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Sep 23 — Sep 301
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Thu 9/23
Thu 9/30
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  • Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Bucaramanga from Alabama up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

Top airline flying Alabama to Bucaramanga Palo Negro

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
United AirlinesOverall score based on 68499 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: I like that I was finally able to come home
Cons: The United Airlines reps could have shown some empathy to the passengers who were delayed. The arline knew we had connecting flights and could've alerted the other flight that we were there and to wait on us. The connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 9:50. I arrived at the gate at 9:49 only to find that the flight had not only boarded but had already left. The reps at the counter showed no level of empathy and acted put out when asked to provide transportation to the reassigned gate. Lastly, the flight could've offered something more than a $10 food voucher, especially since the majority of the food in the airport is greater than $10.

Read more about United Airlines

Pros: I like that I was finally able to come home
Cons: The United Airlines reps could have shown some empathy to the passengers who were delayed. The arline knew we had connecting flights and could've alerted the other flight that we were there and to wait on us. The connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 9:50. I arrived at the gate at 9:49 only to find that the flight had not only boarded but had already left. The reps at the counter showed no level of empathy and acted put out when asked to provide transportation to the reassigned gate. Lastly, the flight could've offered something more than a $10 food voucher, especially since the majority of the food in the airport is greater than $10.

Pros: Best Airline.
Cons: Nothing, flights are always great in my experience with United.

Pros: Crew was solid and professional
Cons: Boarded late, took forever to get de-iced, went to runway, went back for more de-icing. Not good.

Cons: Excellent

Pros: They changed my seat twice to accommodate mother's with children. Lost my window seat. Told me no more room for carry on bag. Was my only bag cause doesn't want to go to baggage claim. Cost me extra 45 mins claiming my bag.
Cons: Not take away my carry on bag at gate (was not a size problem), don't change people's seats.

Cons: Plugs would be nice. Food isn’t great and drinks are more expensive than other airlines

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing. Everything was great

Pros: Flight left on departure and on board air cooling system was much welcome. Cabin crew were polite.
Cons: Cabin was untidy, goodness knows what was stowed away at the back of seats towards the rear of the cabin, so rear of cabin was unwelcoming. Cabin crew should keep some overhead lockers for their own use. Poor sound quality on Inflight entertainment, either that or Headphones were poor. Food portions were painfully small (lunch of chicken risotto) AND I found pretzel flavoured breakfast bap unpopular.

Pros: The flights themselves were adequate.
Cons: The travel itself was a nightmare. Mechanical delays caused missed connections. We were re-routed multiple times and every single flight was delayed at least an hour.

Pros: We were early. We sat together
Cons: Too strict on check in baggage weight

Cons: No screens in the seats. Food options are the usual limited fair

Pros: Flight left on time. There was plenty of room. Nice staff.
Cons: It was very cold on the plane because the valve for the heat was frozen.

Cons: Arrived early. Sat for 15 minutes on the tarmac with at least two other UA EMB145s waiting for our gates to open up.

Pros: Smaller plane was awesome. Flight service great. Checkin easy.
Cons: We are okay with seat area but would ask that united freeze seat backs. The inconsiderate bumpkins in front of us put seat back and then leaned forward the whole flight. we could not even put our tray table all the way down. Coke spilled all over us in turbulence as liose tabke bounced significantly more than if set in place. Give people rude, freeze saet so cant recline or remove tray tables so we dont hurt ourselves due to rude people.

Pros: Boarding went smoothly for the most part.
Cons: 7am flight from Baltimore to LAX. How late in the morning does it have to be to get a cup of coffee? No beverages were offered until approximately 3 hours into the flight. No free snacks or purchasable snack options were offered. UNITED PRIVATE SCREENING WAS TERRIBLE!! Neither my companion nor I were able to watch any program or movie without constant freezing and buffering on our 1 year old iPads. It took me 2 1/2 hours to watch a 90 minute movies. Pathetic. Not ready for prime time.

Pros: That we didn’t get harassed
Cons: Lack of entertainment if you didn’t bring a device. Even if you did needed an app for it and the United WiFi was incredibly limited and slow Staff could be friendlier instead of impersonal

Cons: Almost six hours late in Toronto Missed all connections No hotel No transportation No shave kit Exhausted

Pros: Coffee was delicious. No imagination with the snack of pretzels.

Pros: Fast and friendly staff from check in to landing. Southern folk don’t rush you and actually listen to consumers concerns.
Cons: None...nice, short flight

Pros: The flight was fast, quiet, and had a friendly crew
Cons: We were delayed almost an hour because there was no crew. But, who needs to leave on time when the pilot floors it and gets you there almost on time?

Pros: Check in, arrive ahead of schedule
Cons: No entertiment, no snack only little bag of pretzels

Cons: We were delayed by more than 6 hours.

Pros: Loved the fast boarding and quick flight! The crew did their best to inform us about our various delays.
Cons: Cmon dudes, just plan ahead. Don't leave us to taxi on the tarmac for an hour before take off, only to do the same once we land! This shouldn't take quite so long.

Pros: First and foremost, our flight arrived 25 minutes early! Nuff said!

Pros: We got there safely with our stuff.
Cons: The stupid led by the unwilling.

Pros: Economy plus comfort
Cons: Paying extra for economy plus. One and one half hours late.

