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Low season

September Best time to beat the crowds with an average 10% drop in price.

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August Most popular time to fly with an average 23% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$735 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

$417 or less

Good deal one-way

$294 or less

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Airline reviews

Cons: "No ear plugs in my amenity kit??"

Cons: "Excellent service"

Pros: "See previous comments."
Cons: "See previous comments."

Cons: "Everything was great!"

Pros: "Friendly staff. Very comfortable seats"

Pros: "The inflight entertainment options were nice, I enjoyed the flight status option, and the USB port was very helpful."
Cons: "Three hour delay due to wiring issues, cramped seating that made it impossible to get even the most basic of maps, and our flight attendant was upset that we didn't notify them that we were vegans in advance. We didn't know that they had vegan options, and weren't upset about not eating the in-flight meals. She was much more upset about it than we were and it made me uncomfortable refusing the food that I knew I couldn't eat. Other passengers even asked us if we had eaten anything. It was almost embarrassing."

Pros: "When I arrived at Detroit I noticed there was an earlier flight going out to Amsterdam. The nice Delta rep gave me a new boarding pass for the earlier flight because there were empty seats on that plane."

Pros: "The Delta Help Desk at the airport was actually pretty helpful for the times I had to use them."
Cons: "Flight was delayed....3 times(more?) from late at night to early morning the next day. Delta Help Desk rescheduled me and got me a room at Howard Johnson’s for the night. Called HoJo’s to confirm they had non-smoking rooms available. Got on the hotel’s shuttle bus and the driver announced that HoJo was full and all voucher holders would go to Rodeway Inn but those without vouchers would go to HoJo....huh!?? Called HoJo and the same person I’d spoken to 20 mins prior said it was correct, that Rodeway was a sister property. The Rodeway Inn Metro Airport is pretty disgusting. This is my opinion after coming from remote Mexico and extensive travel in Africa. It should be torn down. Delta/HoJo should not send customers there."

Cons: "Crowded seatibg"

Pros: "Entertainment available"
Cons: "All good"

Pros: "Excellent very good"
Cons: "Good service excellent"

Pros: "Newer plane, even though it was a short flight there was a choice of movies and tv shows. Crew was very nice."

Cons: "I began asking for my wheelchair escort the minute I got off the plane. I was assured in Houston they would be there when I got to Detroit. They were not. The request was clearly spelled out on my boarding pass along with my personal oxygen equipment information. I kept asking different staff and they would call for me then say somebody would be there. I waited for an entire hour and only when I started to cry did somebody do something. It was terribly stressful."

Pros: "liked the pods in delta one"
Cons: "wish the pods were a little longer for sleeping. it your 6'1 or taller you can't completely stretch out"

Cons: "When I bought my ticket last Nov , I paid extra to select seats, only to discover no aisle seats available for the 15 hour flight from LAX to Guanghzou. I tried many times to call CSA LA office using toll free and regular number, but could never speak to a human. Last November 7 I missed my flight home due to the Thai King's motorcade causing the road I was on to be closed for more one hour. I arrived at the CNXairport nearly one hour before the scheduled departure time, only to find CSA check in counters already closed. CSA Bangkok made me pay for a one way ticket home on Nov 8 even though all 3 flights were not full. I arrived well I'm advance and checked in. CSA began boarding 30 minutes before the time shown on my boarding pass and closed the aircraft doors shortly aftethe boarding time listed. No wonder I missed my Nov 7 flight! I wrote CSA LA a letter including the receipt for the one way ticket and requested a refund or at least a reply or home call. I never received a reply. I have flown CSA/Delta from Detroit, MI to Chiang Mai, Thailand 5 or 6 times in the last 3 years. It seems they don't care about customer loyalty. In the future CSA will not be my first choice and I will pay somewhat more to fly another airline."

Pros: "Good food. Great service"
Cons: "Small seats. Crowded."

