an eta on take off while waiting at the gate which affected my ride situation once I landed in Seattle."

Pros: "Delta is not a good place to be"
Cons: "Delta is not good on customer service"

Pros: "no one woke me up"
Cons: "NA"

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "3 hours there before the departure."

Pros: "Seating was nice...comfortable. Lighting was good, captain wasn't too chatty :)"
Cons: "This flight attendant was just terrible. Wish I could remember her name for this review... She had about half of the First Class cabin offended as soon as meals started getting served - I didn't see ANYONE around me that got what they asked for, and then when people stated the issue, she didn't respond very well. I tried to take things in stride (first world problems?) but it is a bummer to pay extra for the first class treatment and then to not have that great experience, especially on back to back 5ish hour flights."

Pros: "I would like the airline service to do more for our veterans. Especially the 100% disabled veterans"
Cons: "Seats not comfortable enough"

Pros: "Left reasonably on time, arrived a bit early, able to find overhead storage for my roll-on, even boarding in Zone 3"
Cons: "Very tightly packed; minimal comfort for the flight."

Pros: "The Delta crew on the flight was wonderful - but the crew at ATL really shined. A huge amount of people for connections arrived at the same time and needed to get through customs and the staff were very calm and efficient in directing everyone and making sure the line moved."

Pros: "From curbside check-in to landing the plane, overall excellent service ! Very pleased to find out they offered a shuttle from checkin to the gate. I am having knee surgery soon and the walk from security to gate 34 LaGuardia would have put me over the top with pain! It was a very nice gentleman that gave me a ride to the gate and even stopped to let me use the bathroom. Thumbs up *****"
Cons: "The fact that I was charged $150 to check a small cosmetics bag is no loose change ! I would have carried it on but my hand is in a brace and I has to have extensive surgery. Then yoy get to the gate, and they repeatedly asked for volunteers to check their bags for free. I think this is a very unfair policy and try to explain it to the curbside attendant. I literally cannot carry more than five pounds in my left hand until I get bone replacement surgery. I'm also having knee surgery soon and this small additional weight would be caused me excruciating pain ! They didn't care and still charged me $150 for a bag thats no bigger than 12 inches and weighs less than ten pounds. Thats the way you treat your first class passengers? One other quick note: the sausage and egg sandwich? that was served for breakfast was absolutely horrible! Thumbs down !"

Pros: "Everything was good. The crew was friendly and helpful. The food was delicious and there was more than enough. Boarding was fast."
Cons: "On my flight from Munich to Atlanta, the movies and tv series wouldn't play. Only the games worked."

Pros: "My Delta flight from Salt Lake to Orlando was the dreaded redeye. Flight was packed, no empty seats. I had a middle row seat. But the plane was new and the seats were comfortable. The flight arrived early.I slept or tried to sleep the entire flight. No complaints."

Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I didn't get my luggage with me when I arrived to casablanca as I lived 4 hours away from the casablanca. I have to come back the next day to get my luggage. I was very mad about I noticed one of my luggage has been damaged so now I have to buy another one because I can t use it. It was disgusting."

Pros: "Una hora de retraso"
Cons: "Una hora de retraso"

Pros: "Having window seat"
Cons: "Everything was fine"

Cons: "Delta connect carrier not good for comfort seating and service. Would not fly them again. Would go to another airline iinstead."

Pros: "The flight crew was nice and polite. They served drinks and snacks in a timely manner while on the flight."
Cons: "Flight was scheduled to leave early, the plane arrived, but they couldn't turn the plane around fast enough. We left the gat late, then pilot said we would still be arriving half an hour early. We arrived about 45 minutes late, and that was a problem because our connecting flight was due to depart now in 15 minutes. Lightning forced the airport to shutdown, which was great, we had a chance to catch our flight, but we were stuck in the airplane, and we couldn't get to our gate until the all-clear. I know this is not Delta's fault, but they did arrive quite late on a flight that, according to them, would be early. They also never communicated to the other flight that there were several passengers catching that connection. So by the time we had ran to catch our connection they had closed the ramp. Lightning hit again, and they shutdown the airport once again, so the airplane was still at the gate for about an hour, and they did not allow the 20+ passengers to board that plane, which was right there. So frustrating. The only thing that saved it was that our new flight was the new airbus, and although it left an hour and a half later, the comfort level was phenomenal."

