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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,765 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "got an upgrade to Business Class but on those small flight - meh"
Cons: "The recline didn't work nor did the sound on my TV."

Cons: "In a flight that is only 1:45, to have an incoming flight delayed by 1:45 for non-mechanical issues can create a lot of havoc. On the turnaround, we boarded and arrived very late. We missed our connection to Sydney and had to wait 24 hours for the next flight out."

Cons: "i got to the airport 2.5 hours befor my flight to play it safe and waited at the check in for about a hour befor a air canada employe even showed up. vary poor service on the airlines part i will never fly with air canada again."

Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "I wish the entertainment system had had closed captioning, and/or that the inflight wifi had worked."

Pros: "The crew was amazing - so friendly and attentive to everyone on such a long flight."
Cons: "The seats were really tight for a 13+ hour flight. The meals were also not great compared to other airlines flying internationally."

Cons: "5 hours delayed because captin was late."

Cons: "3 hour delay on Christmas day"

Pros: "T"
Cons: "The waiting area at the Boston airport is poor. It is very small, rundown and with limited access to refreshments. It's ok but certainly not a selling point."

Pros: "New system with Canadian customs was fantastic. Went through really quickly."

Cons: "Basic connection flight. Music was only entertainment."

Pros: "To like food, service."
Cons: "At Check in, the guy give me the seat number is too big:("

Pros: "Most parts of the flight were normal - nothing exceptional or problematic"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "Ground personnel"
Cons: "The overall service on board"

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Good"

Pros: "The crew at the gate were courteous and handled my inquiry professionally. Did not experience much because I slept through the whole thing. But the seat was comfortable."
Cons: "Air Canada receptionist (a blonde lady) at Logan took care of luggage poorly while checking in. She was impatient and threw my luggage like it was trash."

Pros: "Service was amazing. Flight was intime and they helped me with my luggages to be transferd directly to the last country eventhough they are two seperate booking"

Pros: "We didn't crash"
Cons: "Terrible service by the Air Canada stewardess. She was surly and unprofessional. Just flat out rude."

Pros: "The flight had to abort take off due to an issue with the pilot seat. We had to return to the gate for them to fix the problem. Left the gate a second time only to sit on the runway with no explanation from the pilot."

Cons: "The USB port in seat 26A was pushed in and wouldn't connect for power. Unless this was exactly the same plane it was true on both flight to and return from Boston. The LCD entertainment system is very slow to respond to touch. The default sound level is always too loud. The commercials take up the first 10 minutes (or longer) of the experience and make for an excruciating long wait."

Pros: "Good service"

Pros: "Service on the flight is always good and the transfer in Toronto was seamless."
Cons: "The departure area in Boston is dreadful. no room and no amenities. Straight out of the 60's."

Pros: "Very smooth easy flight there were no delays!"

Pros: "Wish the longer portion of our flight was as pleasant as the short leg to Toronto."

Pros: "Wheel chair request on arrival in Toronto was very poorly implemented resulting in two long delays"
Cons: "If Air Canada can't get these basics right it will be difficult to be competitive with Porter Air"

Pros: "Everything was fantastic. Great flight crew. Great stuff."

Pros: "Logan checking with own security checkpoint Boston to Toronto tv great Staff professional"

Pros: "Clean plane, attentive efficient staff, easy boarding."
Cons: "Flight staff forgot to pass out customs forms upon landing in Toronto - caused some confusion at customs entry."

Cons: "Zero communication on status of flight! Just changed the time on flight multiple times but no updates given! Canceled flight 10 hours later! Had to make own hotel reservation in Toronto with only possible reimbursement."

Cons: "My flight was delayed all the way up until 11:40pm."

Pros: "The fast boaring"
Cons: "The 3hr delay. Not many announcements. No one at the gate/desk. Had to be in a crowded gate area with no choice."

Pros: "Good movie selection"
Cons: "Poor organization and late takeoff"

Cons: "fitst leg was late. no communication about the connection. was not not clear whether we're going to make the connection - too much stress"

Pros: "i didn't like anything about this flight"
Cons: "The flight was over an hour delayed and everything else since boarding was a mess. It was hard for the fly hostess to keep her calm and we knew she was stressed, as much as many passengers who lost their connection or who had really tied ones. I noticed also that it wasn't the only flight delayed so I am not sure if this is usual with Air Canada."

