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Olympic AirOverall score based on 791 reviews
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The flight was delayed and they didn’t tell for how long at the beginning

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The flight was delayed and they didn’t tell for how long at the beginning

Cons: "More media or WiFi on board (& not only for flights abroad). Thank you."
Pros: "All round the flight was uneventful ie just how it should be."
Cons: "The transfer between flights was difficult due to the distance from one gate to the other gate and the tight timeframe - the cabin crew advised there would be a connection ambassador at the gate to assist, when we arrived, but there wasn't which made it a bit more difficult but none the less I made the connecting flight."
Pros: "I’m an average size male and I could fit in the seat"
Cons: "3” leg room."
Cons: "Not much. Even had free beer."
Pros: "Very nice and helpful crew. Boarding experience not great in Fira or Athens with buses involved in both but the airline itself is great."
Cons: "Boarding in Greece is always a little behind. But they always leave on time or a little early... I guess it’s fine. But it’s nice to start boarding on time also."
Cons: "It was delayed and we weren’t informed"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Quick boarding, attention to details, snack given even on the flight of 25 minutes."
Cons: "Access to the plane could be a little bit better."
Pros: "A better experience than that provided by other loca airlines such as Sky Express"
Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "The staff was rude"
Cons: "My friend and many other passengers were held on standby and made to believe that they themselves had purchased the standby ticket when that simply was false. The staff were unhelpful in managing the situation and although everyone got on in the end it was an unpleasant experience."
Cons: "After Aegean airlines late departure around 45 minuets we arrived at Athens to check our departure We then made our way to gate 3 after seeing the flight we were on was leaving from there in about 1 hour. To double check we asked the attendant at the counter and was told yes the gate was changed after that without our knowledge and our flight left from gate 15 about 45 minuets later we only found out when trying to board the flight at gate 3 We then went to Agean counter and they were very unhelpful and said there was nothing the could do. Because we had booked accommodation and tours of the colosseum the next day we then had to go to another airline and book 2 separate flights to get to Create and then Rome arriving after midnight You would have at least Agean would have organised that for us In the end we couldn’t get to our accommodation before they closed so had to book another hotel I do blame Agean airline for this as they changed the gate late and did not make an anountsment for us at the original gate all up this cost us 8 house in time and about 1300 euro Not happy Murray Goodman - [ ]"
Cons: "Airline lost my checked bag"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for more than 1 hour without having any announcement nor a reps to tell you what was going on or when is the new departure time. The boarding procedure was awful and we had to wait too long outside terminal, too small terminal and very crowded, electricity went off twice, staff was too rude."
Cons: "They lost my luggage and the crew would not let me go to the restroom."
Pros: "It was all fine.... however, one keeps see Star Alliance logo .... but the Olympic airlines is still not part of it!!"
Cons: "See note above"
Cons: "Seats were changed"
Pros: "short and sweet flight with nice view of islands along the way"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I'm a photographer on a 3 week trip. I have luggage. Unless you take the ferry, there are limited airline options to Cyclades. Aegean really doesn't want you if you have luggage. Felt like I was being scolded. True, I'm trying to be frugal and avoid a big investment in shock-proof luggage and/or checked baggage fees, but as long as it fits under my seat, what's the big deal? I'm sure I easily weigh at least 70 pounds less than the person sitting next to me, so the extra 4 kg in a backpack that I (female) can personally carry shouldn't be an issue. Then, there's no jetway. You leave the gate to board a bus that takes you to a plane on the tarmac where you must climb a rather large flight of metal stairs. Reverse direction, It takes quite some time and a few crew members to assist those with disabilities to deplane. All the time the rest of the passengers are waiting in the bus to get to their connections. Would only ever fly this airline again if it was the only option to get where I want to go."
Pros: "Great that they boarded families with young children first. We then were bused to the aircraft. Short flight and bags came out quickly."
Pros: "The crew was attentive, kind and welcoming. The leg room even in economy class was more than you might find on bigger airlines in business class! Very pleasant experience all the way around."
Pros: "Good service and friendly boarding."
Cons: "Food. Ha ha ha"
Pros: "The flight itself was a pleasant experience."
Cons: "Thira airport was terrible. Not enough seating and incredibly congested. Loudspeakers were terrible and it WA very difficult to hear the announcements."
Pros: "No surprises. Good flight."
Pros: "They give you snacks and drinks!!"
