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American AirlinesOverall score based on 49309 reviews
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WiFi and more free snacks especially with all the delays that has been happening

Read more about American Airlines

WiFi and more free snacks especially with all the delays that has been happening

Entertainment did not work. Could not check in online for some reason.

Crew are clearly stressed, not the best group on our flight.

The planes are CRAMPED for sure.. you know this. Seems like you're nickeling and diming us to make money... pay to board first? Pay to upgrade, Pay for luggage... this is getting ridiculous. No wonder why people fly Southwest...

The two flight attendants in this flight were quite good, Lindsey and Mike. They did a great job being proactive and engaged appropriately.

Pros: "The prices were low and the crew was great. A lot of entertainment options, also!"
Cons: "Boarding was rather disorganized"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and I missed my connection"
Pros: "The crew was kind."
Cons: "The cabin was way too cold and no blankets were provided due to COVID. No blankets I get, but the cabin temperature made 3 1/2 hours seem like 5."
Pros: "Clean airplane"
Cons: "They could serve at least water"
Pros: "Crew!"
Cons: "Food availability."
Cons: "A bigger plane."
Pros: "Very uncomfortable seating even though paid for preferred. Not enough space for carry on."
Cons: "Crew service"
Cons: "More room is what everyone wants. It’s unrealistic though. First class was pretty comfortable."
Cons: "Amazing!"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Be on time"
Pros: "That the flight ended"
Cons: "Everything. In a flight from Miami/Orlando (full of families) you are not allowed to choose seats, at the gate (where you supposed to change seats) the staff was rude, inside the plan people make their own changes and it gets a mess. Terrible experience."
Pros: "Nothing. As sucks."
Cons: "Planes auck. Terminal suxks."
Pros: "The crew was very nice. The seats uncomfortable."
Cons: "If I can avoid flying American I will... on my way to Rome, 4 hours delay due to technical issues. Same plane on our way back, 2 hours delay due to technical issues. I did not feel safe knowing that plane has so many technical issues. Had to wait almost an hour on the plane to get to our gate."
Pros: "The plane, Embrair 175 is very comfortable."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The seat was super comfortable, because of o lot of place for legs"
Cons: "The crew sometimes seems not to be happy with the passengers"
Pros: "Yes."
Cons: "I tried to mark all EXCELLENT, but I couldn't get the circle to color in the circle excellent."
Pros: "Easy check in and boarding"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 45 minutes while sitting on runway"
Cons: "The flight was canceled; why allow booking for a flight you plan to cancel. Ruined my plans and reason for flying."
Pros: "Good crew, but terrible turbulence and broken microphone"
Pros: "pleasant crew"
Cons: "There was a noise as if the seatbelt signs were turning off and on. As you can imagine that became extremely annoying."
Pros: "On-time departure and arrival, friendly ground staff and flight attendant"
Pros: "Entertaining"
Cons: "Crew"
Pros: "Speedy check in and security check in. Seats in plane comfortable. Staff wonderful"
Cons: "Nothing,"
Cons: "Entirely too crowded."
Pros: "The seats were quite comfortable."
