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DeltaOverall score based on 31882 reviews
Airline reviews

Crew was pleasant but the flight service/scheduling was terrible.

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Crew was pleasant but the flight service/scheduling was terrible.

It has been an amazing experience every time I fly with Delta. Thank you Delta

So sick of those pretzels and cookies! Blech!

Was late getting out of the gate so missed our connection in Atlanta

Couldn’t have been better.

Pros: "Crew was great and seats were totally perfect and comfortable"
Cons: "Nothing could have been better, except steak and lobster 🦞😃 Thank you very much for your ability to make customers welcome and comfortable."
Cons: "We are just tired of spending a lot on tickets and receiving the most minimum of a snack and drink on flights."
Pros: "I loved all the updated COVID protocols and the commitment to a safe comfortable flight. The crew did everything possible to ensure the trace experience was as smooth as it possibly could have been and showed a great deal of patience with my family of five that moves kinda slow sometimes."
Cons: "Biscoff cookies in every snack bag. Those cookies one of the most integral parts of flying delta for me"
Pros: "Crew was very welcoming and nice"
Cons: "There was a lot of empty space on the plane I wish they would’ve spaced passengers out evenly."
Pros: "Service was fast"
Cons: "Better seats"
Pros: "The crew was polite"
Cons: "Less delays"
Pros: "Quick boarding process! Everything was on time as estimated."
Cons: "long delay in boarding"
Pros: "Friendly crew, on time departure, early arrival, and outstanding landing (I’m a pilot, so can give valid judgement)."
Cons: "Food offered in first"
Pros: "Seat was hard, not much foot space"
Cons: "My wife and Iasked for a snack, it was never delivered"
Cons: "The coffee could’ve tasted better."
Pros: "Crew was awesome. Movie was awesome. Delta always comes through."
Pros: "Hands down one of the best flights ever. Great seats, great leg room, amazing crew; I even met some good people on the flight. All around pleasing experience."
Cons: "My only complaint is the food. Some of the other airlines feed us real food, I want to pay for something a bit better. Still a great airline!"
Pros: "Appreciated stewardess comping wine because my husband and I couldn't sit together"
Cons: "Don't assume you will get a good fare just because you book 2.5 months in advance, have a Delta AmEx card, and use some of your earned miles"
Cons: "If there could have been some sort of services to take travelers to their connecting flight, for cases of really short time window of course, it’d be extremely helpful."
Cons: "The airport."
Cons: "Crazy rough, fast landing but not boring!!!"
Cons: "I now know the downside of buying through Kayak, the ticket is non-upgradable even when seats became open and I offered to pay for the upgrade."
Pros: "The flight attendants were excellent. The plane was comfortable, as usual. The choice of snacks is great!"
Cons: "Actually, everything was fine. No need for improvement .... even the airfare was great!"
Pros: "William the flight attendant was very friendly and provided great service! When the row next to us was open he suggested me to move over, making the flight spacious and comfortable! We had to gate check our bags, but the crew was efficient and we didn’t have to wait to get them when we deplaned. Great service."
Cons: "Great flight!"
Cons: "The person next to me"
Pros: "Wheelchair waiting at gate, very easy transit"
Pros: "The flight was actually ahead of time!"
Pros: "Crew was pleasant. Boarding was fast and efficient, nobody bumrushed."
Cons: "The non-reclining seat right next to the bathroom door opening should not exist. I was miserable there; I swear everyone on the plane made sure to take a dump on this <2 hour flight. Also none of the windows on any of these small planes line up with the actual positions of seats and it sucks."
Pros: "It was a pleasant experience. The crew were very friendly and professional. Their entertainment system and movies etc on-board was very good. Food was great too"
Cons: "Nothing really. A bit more leg room perhaps. It seems delay flights have the shortest leg room when compared to other airlines."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Multilpe delays"
Cons: "delays after delays"
Pros: "Great service"
Pros: "drink carts came around twice"
Cons: "Even though there were sunchips available, they were not giving them out to everyone. Only the people that paid up in coach got the sun chips. The rest of us got these sad bag of pretzels and cheesey snacks. So sad. Why wouldn't Delta offer the same snacks to everyone? Seems like such a small additional cost compared to such an offensive action. The money you save is certainly lost in bad publicity."
Pros: "Movie selection was great!"
Pros: "The professionalism of Delta employees, timeliness of flt."
Pros: "Whole thing was easy, plane was nicely updated on the interior"
Pros: "The service on board is always GREAT! in Aeromexico"
Cons: "The flight was canceled and we were put in another flight next night. But the staff in Buenos Aires run the situation chaotically and made mistakes that infuriated many passengers. They need more training to learn how to say "I am sorry" more often and know how to avoid getting into arguments with passengers."
Pros: "Good food and entertainment choices on board. Little to no feedback from captain regarding inflight turbulence."
Cons: "Getting through security at the LAX Delta Terminal 2 was chaotic and the slowest I have ever encountered. There were two lines which moved at very different speeds. My husband got through his line 15min before I was finished in the other line. One line required iPads to be other, the other didn't. Something was seriously wrong with how things were being handled. Bathrooms onboard were a pigstie."
Cons: "The Delta team is a complete mess. After sending us to the wrong terminal via their own app, we missed our first flights. Then we had to be pushy to get onto the next flight."
Pros: "I'm very Thankful that I had no delays departing and arriving I liked that the flight was on time"
Cons: "I wasn't aware of fees being in place to change for earlier or later flights. But the fees don't apply when the airline needs your seat. I value my time and was unpleasantly surprised that I had to wait 4hrs for my scheduled fligh bc I didn't have the fee to change to an earlier time"
Pros: "everything on schedule; courteous staff and great pilots"
Cons: "everything was very ordinary so cannot complain"
Pros: "The flight was bumpy because of storm but the pilots were expert at making the best of flying around it."