Pros: "Short flight. Not fair to assess things like food and entertainment for a 50 minute flight. Airport needs a big upgrade at Heraklion"
Pros: "It was a 50min flight. We boarded 20 -30 mins late, but once everyone was settled , the pilot made up the time. We were all of 5mins late. Crew very nice & very attractive. Also, I came in on an Aegean flight, not Olympic. Maybe plane trouble ? I have no complaints, arrived safely."
Cons: "No announcement of why flight delayed & change of carrier. Also seats very close together , and I'm a small woman. However, good for the pricepoint"
Cons: "We tried to pay in advance for our checked luggage, but were informed at the airport that the process "hadn't been completed," so we were charged 70 euros for our 2 bags rather than the online fee of 24 euros. Prior to boarding, everyone is forced to wait in a tiny, crowded area with very little seating, and the boarding process is chaotic."
Pros: "The flight itself was fine and what would be expected. When we received our luggage the wheel and a huge piece of the bottom of my luggage was missing. We were in a rush to catch our next mode of transportation and were told to report it within 7 days. We took images and made the report a day later. We then received an email saying there was no responsibility on their part due to not reporting it immediately, we were told another and read it on their site. What little regard they had for our personal property left us with an incredibly bad taste and their lack of communication topped it off.. we are currently seeking compensation and will be speaking with our lawyer and using media outlets."
Cons: "Inability to communicate properly on procedures and lack of Integrity with dealing on personal properties (I.e. suitcase)"
Pros: "Rates were good."
Cons: "Plane was late. Airport and gate were in terrible condition and dirty. Surprising for such an expensive and chic island."
Pros: "The plane was nice once we boarded. It was nice of them to provide a breakfast croissant to everyone."
Cons: "The girl at the counter in Santorini was horrible. The flight got delayed 2 hours due to weather and she never once explained what the issue was or when we might be leaving. There were tons of people with connecting flights and when we asked her about it all she said to everyone was "it's fine." Never in my life have I been SO frustrated with a gate agent. She should be fired."
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Flight was delayed, missed our connection in Athens, had to change to Turkish airlines, didn't get our bags. Pretty much a disaster."
Pros: "Great plane"
Pros: "Great friendly service"
Cons: "Plane was dirty with crumbs on the floor"
Pros: "schedule time easy booking"
Cons: "Santorini airport is a mess! It cannot hold the capacity of passengers and scheduled flights. we stood like sardines for 2 hours, horrible way to end trip on beautiful island."
Pros: "Smooth take off and landing."
Cons: "Not enough leg room."
Cons: "My flight to Athens was forced to make an emergency landing for medical emergency. After we proceeded to Athens from the small island of Portugal, we were already too late to catch the flight from Athens to Mykonos. I went to the AEgean airlines desk to switch the flight to a later flight which they accommodated. He then proceeded to tell me that I must pay an extra €80 for the flight to Mykonos. I told him that I paid a high fair for this ticket and he said yes that's the only reason I'm charging €80. When I checked kayak at that moment the price for the flight that he was switching me to was exactly the same price as what I had paid. He said this was the best that they can do, take it or leave it. I'm very disappointed and feel I'm entitled to reimbursement. Please let me know what I should do i'm very disappointed and feel I'm entitled to reimbursement. Please let me know what I should do"
Pros: "I loved how even though the flight was short they still put on all the bells and whistles. From wet towels to little snacks to just being kind and polite to everyone."
Pros: "Nice flight crew."
Cons: "A snack would have been nice and we were a little late even tho it was a morning flight. But crew made it better."
Cons: "Terrible airport. So small, disorganized and late for checking in and boarding."
Cons: "The most unorganized professional experience of all time. We missed our flight to Split and they lost our bags. No one really seemed to care either. Plus, they had no way to route us to Spilt so we had to go buy a full price ticket to anther city (Dubrovnik) just to get into the country. Worst flight experience of all time"
Pros: "Quick flight, on time and nice crew"
Cons: "They have a hidden fee of $35 for each suitcase!"
Pros: "Nice seats on airplane."
