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Sarajevo will capture your heart with its beauty, history and a sense of old-world European charm, convalescing in a modern city. Start at the Yellow Fortress to take in sweeping, panoramic views of the city before you head down for a viewing of the Olympic Bobsled. Tour the city's old mosques and cathedral's and finish the evening at Zlatna Ribica.

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Sarajevo experiences four distinct seasons. Summer is the best with temperatures at 85°F. However, fall is incredibly pleasant as well, with temperatures hovering around 72°F.

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Where to Stay in Sarajevo

Rest in luxury at the esteemed Radon Plaza. Or, feel right at home with great hospitality at Hotel Michele. Travelers on a budget will love Hostel Posillipo.

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Stari Grad

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Check out the Alta Shopping Center or Sarajevo City Center if you love to find deals at malls. Otherwise, potter around Old Town for one-of-a-kind wares from open-air bazaars.

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A quart of milk in Sarajevo costs BAM1.35 and a dozen eggs will run you about BAM2.55.

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Where to Eat in Sarajevo

If you're hungry, don't miss Petica, where you can dig into creamy kajmak and all-beef ćevapi starting at BAM3.5