Cons: "My email read check into Aeromexico I could not check in the Aeromexico using my phone I was dropped off at the Aeromexico terminal after standing in line for half an hour I find I was in the wrong terminal I needed to be in a different terminal with Delta because Aeromexico even on my reservation read that does not fly to Tampa. I had to find a shuttle to another terminal the shuttlesare not marked it was very confusing"
Pros: "The crew was very competent and friendly."
Cons: "Insufficient seating area, no meal offered."
Pros: "John at Destin/Fort Walton Beach airport (VPS)was excellent! Helped us overcome some problems & get us seated. All worked fine from there."
Cons: "No problems"
Pros: "The staff communicated what was going on"
Cons: "Our plane had mechanical problems and never left. I thought they would bring another plane in for us, but they never did. After 8 hours of waiting, we decided to cancel our trip and go home."
Pros: "Short flight 35 minutes, Attendants were magnificent - friendly and focused on the customers as if they were important human beings spending hard earned cash instead of live cargo whose fares were already in the bank. This factor alone will cause me to choose Delta over others despite any small difference in price. Never waited very long in any line. Zero frustration."
Cons: "Had to pay to check a bag for the 35 min. domestic leg of my international flight which carries no baggage fee ON THE SAME AIRLINE booked at the same time. Lame."
Pros: "On time departure and slightly early arrival"
Cons: "Airline food is just so inadequate in every way."

It was very cold

Trouble with the unaccompanied minor provision.


Pros: "The seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Everything was fine"
Cons: "Seat comfort"
Cons: "Nice"
Cons: "Flight was totally full... At least everyone had a mask on American does not space seats like Delta does I will be taking Delta whenever possible"
Pros: "Crew was great. Plane felt good and clean."
Cons: "My flight from Gainesville to Charlotte, we had to deplane down plane steps. I was told we would have jetway every flight. I have had hip replacement and steep steps very uncomfortable. Unable to deplane down them with both purse and small carryon. Someone always has to help me carry my carryon plus theirs as there is no provision for help from the airline. American seems to be only airline to do this, I will have to reconsider flying with you in the future."
Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "The onboard crew was rude and one guy actually grabbed me which to me is unprofessional. All because I had a poster tube that wasn't in my bag they wanted it in my bag. Then I asked for a seat change due to my size hard for ne to be in the middle and the lady was snooty about it."
Cons: "I got assigned seats but when we got our boarding passes we were seated several rows apart, not in the seats I got when tickets were purchased months earlier. So we got reassigned to near back of plane, not at window seats, near several families with small loud children!! Not pleasant!"
Cons: "I bought WiFi for my iPhone on the flight and could barely use it because it kept kicking me off and was super slow."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Foot room. Baggage room. Entertainment. Service"
Pros: "Comfortable seats & fast boarding"
Cons: "As always, the crew was friendly, professional and accommodating."
Pros: "Smooth ride"
Cons: "In a perfect world, no 2-hour delay."
Cons: "Felt good to be home after almost 4 hours delayed."
Pros: "Great crew and service"
Pros: "Being bumped to first class."
Pros: "Accommodation to any concerns"
Pros: "The snacks."
Cons: "This was the worst flight I've ever been on. Delayed 7 hours. Made it to deicing pad only to be told we needed to turn back to the gate due to technical issues. Kept being told 15 more minutes until departure."
Pros: "It was on time. I liked the head rests on the seats."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Many things Food Services Entertainment"
Cons: "There was a lot of announcements on the very early flight trying to get people to signup for a credit card...too early for all those unimportant announcements :("
Cons: "Disgusting attitude from the flight attendant. She laughed at me when i told her i was transgender"
Pros: "Perfect"
Pros: "Easy check in."
Cons: "Service staff was friendly enough; maybe I’m used to southwest. As someone who is anxious to fly smiling faces are always appreciate."
Pros: "Lots of legroom in the exit row"
Pros: "The professionalism of the crew and the cleanliness was excellent!"
Cons: "The seats weren’t very comfortable!"
Pros: "All good"
Pros: "The seats were comfortable, the entertainment selections in the screen on the seat back were great, loved that there was more than one outlet for plugging in devices to charge, the sunset/sunrise lighting effect was really near"
Cons: "I honestly cannot come up with something that I did not lie"
Cons: "Airbus seems to have completely minimalized all legroom for persons over 6 feet."
Pros: "Friendly, efficient"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The Flight was inconveniently delayed and all they offered us were some cheap snacks and soda. I was completely annoyed by the whole situation."
Pros: "The mobile updates were helpful and timely."
Cons: "The overhead space was smaller on this plane and as I learned on my trip to DTW my weekender carry-on would not fit with my shoes in it. Because of this, I pulled my shoes out and put them in a collapsible bag that fit under the seat in front of me along with my small personal bag as I had done on my previous flight. However, the gate agent would not allow me to board the plane and would not listen to my explainations at all as I tried to keep the boarding process moving along. She kept repeating "you have 3 bags" and made me steep out of line and check my carry-on (which I would then have to pick up at baggage claim). When I asked why I couldn't get out on the jetway like she had done for other passengers she said, " I only did that for airline employees" (quick happened to be a flight attendant from Spirit). My overall experience on both flights to and from Detroit was that the gate agents and flight attendants were the most unhelpful and rude airline employees I have delt with and I will stick to my preferred carrier, Delta, for my future flights back and forth to Detroit. They certainly make me feel like a valued customer when I fly them, which I did not feel with American."