Pros: "Smoorh travels"
Cons: "Economy seats mot comfortable for sleeping"

Cons: "Hard to get comfortable even in easy comfort but easy comfort is better than typica arats."

Cons: "Goog"

Pros: "on time, clean, prompt."

Pros: "No headphones available for flight"

Pros: "Crew was informative. The food was above expectations."
Cons: "The 27 year old B747 was a pain. Seats are hard, and engines are loud. The cabin is extremely dry after 14+ hrs of flight."

Cons: "The food was supposed to be hot chicken was served cold"

Pros: "Online check in was very good. Liked the ability​ to select free seats ahead of 24hr window. Liked being air side for the whole trip Detroit airport Terminal A was good. Free WiFi 50mb + awesome. Crew were friendly and efficient Will do this trip again."
Cons: "Seat always seem uncomfortable after 3hrs anywhere! And more leg room would always help. Food was OK liked the choice of 3 meals difficult to do quality food for 200+ but keep trying to improve"

Pros: "The crew were friendly and efficient. The seats were narrow, but as to be expected. Meals were fine. Will fly Delta again and again."
Cons: "Flight Minneapolis to Detroit was delayed which caused us to miss our original flight and go out a day later."

Pros: "Media options were ok."
Cons: "I received a frozen beer and no napkin. Beer began to overflow, and I sat there for about 10 minutes before another flight attendant walked by. Her attitude was less than desirable upon seeing the situation. Also my luggage never arrived in Singapore. Shanghai didn't have any notification, so I assume it was lost on the Delta end. Overall I am very disappointed and will be seeking a non-delta affiliate for my next trip."

Pros: "Gate agent was kind enough to give me a seat upgrade since I wasn't assigned one."
Cons: "That I wasn't able to get a seat until I arrived at the gate"

Pros: "I was traveling with my young daughter (3 years old) and wife. The crew was really welcoming and accommodative of us. My little girl got the Delta wings pin (including a second one when she lost the first one), and was able to visit the flight deck. Extra kudos for my daughter being able to see a female pilot! :-)"

Pros: "Same as the previous flight! Very surprised to be a head of time"
Cons: "We were very cramped in the seats. No room to move! I could not use my laptop."

Cons: "Super loud. Couldn't talk to anyone without shouting. No view out the window, as the engine was about 5 inches outside the glass. Not sure why there even were windows for these seats, as they probably just let in more sound. Also right next to the bathroom, so frequently smelled bad."

Pros: "I appreciated that everyone gave us updates constantly to let us know the status of the flights"
Cons: "My flight from Detroit to Denver was suppose to land at 1:15 ish and I had an interview to make at 3:30 thinking that I would have plenty of time to grab my bags and and get a cab to greenwood which is where my interview was. The flight was delays almost 3 hours and I was not able to make my interview which was the whole reason I flew to Denver in the first place. I understand that things happen but now Im out of a possible job that I was interviewing for and I am also out the $250 that I spent on the flight. The flight was delayed because they didn't have a crew to fly the plane which blindside is always 20/20 however it seems like pretty poor planning."

Pros: "the attendant in first class was fantastic."

Cons: "We needed to get off the plane bc of a fuel spill, otherwise was fine."

Cons: "Crew was rude. Plane was late. But I'm happy overall. Glad you got me home safe n sound."

Pros: "Cheap price"
Cons: "Seats not comfortable."

Cons: "I travelled from usa to canada on 7 nov and after 2 hours waiting in airport they informed us that due to some issue Delta can not deliver our bagagges also one of Delta airport's staff behaved very badly (his name was Manny) , helpless and rude.I missed an important dinner meeting because of not having any suitable dress. I have many friends and family who lives in canada and usa but by facing this bad behaviour and problems never ever recomnd your airline to any of them."

