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SWISSOverall score based on 9057 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Nothing. I was sold a ticket for 709 dollars and wasn’t told I couldn’t get on until showing up to the gate. Therefore I had to spend 1000 more dollars to book another ticket because budget air wouldn’t change or refund the flight.
Cons: Not selling a ticket with a layover where someone with a US passport cannot travel through at the moment. Be more forthcoming.

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Pros: Nothing. I was sold a ticket for 709 dollars and wasn’t told I couldn’t get on until showing up to the gate. Therefore I had to spend 1000 more dollars to book another ticket because budget air wouldn’t change or refund the flight.
Cons: Not selling a ticket with a layover where someone with a US passport cannot travel through at the moment. Be more forthcoming.

Cons: I fell sick and my doctor advised against flying. Tried calling Swiss Air and 6 calls back and forth and 7 hours on hold, no help. Finally got advised on driving to the airport to make the flight change at the Swiss Air counter at O’Hare. The representative told me to bring a note from doctor to switch flights. I did the next day. The same representative looked me in the eye after advising the day before and said there’s nothing she could do. Why make an elderly sick person drive to the airport again if you know already you cannot help??Absolutely terrible experience, no help from the airline or travel agency. Total loss of the full price of the ticket.

Pros: Great smooth flight, crew were friendly and many movies and shoes to choose from.
Cons: Seats are tight and not much leg room for the unfortunate ones who fly Economy class. Food was ok.

Pros: Crew was great. Peppy and kind.
Cons: ORD ZRH seats extremely crowded. Wished for comfy Star Alliance seats for that flight which we did enjoy from ZRH BUD

Pros: The boarding process was easy
Cons: Some of the crew members were rude and inconsiderate - if you see that someone is sleeping, you don’t stand at their seat and lean on it and shake it while you’re waiting to give the security demo before take off.

Pros: Coach seats were comfortable but if the person in front of you reclines, your video screen will be inches from your face and it becomes difficult to get out of your seat.
Cons: Crew was not particularly friendly....almost downright rude at times

Cons: Only two options for dinner is very few options.

Pros: The inflight entertainment was great and helped to pass the time. The food was good for airline food.
Cons: The flight staff was just okay - they could have been friendlier. The seat cushions seemed old - they were comfortable enough for sitting but not comfortable to sleep.

Pros: Everything was just dandy!

Pros: Amazing food, There were pillows, blankets and earbuds on every seat. Really a great flight overall and I would fly with them again.
Cons: The only minor complaint was that the seats are so small that when the person in front of you reclines, you literally can’t get out of your seat.

Pros: Some of the best airplane food I’ve had.

Pros: Crew was attentive to passenger needs in a quiet way: without fanfare, did all possible to make it a pleasant, comfortable trip. In fact, went out of their way to get me a wheelchair ride to next flight, which I dearly needed
Cons: First flight was delayed due to circumstances outside of airline’s control. They managed to get us there and help me with wheelchair, etc to make flight. Great service and kindness

Cons: Chose the option with Swiss because it showed that a checked bag was included. Got to the airport and was told to pay up for each checked bag. Great start to the trip.

Pros: Everyone was friendly, pleasant and very helpful. Upon arrival in Delhi our suitcase handle was broken.

Cons: Leg room was really bad in economy and the only upgrade option was to business for $10,000 so of course not affordable for the average person.

Cons: Food is bad

Pros: Boarding was smooth
Cons: The aircraft was horrible No space at all even after paying for a better seat

Cons: I’m a small person & your seating is cramped & uncomfortable!

Pros: The entire process from boarding in Chicago until arrival in Athens was very smooth.

Pros: Great airline overall!
Cons: No leg room due to the airplane box under the seat in front of me. Very difficult to straighten legs out, difficult to get comfortable.

Cons: Almost missed my third plane, too.