Pros: "Boarding"
Cons: "Wait for Baggage and 20+ mins getting to gate after we landed"
Pros: "Flight was on time and prompt."
Cons: "Stayed on the run way for a bit"
Pros: "Sears are comfortable and the entertainment is great as well."
Cons: "Not much to dislike."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Nothing at all"
Pros: ". ."
Pros: "All flights were on time. American Airlines personal is extremely friendly"
Pros: "The least service I have seen among all the airlines I have traveled so far"
Pros: "Nice entertainment on new 737."
Cons: "But it is a 3-3 and there no room to sit cause we are hip to hip which means shoulders overlap shoulders. It is horrible. Avoid this plane at all costs. It's really bad. Pitch of leg room is barely OK but side to side they have sunk to a new low. The new plane doesn't blow any air. Terrible system. Really? That should be easy to fix."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "They lost my luggage and that was horrible but they delivered it to my hotel which was nice."
Pros: "Getting bumped to First Class"
Pros: "The plane was clean, a/c worked well. Stewardesses offered food and drinks several times. Pilot repeatedly came over the intercom with updates on the flight."
Cons: "There was an annoying rattling noize coming from above my seat near the roof and wall."
Pros: "I enjoyed the whole experience. The staff was friendly and the plane was clean."
Cons: "Turbulence"
Pros: "It was successful."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Chaotic boarding Multiple delays Unfriendly ground staff"
Cons: "They changed my flight schedule. God my refund, but missed my business trip"

Long flight with delays storms and diversions. Handled professionally .

Pros: "Not much interaction with crew Felt crammed in"
Cons: "More leg room And don’t slam overheads so hard"
Pros: "Efficient"
Cons: "Free wifi"
Cons: "Be on time!!"
Cons: "Wifi/entertainment didn’t work."
Pros: "The crew did their best considering we were 3 hrs delayed and there were no snacks for any of the passengers."
Cons: "Three hr delay with a 15 month old never good and not having snacks for passengers never good."
Pros: "Smooth flight, early arrival."
Cons: "Entertainment Sytem was down for 2/3 of the flight."
Cons: "a 2nd snack for a 5 hr flight would have been nice. Also never heard that they were serving lunch meals to buy, heard the breakfast one!"
Pros: "We didn’t like anything about this flight"
Cons: "The seats were absolutely uncomfortable. Far less room than we expected and the seating posture was unbearable. If United continues this poor level of service as it reaches for every last passenger dollar, it will surely lose business. We will seek alternatives from now on."
Pros: "It was turbulent without warning"
Pros: "Service was very good, they were on time and considering the flight time food was good too."
Pros: "Boarded on time. Smooth boarding. Departed on time. Landed on time."
Cons: "Pay for food, cold on plane entire time, everyone bundled up in blankets, jackets but staff friendly"
Pros: "Easy going all the way"
Cons: "Having to run from one side of Denver International to the complete other side"
Cons: "In both airports I was wheeled to gates and left in the way of people coming and going. I tried to get the attention of airline employees and when I did they told someone else and so I sat for between 40-60 minutes."
Pros: "Comfy roomy seats, free WiFi, free coffee"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Short flight so not all questions applied"
Cons: "Too small seats"
Pros: "We landed safely"
Cons: "Delayed 2 hours."
Pros: "Each flight I was on, the seats were roomy and comfortable. I don't like to fly, but I have to admit, I felt pretty good on these flights. I get scared when it's bumpy, but I guess that's just life in the air."
Cons: "Not much"
Cons: "Ear phone jack didnt work,paying more every time i travel for less,extra to check just one bag,extra to watch a movie,uncomfortable conditions for 4 hours,extra to eat anything,becoming a joke"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They said it was due to weather but my wife flew out of Texas with now issues.... we were to meet up and couldn't till much later, no big deal that I pay for a vacation and have to start it late..."
Pros: "The flight was quick and easy"
Pros: "Boarded quickly and on time!"
Cons: "n/a"
Pros: "Left early and arrived early"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed so we were offered to get on an "earlier" flight. The "earlier" flight never left until 40 minutes AFTER our originally scheduled flight."
Pros: "Flight left on time! No problem in OHare with transferring planes. Next flight also on time."
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortably"
Pros: "The flight crew were kind and professional"
Cons: "My nonstop flight was cancelled and I was given a replacement flight with a layover. The cancellation was given with short notice and made for a stressful ride to the airport in oreder to make the new flight time.The layover was supposed to be one hour and ended up being 3 hours. This was very disappointing and exhausting flight. The ride was fine once on board"
Cons: "Delayed. Missed connection. Happens too often. Moving my business to southwest."
Pros: "The flight from New Jersey to Michigan is short."
Cons: "My flight in January was delayed because mechanical issues with the plane. My flight in February was delayed because of mechanical issues on the plane. Each time we were delayed about the amount of time the actual flight takes. The bathrooms on both planes smelled like a sewer."
Pros: "Nkthing"
Cons: "3 hour delay, water didn't work in bathroom so there was no washing my hands, bathroom old and dirty, seats old, mismatched and dirty. Essentially a terrible flight."
Pros: "Didn't take me long to rebook the flight when it got cancelled due to weather/pilots timing out"
Cons: "The way the whole thing was handled. I ended up flying on the 5th because of the issues with weather. My general problem was with the way the situation was handled. We shouldn't have boarded the plane on the 4th given the fact that the pilots were probably gonna time out anyway. Instead of wasting time, the protocol should've been to begin rebooking everybody to another flight. Just my two cents"
Pros: "I liked I got notified of the delay."
Cons: "The flight kept getting pushed back and no alternatives were provided. I was able to get on a different flight after sitting at the airport for 6 hours because the delay text came after I was just about to the airport. Very inconveniencing for traveling."