Cons: "My bags didn’t make any legs of the trip. AA should allow downloading the app on the airplane."
Pros: "Fast check in"
Cons: "Unfriendly airhostesses, I asked fir a blanket as it was freezing but refused to bring me one"
Cons: "Our departure flight was cancelled several times and we were not given an explanation. Poor communication and customer service."
Pros: "Fast"
Pros: "Comfortable flight on-time Good service Great attitude from the crew and the airport personnel"
Cons: "no TV or movie screen"
Cons: "Diverted and delayed. Got home 8 hours later then I should have."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "This was the coldest plane I've ever been on and they didn't offer blankets for their passengers or turn down the AC. I asked for a blanket and they told me they'd provide me with one and never got back to me. They ignored me the rest of the flight. Shame on them for not providing something so standard as a blanket."
Pros: "Crew was nice, biscuits were nice"
Cons: "crammed like sardines, if you're over 5'6" You charged extra to get a little more leg room and if the roomier seats are sold, you're out of luck."
Cons: "Four and a half hours on board and just a cookie? Really!?"
Pros: "Flew a 787, so pretty new aircraft. That meant good seat-back entertainment system. Got to watch 2 complete movies - one before we got off the ground. Keep reading..."
Cons: "The flight boarded just fine. Then, about the time we should have been pushing back from the gate, a flight attendant comes on the PA asking for a licensed doctor. Several minutes later, they announce that there's a medical emergency and EMTs are on the way. Said EMT comes down the aisle with a wheelchair. I assume they took that passenger off the back, because they didn't come back by me. We finally leave the gate only to find that the weather we were supposed to get out ahead of had now rolled in, and we're stuck on the taxiway for an hour and a half. Once we finally got airborne, things went well. When we arrived at LAX, we parked in a remote area and had to bus to the terminal. So, while none of this was really anything American could have prevented, it made the flight more of an ordeal."
Pros: "Met expectations. Landed early."
Cons: "Seats harder than expected"
Pros: "Customer service excellence The flight attendants were very attentive"
Pros: "Crew was pleasant"
Cons: "Needed to return to gate to refuel after aborted takeoff attempt. Thi"
Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "There was nowhere to stow my purse and things i wanted to use during flight near me, my luggage got lost"
Pros: "Crew was very professional"
Cons: "My flight was delayed 5 hours"
Cons: "Delayed on the ground and didn't make up any time in the air. Arrived 45 minutes late."
Pros: "Flight was on time, seats were comfortable."
Pros: "The crew was wonderful and movie selection was excellent. They did not provide headphones however. Boo."
Pros: "The flight was about one hour late. We were advised of the late departure while checking in. The plane was very comfortable and the ride was smooth. Staff were professional and courteous."
Cons: "Only served sandwich with meat. No choice. However, unlike other airlines that don't serve anything on such a short flight, it was refreshing that they provided a FREE light snack."
Pros: "Plane was on schedule luggage taken as I boarded and help available as needed. This is very important for an 80 year old. Thanks for a great trip. Sue"
Cons: "No complaints."