Pros: Very efficient personnel. Clean plane, nice big bathroom.
Cons: I politely asked the attendant if they might have coconut or almond milk and felt like I was laughed at.

Cons: Just wish a long flight provided some small amount of food and entertainment. Note, when boarding and the rear baggage racks are full, they should have those who haven't boarded wait outside while the people from the back come to the front with their luggage...or have those in the back wait to come to the is too crowded and I got hurt.

Cons: my daughter and I didn't even have seats together...and the plane was not full. We spent $69 and $77 to get seats together and the seat backs didn't work, no TV screens, and my expensive purse was soaking wet when I retrieved it from under the seat. So gross. And of course the food was gross...but that's to be expected, I guess.

Pros: Crew was accommodating. The flight was comfortable. The plane departed on time. The gate personnel were very helpful. When I got off the plane and saw that I did not have a gate assignment, one of the crew pulled out their phone, opened an app, and based on my flight number, told me what my gate was and where to go for the tram. Thank you!

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: Horrible plane, old and not comfortable at all. Little entertainment to choose from and the technology on the plane was horrible. No healthy food options, won't fly United internationally again

Cons: Seats felt like lawn chairs. Horribly uncomfortable flt Over booked Flt by 3 passengers. Finally gave one family $3,600 to not fly. Maintenance delay multiple times

Pros: Nothing delay
Cons: Mahor delay and tarmac issue refund immideate

Cons: Delayed!!!!!!

Pros: I had a terrible time flying from IAH to Pensacola with United. I was flying on Christmas Day and there were not enough employees from United to help the customers. One of United employees completely disregarded me when I needed help, and I ended up missing my flight.
Cons: S

Pros: Noting
Cons: Bought the ticket from Lufthansa but the operator was United. Although it was known by the operator that there is a delay already at check-in, passengers where notified only at the gate. Delay was so long that most passengers would miss their connection. After standing an hour in line at the gate to book alternate connection, counter was closed and we were directed to another 10 min walk away. After another 1.5 hours without reaching a representative we had to rush back to the gate to board. In Frankfurt had to stay in standby for the next alternative flight. Luggage was delayed in the US for 2 more days.

Pros: Due to weather delays "not able to accommodate" Service representative had an attitude. I understand there are a lot of issues, but it's their job in customer service and if anyone should be upset it should be the customer for not being able to make their flight as scheduled.
Cons: Nothing.

Cons: Sad to see how United services have deteriorated.

Pros: The incoming plane was delayed due to 'equipment prep'. Since it was connecting me to my longer leg, I was nervous. The crew did a great job of deplaning everyone and getting the plane ready for our flight with very minimal delay.
Cons: It was a quick 30 minute flight and everything was fine.

Pros: Plane very clean somewhat new. Well kept.
Cons: I hate when you get to the airport and you have a question or doubt and there is not a human being!!!! Only kiosks!!!! I hate it

Pros: No wi fi for this flight, I get it that it's a small plane on a short journey but I really miss it when it is not there. My food assessment is just based on the free snacks as I didn't buy any food but the classic peanuts would be better than the snack mix provided. The crew I feel for as they, I am sure, felt the stress of the flight being late to get in (and thus causing the other flights of that particular plane to be behind). The free sandwiches offered by SFO as an apology were a good thought but no substitute for timely delivery. Not a nock on SFO just an unfortunate circumstance.

Cons: Overbooked both my flights and I was a last minute addition to the first flight.

Pros: My flight was on time. I appreciate that.
Cons: Narrow seats. Literally no leg room for me. It was a terrible time for me, especially since I was in the middle seat.

Cons: Everything

Cons: Flight was delayed not enough information. Missed connection.

Cons: Seats were uncomfortable, very firm, back of seat was like leaning against a piece of wood. OK for this short flight, longer flight would have been extremely uncomfortable.

Cons: I wanted to get on the earlier flight so after checking in I proceeded to the gate to speak with the gate agent about getting on the earlier 11:55 flight. She was no where to be found. Other members of my party that I had traveled with appeared and said they got on the earlier flight because they were looking for people to switch and offering it down stairs where you initially checked in. No body had offered it to me which infuriates me because now I could not go back downstairs through security. I was stuck upstairs waiting for someone in charge to appear. The gate agent arrived 1 minutes before the flight was supposed to board. She told me that it was too late to switch flights and that it should have been done down stairs when I initially checked in. She said they were looking for people which really irked me because no one had offered it to me. She then told me that she gave me the wrong bag tag and switched it out for the correct one. The air port was hot, crowded and smelly. The plane ride was over all okay. We did not start boarding on time (my tickecg said boarding would begin at 12 and we didn't start until about 12:45) and we left a few minutes late. Other than that I was grateful there was a TV on the plane

Cons: My 3rd old was very hungry and I reached out to cabin staff for any kind of food for purchase, they turned me down saying I need to wait for another hour till the dinner time. Did not provide any help there.

Pros: This was for my in-laws and they were very happy and great full for all the help

Pros: The crew was very helpful
Cons: The fiesta packet of food is terrible, the coffee creamer was curdled in 3 different cups that I tried

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Alabama to Bucaramanga

Airlines flying from Alabama to Bucaramanga have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Alabama to Bucaramanga

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Alabama to Bucaramanga

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Alabama to Bucaramanga

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Alabama to Bucaramanga

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Alabama to Bucaramanga

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