Cons: "We changed planes and was 5 hours late"
Pros: "Never will fly United again. First flight left early and we missed it.second re-flight arrived late to get us so we arrived too late to get our next flight. Here we are spending all our money in airports and a cheap motel in Chicago in the rain instead of being in Florida with our family."
Pros: "Great flight."
Cons: "I purchase the economy plus seat, hoping to get some sleep. But, the seat did not recline at all! It was so uncomfortable that I could not rest. This was not worth the extra $57 I paid."
Cons: "Flights were all delayed or cancelled"
Pros: "This is not a long flight (Grand Rapids, MI to Newark, NJ: just under 2 hours). There was a minor delay for departure of 20 minutes that Kayak and United kept us well aware of. The Grand Rapids, Ml airport is one of my new favorites -it's small, friendly, comfortable and quick and easy to navigate."
Cons: "Left about 15 minutes late. But we didn't miss any connections so everything turned out okay."
Pros: "That trip was great to Housto!"
Pros: "Nowadays the gate closes 10 minutes before takeoff which really helps get the plane off on time as we can make connections. Some may not know this and find it frustrating. As a regular traveler I appreciate the move."
Pros: "Fast flight, on-time"
Cons: "Old plane, uncomfortable seats, really dirty looking bathroom"
Pros: "Great crew and smooth flight overall"
Cons: "Seats seem to be getting smaller"
Cons: "I cancelled it and it appears it didn't really cancel"
Cons: "Our plane was delayed leaving Grand Rapids. Once in Houston there was no gate available causing another 10 minute delay. All bags were required to be checked plane side so once we finally got off the plane it took another 10 minutes to get our bags. Many passengers had tight connections and had to rush to their next flight. My connection was already tight as it was - and I had to go to a completely different terminal very far from where I was to catch it. Five of us were on that flight connecting to San Diego. We finally made it to the gate. The plane was still there but the door was closed so we were not allowed to board. It was the last flight out so we were stranded in Houston overnight. This caused me to miss a very important medical appointment this morning - and to have to cancel client sessions leading to a significant loss of income."
Pros: "United always has the cleanest planes I've been on the offer a lot for what they have."
Cons: "Seats are a little tight. I'm a 6'4" male knees always in the back of a seat makes for an uncomfortable ride. However the seats are the most comfortable one been on in a nation wide travel."
Pros: "Pilot got is there 25 min early"
Pros: "Non stop service Friendly, courteous personnel"
Cons: "Cost of the flight"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "After getting to Chicago on another airline due to weather we come to find out that the flight from Chicago is cancelled due to "maintenance" . We talked to 7 different United representatives at 3 airports and none of them were any help to us. We were offered hotel accommodations in Miami to find out the hotel they booked us does not accept United vouchers leaving us to pay for it ourselves. Another expense added to the trip unexpected. Every phone call to United leads to 4+ hours of wait time followed by "go online and figure it out". I still need a refund for both flights and these bogus hotel vouchers ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "my connecting flight was missed due to weather and the staff was incredibly rude to me about arranging a connection. I had to spend over 24 hours in the airport trying to fly out standby on another plane. I was misinformed on my ability to catch an evening flight and was given different answers from different attendants on what flights were available to me. No one seemed to know what they were talking about and my time and money was wasted. I missed my bus I had pre paid for at my destination and had to buy a new ticket. My trip was only one week and I spent almost half of it being treated like trash at the airport by Spirit airlines. I will never fly this airline again and I will make sure no one I know gives their money to this terrible company."
Cons: "I spent a lot of of $$ to get to Cancun and I imagine your company is making a lot of $$ charging what they do for anything!! The most uncomfortable seating I have EVER experienced!"
Pros: "The only up side is that I eventually got home... :("
Cons: "When I purchased my ticket I paid extra for an isle exit row seat. On the day of my flight I got an email plenty early that the flight had been delayed an hour with no explanation why, which stinks. Once on the plane we found out that the reason we were delayed was because they changed the planes that morning and we needed to wait for an extra stewardess to get to the airport bc of the plane change. This is HORRIBLE planning, if you don't have the staff don't change the plane!! Also because of the plane change my seat was no longer in an exit row. When I explained to the stewardess that I paid extra for my seat that was supposed to be in an exit row I was told that I needed to return to my seat and they will fix it after they are done boarding. Once everyone was on the plane they told me that I was "lucky" because there was still a middle seat in an exit row available... Again I had PAID EXTRA for an ISLE EXIT ROW seat when I purchased the ticket but now I am lucky they can seat me in the last exit tow seat available. When I brought up the fact that I shouldn't have to complain to get the seat that I had already paid for the stewardess gave me attitude like I should be grateful for whatever they give me. Then she passed me off to another gentleman who didn't care about hearing what my issue was he just wanted the plane to take off already. I felt very disrespected by all the Spirit employees once on the plane. Spirit in general is very shady because if I hadn't brought up the fact that I paid extra for my exit row they would have just let me pay the extra money for a normal seat."
Cons: "The passenger next to us smelled like vomit. It was terrible sitting next to him and I had to keep spraying my body mist every few minutes since it was extremely hard to breathe! He smelled like dead rats and old eggs vomitus combined! Worst experience in any airline so far! :("
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "20 minutes prior to boarding, they announced there was no crew and the flight was cancelled. Passengers were instructed to line up for rebooking. For the first hour, there was only one person for the 100+ passengers. After an hour, a second employee showed up and asked those who wanted a refund to go to another line (those wanting to rebook should stay in line). Three and a half hours later, when we reached the front of the line (despite only being 1/3 of the line) we were told those who were sent to the refund line had taken the remaining tickets for different flights out that night and/or the next morning. We were offered a flight the following day on a different airline at a different airport. Not sure what happened to the remaining 50 or so passengers, but they probably got a worse deal."
