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Top airline flying New York to Prayagraj Bamrauli

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air India
Overall score based on 6,743 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Onboard crew is willing to help."
Cons: "Everything. Starting at check-in upto flight conclusion, there is always a problem. Their business and first class product is far, far below global standards. Seats are broken, some of them are not cleaned properly etc. For an aircraft that is about 6 years old, it looks like 30."

Pros: "We had taken extra legroom seats and so the seating was comfortable."
Cons: "The audio system was very poor. Could not watch a single movie. On such long haul flights, the entertainment system needs to be proper."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Lines at check in counters were too long and there were less number of CSRs available. It took me 2 hours 30 minutes to check-in and get boarding passes. Same thing happened for the bag drop line and it took 1 hour 30 minutes"

Pros: "Good, yes"
Cons: "Thank you"

Cons: "food and it reached 1:30 hrs earlier than the actual time"

Pros: "Excellent service. Thanks for providing superb service. I love to fly again."
Cons: "Nothing negative. It was excellent travel experience. I love you guys."

Cons: "Original flight got cancelled and reschedule 8 hours later in the day"

Cons: "Route map is not working and food was not great"

Pros: "Staff is good"

Pros: "Pricing seating and foid"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "In flight service was bad. Long lay over at Mumbai for connecting flight to Hyderabad.Flight delays"

Pros: "Service was curtious and good"
Cons: "Food and wine"

Cons: "TV system was very bad."

Pros: "Crew very competentant and attendants very courteous."
Cons: "Food a bit spicy!"

Cons: "Entertainment system doesn’t work. Headphone jack not working!!"

Cons: "Using the entertainment system was very cumbersome. For one thing, it did not work at the start and someone had to reset the system. Even after that, the system was very sluggish in responding to commands. The range of available selection was very limited."

Cons: "The seats were too small"

Cons: "Remote control for entertainment system did not work in Business Class. No entertainment for 14 hrs.!!! Seat did not recline fully, foot rest not working properly."

Pros: "Flight reached ahead of time.And being non-stop, it is very convenient"
Cons: "Equipment was old. The service was mediocre. Food was also pretty average."

Pros: "Direct flight and one less hour the pilots covered the distance . Crew was exlent!"
Cons: "Older flight The seats chosen seem to appear next to rest room than what the seat map showed. Crew helped me seat at different available seat."

Cons: "No compensation was offered"

Pros: "Satisfactory in every respect,"
Cons: "Nothing that I can think of."

Cons: "Staff needs to maintain bathroom cleanliness through the whole flight. Entertainment system is ancient and painfully slow. 2 sets of headphones did not work. Finally they gave me a headset from business class which worked. food was a disappointment. Staff was nice to me but rude to many others. One announced - "don't you understand English! Sit down""

Pros: "Friendly staff who are helpless because the company is not organized,"
Cons: "1.75 hours late in takeoff Indian food is good but Air India -- foolishly following dietary trends -- does not add enough salt, or spice or oils. The result is food that is tasteless. It is an insult to Indian cuisine. Some purchased food (e,g,, Yoghurt or bread) of very cheap and poor quality) Without proper management and organization, even friendly staff cannot render good service."

Cons: "Wishing it wasn’t so long"

Cons: "Tray table was dirty"

Cons: "While boarding no loud announcement.They were announcing 27 and plus row numbers stand in two lines.and further this line is converted in one line. They didn't announced for less than 27 all were just standing in confused state."

Pros: "Staff is great and far better than Emirates"
Cons: "Food is horrible especially their vegetarian meals and vegetarian sandwich."

Cons: "Movie selection was terrible especially since it was such a long flight"

Pros: "Steward repeatedly woke me up on a red eye flight to offer me water when I was clearly sleeping and had a blanket over my head-- didn't seem to understand when I explained I'd "just like to sleep and didn't need anything, thank you." screens and headphone jack broken. Very difficult to understand folks on the hotline when I called to see if I could change my flight due to illness. Nice people, certainly-- super kind-- just really not up to snuff for a long haul."

Pros: "The entertainment was pretty good. Megar selection, but good quaility. The flight was on time. The leg room was pretty good and the seats reclined back far."
Cons: "-food was poor: too spicy, stale bread. Breakfast was also stale. -the flight attendant ignored my call button request, even cancelled it twice before coming over. Then rolled his eyes at my request for a pillow. -They fumigated the cabin. I'm not kidding. They popped these aerosol canisters and walked around the cabin. I have no idea why. The flight was from NYC to London Heathrow. This was unpleasant to say the least. -since it's a cheap airline, the clientele was as to be expected. Some guy jumped in the lavatory in front of me after I waited 20 mins. The boarding process was like the line for the lifeboats on the titanic. -they played some traditional Indian music during landing. I understand it's AirIndia, but if I wanted music playing I'd have put it on myself. It seemed intrusive and strange. -they "misplaced" our luggage. It didn't come out of the carousel. Bags claim said it's "somewhere in the airport". Myself and about 30 people waited 40 mins for them to find our bags. At least they didn't go with the connecting flight to India? -we deplaned on the tarmac and took buses to the terminal. Once there, AirIndia staff asked us to produce our bording passes again. One women said she threw hers away, since we were already off the plane. They yelled at her saying it made "it" easier for them to process. I have no idea why they needed to see them once we were at our destination."

Cons: "Tv didnt work, staff didnt help with it at all."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Clogged toilets dirty floors shabby seats broken chairs awful customer service"

Pros: "Lounge, Boarding, Food, Crew Members"
Cons: "Entertainment"

Cons: "Food was not good . Entertainment system didn't work for the entire 14 hr flight journey"

Pros: "Check-in and boarding were smooth."
Cons: "Food was tasteless bordering on horrible. Only hunger made us eat it. The plane was old. The seats were worn out. Domestic flights have better seats than these seats."

Pros: "Flt was on time. It was enjoyable.."
Cons: "Lost my sleep !!!"

Pros: "Direct Flight reached on schedule"
Cons: "Some of entertainment systems were not functioning"

Pros: "The window seat"
Cons: "Bathroom a mess"

Cons: "Reached destination late by 13 hours."

Cons: "Limited collection of Hindi and English movies. In particular, not many new releases were available. Other international flights have much better collections of movies"

Cons: "it was nice trip, the flight was on time with good service."

Pros: "Travelling in Air India was good"
Cons: "No goodies for kids which could have been better."

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "The screen from the front row was loose and fell on my leg which was painful. I felt I was treated as if it were my fault!"

Pros: "Helpful crew and the food was alright."
Cons: "Cracked seats, faulty entertainment systems, broken USB slots, the flight was not cleaned after the previous trip. There was crumbs of biscuits inside the headphone pouch. Another passenger had broken headphones. The touch screen rarely worked and rebooted 2-3 times during the flight. Very old aircraft. I was transported back to the 90s."

Cons: "Boarding was a bit disprganized"

Pros: "On time, good food."

Pros: "Never going on an American airline again!"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from New York to Prayagraj

Airlines flying from New York to Prayagraj have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from New York to Prayagraj

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from New York to Prayagraj

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from New York to Prayagraj

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from New York to Prayagraj

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