Cons: "Outrageous baggage fees coupled with a 7kg limit for carry on luggage. My suitcase is legal carry on size (by Aegean standards) but they wouldn't let be carry it because it weighed 12 kg. Horrrible waiting area at Santorini airport, hot, poorly organized, crowded, totally unpleasant"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Seats had no cushion and no leg tokm"
Cons: "Cramped"
Cons: "My fiancé and I were begging the flight attendants for water the entire trip, they would either forget or keep us waiting 30 mins. With all honesty shame on the crew and i will never step foot in this airline in my life. Lesson well learnt."
Pros: "Quick check in."
Cons: "Santorini airport needs a makeover. It looks old and the bathrooms stink. Not enough room to sit while waiting to board."
Cons: "There is no free beverage service, let alone snacks or meals. Some tickets do not allow you to pre-book a meal and there is no way to buy a hot meal even in a 12-hour flight.leg room is a bit small and carry on restrictions are getting lower all the time."
Pros: "Cabin crew was good."
Cons: "Delays are unavoidable. But better communication during delays would be helpful"
Pros: "They even give you food on a lunchtime flight~"
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "It had business class and we were told it did not when we booked"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact that my flight was cancelled minutes before boarding and we had to find another flight which makes us 6 hours late at our final destination and we had to forfeit our plans for the afternoon."
Pros: "Flight was on time. Crew were good. Flight deck announcements were appreciated."
Cons: "Getting on a bus to the aircraft is challenging with 3 young children and carry on. We couldn’t get a seat. Could not eat the croissant as I’m allergic to chocolate. I’d had no breakfast and that was the only option."
Pros: "nothing"
Pros: "The boarding experience at the horrible Santorini airport ruined it or us. I wish Aegean had provided us with more instructions about what to expect and when to arrive so that we didn't there so early and stand outside in the heat of so long."
Pros: "The staff in Santorini were wonderful and we are very grateful they fixed whatever had gone wrong with our booking."
Cons: "We arrived at the airport for our initial flight (to Athens) and were informed that "the system" had cancelled our flights from Athens to Dubrovnik, so the very nice woman in Santorini re-booked us. We arrived to Athens and had to exit security and then re-enter security because of the gate we were to fly out of. Then, the flight was delayed by almost 2 hours, and we only received 3 announcements each saying there would be "information" at a later time."
Pros: "Meal"
Cons: "baggage fees were totally unreasonable high"
Pros: "Everything was very efficiently run, and the staff were all very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "On the outward flight Aegean sent me the next connection flight gate on my phone, but they didn't do that on the return flights. Anyway, it was easy enough to find the next gate inside the airport."
Pros: "I loved everything :-)"
Cons: "Apparently when booking a ticket with Aegan one check bag is not included unless indicated at the time of purchase. This was a surprise to me since during the purchase process this was not highlighted. Additionally the boarding process was VERY unorganized . No clear lines people just rushed to board even though specific numbers were annouced."
Pros: "Nothing to like. Do book through kayak or priceline."
Cons: "Everything. Policies to lack of standards, to booking with kayak or price. Pay 25% more not to book this airline and not on kayak or priceline, it's worth the extra cash not to book through these companies of thieves."
Pros: "Quick smooth and efficient with two exits at landing."
Cons: "I hated that I and 10 ither passengers were told to RUN! i had left London, so my attite was heavy, and here i am running through the airport. It was exhausting. Why should we have to run when the intial connection was 45 mins. Because one plane with the SAME airline is running late and gives us 6 minute's to get to the gate, that should not be any fault of the passengers. Radio the other flight and have them hold. I got an email that the gate changed TWICE. the airline employee did not get that memo at all. So we were raced to the wrong gate even AFTER, I mentioned the gate change. A real frustrating experience all together."
Cons: "Overall very disorganized."
Pros: "Served Snack during Red eye without any drink"
Pros: "Good plane and crew."
Cons: "Bathroom facilities at the airport totally filthy and out of order."
Pros: "They served a meal!"
Pros: "Nothing particularly."
Cons: "I didn't like that they don't seem to honor the benefits afforded to Star Alliance Premier Members. Not at check in, and not at boarding. They just do their own thing. If they don't want to follow the Star Alliance rules, then they shouldn't be part of Star Alliance. It's that simple."
Pros: "25 minute flight. Day trip from Athens."
Cons: "20 minutes late boarding."
Pros: "Friendly staff, movies on the plane"
Cons: "The checkin area at the airport is poorly staffed and disorganized which resulted in a feeling of crowded confusion and stress. A greeter for agean airlines directly at the entrance would significantly improve this, as would more check in kiosks (two and only one worked) and a more linear system (you have to go backward to check your bag before going forward)."