Pros: "A woman who spoke no English or French was seated next to me last minute with a baby who cried the whole flight. The woman hit me several times, waking me up, while trying to get the baby to stop crying. Talk about a red eye"
Cons: "Would have appreciated a bit more help from the cabin crew"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Boarding by bus .... on time but departure delayed 45 mins ... I guess typical for China ..."

Pros: "Pleasantly surprised. Seats were comfortable. Blankets were warm. Food was good, and I'm grateful for that because I couldn't understand the flight attendant because of her accent."
Cons: "The crew was weirdly OCD about when we were allowed to have our window shades up or down and I got yelled at a couple times for improper window shade use. I was also woken up literally every 2 hours to ask if I wanted food or beverage which I appreciated the diligence but also I like sleep."

Pros: "Crew friendly."
Cons: "Seat super small."

Pros: "Crew was attentive. Entertainment"
Cons: "WiFi didn’t work but I expected as such. Being on time but I had seen records of consistently inconsistent"

Pros: "Great connections via CAN to KTM. Comfortable seats, good food, great service. A real value. Highly recommended."
Cons: "All in all, I am very pleased. Will definitely be back!"

Pros: "On time quick easy boarding. Decent plane and reasonable cost"
Cons: "30 minute wait to retrieve baggage"

Cons: "Kathmandu arrival is so time consuming. Very slow process."

Cons: "Service is bad. Food if not good as well."

Pros: "Chicken with noodles plate is great.."
Cons: "The communication is lacking.. we had a huge delay and were not told what was going on except weather issues.. twice this happened.. the second time the Chinese guy directing us at the airport was not giving everyone directions, only the Chinese nationals.. the rest of us he wouldn’t speak to.. Also not enough beverage services for a 14hr flight..2-3???"

Cons: "Hard seats"

Pros: "Our cabin crews were always nice n friendly."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit difficult."

Cons: "They’re the worst airline I’ve ever flown with."

Pros: "It’s simply a way to get from one airport to another. Everything is adequate minus the food."
Cons: "The food is really bad, and everything else is adequate for simple travel."

Pros: "Fast plane"

Pros: "Staff were very prompt and polite. Very good english speakers. Back in the galley nice to chat and get extra food and drink. Very pleasant crew."
Cons: "Wish they, among many other airlines, would board from the rear. Would be so much more efficient. Or board the first class and business class, then from the rear."

Pros: "First off, I don't know any Chinese except thank you, so I was a little uneasy about flying domestic. But China Southern is really solid for anyone with common flight/airport sense. Important messages are all in Chinese as well as English. Crew members know enough English to help you out with basic things when needed. Got food with both my flights over 2 hours. More spacious seating than airlines in America. 5/5 experience"
Cons: "Had to take one long (15 minute?)squished shuttle from gate to plane in Beijing. But for that to be the worst thing that happened is pretty great."

Cons: "I'm small, only 5' and very surprised by how little legroom is available on the A321 plane from CAN to ICN...a much taller man sat on the aisle seat and had to keep one knee out at the aisle during the flight."

Cons: "The movies weren't working. They served one glass of wine. The stewardesses didn't seem to be interested in any issues."

Pros: "The space"
Cons: "The time in the plane because of delays for take off"

Pros: "The flight attendants are great, and doing their best in a broken system..."
Cons: "The airline is always late, and you will consistently miss connecting flights. They will do nothing to accommodate you, or make your wait for the next flight any better. They've lost my luggage on 30% of my flights with them. Also, the entertainment system and selection is dated, and the food is hit or miss."