Pros: Online check-in was easy, boarding was smooth, and time on the flight seemed to go by quickly. Seats were a little too close together in economy to fully relax but that's the nature of economy seating. The dinner was very tasty, crew was friendly.
Cons: My seat-back entertainment system did not work, but I had not planned to use it anyway. For the other three members of my family it did work, but not very well. Fortunately they had other options they brought with them.

Pros: On time flight
Cons: Are the seats getting smaller or am I getting bigger?

Cons: Very little space- I thought I was in economy plus having paid extra for seat reservation. When person infrint put seat back it was very difficult to view screen

Pros: Fast flight and crew was amazing.
Cons: Seats are terrible. Food is just ok, could me better, I remember 2012 when I was flying first time with Swiss (same route), food was excellent and seats were much more comfortable. I’m thinking to get back on Turkish Airlines although the trip is much longer, they are much better in both above mentioned segments.

Pros: 2 seats on outside sections not 3, so you can sit together as a couple and not have a random stranger in seat 3.
Cons: Leg room is on the tighter side!

Pros: The flight was perfect until we hit horrible turbulence. 1 out of every 4 people was throwing up. We had to redirect to Milan.
Cons: Swiss air is completely inept at handling a very normal reroute due to weather. 200 displaced people are standing in line. I’ve been here 5 hours and have not heard a word of announcement from them, our questions are rudely thwarted, and they continue to take half-an-hour to an hour per person with uncertain results. Give use new flights or a hotel.

Pros: I am a frequent flyer with swiss airline. Amazing crew, boarding, taking off and landing is on time if not a little earlier. However, I was quite disappointed with the enertainment package and food.
Cons: I am a frequent flyer with swiss airline. Amazing crew, boarding, taking off and landing is on time if not a little earlier. However, I was quite disappointed with the enertainment package and food.

Pros: Flight crew, food, and seatback entertainment system (with USB charging port) were all great.
Cons: The seats were uncomfortable and way to close. When the person in front of me leaned their seat back, I was forced to do the same. It was nearly impossible to eat. If you had a hint of claustrophobia, you would never make this entire trip without going nuts. I noticed that many of the middle seats were unoccupied, while my family and I were crammed into four seats side-by-side. If we had empty seats between us the flight would have been bearable.

Pros: Great service and friendly staff! Also great food!
Cons: There's nothing I didn't like :)

Pros: Most everything about the process.
Cons: Person in front reclined chair fully and left virtually no room for sitting!

Pros: very professional crew, clean cabin, interesting choice of documentaries
Cons: it would have been nice to see a hostess walk through with water every hour, of so why is there no world news in your tv selection?

Pros: The flight attendants seemed very courteous, but unable to do anything about the situation.
Cons: We had a family of four sitting behind us. The father yelled all the time. They took up four overhead bins and he was frequently up and down getting things out of the bins. His very hairy large belly was touching my daughters head every time. He and his children punched the backs of our seats on a regular basis. My back was in constant pain and I was unable to do very many things due to the back pain during my "vacation", The flight attendants had to remind the parents that their children could not stand on the seats during takeoff or crawl around under the seats. No ability to change seats or I would have. I didn't have a problem with the other children on the flight, when they were crying their parents tried to do something. However these people brought playdough for their child to roll out or punch on the seat tray and all they did was constantly yell loudly at their children, Well not about the kicking, punching, or crawling around. Just yell in general at them.

Pros: On time and friendly service
Cons: Poor selection of films, cramped seats and mediocre dinner

Pros: Airline services and great time scheduling
Cons: Upon arriving to Chicago airport the Chicago airport couldn't get passengers off the plane due to mechanical issue

Cons: Warm breakfast in coach would be appreciated, but i understand it is just coach.

Pros: I like the space in business class and the staff were really nice
Cons: The seats were not comfortable, they ran out of scotch (single malt) and I only had 1 drink

Cons: Airline lost my flight, no explanation and or apology. Seats were terrible could not move when seat in front was reclined. No economy plus, no reciprocal consideration for gold status on star alliance except for one checked bag free. I will never fly Swiss again

Cons: They lost my bag and after 24 hours, still no word on whether it's been located.