Cons: "The climate control didn't work properly the whole flight. We sat on the tarmac for about 30 minutes after boarding. We sat in the plane for about 15 minutes after landing and the whole time the air wasn't working. Couple that with the fact that I was seated in the row in front of the emergency exit which actually has less room than a normal seat and it made for a miserable flight"

Pros: "Nothing bad, just nothing special"
Cons: "Nothing special here. Airbus plane feels old."

Pros: "On time. Efficient. Great updates from crew. Honored veterans. Clean."
Cons: "Indicated usb charging ports for all seats with in seat screens...there were none. Older plane perhaps? Big, annoyed sigh from attendant when I requested a half cup of coffee after she'd already served me a glass of water."

Pros: "Comfortable seats and on time"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The people at the help desk of Delta at Detroit, like the ones at JFK, were not helpful, bordering on being rude. They did not give essential info. E.g., I had to ask if a shuttle to and from the airport-hotel was provided and where it was located, if food/meals were provided. the agent seemed annoyed that I had questions and that I asked for a meal voucher."

Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Cramped seats, super uncomfortable seats that almost put me in tears. No cold air, only warm air. Food served was expired in may of 2015. They only served beverages with dinner and never again in 8 hours of flying. Bathrooms had urine and toilet paper all over them. They were absolutely disgusting. I have been in subway bathrooms that were cleaner. This was the first time flying Delta and it will be the last time."

Cons: "Plane left an hour late,made big problems for people picking me up"

Pros: "Crew did a nice job, very friendly."
Cons: "Wish you could have at least music during short flights. Don't know why you can't. It would take my mind off being shoved in a seat that I'm too tall for. I don't pack my own music because I try to travel as light as possible."

Pros: "The crew were very professional"
Cons: "All was great"

Pros: "Another passenger (P1) appeared to have issues with having a window seat (perhaps he felt claustrophobic) and had asked the flight attendant if he could help him find an aisle seat. The attendant kindly asked around and unfortunately no one offered their seat. Once all passengers had boarded the plane, the row in front P1's seat had an empty middle seat. The attendant kindly asked the passenger that was sitting next to P1 to move to the seat in that row so that P1 had extra space. It was great to see how attentive and accommodating the attendant was to P1's concerns/needs. Great customer service from him and the rest of the crew staff."

Pros: "The flight attendant was amiable enough and completed her duties with a smile despite turbulence."
Cons: "The only thing more disgusting than this plane was the stench of Wendy's fast food-which nearly half the passengers thought appropriate to bring onboard despite being in enclosed space with others. After the door was closed we were asked to sit at the gate while maintenance cleared an error code... we were stuck there, in a hot metal tube, festering in the fetor of cooked animal carcass. Isn't there some sort of air filter for this?"

Pros: "The entire crew!!! Love that they offer drinks and snacks for free!!!"
Cons: "I loved everything about the flight!!"

Cons: "Due to the weather it was scary but the pilot was great. He got us there safe"

Pros: "Seat was great."
Cons: "Food courses should be delivered slower. It’s a race to see how fast all the courses can be piled on to you ."

Pros: "Easy boarding. Pleasant crew. Airport staff helpful and assigned preferred seat type."
Cons: "Unable to checking online. Airline telephone customer service could not resolve. Had to checking at airport."

Cons: "I requested fruit platter as my food, but they did not have any information for that. So they did not give me any food for this 14+6 hours long flights"

Pros: "Crew, vegetarian food and entertainment all were good."
Cons: "The seating is pretty cramped esp when seat ahead of you leans back."

Cons: "Crew service is excellent. Flight was fast without any delay in take off in Guangzhou Airport. Food in Business Class is pedestrian."

Pros: "The boarding was easy"
Cons: "My luggage was lost even when there was 4 hour layover. I have no clothes to wear."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No USB charging. No charging at all. No wifi. Not all flight attendants speak English. No meal choice. In flight magazine Chinese language only. Confiscated my solar charger. At Guangzhou airport, many food courts take only Chinese cash. Internet service censored."