Pros: "Boarding was efficient. Airport staff were friendly enough. Ticket price was cheap."
Cons: "Airline website for check-in was a huge challenge... not as easy or convenient to use at all. Cabin crew really could care less about service. Typical Chinese hospitality, if you know what I mean. But honestly, if you’re looking to save a few dollars and don’t mind lack of technological convenience or service Inflight, and your expectations aren’t that high, China Southern does the job."

Pros: "Everyone was very professional and nice. I have zero complaints."

Pros: "Crew very nice"
Cons: "Wuhan airport has no transfer station and was a big hassle."

Pros: "I was especially impressed by their punctuality especially given that most flights out of China are delayed."
Cons: "The food was not very good. The dessert tasted artificial but I suppose for airplane food it could have been worse."

Cons: "The flight CZ3517 was delayed by more than 2 hours."

Cons: "food was disgusting"

Cons: "They broke my luggage, and refuse to pay."

Cons: "Could not reserve a seat ahead of time and the website was impossible. But once on the flight, all was good. But I agree with others that the seats are very hard. This was business class and a 15 hour flight."

Pros: "I like the gentleness and politeness of the stewardesses, the toilet were clean very often by the stewardesses on board , they always keep it clean n fresh"
Cons: "The announcement in the aircraft was not very clear, could be due to the sounding system. My flight was delayed for one n the half hours ."

Pros: "It was on time even thought there was a storm."
Cons: "Ok I really don't understand this. I'm from Guangzhou and CAN is home airport and China Southern Airline is pretty much my hometown airline. So basically CAN is their hub and they should have certain privileges at CAN. But every time I went to CAN to take a China Southern airline I had to take a shuttle to board the flight. Even for a huge flight like 787 you still have to take the shuttle to board. Can't they request a gate for big air crafts like this? And then the food is really bad. If you don't have to land in CAN, I would consider flying to HKG instead with Cathay Pacific."

Pros: "On time boarding and departures. Comfortable seatings. Courteous and caring flight attendants. Food and snacks availability was great."
Cons: "Staff was unaware of the type of meat being served (we do not eat pork) It was evident that the pillow and head rest covers were not changed since the previous passenger's hairs were still attached.. very gross"

Pros: "I noticed on both of my flights that when I asked for wine with dinner I was given less than a third of a glass where Asian passengers were given 3/4 a glass"

Pros: "Comfy seats, really nice and friendly staff, and great selection of movies."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, but I know that's not necessarily their fault."

Cons: "Horrible food, the most disgusting food I have ever tried on an airplane. Delayed both ways, 5 hours and 7 hours."

Pros: "Airplanes are new"
Cons: "No amenities"

Pros: "Modern aircraft A330-300, courteous staff, low fare."
Cons: "The interiors look very dated and bare, even though you know that the aircraft is not that old. Chinese tend to travel in groups to Europe and my flight had a handful of those groups. They tend to be loud."

Pros: "price"
Cons: "No fresh fruits were given. They should keep some apples or some other fruit for those who miss their lunch schedules"

Pros: "It was a very comfortable flight, and the staff were very accommodating."

Pros: "The price was nice and the itinerary didn't seem too painful."
Cons: "They refused to board me; were at a different kiosk to board/check in and were unwilling to accomodate. Was not able to access website to check in online. Hard enough traveling in a foreign country."