Pros: "The flight was very good. The crew really hustled to get the refreshments served, despite rough weather."
Cons: "At the ticket counter, there was a very rude woman that gave misleading information. We asked if there was an earlier flight we could take and she said no. Then while waiting for our flight, we realized that was not true. There was one an hour and half before ours. She was very curt and practically threw our passports at us. She must have had a terrible day, month, or year. Aegean tic\kety personnel are usual;ly nice and helpful."
Cons: "Not a very organized airline from what I can tell. Check-in line took forever and was only staffed by 1 person. Although, this is generally true of most things in Greece (sorry to say) as the companies are simply not as efficient as those in bigger countries."
Pros: "Accommodating staff"
Cons: "Chaos in the airport (where to wait in line, online check in vs drop off line etc)"
Cons: "I didn't realize that we could of brought on our bags for free."
Cons: "You cannot charge someone 200 euros for a flight then dump a 40$ unnecessary bag check fee on them, it's quite deceptive. I will never be flying Aegean again."
Pros: "Was ok."
Cons: "Delays due to ground traffic in Mykonos"
Cons: "Not being able to bring coffee purchased 200 feet from the gate on board was irritating"
Pros: "Flight attendants were really nice, seats on a plane were comfortable and the views from the plane were amazing"
Cons: "The staff in Athens airport, at the ticket desks, were disinterested, and actually rude. Bad impression."
Pros: "Did not feel like a budget airline. Great service."
Pros: "The flight was smooth"
Cons: "No clear signage on line formations Boarding pass kiosk was broken only one working CHAOS No one in authority assisting families or anyone else."
Cons: "If it is possible to change the timing of the departing flight from Beirut."
Cons: "Out of the control of Aegean the airport in Athens needs a lot more structure and organization. At times I thought I was to miss my flight because the amount of people."
Pros: "Aegean is an amazing airline that takes you back To flying in the 90's the right way. It hold their staff to be poised and very elegant. The crew staff is friendly and welcoming. From great dinners to delicious snacks its the little details that captivated me and really took me back when flying was luxurious! I would recommend Aegean as a first choice for flying."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Lots of turbulence, 30 mins delayed, no drinks offered. Nobody came around to collect trash"
Cons: "The staff at the check in counter really hassled us about our bags and made a big deal about the airport in Catania, Italy (we had just flown from there with Aegean) and the differences in what they had told us and what we were being told now."
Pros: "This was such a smooth flight. It was one of my best flights and I fly alot.."
Cons: "Not applicable everything was wonderful"
Cons: "When I arrived to the airport they told me my ticket had been canceled with no explanation. After 40 min they got me on the flight. I am still not sure exactly what the issue was"
Pros: "Nice plane, good crew"
Cons: "Boarding process"
Cons: "Was very hot during the flight."
Pros: "The plane was clean and the flight smooth."
Cons: "The boarding process was frustratingly disorganized. We had no idea if we were in the right place or why boarding was delayed."
Pros: "Yes, very pleasant, I would fly again"
Cons: "Airport was super busy, not very well marked. Took so long we almost missed our flight."
Cons: "My brother in law and I both had carry on luggages that look big but fit in the box. After being asked to do the size check, the agent asked him to check his bag instead of carrying it on but not mine, even though his is within size limit and mine clearly looked bigger. We have no doubt that there was some profiling going on; he's Latino. That sat with us the whole ride and now will probably never ride with Aegean Airlines again."
Cons: "BE EXYREMELY CAREFUL WITH BAGGAGES FEES: 35 EUROS x2 MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE AT THE END. I would not have picked kayak if it would have been CLEARLY indicated when I bought the ticket"
Cons: "I had an economy ticket and I looked it up on line and from what I could tell it included 1 free checked bag. I did NOT have a Go Light fare which clearly did not include a bag. No where in my paperwork did it say a checked bag was NOT included. They make it very confusing. I would have purchased baggage on line and instead had to pay full price at the gate. Very disappointing that it was not clear to me regarding what specifically my ticket did/ did not include."
Pros: "Comfortable seats. Great flight attendants. Good food."
Cons: "Boarding was a mess. No announcement, just a bum rush to the bus and over packed us in said bus."
Pros: "Like? They ripped us off, so there's nothing to like."