I changed planes four times. That seems a little much.

Pros: "I like that I was finally able to come home"
Cons: "The United Airlines reps could have shown some empathy to the passengers who were delayed. The arline knew we had connecting flights and could've alerted the other flight that we were there and to wait on us. The connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 9:50. I arrived at the gate at 9:49 only to find that the flight had not only boarded but had already left. The reps at the counter showed no level of empathy and acted put out when asked to provide transportation to the reassigned gate. Lastly, the flight could've offered something more than a $10 food voucher, especially since the majority of the food in the airport is greater than $10."
Pros: "Best Airline."
Cons: "Nothing, flights are always great in my experience with United."
Pros: "Crew was excellent. Seats are small"
Cons: "Nothing. It was it is."
Cons: "Leave on time"
Cons: "Plugs would be nice. Food isn’t great and drinks are more expensive than other airlines"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was great"
Pros: "We were early. We sat together"
Cons: "Too strict on check in baggage weight"
Pros: "The crew was great, very friendly and accommodating."
Cons: "Literally everything could have been better: Cancelled my reservation for no reason, and had to be on the phone for 2 hours to rebook Could not get me an upgraded seat because the "system wasn't working" Flight was delayed multiple times Forced to check carryon despite tons of open space No leg room"
Pros: "Roomy seat"
Pros: "Smaller plane was awesome. Flight service great. Checkin easy."
Cons: "We are okay with seat area but would ask that united freeze seat backs. The inconsiderate bumpkins in front of us put seat back and then leaned forward the whole flight. we could not even put our tray table all the way down. Coke spilled all over us in turbulence as liose tabke bounced significantly more than if set in place. Give people rude, freeze saet so cant recline or remove tray tables so we dont hurt ourselves due to rude people."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Old plane, very hot cabin, no WiFi, no food, entertainment system would freeze and was glitchy. Awful airline now. Very disappointing."
Pros: "Nothing.... Seats were terrible!!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Kayak provided excellent info during the trip about flights timings ! Marvelous !!!!"
Pros: "Jet Plane"
Cons: "No entertainment. No charging point for personal device in today's age. Seats that can't get any smaller, yet, still does. Seats that barely recline and yet have to be brought upright during take-off and landing. Maybe common theme between airlines, but, it stands out. Salty pretzels probably the poorest choice for free handout snacks. No choice of course."
Pros: "Good Movie Selection, food was descent, no screaming children,"
Cons: "Layover in Frankfurt too long; Unable to sleep on flight, nearby windows were open creating too much light, seating a bit too close to relax."
Pros: "Fast and friendly staff from check in to landing. Southern folk don’t rush you and actually listen to consumers concerns."
Cons: "None...nice, short flight"
Pros: "That we landed."
Cons: "Stuard needs to articulate his english better. Food was awful even for a plane. Broken headphones, broken monitors. Staff with bad attitude."
Pros: "Check in, arrive ahead of schedule"
Cons: "No entertiment, no snack only little bag of pretzels"
Cons: "We were delayed by more than 6 hours."
Cons: "Plane hot and crowded"
Pros: "The flexibility"
Pros: "First and foremost, our flight arrived 25 minutes early! Nuff said!"
Pros: "There was a good entertainment system with a lot of new options."
Cons: "My itinerary said I fly on Brussels Airlines on a specific flight number. I went to the international terminal to discover it is not there. I then asked multiple aiport staff members if they heard of Brussels Airlines and they said they did not. One person said it may be terminal 1, so I went there based on very little information and with hopes it would be there. I got to terminal 1 to discover there is no Brussels Airlines. I walked to Lufthansa because my return flight is through them, but it was not there either. At this point I have 45 min to make it through security and board, and no one can tell me where Brussels Airlines is. The good news is the flight was delayed, and I got an email from United Airlines with the flight status. This is the first time I was contacted by United and there was a completly different flight number than the itinerary. United should be more clear on the airline and terminal information for international flights!"
Pros: "We got there safely with our stuff."
Cons: "The stupid led by the unwilling."