Pros: "The food was very good the staff very very dedicated & caring was really surprised to see such high standards of service to the customer on the airline.It dispelled all my doubts about chinese airlines service quality, Was one of the best flying experiences.It was the best leg of the entire journey"
Cons: "Was unable to do online checkin for the flight. Should get more online alerts about the exact terminals locations ,navigations etc about the check in counters for the customers doing the transit"

Pros: "Left on time and went through customs in no time. Nice airport in Guangzhou and the crew had no problem with my vaporizer and no passengers complained either."
Cons: "No complaints"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I wasn't allowed onto my flight home because I missed my flight from Guangzhou to Seoul. Ridiculous that it was "for security reasons," but I could pay more money (cost of an entirely different flight) to bypass the protocols. I ended up getting a ticket from United that cost less than what China Southern was asking me to pay to get onto the flight that I had already paid for... My takeaway from this is use websites like these to find airlines that are offering cheap flights and then just go to them directly to buy the tickets. Easier to deal with flight changes that way."

Pros: "no fat flight attendants"

Cons: "Lost my checked bag"

Pros: "Plenty of movies friendly stewardesses"
Cons: "Arm rests on my row or this plane didn't go up. Touch screens on my seat and a seat mate were wonky at times"

Cons: "Same as above except it was better when we arrived in Hanoi."

Pros: "Was prepared for the worst and was actually a good airline."

Pros: "It was a really smooth flight and comfortable. the flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "The food isn't so great, but that's not that uncommon. I was asked to close my shade several times from the very beginning of the flight except that I was wide awake and had deliberately asked for a window seat so I could look out. 15 hours is too long to fly in a darkened environment and especially when boarding in the morning after a nights' sleep. Perhaps handing out eye masks for folks who want darkness is a way to respect the needs of all passengers."

Pros: "There is no hot wet napkin to clean face before sleep or wakeup! No toothbrush no noodle when I was so hungry! Grade: F"

Pros: "Winter storm commencement in Chicago during take off didn't daunt the pros piloting this Lufthansa flight. Smiling, courteous service, good food and wine along with space to rest has made Lufthansa my new go-to for flying to Europe."
Cons: "Economy seats mean tiny unresponsive video screens. Playing a game of Mah-jong on the in-flight screen is nearly impossible. Bring your own tablet"

Cons: "Flight was freezing cold and staff were very rude. Worst flight I have ever been on."

Pros: "Boarding process, including ground crew was good with customer service. Food was good and in-par with other airlines."
Cons: "Flight crew, including a few air-hostesses were very rude. Entertainment system and the played films were very dull. Plane was uncomfortable."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I was exiting your airplane bathroom and my wife was entering when the flight attendant placed her arm in front of my wife and said, “I’m sorry but I’m working so that means I have dibs on this bathroom.” She then entered the bathroom and shut the door on my wife’s face. I was furious and speechless to witness such frank rude behavior and horrible customer service. I would like to think that United Airlines prides itself on better customer service than this. My wife and I have other choices when we fly and we will certainly think twice before we fly United Airlines again."

Pros: "Actually managed to sleep!"

Pros: "I like that the seats were more comfortable and had at least some padding."
Cons: "The gate had no comfortable seats and looked like a minimalists ' lounge. The gate agent did not actively give any updates to the boarding process."

Pros: "On time, courteous & caring flight attendant & desk staff. Unable to understand pilot or first officer's PA announcements...language & microphone issues. Airplane is severely cramped so flight was uncomfortable."
Cons: "See above"

Pros: "All services where very good from check in to arrival In L.A."
Cons: "There wasn't anything I didn't like."

Pros: "The older planes of United Airlines could use some remodeling. The entertainment system with controls in the middle of the arm rest where the elbow rests is such a bad idea, didn't even bother with this crappy unintuitive system. It was annoying and flashy with bright advertisements or something popping up on a night time flight just sooooooo annoying, turning it off was not intuitive and had to ask the flight attendants how to turn it off during their very busy work of handing out packages with five miniature pretzels and drinks to the passengers, was happy to get a whole cab of juice to myself though."

Pros: "Polite crew"
Cons: "Food."

Pros: "People were polite."
Cons: "I got my flight switched earlier. Paid $57 for it. Then this flight got delayed almost 2 hours so I ended up in NYC at the same time and it threw off my whole work day."