Cons: "€70 per person fee for not printing a boarding pass 2 hours prior to departure. No JTR kiosks to even try doing this. The check-in was not avail' via the app. The Skyserv staffer lied to us about sending an email notice & SMS about this. There was ZERO flexibility by the Skyserv staff to enforce this horse$#;t policy, just a hardlined pay the fee or don't fly. Thus we had to double, triple the cost of our flight just to get to Athens. JTR is worse than flight terminals in Iraq & Afghanistan. The flight - who cares, they ripped us off, made our morning miserable, and we'll never fly RyanAir again."
Cons: "The airline only allows online checkin and didn’t notify us through emails until a few days before the flight when we’re already traveling. During international travel, we don’t check emails. We ended up paying almost $200 to checking at the airport. will not use this airline again."
Cons: "Ryanair is miserable. So many lines. Charged me 160$ for not checking in."
Pros: "Punctuality, quick check in procedures."
Pros: "I got assigned to the seat I requested"
Cons: "I arrived early per their suggestion and was one of the first few people in line for baggage check in. I was told boarding passes were not free, they charge a fee but she would not do it right there. She sent me off to another window to pay, then I had to come back to this window to get my boarding pass, which had a huge line by that time. It cost me an extra 68.20€ and another 31€ for a checked bag. Definitely NOT the low cost airline they claim to be! The flight may be reasonable but they get you with ridiculous fees. I will never take Ryan Air again- they are crooks! Once they’ve sold you a ticket you are stuck having to pay the fees. It’s cagey business practices."
Pros: "Cabin staff was polite, the flight was short."
Cons: "The check in process is absurd. I did not have a chance to check in on my phone beforehand, so I waited in line to check in at the desk. At my turn, the woman behind the desk was annoyed with me for not checking in and told me I had to go speak with another office (though she did not clarify why) and then come back to her. The airport was small, so lines for check in, security, this other office, and those seeking food were all merged into one large group. This second office didn’t open for another 40 minutes so I was thankful I’d arrived early. Standing in line, those around me all figured out why we were there: this was the line to pay extra fees. Apparently if one doesn’t check in beforehand, there is a fee. Ok, I had a few euros left. Nope, it was €68.20 to check in at the airport desk. I took my receipt and went back to the first line, she printed me a boarding pass and I was able to get through security. The fee to check in at airport was more than the cost of my ticket."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours and when calling the customer service representative they couldn’t even confirm the delay of the flight."
Pros: "Crew was nice and apologetic"
Cons: "We waited over 1 hour to board. The airport was small and packed with sweaty people and delays. Seats were tiny and uncomfortable."
Pros: "I like nothing about this airline."
Cons: "No check in email reminder is provided. Had to wait in 3 different lines to print boarding pass, check in, and find out if your bag fit airline restrictions. We were charged 68 euro each to print boarding pass. The airports credit card machine was down and we were forced to go to an ATM and pay in cash. The carry on size restrictions are ridiculous. Your bag will be marked as too large (at a 50 additional euro charge) if it sicks out by 1 inch thickness wise, even if it fits into the box provided. Horrible experience and I will never use this airline again."
Cons: "Flight was delayed and they were not communicating with the passengers. They had us standing for an hour without letting us know they flight was delayed and you can’t find information online. Also it seems their goal was to charge everyone for luggage and the overhead compartments were pretty empty."
Cons: "Customer service is really poor , the employees are not pleasant ,I got charge 3 times the price I booked my one trip flight from Santorini to Athens because I did not check in two hours before the flight, when I got to the airport in Santorini it was exactly 2 hours prior to my flight they would not accommodate because all they wanted was making money ,extra money. They saling products in the airplane throughout the flight which in my opinion is really cheap and disturbing ,especially I had a early morning flight. Overall the experience was bad ,maybe it was just with me ,but again that's my experience."
Pros: "lower cost and nice staff."
Pros: "Efficient"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing!!!"
Cons: "RyanAir is THE absolute WORST airline in the entire world!!! Ripped me off of almost $200.00! I will never ever use them again."
Pros: "Very orderly and on time"
Pros: "Actual plan ride was smooth."