Cons: "my daughter and I didn't even have seats together...and the plane was not full. We spent $69 and $77 to get seats together and the seat backs didn't work, no TV screens, and my expensive purse was soaking wet when I retrieved it from under the seat. So gross. And of course the food was gross...but that's to be expected, I guess."
Pros: "I was wirried about making the connection. Enddd up with an hour which was ample."
Cons: "It was delayed a day"
Pros: "Did not receive my flyer miles for the trip. Not good!"
Cons: "Failed to put my bag on the flight even with ample preflight time, simply irritating"
Pros: "I had a terrible time flying from IAH to Pensacola with United. I was flying on Christmas Day and there were not enough employees from United to help the customers. One of United employees completely disregarded me when I needed help, and I ended up missing my flight."
Cons: "S"
Pros: "Due to weather delays "not able to accommodate" Service representative had an attitude. I understand there are a lot of issues, but it's their job in customer service and if anyone should be upset it should be the customer for not being able to make their flight as scheduled."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "The crew was awesome! Very friendly and genuine."
Cons: "I didn't like that when I checked in at the Sky Cab at the curbside in Honolulu, she only printed the first half of my flight. She was unable to print my connecting flight. This caused me stress and delay!"
Pros: "The assistance from ticketing and boarding and the flight was excellent from the people who we saw face to face."
Cons: "My original flight was cancelled and I was given a different flight. I did not receive comparable seating. I was double charged for extra 5 inches of leg room and then didn't get it anyway because the flight was over crowded and all the overhead bins were taken and my carry on was forced between my legs in the seat in front of me. The airline was United a Star alliance member."
Pros: "My flight was on time. I appreciate that."
Cons: "Narrow seats. Literally no leg room for me. It was a terrible time for me, especially since I was in the middle seat."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "Flight was delayed not enough information. Missed connection."
Pros: "Staff friendly, quick boarding, organized no delays"
Cons: "Food I know it's not a restaurant but the quality was below expectations when compared to a few other airlines."
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable, very firm, back of seat was like leaning against a piece of wood. OK for this short flight, longer flight would have been extremely uncomfortable."
Cons: "During my round trip my flight was delayed 4 times and canceled twice. On the first cancellation I had to get a hotel room because the next flight wasn't for 24 hours. Then, that flight was canceled but the booked me on another airlines. At first they were going to make me wait another 24 hours until I had told her that I had already did that once. The desk clerks were rude on every encounter."
Cons: "Plane had mechanical problems. Missed connecting flight. Had to spend the night in new work."
Pros: "getting there"
Cons: "getting there late"
Pros: "Ahead of schedule and pleasant"
Pros: "The staff was really polite and were willig to answer all questions with a smile."
Cons: "The seat I was on could not be reclined. This was most unpleasant because it was an overnight flight. You should earn the clients - even economy passengers - when this seat is the one being assigned to them. I would payed beforehand to get a more comfortable seat if I'd known I was to fly on a no-reclining seat on an overnight flight."
Pros: "The pilots and flight attendants were excellence..."
Cons: "The boarding procedures are too long and unorganized."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Held up at check in because of understaffing. Long TSA line. When we finally got to gate wouldn't let us board. Then agent was extremely rude about putting us on a different flight. Have always flown Delta and am sorry I ever strayed. It will never happen again."
Pros: "Had to switch planes. Done quickly only delayed s half hour."
Cons: "Had to switch planes."
Pros: "The crew was extremely helpful on both flights. This made the whole experience very pleasant."
Pros: "That I finally got there a day later. I only had carry on bags, so they weren't lost."
Cons: "At OHare the gate agent sent me to the wrong gate and plane for my flight. I did not arrive Thursday at 8:30 pm as scheduled. Customer service put me on "red eye" to Dulles for the next flight to Charleston, without motel or meal vouchers. I couldnt sleep on the benches there due to asthma and diabetic issues. I arrived Friday 2:30 pm 17 hours late. Dulles overnight cleaning staff helped more than agents at OHare."