Cons: "Comfort, service.., terrible'"

Pros: "The flight was smooth"
Cons: "The seats felt stiff"

Cons: "Again, seats are too close front to back."

Cons: "Tight seating for transatlantic flight. More importantly avoid Toronto at all costs. Need to clear customs and go back through security again on a connecting flight. Takes forever. Food was not good at all."

Cons: "Explained above"

Cons: "Boarding by zones causes passengers to have to stand longer while waiting to board, inconveniences them by having passengers seated in window and middle seats often arrive after the passenger in the aisle seat, and slows down the entire process because passengers settling into the front part of the plane frequently board and stow luggage while those seated in the back queue up behind them. Compared to boarding by row, the entire process is now one lengthy mess."

Cons: "How they canceled one of my flights just as I landed at my layover for that flight when I look back at Boston they had a direct flight ready for my destination. Very poor management I was stuck in Chicago with no money or food for hours then after they start boarding for my new flight they tell me that I may not be able to get on even with ticket in hand. It was a joke and very stressful"

Pros: "The gate at the Chicago airport was well designed. There was a line for each boarding group, and you could line up early. This is particularly effective for some Asian flights, which can sometimes be chaotic with many different nationalities all lining up."

Pros: "I broke my arm and all of the gate agents were wonderful trying and succeeding in getting me A seats for my comfort."

Pros: "Entertainment options"
Cons: "United chamged our arrival gate without a crew to man the jet way. So we sat for 20 mins this missing our connection flight."

Pros: "Good selection of entertainment."

Pros: "Flight from Calgary to Chicago was excellent!"

Pros: "Connecting flights in China need more of a layover I missed my connecting flight not happy it was a disaster going through immigration takes forever in Shanghai .."

Cons: "Delay and then having to change gates - at O"Hare that means walking and walking some more !! After being insulted during check in. The RUDE woman (poor English) with assisted boarding then the RUDE man that changed my name and my luggage he chose to send to Dayton OH -never been there in my life and he "dug" thru my luggage - as if he was searching for MONEY or GOLD -he pulled out a protein drink and I asked him to hand that to me so I could drink it as I am a diabetic - he shouted at me "I THROW AWAY'. During the two hour delay I could have used it !! Poor service I will fly American from now on !!!!!!!!!!!"

Cons: "While going inside the flight they told me there is no room for Carryon and gave me ticket to book the luggage. When I went inside the Flight there is lot of room to carryon's, why they have to lie this BS."

Cons: "One of the stewardesses had a terrible attitude. She was rude to people and rolling her eyes at them. She also seemed to be rude to her fellow co workers."

Pros: "The crew was awesome and the flight wasn't bad at all"
Cons: "It was suggested that I didn't bring my carry on with me so I left it to be voluntarily checked and it came back ripped"

Pros: "Great boarding at ORD."
Cons: "My seat"

Cons: "The flight was late by 5 hrs due to mechanical problems. The gate crew was confused about what to do and we ended up with several deboardings and boardings. Food was terrible. The entertainment system did not work."

Cons: "8 channels of looped shows and movies. Too long a flight for that...and then have to use my device to watch on the free part of the no battery left. For this price? And I booked through Lufthansa but flew United. Bad form."

Pros: "the japanese speaking flight attendant was exellent! she was very observant to passengers needs. i was also pleasantly surprised by the entertainment system."
Cons: "there was a flight delay due to maintenance, which was inconvenient."

Pros: "Nice new plane"
Cons: "2 hour delay due to a name discrepancy on a passenger. Not fair to keep everyone waiting for one person"

Pros: "The vegetable ravioli we had on our flight was top notch and the crew did a great job of making sure everyone was taken care of on the flight"
Cons: "I flew economy, so I knew that I wouldn't be getting a lot of space. But I wasn't prepared for how much less space I would get compared to the other seats on the plane. I was uncomfortable for most of the trip."