Pros: "Polite cabin crew."
Cons: "Lost my check-in luggage - still not returned after 4 days. Broke my expensive checked-in suitcase on the first leg of the trip. (No reimbursement for loss or damage.) Leads you through online check-in but denies allowing you to complete it. Could not reserve any seats (for 4 international flights) ahead of airport check-in. Forced to give up my assigned seat to accommodate someone else. No customer service contact phone number (in English) that works. Poorly designed website - difficult to locate and utilize options."

Pros: "The food."

Pros: "Smooth take off and landing. Courteous attendance. Had choice of food. Could have used a snack in between the meals."

Pros: "None. My first and last flight with China Southern Airlines."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 2 hours and nobody from to Los Angeles has already left us. They said it was due to bad weather, but from what I saw there was only a little rain when we arrived. I think their using it as an excuse to justify their poor service."

Pros: "The cabin crew was nice."
Cons: "The check in process felt more like an interrogation. Unable to do upgrades at the counter."

Pros: "Good lay flat business seats on A380, great bang for the buck, lounge at GZ is nothing special, staff was good though."
Cons: "Poor inflight entertainment options - make sure to bring your own pre loaded device They deplane and board the A380 onto busses via a single two-story stair case. Yes - all 500+ people...with all their kids and bags, old people young people, all going up one single stair case, up two floors."

Pros: "The staff spoke English very well at ICN, which was a nice change compared to China, where I live and work. They listened and understood my concerns, especially about having little time between flights, not knowing what to do next, and needed their assistance with getting my luggage forwarded."
Cons: "Usually I love ICN airport. I was not aware there was another terminal, kilometres away by shuttle bus, that I needed to use between flights. If not for the extremely helpful information booth staff at station E, who arranged to have my luggage forwarded to my final definition, barely in time when the flights were purchased separately, I would have missed my flight trying to get my luggage then check it again, in addition to all the other steps. This time, I found the various steps in the procedure unpredictable. The signage is great but I didn't know what I was to do next."

Cons: "2 hour delay caused issues with connecting flights and baggage didn’t make it with me to final destination. Seats were small and the window seat was so far from the window that you could not lean against it"

Cons: "Business class seats weren't fully flat beds to sleep as I expected."

Pros: "Excellent hospitality.Well managed & excellent customer service."
Cons: "Overall great service.I do not have any cons."

Pros: "Flight left on time, seats with plenty of room, friendly on flight staff"
Cons: "In-seat entertainment screen kept freezing up and had to be restarted several times"

Pros: "not much"
Cons: "were told that flight was full, many rows actually empty could not check in online"

Pros: "Excellent airlines and staff Thank you for you !"
Cons: "Nothing to do with your airlines but the flight from Kathmandu was 90 minutes delayed which caused the security check to the connecting flight in China to be a nightmare of crowds trying to clear security the initiial 90 minute also probably was the reason my baggage didn't make it to LA and will be delivered to my address 2 days late"

Pros: "Great crew service!"

Pros: "NOTHing"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "Not being able to get a 24 hour visa to leave the airport and spending 10 hours waiting for the connecting flight at the airport"

Cons: "More variety is needed."

Pros: "Comfortable flight"
Cons: "Flight was delayed so I had to run to my next flight...not good"

Pros: "They provided accommodation for the layover I had in Shenzhen for free, the service is good and the crew as well! Would fly with them again!"

Pros: "Great!"

Pros: "It was clean. Also the media selection"
Cons: "More food needed"

Pros: "Decent space for legs, we had second row, didn't pay extra."
Cons: "The service and the manners of staff was horrible. Didn't know how to communicate and just shouted orders at us. Terrible airline. We had to wait for the check in to open because nobody works 1 minute more than they have to."

Cons: "Cell phones prohibited for the ENTIRETY of this 12-hour flight, not just takeoff and landing"

Cons: "The airline is insufferable. They don't try to help and barely communicate with their passengers. This flight was delayed more than 6 hours. We missed our connectIng flight that got us out of the country. They never helped with rebook in and sent us on a 15 hour goose chase in a foreign land. We had to wait 2.5 days for the next available international flight."