Pros: "I did not like anything. It was my worst experience ever and i lost the flight due to their lack of responsibility."
Cons: "They gave me the wrong ticket. They did not call the my name as TSA created a huge line and a lot of costumers lost their flights. When i finally entered the terminal and i went to the gate, the plane had left ahead of time, therefore i missed my flight and i had to pay a different flight with a different airline because i had to be in Manhattan, NY during the morning hours. The people at the gate did not give me a alternative even after i told them my urgency. They said you can wait here until 4 pm or take the morning flight tomorrow. This was very wrong and i want my money back."
Cons: "After flying a dozen times with a suit bag and a backpack that fits under my seat, I've never had a problem The lady checking tickets gave me an ultimatum, either you fit your suit bag in your backpack, or you have to pay $59 for a carry-on bag. No ticket checker has ever said this to me in the past. She was rude, direct and didn't leave me with any other choice. She ignored me after she gave me the ultimatum, while I'm asking if this was a new policy. She gave me the cold shoulder. I was very frustrated, luckily the suit bag fit in my backpack. Then when I got on the plane there was so much space in the overhead bins, so I took out my suit bag and placed it in an overhead bin while the crew was watching. The crew didn't say anything. Your teams need to be more persistent with policy."
Pros: "Rubbish"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "They were efficient at loading and unloading. The business model of minimal inclusions was fine."
Cons: "I booked through Kayak but was not told about all the extra costs that could be incurred. I was unaware of the extra costs for checked bags. The cost was far more than other airlines. The flight attendants talked non stop to the point I was wishing I had ear plugs. The discounts for printing your own tickets and checking your bags ahead of time was not communicated prior to check in. It is on the website but not through the booking service. The self check in kiosk at check in would not work so we were upcharged for not using it but we couldn't."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was canceled two days in a row and I was stranded in Detroit. No hotel accommodation or rebooking was provided. Worst airline by far"
Pros: "Na"
Cons: "Customer service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything that Spirit has done has been mediocre. I bought a ticket for my employee to fly to New Orleans and he showed up at the kiosk 40 minutes before the flight and was not able to get on so I had to pay $15 to reschedule for today and he showed up at the same time and still they said that their computers were down and they couldn't check anybody in and there's multiple people angry that they're boarding passes want working and so now we have to figure out how he can get to New Orleans and actually make it there. It'll be three days of not being able to get there because of spirits unethical and subpar customer service. I will never choose to fly Spirit again after this"
Pros: "Flight attendants were a cut above -- calm, charming and very helpful as opposed to the surly hall monitors typical of most budget most airlines."
Cons: "Aware of "hidden fees" I checked all of my boxes, checked in online in advance, paid for bags in advance, and when I got there, gate agent says bags were not paid for... BS. I entered credit card and paid. Apparently payment did not go through. Would NOT have been an issue at all had I not been charged $10 more for the same check-in. What a racket. Even when I tried to avoid surprise fees, they got me. Same thing happened to another passenger. Totally unethical. No benefit of the doubt given. Unreal. It destroyed what would have been an overall good experience on Spirit."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Paid $50 to check a computer they told me was too big for a carry-on. Computer was sent on a direct flight way before I was getting to my destination(instead of on my connection) and was left in an unattended area. They told me it was "most likely stolen" and asked why I didn't take it on the plane. Your gate agent told me it was too big!!!! This was the answer I got after 3 days of investigating myself. I was told various stories like "it got stuck at security" and "it never got on the plane" until I got home and went directly to the baggage office and asked them on my own. The kid that actually tagged it said his supervisor told him to send it direct. Sounds like they set things up to get stolen. I will be filing a complaint and claim."
Pros: "The staff was very polite knowledgeable and always smiled and some joked with made the flight a pleasure."
Cons: "I didn't know that the bag check was 40 pounds most are 50. I booked though a 2nd party and was not informed about having to pick a seat and the you had to pay for a carry on. They do not tell you about this be for you check out and also if you booking for 2 you may not be together on the flight unless you. pay before hand and then pick your seat. Also when looking for a phone umber on the web site and you hit contact us it sends you to the help and doesn't not show a phone number to talk to a person. The flight was good. I don't think that you should have to pay extra to make sure you are next to your family when traveling"
Cons: "Should have a warning about how they charge for carry-on bags as that isn't a common practice at other airlines. I didn't realize this until I was at the gate and they made an announcement about it, and had to pay $65 for a carry on. They were also extremely rude. I get that the gate attendants probably get people complaining about that charge all the time and probably get tired of dealing with the complaints, but clearly that means the airline isn't being as clear as they should be. And no need to add insult to injury by being rude to me on top of charging me an unexpected (and extremely high) fee."
Cons: "We were the last ones to board the plane and the boarding crew had a bad attitude. We had each had a carry on, a backpack and a roll on which was small enough to fit under the seat. They made us pay $100 to board with the roll on. We saw plenty of other passengers go through with roll on's that weren't paid for nor did they stop them to pay. We flew from atl to Detroit and did not have this problem and have never had this problem when flying with Spirit before. We felt very unappreciated and there was no kind of concern for us. The rest of the flight was ruined by paying for an expense we shouldn't have had to pay."
Pros: "Cancelled for weather but every other airlines was still flying into KC. Th y said they weren't flying out again until 3 days later. Never got any money back or miles."
Pros: "We arrived alive."