Pros: "Very funny and skilled captain. Comfortable seats with lots of leg room"
Cons: "Crabby flight attendant"

Pros: "United offers so many free movies and shows it makes the flight fly by."

Pros: "Glad you didn't give priority to those with other designations like priority plus etc"

Cons: "Plane late leaving Chicago due to no pilot."

Cons: "Long delay for maintenance. Barely made my connection in Munich."

Cons: "I ordered and paid for food that they forgot to serve me. I had to go to the back to ask for my food. When I did they were rude about it. UA has offered a coupon for 50.00 that I can use if I fly with them again-- which would cost about 1000. No thanks, United. I'll fly with China Air."

Pros: "No delays."
Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "On time arrival, the food, the crew"
Cons: "No power outlet and very old entertainment system. United has introduced a nice wifi-based entertainment system but if you do not have power outlets to keep devices up the system is pretty much useless after one movie or less."

Cons: "Not only did we sit on the plane for over an hour before taking off, but on an over four hour flight I was refused water towards the end. When I asked for more than one glass I was rudely told and I quote, "you know what? No. We have other passengers who may want water." Are you kidding me? I sat down feeling scolded and like I asked for something ridiculous. We landed after 2am and most of the passengers were sleeping and I doubt anyone asked for more water since I didn't see the flight attendant move again. Perhaps she was upset that I interrupted her from reading her paper? Extremely displeased with my experience. I"

Pros: "Great"

Pros: "The last row was really comfortable."
Cons: "The lines set up to let people onto plane were disorganized."

Cons: "The flight was over one hour late departing ORD. We had approximately 15 minutes to make our connection at IAD. While I understand that the delay happened because the copilot was late because of a fender bender, I believe the delay could have been much shorter. Since they had telephone contact with the crew member we could have been boarded before he was on the plane and departed sooner. Also no reasonable explanation was given for the delay other than a crew member was not there."

Pros: "Mechanical problem, changed planes and left 5 hours late. Missed my connection to Taipei. While the airport hotel we were sent to was adequate, it wasted an entire extra day to get there."

Pros: "Can't say I liked anything about this flight or my interaction with United about it."
Cons: "Where do I start - tried not to select a seat until boarding, so I can get a chance at seating up front of the cabin - the online system selected one for me anyway that no one could remove. With 20+ seats open when I left for the airport - in the 20 minutes or so until I got there, they were all taken and I was stuck in a seat in Row 37 in the back of the plane that I didn't even select. The Premier Access line was taking 40 minutes to process and had to be moved to a regular line that took only 10 minutes. Plane was an old 767 with my seat mate overweight and spilling into my seat - since flight was supposedly full , no chance to switch. Flight attendant light wasn't working and had to go to them myself to get headphones that weren't provided. Overall, horrible experience I wouldn't want to relive again."

Cons: "I was informed today that one of my checked bags was picked up by another customer who eventually realized it was not her bag. She brought it back to the airport and refused to turn over the bag until the airport compensated her. (How this happened I have no idea because I stood right by the entrance of the baggage claim and never saw the bag come out). The customer refused to return the bag until the police became involved at which point she agreed to write a note confirmed she did not steal anything. The bag then needs to be sent to me in 2 days and I'll have to verify myself that indeed nothing was taken from the bag. I'm very concerned how this individual came to be in possession of my bag considering, again, I stood right at the entrance of the baggage claim conveyor belt from the time it started to when it ended. As a result, this experience really made me feel frustrated and violated."

Cons: "They knew we were on our way to the connection. They told us to run, we did. We were not aloud on the plane. Caused 10 hours of flight delays and cancelled flights because they could not wait 2 minutes.... Horrible experience."

Cons: "Good service"

Pros: "Efficiency!"
Cons: "Long line at the security checkpoint"

Pros: "Cabin crew was super nice and the exit row seating has large amounts of leg room."

