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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
China SouthernOverall score based on 5527 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Great crews, food was okay, overall pretty good. Definitely will travel again"
Cons: "Choice of entertainment and food could be been better."
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Pros: "Great crews, food was okay, overall pretty good. Definitely will travel again"
Cons: "Choice of entertainment and food could be been better."
Pros: "Ontime boarding and flight"
Cons: "Very limited leg room and crammed plane"
Cons: "i had a hard time with their english, but it is better than my Chinese"
Cons: "Should have leg rest and phone charger outlet"
Pros: "seats are comfy fast boarding on time"
Cons: "not enough food"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No USB charging. No charging at all. No wifi. Not all flight attendants speak English. No meal choice. In flight magazine Chinese language only. Confiscated my solar charger. At Guangzhou airport, many food courts take only Chinese cash. Internet service censored."
Pros: "The food on the way to China and on the way home was horrible. They stopped serving cup noodles too. Only sandwiches when I asked for other option when the main course weren’t good."
Cons: "I didn’t like the food choice at all. The fish didn’t taste good. Chicken with pasta tasted cheap and the beef with potatoes were spicy. Should have make the spicy sauce on the side in case for people who can’t eat spicy food. They used to serve 3 meals now cut down to 2 meals... maybe it’s time to reconsider another airline."
Pros: "3 free meals."
Cons: "Flight attendants are dry and dismissive."
Pros: "Loved the good space in seating. Really appreciated it. Mostly crew were friendly and eager to be helpful. The sudoku was the only entertainment I really wanted to use on this flight but it just refused to load. Didn't really matter as I had a good book with me and really enjoyed that."
Cons: "One stewardess seemed reluctant to help me with cabin baggage. No smiles. Didn't much like the 3 hour delay, especially as my waiting time was already 5 hours, however, I'm sure your were doing all you could to get us safely to our destination as quickly as possible. These things happen."
Pros: "I don’t really like anything about flying. They gave me an aisle seat that was nice."
Cons: "No vegetarian options so I couldn’t eat meal. I tried to call in advance but couldn’t get through. I don’t understand why all options contain meat. No on flight entertainment. No order when boarding."
Pros: "Boarding was fast even though the flight wa delayed and they allowed me to sit in a different seat since the flight wasn’t full."
Cons: "No vegetarian option. There were still sausage with my egg. No entertainment system. Not everything was translated to English so I didn’t understand what was going on."
Pros: "Boarding procedure, flight attendants were helpful"
Pros: "None. My first and last flight with China Southern Airlines."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 2 hours and nobody from to Los Angeles has already left us. They said it was due to bad weather, but from what I saw there was only a little rain when we arrived. I think their using it as an excuse to justify their poor service."
Pros: "I can't complain --- ordered a special meal and it arrived and seating was comfortable for economy. Very clean aircraft."
Pros: "Should provide strong internet connection on board. Food should be world standard and option for HALAL food."
Cons: "No wifi and HALAL food."
Pros: "A solid overall airline. Nothing extraordinary, but will get you to where you need to go comfortably."
Cons: "Nothing stands out as obvious, but it’s simply apparent the airline isn’t flying big spenders."
Pros: "Excellent"
Pros: "Great flight, left on time, flight attendants very friendly and always smiling. Good goodand we arrived early."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Middle of the night water service."
Cons: "Compact sitting."
Pros: "The vegetarian meal was better."
Cons: "1 Boarding was exhausting because of the delay in the previous flight. The security lines were long and passport and ticket had to be checked 4 times and you had to be on queue each time. After the interminable security process, you reach the gate only to fall in line again for a shuttle bus before you actually get to the plane. 2. The connecting flight fr Gounzhou to Manila was 2 hours late!!!. We were all getting restless and hungry inside the plane. 3. One stewardess was annoyed at an elderly lady who was merely asking where she can claim the carry-on baggage that was taken from her because there was no room in the overhead compartment. Considering the passenger's age and the excruciating delay she had to go through, the stewardess could have been more patient and helpful. 4. No entertainment. The whole flight was exhausting and disappointing."
Pros: "professional and very friendly, amazing"
Pros: "Friendly crew."
Cons: "Food was mediocre."
Pros: "The serve food .great stewards.."
Cons: "Late arrival missed connection.."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Delayed with no warning ahead of the departure time. No entertainment options."
Pros: "Cabin crew was very hard working, efficient and polite."
Cons: "Seats were inadequately spaced. Food was very bland."
Cons: "How the hell are you gonna charge me OVER DOUBLE the cost to switch my flight???? That's OUTRAGEOUS!!! And to have to wait up to FOUR MONTHS to get not even a 50% refund??? Ridiculous. None of their help desk lines work, and just send you to other phone numbers that don't work. Ridiculous and unprofessional!"
Pros: "One meal for a 90 minutes fly? I am a frequent flyer and this is my first fly that services a meal in a 90 minutes fly"
Cons: "Everything is awesome."
Pros: "Good food and very comfortable!"
Cons: "They didn't have individual TV's onr the flight."
Cons: "The boarding was pailful, we were toured by bus around the airport, and then has to go to a isolated island and going two floor narrow stairs by carrying luggage"
Pros: "By chance, I ran into a China Southern customer service representative and another group facing the same difficulty as me (needing a temporary visa). The China Southern representative dealt with the immigration services to expedite our temporary visa applications in China."