Pros: Crew was great! Boarded quickly! Alot of movies to watch!

Pros: Very friendly staff, a wide variety of entertainment options.
Cons: I'm a pretty small person (5'4 and 110 pounds) and it was very hard for me to get comfortable. Not that you'd expect much out of an economy class seat.

Cons: Not. Lot of room for legs. Slection of movies very poor. Very old movies mostly

Pros: Flight attendants were friendly, and also very skilled so that their service was unobtrusive, graceful, and helpful. They took great care to get people what they wanted, and I saw them fulfill a few special requests from the people around me politely and quickly. The entertainment selections were good. The variety of interesting musical selections allowed me to go the whole flight without running down the battery on any of my own musical devices. The seat space was comfortable, especially compared to domestic flights I've taken for the last 10 years. The enforcement of carry-on luggage rules meant the overhead compartments were sufficient for what was brought aboard and people weren't filling the foot-space with bags.

Pros: Crew and flight service are excellent top notch. Also they are very friendly and helpful. Make flight enjoyable.
Cons: Seats are too close together in coach, very cramped and uncomfortable if you are a tall or large person.

Pros: Seats very confortabile

Pros: The flight crew were friendly and helpful. The food served on our flight to Zurich was delicious. We loved the big movie selection which helped pass the time.
Cons: The leg room was terrible on this plane. If anyone reclined their seats, you were trapped and could barely get out of the row to get up or go to the bathroom. Boarding was a bit like herding cats and everyone was jammed up trying to get on without any orderly direction.

Pros: Our attendant was very nice with a great attitude.
Cons: Luggage line in Zurich at airplane

Pros: Great flight all together.

Pros: More space with a window seat than I am used to. Shoulder didn't even touch the side of the plan. Loaded the back of the plan first after premium and those needing extra time.
Cons: By the time they got to me I only had one choice for the dinner meal. No restroom in the back of the plane so I got stuck waiting for the cart to come all the way down the aisle before I could go to use it.

Pros: Flight boarding was quick and fast and food was great.
Cons: Seats had no room and if someone in front reclined the tv was right in your face. Also what happen to having individual fans above. It was so hot I felt sick the whole way and when we pushed the call button no one came had to flag down an flight attendant walking by. We had to ask three more times to get the heat down. Overall it was okay.

Pros: Food service was very good - and the crew kept going even after we hit turbulence. I'd already been served, but I know from past experience with other airlines that there's nothing worse than smelling the hot food and being told that service is being discontinued,,,,while you're now hungry
Cons: Lisbon airport was stressful, perhaps more guidance before releasing us into the melee. I found an Air Portugal email about Lisbon Airport just now

Cons: Customer service from the crew, it could be nicer and better attitude and more positive.

Pros: The lady checking me in was nice
Cons: Items were stolen from my bag

Pros: It was Okay
Cons: I m disappointed with the online deal I have booked my self with two checked bags & paid extra for that but I had to pay £ 80/-

Pros: Some on crew lovely. Others terrible, bitter people, not at all suited for customer service.
Cons: Disgusting food. Price gouging for checked baggage. Surly attitudes.

Cons: Haven't made it there yet still in Lisbon and no way to make it to cruise ship on time.

Cons: Maybe have one flight be on time. Train ground crew how to put on fuel.

Pros: Good entertainment, great price
Cons: Had about 30 people on our flight that was taking another TAP connecting flight - missed the gate by less than two minutes - did not hold the plane when they could have

Pros: It got us to our destination.
Cons: Seats sucked. Screaming kids. Wouldn’t let us bring our carry-on for the last leg: Lisbon to Barcelona even though there was room.