Cons: "They nickel and dime you. If that's their business model, fine, but clearly state what fees are charged and outline how they can be avoided. My story is.... none of the "check in online" emails/reminders nor the actual check in process clearly outlines how to retrieve your boarding pass. We arrived at the airport and they made us pay €37 per boarding pass!!!!! Turns out you have to download an app to retrieve an electronic pass. Well, we didn't know that, and since we were in a foreign country whose airport had no WIFI, we couldn't download the app. We were traveling with friends who had carry on luggages. The carry on luggages were deemed carry on to our destination. When traveling back home, they were no longer deemed carry on and my friends were charged €60 per carry on bag. Ridiculous. In summary between check bag fees and boarding passes we paid triple the amount of th airfare."
Cons: "No drink and snacks"
Cons: "I tried to do the check in on my phone and it showed that i did it. But when I got to airport I found out I did not do correctly and needed to pay 50 euro extra per ticket. It was confusing and I had not been prepare to use internet too much on my vacation abroad. This made it very confusing and difficult to try and do emailing on my old phone. And Not something any of the other flight bookings I made required. Or had such a high charge for not doing. Why isn't just buying ticket enough? Why did I need to do an added checkin, with such a high cost. And the people at airport were not understanding or helpful at all. What a hassle and pain to spend same amount as ticket itself practically."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing!!!"
Cons: "This airline actually charged 62 Euros, this was to print a boarding pass--and this was after I was deliberately delayed in getting one and then charged another 62 Euros at the gate because they claimed my luggage didn't fit. This was after I watched the guy before me leave with his bag that didn't fit, and I had paid for priority boarding, which was what their site had suggested when I did the online check-in, which I was charged for. In all, I paid over 130 Euros in total in addition to the money I paid for the ticket. Dispicable!!! a real rip-off!!!"
Pros: "It was cheaper than others."
Cons: "They make you measure your bag about three different times and charge a lot to check. They also do not post this anywhere but the airport. THEY WILL NOT TRANSFER YOUR BAGS FROM ONE FLIGHT TO THE NEXT. You have to go out, collect the bags at baggage claim and repay for your bag to check it onto your next flight. They call this "point to point" I call it an annoying scam for more $$. They also don't let you sit down in the waiting area without measuring your carry on bags. So my husband went out to get the checked luggage and then recheck it, I took his carry on luggage so it would be easier for him to go through security. Ryan air would not allow me to sit down until he came back."
Cons: "Generally, the experience was horrible. Poor service at the terminal, with unfriendly staff, no proper instruction about what to expect in terms of all the hidden fees for bags and other items, and an unorganized boarding process. The plane itself was clean, but very cramped, and the process of forcing random seating is just totally meaningless. The flight is already so overbooked that there is no chance any seats would be left unfilled, yet you split up couples, families and friends by forcing them to pay for assigned seats. Very poor customer service. There are many who say the money saved is not worth the hassle if you are not flying alone, and I agree with that. The one good thing I can say is that there were no problems with the baggage handling, but again, this is to be expected, not applauded. Poor quality service, Ryanair, as evident by the fact that your own employees were voicing their complaints to several passengers about the company. This should really be improved, but given that they are not under any significant competition, and people need a way to get to the islands, it is unlikely this will happen. I hope that my negative review, as many others, will force the management to make necessary changes to improve the service provided."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The check-in was long, lots of standing in cramped spaces, and the rep wasn't friendly or helpful. The website was difficult to utilize and app wouldn't download. It doesn't make sense that you must pay 30 euro before you get to the airport and it seems as if you are checking in. But then you find out you have only paid for luggage and not checked-in. Every time I went to website to check-in got diverted back to main check-in page. So, I had to pay 63 euro for them to print. T boarding pass which is absurd! I ended up paying double what I originally paid. I would not fly them again And would recommend that people just pay extra $50 or so for a better quality of airline, seating, customer service, and fees explained up front. These outrageous surprise fees are crazy!"
Pros: "Seating was not bad. However it seems they made no effort to seat couples together."
Cons: "My flight over doubled its cost when I got to the airport because I was not able to check in or print a boarding pass beforehand and had not prepaid for luggage. Not sure how that adds up to 208 extra euros when my flight cost 160 euros. I do not have an international phone plan and was not able to do this on my phone but so far have had no issues with getting a boarding pass and luggage completed at the airport. And the service there was terrible. There was no order to the line, people kept pushing in and they would just take them ahead. Also the manner of which they dealt with customers was very rushed, rude, and impatient. This is the second review I have written in my life because I don't feel the need to usually, but I wish I knew this beforehand and wanted to share."