Cons: "When going to the gate in Denpasar that was supposed to be where we boarded, our flight was not listed. (Although it was listed on the reader board as that gate). When approaching a China Southern representative, he kind of chuckled and said I don't know, maybe this gate #. There was no announcement of gate change. It was only realized by one person telling a group and it being passed along by others who were on the flight and waiting in the waiting area. I truly do not know how that one person figured it out. It was an older plane and there was no entertainment on board. Flight was delayed. When arriving at Guangzhou, there was not any guidance on needing to receive a temporary visa since the connecting flight to San Francisco went through Wuhan. When purchasing the ticket, it was unclear that this was needed since there was going to be a connecting flight through Wuhan and it was unclear that the connecting flight went through Wuhan. The ticket made it look as if we would be flying straight from Guangzhou to San Francisco. When asking one China Southern representative about where to go for temporary Visa, she "guided" me to the China representative handling the situation. Her "guidance" was done by grabbing my wrist and yanking me to her. I believe this is cultural, but being an international airline, I would think they would be observant of other cultures. Mobile devices that can be used as a cell phone are not allowed to be on or used while on board the flight. This includes mobile phones in flight mode (China Southern explained to me that this is Chinese law), so you are forced to use their entertainment system and not be able to listen to your own music."
Pros: "Boeing 787 was alright, flat bed and basic needs"
Cons: "No one really speaks english, delayed flight, LEFT my luggage in guangzhou, mediocre food, and flight from china to jakarta is not a flat bed, super turbulent flight from new york to china"
Pros: "No problems is a good thing."
Cons: "Seats."
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "The plane is accessed by bus from the gate, and pretty far away. The stairs to the plane are not handicap accessible."
Cons: "The Tv did not work, food very bad."
Pros: "Service food attendants wonderful"
Cons: "It was long"
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "No entertainment, poor cabin and food was bad."
Pros: "Flight left on time. Direct flight."
Cons: "Food is horrible. Aircraft cabin smells old and dirty. Staff not very friendly"
Cons: "Delayed flight from LA & my baggages left in Guangzou! I need to go back again to manila airport to pick up the baggages."
Cons: "Horrible food. No beer. Poor selection in entertainment"
Pros: "I flew China Southern from Shenyang to Shanghai 4 days after rupturing my Achilles tendon. There service was fantastic, getting me wheelchairs through both airports, changing my seat to give my leg more room, giving me special attention during the flight to make sure I was comfortable. Their service for me was outstanding and caring in every way. 10+ from me. Thank you China Southern!"
Cons: "No complaints at all."
Cons: "The flight itinerary from kayak did not show departure terminal so I nearly missed flight. That is a serious flaw in your system so it is unlikely I will use kayak to book flights again. For your information I personally fly over 100000 miles a year. My company spends $60 to $70k per year so I know what good service is. Your service provides cheap flights but little else."
Pros: "SFO/Wuhan/SFO - great plane, good food good value"
Cons: "Beware of WUHAN China - it is dangerous, the airport is HORRIBLE and the Customs officials are a true nightmare. Make sure you have plenty of pages in your passport as you have to clear customs over and over - beware of the Taxi Stand (you have to walk to domestic terminal). I was hijacked in a taxi from the official taxi stand - a typical fare of 100 yuan and he charged me 400 yuan only once in the taxi."
Cons: "They have very strict rules. You can't even use your cell phone during the flight to play games. Your cell phone must be turned off. Security at the gate before boarding was excessive. You can't even bring in your water bottle or drink even if you purchased drinks after crossing over the main security check point."
Pros: "I boarded and got seated"
Cons: "Asking about general seating question and boarding agent just kept saying "ok, ok, ok boarding soon you wait."
Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Nice crew On time Lots of movies"
Cons: "Reclining seats Seats should not recline in economy"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They staff did nothing to help me out and purposely had kept me off of a flight and I had to go re-book with Thai Airways who were much better and more helpful"
Pros: "Big new plane (A380)"
Cons: "Mainland Chinese have a VERY different concept of personal space and respect for others when compared to Westerners. This is evidenced by the manner in which the restrooms were used (disgusting after 1 hour of a 14 hr. flight) AND how they literally "attack" the food / beverages. Obviously it is a Chinese airline so best to accept this behavior and deal with it! You have been warned!"
Pros: "They give you a free hotel room if you stay for longer than a certain number of hours."
Cons: "Food is ok, but it would be great if they had more Western food."
Pros: "I was traveling business, the crew were so helpful, it's 1 to 1 individual service. The seats were so comfortable and lots of room. Food is fantastic, lounge is very good, good food and drinks. Their price is quite reasonable, makes this trip worth every cent of it! Love it and I will travel with them in future."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Atlanta to Lanzhou

Airlines flying from Atlanta to Lanzhou have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Atlanta to Lanzhou

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Atlanta to Lanzhou

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Atlanta to Lanzhou

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Atlanta to Lanzhou

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Atlanta to Lanzhou

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