Pros: "Good cabin crew."
Cons: "Flight was hours late"

Cons: "After a horrific experience getting to GZ, my connection flight to Beijing was almost worse. 45 minutes before landing, I was forced to stow my screen (in the name of safety) which is ridiculous, then after going to restroom, the flight attendant came into the restroom to tell me to go back to my seat, as it is not allowed to leave your seat with 30 minutes remaining in the flight. I have never had a flight attendant force herself into a bathroom and invade someone's privacy. It was beyond rude and inappropriate. The lead flight attendant apologized, but it was well after the incident. I will never ever fly China Southern again."

Pros: "Very good service"

Pros: "Smooth and uneventful trip"

Pros: "on time departure and arrival"
Cons: "unappetizing meals"

Pros: "The only positive thing was that the flight was on time."
Cons: "Cabin crew was largely absent. The seats were small and there was no legroom. The food was mediocre, but edible. Alcoholic drinks were limited to a red wine, a white wine, and beer, none of which were good.The bathrooms were quite dirty, though that is more a reflection of the passengers than of the crew."

Pros: "Plenty of food and drink as well as a well stocked entertainment center."
Cons: "Seat too small and it's just too long"

Pros: "The cabin crew were very attentive, quick, and efficient."

Cons: "Our flight was delayed although this might not have been their fault."

Pros: "On time and friendly crew. All good"
Cons: "Don't come in with high expectations"

Pros: "I really can't think of anything on this flight that stood out. We were delayed to check-in for no reason, and nothing special was done. No entertainment on board."
Cons: "We arrived late into Guangzhou, and had to do the international transfer, and the staff were not much help at all. They did nothing to make sure we made our next flight with them. We literally ran through the airport which wasn't completely necessary. It was the cheapest by a long shot though. Spending the night in the GZ airport on your way to Phnom Phen is not recommended. . . We did that and the GZ airport has windows open to the outside so it's freezing inside."

Cons: "Worst food ever. Sat for 2 hours on the tarmac with zero explanation or retribution."

Pros: "Full mean for a ~2 hr flight; very spacious economy seating. Completely unheard of on any/every other airline ive ever taken. Would take again."

Pros: "movies on board"
Cons: "I Had a horrible experience with both my flight to Thailand and back to the US. On my way there, there were 2 women involved in heated verbal altercation ( although I do not understand Chinese but their tone of voice and body language speak for itself ). The stewardess did not do anything to defuse the situation. It took another passenger to offer to switch seat with one of the woman. Then came a toddler crying all the way to China. The horrible part of the thailand flight was that I was not being inform in San Francisco that I had to pick up my luggage , check in to get my boarding pass and then go through custom again. I know I should not be complaining considering the cheap fare, but I still expected a little more from this airline."

Pros: "new plane"
Cons: "plane departure delayed over 1 hr plane had minimal toilet, the slow food service, blocked bathroom access"

Pros: "The seats were comfortable and the boarding process was efficient."
Cons: "The food was mediocre. There could have been a better variety of in-flight entertainment (fewer comic book movies)."

Pros: "Great airline . Super nice staff they had English speaking flight attendants unlike other Chinese airlines I've dealt with. Excellent service!"
Cons: "Everything was great"

Pros: "The food was good, good choices in movies and comfortable but take your eye pillow and earplugs to sleep because the lights on the cabin will come on when serving food and wake you if you are sleeping."

Pros: "Staff was very helpful to get me to my connecting flight on time."
Cons: "Lack of communication that the flight was diverted by weather and would result in a very late arrival"

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Michigan to Dalian

Airlines flying from Michigan to Dalian have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Michigan to Dalian

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Michigan to Dalian

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Michigan to Dalian

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Michigan to Dalian

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