Cons: "Check in process at airport was sheer chaos. Only one check-in agent, with several standing around doing nothing."
Pros: "Prices"
Cons: "Boarding"
Pros: "Cheap airfare, but everything else tanked so you definitely get what you pay for."
Cons: "As a non-EU passport holder, Ryan Air didn't communicate when I would be receiving my boarding pass (answer: 3 days prior to flying). Also, I needed to print my boarding pass because of my non-EU status. I found all of this out last minute and it was a little stressful while I was abroad since printers weren't at my disposal. On the day of my flight, everything went smoothly until they made me check my bag at the gate before boarding because they claimed my bag was too big and wanted to save room for other carry-ons. It's not, I've complied with all the dimensions and weight policies. Additionally, I purchased priority boarding for the sole reason of securing a place for my carry-on. I found all of this out when I was on the tarmac. The staff wasn't nice about it and I was overall irritated by the lack of communication. While I was in flight, the staff kept trying to sell duty-free products such as perfumes, food and other goods. This would have been fine for a bit but they literally filled the airwaves during the 45 minute trip with product announcements and pricing on the intercom system and trolling the galley holding stuff up the air. It felt like I was at a hectic auction house. Really odd and annoying."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The actual airport in Santorini is a zoo and everything takes far longer than it should. There are countless lines to wait in and huge inefficiencies in the way they operate. This causes frustration but Ryan Air only added to that tenfold. They nickel and dime their customers for everything including charging 62 Euro for in person check in. They then charge for overweight and oversized bags but these are based on their unorthodox weight and size restrictions. The worst part of all of this is that after going through 3 lines, you then find out your bag is too big and are forced to go back to the gate agent to start the process over. The flight left late because of these delays. This airline is a joke and I would not recommend flying with them to my worst enemy!"
Pros: "Flight was fast."
Cons: "We didn't check in early online so we were charged $120+(two passengers). We are on vacation with extremely limited and generally useless internet access. Charging is 120+ for checking in is an obsurb and unethical business practice geared toward taking advantage of travellers with limited options. We showed up 2+ hrs early and the checked baggage attendants shows up about an 1 after we got there. The checked bags process is a big mess. We barely made our flight and were charged 120+ for checking in at the desk. Checked bags at one counter, payed at a different counter, the attendants were late, dropped checked bags at a different counter, required to check a bag that we have travelled all over the world with, and then they curbside check other passengers bags of the same size."
Pros: "Love the dual boarding process extremely efficient"
Cons: "It would have been nice to have water"
Pros: "Tiny airport in Mykonos took about 10 mins to check in and get through security. But must be a MAD house during summer break! There was no food or entertainment but only a 22 minute flight so who cares"
Cons: "We didn't have our boarding passes, so they charged us 30 euros each to print boarding passes and then we wanted to check our suitcases and we were charged 60 euros each. So our original cost of the 2 tickets was a reasonable combined 110 euros, but then they hit us with an additional 180 euros for suitcases and boarding tickets. Felt totaled screwed over"
Pros: "Accuracy"
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "Online check in or you are charged 45 euros, boarding passes must be printed or downloaded on phones or an additional 18 euro charge per ticket. Check in baggage very expensive."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Crying baby throughout flight."
Cons: "The Greek ATC strike cancelled all flights for 2 days but my flight on Monday had not yet been cancelled although my flight out of Athens on American was cancelled and replaced with a much earlier flight so Monday on Ryanair would not work for me. There was no way on earth that I could get in touch with any human or even online Chat (no one available - ever). The website would not let me make a change - not even to reduce my luggage from 1 bag to zero. No refund because they show me as having flown on the flight! Tried faxing headquarters and no response. Wow what a total rip-off!!!"
Cons: "Last minute online check-in notice, if you miss it you have to pay a $45 fee (per person) upon check-in. First luggage is not free either ($45?), Boarding took two hours of waiting in line."
Pros: "on time"
Cons: "simple steps to guide passengers; for example sign with arrow where bus will stop or where passengers will board will help a lot"
Cons: "This airline sent an email indicating that security at the Santorini airport would take 2.5 hours when in reality it was Ryan Air's inefficiency that took that long. I've never had a boarding process take so long, be so inefficient, and the crew be so lacking in customer service. They also were on the PA for almost the entire 50 minute flight trying to sell products which was irritating at best on an 0825 flight. Fly another airline out of Santorini...Ryan air was terrible and the hidden costs for check in and bagggage are ridiculous."