Cons: "We got overcharged for a carry on, after our tickets clearly said we were ok to bring our own bags up to a certain size and weight (we were supposed to be allowed one personal item for free). Ended up paying an extra $130 last second so that we could board the plane. Tried the same suitcase on the way back and it fit the parameters of a personal item- so as our ticket said- it should've been FREE there and back. Whatever, we had the money but I don't like feeling like I am being cheated. The flight was EXTREMELY cramped, and I am a 5'3" female of average if you're tall or even slightly overweight I would definitely pass. Refreshments on the plane are marked up & definitely not complimentary- of course. It doesn't make it any less of a bummer though. We hit the WORST turbulence I have ever experienced before and didn't hear a word from any of the cabin crew. Most air lines will at least come over the intercom to calm people's worries and explain that we are flying over some bad weather but are perfectly safe. Instead, there was silence. Multliple people were hyperventilating and one girl was even crying she was so upset. The flight attendants just kind of sat there looking stoic and I am assuming the pilots didn't give af either because we never heard a word."
Pros: "the price very good. The availability of flight times is a definite plus ."
Cons: "I paid an additional $7.00 for short cut security as is printed on my boarding pass. When I got to security check in I showed the TSA agent my boarding pass and asked him about shortcut security he told me he knew nothing about it and had never seen that on a boarding pass. I had to go thru complete check including a pat down. Way to go Spirit take advantage of a senior citizen, Also I am a Viet nam vet. Looks like like Spirit is just after a buck any way they can get it. Doesn't inspire much confidence in Spirit I am not afraid in signing this review Robert Kanar 16735 Arnold Rd. Gregory Mi. 48137 H- 734 375-6040 C-734 417 3475"
Cons: "An email or text advising us that the flight that was bringing the 1st officer was delayed and they couldn't get another one was not advised early. We had to wait past 9 for an 8:20pm departure to be advised that the flight was now cancelled. The line at their ticketing counter for naturally long and the phone reservation had a 2 hour hold."
Pros: "Seat design was ok. I had leg room."
Cons: "The staff is overall rude. I sensed they took pleasure in being unhelpful when my bag was missing. The flight was also delayed for 2.5 hours, but they didn't notify anyone until 15 minutes before the flight was due to take off. One attendant stated that the flight hadn't yet left Florida and Florida is 2 hours away from Atlanta at the least, so I think Spirit could have notified passengers of a delay 2 hours earlier. Every little thing is an upcharge that people aren't prepared for. I get the sense they're preying on the poor. Spirit really sucks. I will never take them again. They will be out of business soon."
Pros: "Flight was delayed an hour. Original boarding time was 9:30pm, gate agent told me (and the screen said) New boarding time was set 10:30. I went to a restaurant and edited some pics. Came back at 10:00 and the plane took off at 9:45. The salt to the wound is the fact that I was negotiating a new flight or deciding if I wanted my money back and they called the cops because it was after 12 (when they close). Needless to say I'm not in Michigan and you ruined my thanksgiving plans, didn't even apologize and called the police on me. I think I would rather recommend someone put their own genitals in a vice before doing business with you pieces of sh*t."
Cons: "Flight was delayed an hour. Original boarding time was 9:30pm, gate agent told me (and the screen said) New boarding time was set 10:30. I went to a restaurant and edited some pics. Came back at 10:00 and the plane took off at 9:45. The salt to the wound is the fact that I was negotiating a new flight or deciding if I wanted my money back and they called the cops because it was after 12 (when they close). Needless to say I'm not in Michigan and you ruined my thanksgiving plans, didn't even apologize and called the police on me. I think I would rather recommend someone put their own genitals in a vice before doing business with you pieces of sh*t."
Pros: "We landed safe."
Cons: "I needed to change my flight to a later time within minjtes of booking and they charged me for it. The delay was over two hrs w no explanation, $100 charges for a backpack, seats do not recline, narrow space, $3 for water,, there were emty seats and was told I would have to pay $75 is I moved from my broken seat. staff is rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. Overall , I have travleled the world in all kinds of flights and by far the worst experience I have ever had was flying SPIRIT Air. I will avoid flying Spirit unless it tis my last option...which I may cosider not flying at all. Zero Stars"
Cons: "Liked every bit of it"
Pros: "Smoothest landings I have ever experienced."
Cons: "Their website is cumbersome-- continuously tries to sell you their $9 club and credit card with annoying Pop ups. **Their website does not work well with Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome. They are changing their allowable Carry-on next year! So you will have to oay for that bag next year--UGHHH! I met a girl at an Apple Store and she has been building websites for 10 years and she said she had a difficult time understanding Spirits's website. I had to make entjrely too many calls for clarification!"
Pros: "Fast boarding and unboarding."
Cons: "Charging $55 fee for a carry-on is way too much!! If you pay for your carry-ons online it is $10 dollars less.I tried to do that, but, unfortunately every time I tried to complete the transaction the page keep redirecting me to buy more "extra services". I chose check out without any extras but nothing!! The webpage was no responsive!! I tried to pay for my carry-on from my cell, laptop and tablet. But same result, that page became frozen without allowing me to pay the fee. I don't know if this was an unfortunately condidence, or is done on purpose to charge the extra $10!!"
Pros: "It's cheap-ish."