Pros: "Food and comfort were okay."
Cons: "My first plane sat on the Tarmac for 45 min, thus I missed my flight to"

Pros: "Seating in two's very good."
Cons: "Both going and return had to wait an extra hour."

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "It was delayed which caused my connection to be cancelled and rebooked for next day. Was extremly uncomfortable and very expensive"

Pros: "The staff was accommodating."
Cons: "The flight had two legs: from Boston to Toronto and from Toronto to New Delhi. The layover was 1 hr 6 min, which was tight. After checking in our bags, we found out that the first leg of our flight is 2 hours late, so obviously we couldn't take the second flight. Looking at the TV monitors, I noticed that pretty much ALL Air Canada flights are seriously delayed. Luckily, there was an earlier flight to Toronto (which was scheduled to have already left, but it did not leave because that was delayed, too). The staff put us on that flight and double promised to make sure that our checked in baggage gets transferred to this alternate flight. The checked bags did not get transferred. When we arrived at Delhi, after an exasperating 1.5 hour delay after a 20 hour flight, the airline told us, and many others in the same situation, that our baggage did not arrive, and we have to come the next day to pick them up. The issue was, we were not staying in Delhi, just transiting through it. No luck, the airline said, because the customs have to be cleared at the port of entry. We are still waiting for our baggage. Oh, and if that was not enough, the airline allocated well separated seats for all the members of our family. I'd think it would be a common sense that people who have been booked on the same ticket must be assigned consecutive seats. But apparently Air Canada does not have much common sense. NOT flying with them ever again!"

Cons: "Late and overbooked Toronto Airport Dodd is bad. --- no veggie optional"

Cons: "The waiting room in Boston was awful and behind security, hot, small crowded. Delayed"

Pros: "Excellent crew and comfortable cabin."
Cons: "I have no criticisms to offer."

Pros: "The crew at the gate and onboard were exceptional! At the gate they made sure I could get on this flight even though the computer auto booked me for 2 days later."
Cons: "My bags didn't make it on the flight because of a close connection. Then I was rebooked on a flight 2 days later. This is unacceptable. I was expected to stay in Toronto for two days."

Pros: "entertainment,"
Cons: "crew are polite but cold and strict. it was a night flight and they were very noisy when serving the food."

Pros: "Bos->Toronto Good Air Canada at Boston Logan airport has there own gate area with only 3 gates. This reduces the security line for faster security check. However this also causes problems with PreCheck. See below."
Cons: "Bad There is only one line for security at Air Canada Boston Logan because of the small volume at this check point. Because of this, PreCheck passages need to hold onto there bording pass as they go through security. The first security person who checks ID and boarding pass only told my wife not to take off her shoes. He did not tell her to hold on to her boarding pass, so she put it into the bin for x-ray stuff. So later security personnel then told her to take off her shoes and gave her a body scan because her boarding pass was already in the x-ray machine. I always hold on to my boarding pass thru security but had to take my computer out of my carry-on."

Pros: "Flight and in flight service"
Cons: "Bit chaotic in the departure area and at the gate"

Pros: "Great service"

Pros: "great hotel paid for by Air Canada"
Cons: "5 hours late - missed connecting flight"

Pros: "I liked the entertainment selection. It had starwars, that was a big plus."
Cons: "The seating accommodations were terrible l. No leg room, and no room beteween passengers. I Could not relax for a 12hr flight. Im debating of booking a new flight altogether home. WHyde do all converges have to be spring ruxe ("

Pros: "Everything at the airport and while flying went great!"
Cons: "When my flight got cancelled, the staff on the phone was not helpful. Also the email notification on the cancelled flight was poorly explained. I wish the Air Canada explained the situation more fully in the email. If they had, I wouldn't have worried as much as I did about my international traveling."

Cons: "Air canada just didn't even show up, I had to take a different plane to Japan which made me late for my last flight so I had to stay in a hotel and wait til the morning to catch a new plane. So ya, not impressed."

Pros: "The crew was okay. The seating was great on all except for one leg."
Cons: "On one leg, it must have been an older plane, because the business class seats barely reclined."

Pros: "On time departure, good pricing. Excellent value"

Pros: "Very friendly crew and ground staff. Excellent food onboard, great entertainment system, and it was easy to get some rest. The business class layout is ideal when traveling with a companion."
Cons: "The seats feel a little cramped due to limited stowage space and a fairly narrow legrest. Lounge in Beijing lacked air conditioning."

Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Food"

Cons: "Air China, please clean your planes, please have good options for food, please have some reasonable (not so long) transit times"

Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Boarding was easy."
Cons: "Food ! Tasteless and bald.."

Pros: "The crew is excellent, specially their head of hostes Flying is good Star alience Golden card is very good in every thing and they respect it here. Well done"
Cons: "30 mintes delaying in departure Food should be better and should have the sign of Halal/Muslim food Entertainment should be more exciting"

Cons: "Delay"

Pros: "The plane made no unscheduled landings."
Cons: "The extreme delay that caused me to nearly miss my connection with Air China, the incredibly low level of English spoken on a flight originated in the US, and the complete dismissal of three cabin crew members when I asked about arrangements to be expedited to our connecting flight to Bangkok. Avoid this airline completely, and if at all possible, transiting through Beijing Capital Airport."

Pros: "Ms. Liu/Chang is one of lovely cabin crew,bring me awesome smile and unforgettable nice experience"

Cons: "Plane was too hot."

Pros: "I was able to sleep most of the flight it was very comfortable. Flight attendant was courteous"
Cons: "Food was below average"

Pros: "Everything. I love Air China. Great service. Delicious Noodles."

Pros: "The flight crew was great. Very pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "They lost my luggage. Also the plane left Seoul almost an hour late. The plane itself was very old, so no electronic devices of any kind were allowed, some of the seat controls didnt work, and there were no private video screens. And this was in business class."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight was canceled but United and delta were still flying to New York. Air China was not working with them to help us. The earliest next flight was five days later...... their staff were extremely unprofessional. I asked to update to business class. One staff told me it was 1300usd, another one told me it was 3600usd, and one told me it was 10,000 usd???"

Pros: "generally good"
Cons: "failure to comply with special food needs after many calls and e-mails stating organised so a 10 year old boy had to do without food on board due to allergy to NUT &Fish and being a 18 hour journey not appreciated"

Cons: "The layover time at Beijing airport was short but the airport is huge and takes a while to get through. I almost missed my connecting flight twice. When people fly Air China for connecting transfers, the attendants should provide guidance to passengers about ways to expedite this process. My bags weren’t delivered from Bangkok. It would have been nice if the airport attendants at my destination announced that before having passengers wait an hour for the bags to come out because it was evident they were aware beforehand."

Cons: "It smelled like people were or had recently been smoking inside of the aircraft, the seat’s padding had been crushed into nothing and the food was gristly chicken with some sort of gravey."

Pros: "Everything but entertaiment on board. Very vas audio."
Cons: "Entertaiment"

Pros: "Doesn't matter if your economy or first class. First one to the gate gets in. Good for me because I always fly economy."
Cons: "Typical Chinese service, poor. Will never fly Air China ever again. Only reason why I book the ticket because it was cheap, now I know why."

Cons: "Air china needs to improved plane and food"

Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "I was already on the airport and about to check in early, so they didn't let me check in because I forgot to put my middle name on reservation. I tried to call kayak and nobody is answering, I also called priceline and they couldn't do anything. They said I have to cancel everything then rebook a new one. So I ended up paying $1300!!! for a new flight and in addition to that I have a penalty of $200!!! For my original flight cost of only $600. And my companion who has the same flight as me didn't take her flight because the agent in Air china said that we could rebook her flight without charge and for the same price. So we ended up paying $1300 for her as well plus again the $200 penalty. So we lost $3000 for just the 2 of us!! I will never fly air china again! Worst day ever!"

Pros: "Hostesses are well trained ans hospitable . Landing was very smooth"
Cons: "Taxing upon leaving Beijing took long time ! Delayed the departure !"

Pros: "No hassle check in and boarding."
Cons: "Meals were average. Rice meals are better than the noodles. IFE selection for US passengers could be better. No cell allowed after take off."