Pros: "Very good nothing bad"
Cons: "Nothing bad to say"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything! Unorganized, customer service was horrible, so many extra fees, lost luggage along with our friends that lost there luggage. No, direction on where to go for checking in."
Pros: "Cheap ticket prices. Left on time and landed on time."
Cons: "They have fees for absolutely everything. They don't transfer checked luggage, so basically just don't check luggage if you're using Ryanair. Also be sure to print off your tickets, otherwise you get charged a lot extra. And they can't do any of the billing at the bag check desk - you have to go to a separate line for a separate desk. In summary, RyanAir is okay IF you print off your tickets and IF you don't have any checked bags and IF you have zero questions or concerns for them and IF you don't want anything from them at any point. Their tickets aren't cheap enough to warrant such terrible service."
Cons: "over charged the amount for luggage by almost 100% than promised. absolutely chaotic operation and staffs. not a bit concerned about customers needs or comforts."
Pros: "The actual flight was good. It was smooth and quick."
Cons: "I did not like the fact that I had to pay almost 140 euros more for extra weight in my baggage. Since I was on vacation, I bought items for myself as well as for friends and family. This made me exceed the 20kg weight limit by 5kg for each check in bag. I wish I flew with Volotea back to Athens from Santorini. I flew with Volotea from Athens to Mykonos, and prior to my flight, they allowed me to buy an extra 10kg per bag for 10 euros, which saved me a lot in baggage fees. Ryanair did not give me that option. DO NOT BE INTICED BY THE LOW PRICE. THEY WILL GET YOU IN THE END. They are the Spirit Airlines of Greece. I will NEVER fly with them again."
Pros: "Flight was on time, they are like a bus service in the sky."
Cons: "Ryanair will price gouge you at the gate. If you show a mobile boarding pass but they decide they want to see it on paper, they will charge you a ridiculous fee to print out the pass. If you want to add a bag, they will charge you over 2x the fee stated online. They know they have you at the airport already, so they can charge whatever they want. Don't bother trying to reach out to their customer service afterwards, they are half-robots that send canned responses that don't really apply to the issue you're trying to explain."
Pros: "It didn't crash."
Cons: "18 euro per boarding pass. Apathy of employees."
Pros: "Nothing positive to review."
Cons: "We arrive to the Santorini Airport at 6 a.m. for a 8:10 a.m. flight. The first issue that we experienced was a charge for checked bags over 20 kilograms, the initially fee is 43 euros with an additional fee for each kilogram above 20 you are required to pay 9 euro. After shuffling our bag around, we paid the 43 euro. Although we had electronic tickets, they tried to make us to print the tickets for 18 euro. After we worked through that, we proceeded to our "gate." Shortly before our flight, they delayed it in 10 minutes increments, then 20 minute increments until the departure time was rescheduled for 10 AM. Once 10 AM arrived, the flight was delayed again from 10 AM to 5 PM. At that time, I left security to speak to a representative of Ryanair and she informed me that she GUARANTEED the flight would depart at 5 PM. I proceeded to ask her that if it did not, if she could immediately provide me a refund so that we could take the 7:15 PM ferry to Athens for our departure flight to the United States. She agreed she would. As the departure time approached for our 5 PM flight they once again delayed. We immediately went to receive our refund and she informed is that because it was not canceled, she could not provide a refund, which was not what she had previously told me. We then decided to take a cab to the port and purchase tickets for the ferry. Shortly after we left, we were told the flight was delayed time and time again until at least 1:45 AM. I'm not sure if the flight ever went out or if it was ultimately canceled. I would never recommend flying Ryanair. The only positive after 12 hours in the overcrowded, rundown, Santorini airport, a 20 Euro cab ride to the port, and 5 hours on an extremely turbulent ferry boat, Ryan air did refund our ticket and baggage fees. They did not refund us for any other expenses. Avoid them at all cost."
Pros: "Receiving an e mail telling us to arrive at least 2.5 hours before flight...Ryanair representative didn't arrive at the check in counter until 1.5 hour before flight."
Pros: "Almost on time performance"
Cons: "Baggage fees are horrendous. This is the Spirit Airlines of Europe. Unless you are traveling very light, use another airline, it will probably be cheaper when you account for the fees."
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