Cons: "I won't bother telling you all the things you know about Spirit but that you think might be tolerable in exchange for cheap airfare: seats that don't recline, a charge for a carry-on bag, a charge to print a boarding pass, a charge for soda and snacks. All of that I'm used to, as is anyone who flies Spirit. You want basic amenities, fly Delta. You want cheap, fly Spirit. But something new and remarkably unwelcome happened on this flight: we arrived at the airport an hour before our 6am flight and were told when we tried to check in that we were too late and the flight was closed. I explained that we already had booked a flight--I wasn't asking to buy a new ticket. She said she understood, but we'd never clear security in time (there was no line) and that our bags probably wouldn't arrive at our destination because we were "so late." We had no bags. I said we needed to get home. They said, "You're supposed to be here 2 hours early." That rule is a bit like the speed limit--no one actually follows it to the T. There's a range of appropriate (say, less than 2 but more than 1 hour) and inappropriate (say, 15 minutes before your flight). When you're flying at 6am and you know there won't be a line, you don't really arrive that early. Anyway, they called a supervisor who said to let us board. And then there was a mechanical problem with this plane that was so intent on leaving ASAP that we weren't going to be allowed to board a full hour in advance. And the flight was an hour delayed, meaning I guess we really did arrive 2 hours in advance. Dump Spirit. It is never, ever worth it."
Cons: "Was supposed to arrive in New York Monday evening. My flight was cancelled once I got to Detroit because of weather over New York. The staff was blatantly rude and unhelpful. They also told me I wouldn't be able to get another flight to New York until the following Thursday. They didnt offered any vouchers for food or hotel. I eventually I had to rent a van with four strangers and drive 11 hours at 11:45 pm to avoid paying what would have easily been a thousand dollars in hotel fares and food for 3 days. They also told me they would refund part of my flight cost when I was in like for two hours, then denied saying that on the phone later that day."
Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "Baggage fees and lack of leg room"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I arrived 2 hours before my flight and needed to drop off my checked bag. I waited in a huge line at the detroit airport. I made it into the roped section of the line then a "last call" was made for Denver flights and they went to a different line. I was told (with a bunch of other people) that since we were into the roped section of the line we should stay. Then all the denver passengers behind were brought to the front and the people that were told to "stay in line" got screwed and failed to make the flight due to simply trying to check baggage. Approximately 30 of us were told to go down to the spirit office to rebook flights. The office workers were no help and very unsympathetic to the fact that people's travel plans were ruined. I ended up having to rebook a new flight from a different provider that day to protect my other plans at my destination."
Pros: "If I want to fly somewhere with just my laptop and no carry on and no luggage, this will be the way to go."
Cons: "After booking this flight with Spirit (2 flights out and 2 flights back, and I'm not going to rate each one separately) I was ready to log in an pay for baggage because I did not carefully examine all the details when booking. We did not get a free carry-on and the price for paying for luggage was higher than expected. BUT that was just the beginning. In every flight I've been on before, you pay for your bags one, I had to pay for the bags each step of the way. And paying for luggage and carry-ons each step of the way meant paying over $300 for bags. I'm used to paying $30 per person. So my excitement at getting low fares evaporated instantly. I was now paying the going rate for the flight with a lot of extra hassle to boot. I was with my aunt who needed a wheelchair to get around the airport in a wheelchair. Other airlines had them available for us to use, but Spirit would only offer to call a service for us. They did not indicate what the cost of this service would be. They didn't say it was free and they didn't say it was not. I just found an empty wheelchair and used that, after having just paid more than $300 for baggage for three small bags, I wasn't into more surprises. But I had to use American Airlines wheelchairs which they were cool with, because Spirit refused to let me use theirs without the escort (paid?) who actually didn't show up in the few minutes it took me to think it through."
Pros: "I tried to check in online and by phone They require for me to register but it was difficult to figure out how and time consuming So my son called but they said cant do it by phone,.At no time either on the website or on phone were we made aware of bag fees and that if you wait to check them in the fees are exorbitant. was not aware of their bag fees policies. I expected to pay at most 25 dollars for an extra bag, I came with 2 bags and no carry on, They wanted to charge 108 dollars for 2 bags Absurd especially as they failed to inform me either at time of ticketing or at time of attempted check in. I never flew this airline before and my son who booked the flight for me did not either, I had to throw one bag away No frills No smiles from employees The agent who was checking me in seemed to be the only one who cared The supervisor was unhelpful and cold and very adamant that I don't at the full fee even though there was never a prior attempt by the airline to inform me of their extortionist bag fee policy!"
Pros: "When it was over."
Cons: "Every possible thing that allows for convenient travel Spirit has conveniently reversed. Paying for a carryon bag is one thing but having to pay an extra 20 dollars if you do it in person is ludicrous. Not being able to pay cash is crazy. Having issues with the online system connecting with the overall Spirit airlines system was crazy and kept e on the phone for almost 2 hours. After two hours I still had no solid solution and had to take my chances and trust that communication was had between the call center and the spirit airlines network. Terrible experience. Bad enough that I will NEVER fly spirit again. Good luck to the thrill seekers who try it."
Pros: "Friendly stewardess"
Cons: "The chairs are low budget seats cushions are thin with and the leg room is limited which makes the ride very uncomfortable. I travel with various airlines and this was my 1st time traveling with spirit. This is by far my most uncomfortable plane ride with any airline. The cost for all beverages Is another concern. It is practically a potential health concern for a customer flying 2 hours or more to not have at least water provided for free. The credit card only for beverage payment also is a inconvenience for a small purchase that could easily be settle with cash. In closing, I feel this company is a prime example of producing poor service when the airline try to cut cost then capitalize on every single accommodation at the complete expense and inconvenience of the customers."
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "The checking in process was fine, as Long as you added your carry on bags within the same process for a smaller fee. However, the "random seating" option that you choose is not actually choosing a seat; therefore I was denied boarding even when I checked in and my seat was given to someone else. I was told nothing until the plane left the terminal and I was told to "get comfortable" while waiting. An hour later, I was given the option to fly the following day home to Denver with 3 layovers, and a full day of traveling. Its hard to travel this type of airline when they have complete disregard for personal plans and do not communicate with their customers the hidden fee's. Bare fare is a way of saying you are paying for the possibility of flying, not even a guaranteed seat."