The flight was on time and they were pleasant! There was a tissue in the seat next to me that I do believe was left behind from the previous flight. Maybe make sure it’s cleaned a little better.

Cons: "Water"
Pros: "The crew and food offerings were great. Seats were small but that was expected."
Cons: "Less people on the place with spacing would be great during COVID"
Cons: "If was on the time"
Pros: "Fair price"
Cons: "Comfort"
Pros: "I decide to fly with Spirit this time because AA were too expensive. Everything was on time. Smooth entrance process to aircraft. I bring my personal item back pack only. They are not so rigorous with bags at the gate. I pay $104 for my one way ticket and $25 for seat 5A. Buy with enough time and better prices. Wonderful State of the Art Terminal at Fort Lauderdale!! All remodeled."
Cons: "Everything was great."
Pros: "I always fly with spirit. Never had any problems."
Pros: "Not much to like with not much to offer"
Cons: "Limited space on seats. Over booking on the flight. Paying double for a carry on luggage that I could’ve paid half price for if I took a different airline. 110$ down the drain just for a small suitcase. Ridiculous. I will not ride with Spirit again."
Pros: "My first time traveling with spirit and Never again travel spirit and tell the work don’t take this airline . We lost our car reservation."
Cons: "Not giving us an explanation and lying about a voucher for future travels . Diomaris Pena"
Pros: "Fast boarding due to less carry on luggage"
Cons: "Bare minimum airline. I am 6‘1“ tall and my niece were firmly pressed against the seat in front of me. I could feel every movement of the young child in front of me. Leg room under the seat is also tight especially if you have a personal item stored there. On one of my flights I chose to pay extra for the emergency exit row for more leg room."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Still waiting for bags 45 minutes later. Never again. Ever."
Pros: "The flight attendants made the trip fun, they put their own spin on the safety announcements."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "After a two-and-a-half-hour delay the flight was cancelled due to mechanical problem. The crew didn't seem very prepared to deal with the problem. When I called for a refund it took forever to process. I will never booked another flight with Spirit again"
Pros: "Things were fine inside the plane."
Cons: "The fight was delayed considerably. No one helped me try to make My connection (e.g. advocate for me through security)"
Pros: "we got The Big Seats and they were INCREDIBLE."
Cons: "Delayed flight and cancelled flight home"
Cons: "When we got to Detroit, it took Spirit 1 hour and 10 minutes before the turn style even started for our luggage to come out. UNACCEPTABLE!!"
Pros: "the seat was just okay"
Cons: "it was late leaving and when landing"
Pros: "The confort of my seat and the punctuality of this flight."
Cons: "The 40 pounds limit on the one luggage that i had"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything,"
Cons: "Our original boarding time was supposed to be 8:15pm, it was moved to 12:30am, so we didn't arrive in Baltimore until almost 3am. After you go through security, the area where Spirit's gates are located only have 1 place for food/drink so waiting 4 hours in that area was miserable. No real food or alcohol in that area. Spirit crew members could not tell us the reason why the flight kept getting pushed back."
Pros: "Staffs humor"
Cons: "Cost ends up being the same as other flights. Delays!!"
Pros: "Cheap flight. Nice seats. Charming staff."
Cons: "Prices for food a little high."
Pros: "Loved ease of booking and TSA pre-check process, Much better than expected overall."
Pros: "It was on time. Plane was clean and crew was very polite and professionsal"
Pros: "Was our first time flying Spirit and we'll definitely go again. Tickets were 2/3 the price of the competition and we'd heard it was a bare-bones airline, so we weren't sure what to expect, but it was totally fine. We were only going away for two nights so could share a carry-on suitcase, which cost an extra 30 bucks to bring. They charge for soda and snacks, and there's no entertainment, so bring your own. Not sure we'd choose Spirit for a longer flight or a trip when we'd need more baggage, but for short trips, the lack of amenities is nothing given how much money you save on tickets."
Cons: "No entertainment. No TVs, not even an airline magazine. Same for food, though they do sell snacks. Bring your own! Honestly though, for a short flight, it didn't matter and with how much we saved on tickets, we could have bought a tablet."
Pros: "The ease of checking in and being able to select my own seat"
Cons: "The aircraft was a little too warm for my comfort"
Pros: "Ran on time. Crew was very polite. Flight also arrived early which was nice."
Pros: "$3.00 for a can of soda is ridiculous. Flights are not cheap enough to justify a 3:00 soda"
Cons: "Baggage fees cost as much as the airline ticket ? That's a ripoff"
Pros: "great last minute deal! Plane was nice, clean and well kept staff was pleasant boarded on time landed one time"
Cons: "had to pay for my coffee :( using Styrofoam cups-paper is better no water offered on board?"