Pros: "Yes"

Pros: "work hard on the cabinet to give us a good environmet"
Cons: "Xian airport walk is unnecessarily long."

Pros: "Amazing crew and service"

Pros: "Smooth flight!"

Pros: "My flight was exhausting zing eventually uncomfortable. The seats weren't clean as it irritated my skin. I didn't eat the food as I couldn't identify it. Passengers were told it was "chicken" but it didn't appear to be chicken. The flight attendants didn't know English so they weren't helpful at all"
Cons: "Cleanliness of plane. Better food and beverage quality. Bilingual flight attendants."

Cons: "the flight delayed 2 hours and 40 minutes."

Pros: "The in-flight entertainment was good"
Cons: "nothing better"

Pros: "The crew was nice and the flight was safe. I was skeptical about air chin because of the previous reviews but they did a good job."
Cons: "I didn’t like my seat we were next to the door so it was pretty old most of the time"

Pros: "crew and general experience was great"
Cons: "baggage mishandling"

Pros: "Exceptionally, there was an audio on this flight! I enjoyed movies very much! Also the chicken lunch there was delicious."
Cons: "For my return flight, I expected the same, but in vain."

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "I have requested refund my money but still pending"

Cons: "Plane was too hot."

Pros: "Flight attendants were very courteous and responsive to requests. Overall, service was superb."

Cons: "Their seat arrangement. I feel a little more like being in the coach"

Pros: "Attendants were courteous and smiled. Food was ok. Drinks were good. Got the blanket."
Cons: "I assumed blinds were given out during long flights, but was not offered one. No slippers. Don't get the fish."

Pros: "Good entertainment system on plane"
Cons: "Lost my bags in transfer. Told me it was due to short transfer time, but I was in transfer over 4 hours. Others taking same route got bags. Despite the fact that there must be at least 5 flights a day between Beijing and Shanghai, they told me it would take about 48 hours to get my bag. By this point I will be gone from Shanghai....baggage service thought it was funny and told me not to transfer in Beijing next time."

Pros: "Very good experience. Service is excellent."

Pros: "generally good"
Cons: "failure to comply with special food needs after many calls and e-mails stating organised so a 10 year old boy had to do without food on board due to allergy to NUT &Fish and being a 18 hour journey not appreciated"

Pros: "Food is horrible"

Pros: "Cheap rate"
Cons: "Service"

Pros: "Bathrooms were clean. Foot rests were comfortable."
Cons: "Chairs did not recline much for such a long flight."

Pros: "Fare prices were inexpensive."
Cons: "1 out of the 2 meals did not taste like much. Meat was extremely chewy. 2 hour layover was not enough time to do customs and re-check-in through security to catch the domestic flight. Beijing airport employees barely knew where to direct you for reacquiring a new flight."

Pros: "Nothing..missed both connections, air china staff were not anywhere in beijing..i was told counter was closed at 10pm and to call a lical reservation number to reschedule my flight for the next day? Seriously..i paid 5k for this bags were checked in to my final destination but at the third destination i was told there was no transfer service ( at guangzhou) snd that i needed to claim it and check it back in even though i cleared immigration at one speaks english and will send you in circles around beijing airport..bad bad bad"
Cons: "See above"

Pros: "Almost all of the crew were nice"
Cons: "TV broken pocket that held reading material was ripped and had wire sticking out, crew was friendly"

Pros: "It was nice."
Cons: "Delayed a little bit."

Pros: "No problems, no hassles, a smooth flight and an early arrival for a quick transfer to LA. The staff, the food, and the IFE was above average for this leg."
Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "The price was right, food and crew were great!"
Cons: "No electronic use allowed! No phones, iPod, iPad; even in airplane mode. In flight entertainment only, at least there was that."

Cons: "Restriction of using Kindle or Phone in aircraft mode for the whole flight. There is no technical reason for this."