Cons: "Spirit cancelled my flight 3 times in 3 days, causing me to be stuck in New York City until Wednesday when my original outbound flight was on Sunday. They only flew me out on Delta when I argued with their customer service reps for hours. Will never recommend airline again."
Pros: "Landed safely"
Cons: "I expected the bad (overpriced bags, long waits, "bare fare" bare service). However, the lines and staff were terrible at checkin. Many passengers (who did not arrive late) missed flights, then multiple flights were held. Signage was terrible, process of check-in was inconvenient. Staff members were busy rescheduling flights and checking in passengers who were about to miss flights, and left zero staff to continue checkin for everyone else, making everyone wait and everyone late. Staff members were rude and seemed incompetent, as usual. To top it off, staff members yelled at customers and said if we did not already have our passes out and unfolded with our IDs (us, at the back of a 2-hour line), then WE are the reason the line is taking so long. Also took them 45 minutes to tell people that the line was for bag drop ONLY, not check-in, at which point people who had been waiting had to leave the line, but they continued to check people in and take money for bags instead of redirecting to kiosks. Terrible all around."
Cons: "I usually never post anything negative for a review, so here is my first one. I had an awful flying experience with spirit I will never fly with them again. I will keep it short and simple. They charge you for everything that your flight ends up becoming super expensive and its obscured until you get hit with the fee. First off, bag check in is ridiculously expensive. Cost me just about 100 dollars to check a tiny bag. The seats on the airline do not recline and there was absolutely zero leg room. Im not that tall (6'0), so there is no reason I should have to sit sideways on the seat because my knees are jammed into the seat in front of me. My entire neck and back became stiff when I got off the aircraft because of this. Water cost me 5 dollars. Do I need to say more? Water should be free. I left my long sleeve shirt in my bag that was already checked, so I asked a flight attendant if they had a tiny blanket ( It was so cold my jaw was shivering ) And she literally told me you should have brought one, we are not responsible for lending flyers blankets because its too cold.. Could not believe the awful experience I had with this airline. Never again. 1 star is generous."
Cons: "We planned a vacation to New York City from Sunday to Wednesday. Both the New York and return flights were cancelled. Efforts to reschedule were handled obviously by call operators in India, who apparantly read from scripts. We were refunded our money, but wound up spending more due to train and rental car expenses, not to mention the stress involved in having to make last-minute travel arrangements. I understand things happen and the ultimate goal is safety, but I would never recommend Spirit due to their poor communication and inability to offer reasonable solutions in the face of cancellations."
Pros: "As I sit here and think about it the only good thing was I loaded in zone one. Seriously!"
Cons: "I really felt like I was flying on "Soul Plane!." I wish I were exaggerating but I am not. This organization needs to work on quite a few things. I think the CEO or company president should go on Undercover Boss and maybe then he will see how horrible Spirit Airline really is! And I haven't even started to talk about the tardiness of the majority of flights. And the gate attendants don't think it's important to relay that message to the waiting passengers when they found out. And I felt sorry for the elderly people that just sat waiting for assistance getting off the plane. It looked as though this staff had never been through training how to handle these situations. And your tickets are not really cheap with all your hidden fees! It's ok, you fooled me once. But I be damn if I ever fly your airline again after my return trip! This was totally unacceptable and I will let all my military friends and family know not to ever fly Spirit Airline unless you're looking for the worse flying experience of your life!"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing. Would never fly with Spirit ever again."
Cons: "Make sure you realize that unlike literally every other airline, Spirit charges you $30 to bring a carry on if you pay in advance online, $55 if you end up paying at check in at the airport, and $100 if you do so at the gate. Carry on, not checked luggage. Every other airline will not charge you for it. If you want to pick your seat, or keep your family together on a flight, you have to pay extra, whereas every other airline, it's pretty much free. Because of this I was placed next to a 12 year old girl by herself in the very back row, thankfully the crew had enough sense to make sure to not let a grown stranger be in this position and moved me to a different seat, but had they allowed free seat choices, she could have sat next to her family and there would never be an issue. If you want a beverage on the flight and didn't pick up your own ahead of time, it will run you $3 while every other airline will give it to you as a complimentary service - meaning no charge. Their website touts that you're saving money on the flight cost by them charging these excessive fees, but I literally only saved $10 from the next highest flight price, ultimately running me $45 extra. Terrible business model."
Pros: "The fight was good."
Cons: "When we called about taking a small bag which was very small, I was told that my purse Had to go into my small carry on. Or I had to pay. When I called the airlines at first the cost was 40.00 and later on in the evening it was $90.00 . Plus it was someone we couldn't understand. We ask ti be transferded to some one in America., but was told lines were busy. So I just took my wallet . I was only gone over the week end . I was very disappointed in all the charges.i would think a small purse would be ok."
Pros: "The boarding process was easy and the seats are comfortable."
Cons: "I didn't know that it cost money to bring a carry on until i got the email asking if I wanted to check in (I had bought my ticket on kayak). That was an unexpected cost that I did not appreciate."
Cons: "Spirit has a 40 lb limit on checked bags, instead of the usual 50 lb limit. I had to carry loose dive gear on the plane in my arms, which did not save them any weight on the plane, just a huge inconvenience to me. Also baggage in expensive for both checked and carry on , $50/$55 each. Also the check in process was quite slow at Fort Lauderdale. I had my seat assignment and baggage receipt , and it still took the agents about five minutes per person , multipled by everyone on board."
Pros: "I got to Vegas to see my brother that I haven't seen in 25 years."
Cons: "The whole plane ride, uncomfortable, tight seating, noisy!"
Pros: "The crew were nice and polite"
Cons: "My baggage was damaged could not be repaired."

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