Pros: "Food, blanket, movies on board"
Cons: "The layover was too short and I had to run to my transfer. I wish crew would have let people with short layovers off first"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our international connection. Flight attendants did not care, did not attempt to get us out faster, or put on a different flight. Asked for an announcement to be made on board or to be moved to seats closer to the front so we could get off the plane quicker, did not happen. Offboarded and sprinted across the airport for our international connection and was notified by gate attendents that the gate closed five minutes ago and that they could not let us on the plane. Meanwhile, the plane sat there for an additional 30 minutes while it fueled and waited for release from air traffic control. There were six travelers total stuck there in San Fran at that gate, all of us begging to be let on the plane to Beijing, the last one for over 24 hours. Zero compassion from staff at the the airline gate. They did not care about us and did not care about leaving their travelers stranded. Our total travel was Denver to Bangkok, 26 hours of travel including layovers in San Fran and Beijing. In San Fran (after missing the gate connection), we were rerouted us through Haiwaii and the customer service agent that did this reroute did not finish the reroute to our final destination. We got to Haiwaii and were stranded again, at the Air China service desk for four hours having to once again provide documentation of our initial travel plans to Bangkok, having them build a new itinerary to our final destination. Overall, 20 additional travel hours have been added to our itinerary, almost double our initial travel time. We have had to call and cancel pre-arranged bookings in Thailand as we are now missing two full days off our trip. I am absolutely disappointed and heart broken as I write this still stuck in the Beijing airport waiting another six hours to connect to Bangkok. My fiancé and I were traveling to Thailand to get married and have received no compassion from anyone at this airline to try and get us there. I am flat out disgusted by Air China."

Pros: "I didn't like anything."
Cons: "The plane crew was not pleasant. The food was not fresh nor was there enough of it. The staff for Air China at the gate were rude and I was racially profiled and forced to go through a search in which my waist was wiped down, my shoes and wrists. My bags were emptied and this was as I was walking to board the actual plane."

Pros: "The food served were good."
Cons: "But there were not much choices for the drink. There was no Ginger Ale or Seltzer water available. Also, there should be snacks available between meals. Passengers get bored if they can't sleep and just watching the TV during the long flight."

Pros: "There was a lot of food"
Cons: "There were no vegetarian options"

Cons: "I didn't like us taking the bus onto the plane from the tarmac. Luckily it wasn't raining or 10 degrees Fahrenheit like my last experience with air china in Beijing"

Pros: "Flight crew was attentive and food was good"
Cons: "If there were empty seats, potentially relocating people so you could have a little bit of elbow room?"

Cons: "Flight was 18hrs late, and we were kept at the boarding gate the whole time without information from ground crew. We were not offered hotel room or meal coupon, only instant noodles. It was a very bad experience for us."

Cons: "Held my bag for two days, No explanation, apparently just wanted to rummage through it. Stranded in Mongolia with no clean clothes or medication."

Cons: "80 minutes delay without explanation."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Our flight from Bangkok to Beijing was delayed for 10 hours. Nobody contacted us, their costumer service line was useless as nobody answered, we had no information on our flight. Awful experience, mediocre airline."

Pros: "I like the food. It was good. the flight from Vietnam to China was ok, it was on time."
Cons: "I don't like the wifi in China."

Cons: "Gate crew did not provide any information about delayed departure times. We were told the plane would depart at 20:10 and ended up departing at 22:35. This was already several hours behind the originally scheduled departure time of 15:25."

Pros: "We were finally able to get home but..."
Cons: "we are still trying to contact someone in Beijing to help us get our security check items back and no one from China Air staff is helping to ship our items back to us."

Pros: "Clean plane delay"

Cons: "Missed my connection in Beijing . I was told by the hotel provided by the airlines that I had to stay in double room with a total stranger! food and services at the golden Phoenix. Food at the hotel was the worst ,"

Cons: "was delayed, need to change flight to 1430"

Pros: "China's bad flight"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "The staff was always rude, no matter which flight I was on."

Pros: "Only boarding"
Cons: "No drunks like other flights"

Pros: "The flight attendant was nice."
Cons: "The "dinner" was a snack. I'm not a big eater but this tiny serving was a joke. I had planned to actually have a meal on the plane so I needed to ask for a second dinner. Seriously?!"

Pros: "Lost my bag took 3 days to find. No updates incompetent baggage personnel food inedible. Fight attendants discriminate. Chinese man beside me got numerous drinks/snack I got one glass of orange juice ife at my seat broken and garbled. My electrical outlet did not work no compensation for lost bag"

Pros: "I liked making it out of there alive."
Cons: "Cancelled flight without notice. 24 hour postponement; marginally passable accommodations. No compensation / upgrade / consideration / anything. Horrid staff, passengers, food, plane, etc. 16 hour layover in the frozen prison camp called the Beijing airport. Avoid like the plague. Fly literally anything else."

Pros: "Everything (crew, food, entertainment) was great. I would definitely fly with Air China again."

Pros: "Very nice staff!!"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Boston to Changsha

Airlines flying from Boston to Changsha have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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