Pros: "Complimentary Movies with headphones provided were a plus. Tenants on the first flight were nice and accommodated me being a vegetarian with out any frustration. But the transfer flight with AirChina was not too happy about it. Meals were provided. If you are not vegetarian or find out how to put your name on a special request sheet it should go smooth."
Cons: "Seats were very narrow and seat by window wouldn't recline like other window seats. (No I was not by the exit.) I am a vegetarian. And asked for no meat. They didn't have a my name in a special request list. The crew member did know how I would be asked to be put on the list. I had a transfer flight with Air china to Dubai. The crew members in that flight were very rude even when I told them during boarding and a crew member came across with the special request sheet. Still no one could tell me how to put my name down as a special request to avoid any further confusion."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Plane was dirty. Area around sink looked like it hadn't been cleaned in some time."

Pros: "Movie selection was good"
Cons: "I've never had worse food on a plane in my 30 years of flying. And i was shocked that we were offered food only twice on a nearly 14 hour flight with no opportunity to snack on anything in between."

Cons: "The flight delayed almost five hours.during the time, no broadcast no food no drink. Air china is so bad."

Cons: "The flight to Bangkok was delayed 8 hours with no information for most of that time. The flight back was delayed 2 hours. My bags were lost on the flight back. The food is horrible and the service terrible. The audio quality for entertainment was awful. Stay far away from this airline."

Cons: "Late take off and need vegetarian dishes"

Pros: "the airfare itself is cheaper compared to other airline"
Cons: "the flightwas delayed for hours"

Pros: "Food was okay"
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable, the entertainment screen is very laggy and unresponsive. The options were VERY poor and very few."

Cons: "Lousy food. It was not as ordered.....Indian pure veg meal."

Pros: "service for first and business class was very good, including the food and hotel arrangment"
Cons: "the flight from Nanjing to beijing was delayed so I got to hotel after midnight, and had to get up early in the morning to catch up 2nd flight to US. I was exhausted."

Pros: "Great flight crew."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 2.5 hrs, however we weren't noticed until 15 mins prior to lift off. During our 9 hrs flight the inflight entertainment system worked for 1.5 hrs, and the movie selection was very limited."

Pros: "The crew was pretty responsive."
Cons: "Not a great selection of in-flight movies."

Cons: "Entertainment outdated"

Cons: "I had a medical emergency that developed in the first part of feb. this resulted in the amputation of my right leg. we contacted air china they requested medical records which we supplied. They are refusing to supply a credit or refund kayak. Kayak is going to be included in the FAA complaint and lawsuit following on this"

Pros: "My husband and I used Air China for the first time for our honeymoon to Asia. My biggest complaint is that many of the passengers on these flights cough and sneeze without covering their mouths. Speaking with a few natives from China, I learned that this was common in their culture. Please, PLEASE wear a mask if you decide to fly Air China. I got a throat infection and 103 degree fever from our flight to China. My husband got a sinus infection on the flight back. I personally will not take the risk again. The quality of the seats, service and entertainment are all mediocre at best. I'm use to seats a little bigger for international flights. The food also was very basic Asian dishes (rice or noodles and a protein in sauce). The service was just ok."

Cons: "I could nos use my phone even though I took off the SIM card I did not get a good explanation"

Pros: "The plane was more spacious than many flights I was on during my vacation."
Cons: "The flight was delayed because the plane was late to the airport and I nearly missed a connection."

Pros: "The crew was pleasant"
Cons: "Delayed an hour and 1/2 at gate to board, then we had to sit on the plane for over an hour waiting to 'de-ice'. The food is atrocious! The beef with rice was a gelatinous glob that was inedible. Wine (almost undrinkalble) only with meal? really? Double booked seats and I was told to move, not asked and I assure you they are lucky a window seat was available. No English options for entertainment."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Chicago to Haikou

Airlines flying from Chicago to Haikou have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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