Cons: "Agendas were extremely rude and disrespectful. I had a family issue causing me to drive to my destination, and kept my flight so I could fly home. When I went to check in online, there was no itinerary to be found. I called, and they said since I was a "no show", it was cancelled and I could not be reimbursed. I offered to use it as credit and get a new flight, paying the difference. This request was declined. The agents on the phone were very rude. Spirit nickel and dimes you, has no available seats, doesn't feed you, and the planes are small. I will never attempt to take this airline again."
Pros: "Great for the price"
Cons: "Customer Service is great as long as things go as planned.Terrible when flight was cancelled."
Pros: "I will never book another flight on Spirit. Beyond the nickel and diming they do to passengers from the beginning, they engage in unfair and deceptive trade practices. For example, when you choose seats online, if your session times out, as soon as you go back to the page, your seat prices go up. However, if you go back online using an incognito browser, the prices displayed are the original, lower prices. Further, my flight was canceled and Spirit blamed it on Customs and Border Patrol when the real reason was some of the flight crew failed to show up."
Pros: "Was on time. Nice crew"
Cons: "I am 6'2. The regular seats are to small. I have bruises on my knees from being crammed into the seat in front of me. They charge for a normal size carry on bag. Charge for everything and push their credit card services. By the time you figure in all the add on costs you could go with another better carrier for same or less."
Pros: "when we left the plane I was rejoiced"
Cons: "hidden fees, rude staff, no water!"
Pros: "The staff was very pleasant. I can't imagine what it is like to work for an airline where so many passengers are unhappy with the corporate policies."
Cons: "Boarding area was a borderline fire hazard. People sitting on the floor, long lines for picked over food at the single Cosi through security. I have been in airports in Africa and Indonesia with more comfort and amenities. The seats on the plane are like vinyl covered lawn chairs. You feel every cross bar, they have virtually no padding and they are so tightly packed that my thigh bone physically wouldn't fit between the back of the seat and the seat in front of me. Overall, a horrible experience. I don't know how they will stay in business if my whole family is begging me not to fly Spirit again."
Cons: "Instead of nickel and dimeing people just up the fares. It was ridiculous the couple of bucks they were trying to make. Never fly them again."
Pros: "Flight overall was great! Boarding, crew, comfort and on time. Wanted to change seats when I arrived at the gate and the agent was very accommodating."
Cons: "Didn't have any food or entertainment"
Pros: "Even though we took off late we arrived on time."
Cons: "I didnt like that they charged a lot extra for checked bags that had to weigh less than 40 poinds. You are not permitted a free carryon. For 2 checked bags it cost 94 dollars extra in addition to the cost of the ticket and that price was for prepaid bags. Also there are no free drinks, not even water. Even though it may seem like a less expensive flying option, in reality it isnt."
Cons: "The plane was delayed."
Pros: "Everything about this airline is miserable. I will not fly again even when the ticket offers a $200 discount against other options. It is not worth it."
Cons: "I don't think you train your personal to be helpful. They all just say "sorry" and it's infuriating. Insult to injury but I believe that is more company policy and training than poor hiring."
Cons: "Arrived hours late, stuck on tarmac,"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Horrible custmer service. There were not enough agents to assist all of the customers. The agents that were there were careless and slow. The flight was delayed 4 times. They nickel and dime you for everything making their cheap flight more expensive than traditional carriers."
Pros: "Flight was no eventful which translates to excellent"
Cons: "The employee at the terminal to check bags seemed to deliberately take much more time than was needed. Marquis info never updated and neither did the flight info at the gate."
Pros: "Seats were ok"
Cons: "Flight was delayed, the charges were outrageous, not thinking I'll choose them in the future"
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to system shutdown."
Pros: "Check bag charges not displayed prom entry- borders on deceptive practice- ccost of my recent flight was more expensive than a major brand airline- will never fly spirit again"
Cons: "Check bag charges not displayed prom entry- borders on deceptive practice- ccost of my recent flight was more expensive than a major brand airline- will never fly spirit again"
Pros: "Only that i was given a window seat"
Cons: "The plan was delayed 4 hours"
Cons: "It was very cramped seating, when I tried to put my table down it hit my legs and I had to move them to the side of the tray just to put it down which then put them in my neighbors space and I'm only 5'6" and a very fit man. The seats didn't recline at all! The flight was very bumpy!"
Cons: "Seats are little to narrow."

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