Cons: Ok, it's TAP, it's a bargain, but the "breakfast" was a pitiful piece of meat on a stale piece of bread

Pros: Food was ok
Cons: Worst accommodations for baggage on a international flight in my opinion.Pay for a bag is the best advice in my opinion this airline barley lets you bring anything with. Disgusting plane it was so dirty I took a shower after this flight and the amount of dust in the air was visible terrible

Pros: Crew was nice.
Cons: My family wasn't given a choice on the meal they were given which was hard because most of them don't eat fish (it was codfish). One of the flights was delayed 2 hrs & then didn't take off for 40 mins after the two hours because boarding wasn't started til 10 mins before it was scheduled to takeoff

Pros: Nice seat (I paid €48 euro for more legroom) and the food was decent and the movie selection good.
Cons: TAP's boarding procedure is a bit of a mess. We had to wait an extended period of time to board and no information was given. Also keep in mind you have to pay extra for luggage, which is a real deal-breaker when traveling for extended periods of time.

Pros: The crew was great.
Cons: My baggage did not get delivered to the final destination, that could have been handled better.

Pros: Thé crew was nice and helpful.
Cons: I use Air PORTUGAL twice a year. I can’t understand why they took our three trolley to put them in the baggage hold while they have enough space inside the plane. I would like to tell you that food is always awful in TAP AIR PORTUGAL flying from Dakar/Lisboa/Dakar. No respect for the passengers.

Pros: Nothing stood out. Legroom was ok.
Cons: Boarding was confusing and poorly managed.

Pros: The food and crew

Pros: Great Crew nice plane
Cons: Uncomfortable seats, not enough space for carry on, due to luggage cost is way overpriced, as well as seats too expensive

Cons: Really good business class and convenient pricing

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Better service, comfy seats with recline and entertainment

Pros: The people on the plane were super nice and the flight was nice as well. the price was cheaper than many others.
Cons: I am used to traveling continents with other companies. There has always been 2 check in bags allowed with no extra charge as long as you are under 23kg on each. I get to the airport with my 2 bags ready, TAP tells me on large holidays, they only allow 1 bag to be checked to my specific African destination until January 11. And that one bag will cost me $120. They will not let me have the second one. Who does that? How much sense is this supposed to have. I checked with others and they do not do that. That rule rule is unfair and racist. Now that I am back, I have a bag missing. Wow!

Pros: On time departure, early by 30 min arrival.
Cons: Low quality of food. Some flight attendant barely spoke English. Low choice in movies.

Cons: Passenger was refused at check in because, according to the counter clerk, the ticket was not purchased in the country of residency but online in US. As a result, i lost the money, the passenger did not fly, and no refund was issued. this is the first time i ever heard of such BS. Not happy.

Pros: The drinks were available.
Cons: The drinks were expensive.

Pros: everything was fine. nothing specifically wrong or bad.
Cons: had the same food the third time this week. they could do more

Cons: 75 euros per bag on an international flight is robbery. I was also on my honeymoon, which I know shouldn't guarantee anything, but wow did it leave a bad impression, particularly when I hear stories of free upgrades all the time and I couldn't even get a free bag.

Pros: Left on time, arrived on time.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Everything was great. No complaints, just an acknowledgement abt layovers and the time needed. Had an hour an a half layover but by the time you get on line to go thru customs n security again we were definitely cutting it close but that's TSA not the airline but the airline could have maybe added another maybe 20-25 mins to the layover. We felt like world travellers running for our connecting flight tho and we loved it! Lol!
Cons: N/A

Pros: There was nothing to like about this flight!
Cons: The seats were the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. There was no leg room. My knees were in the back of the seat in front of me abd I could not move. Unless you are way below average height, don’t take this airline.

Pros: Excellent Service - pleasant flight - comfortable seats
Cons: Poor entertainment system

Cons: I booked this flight months and months ago on Kayak, excited by what I thought was an excellent deal to go visit an old friend. When I got to the Boston airport, I was told there is a fee to check a bag with the ticket type I purchased- of 90 DOLLARS each way!!! This is absurdly expensive. I tried to pay with cash as I had very little on my card, and was told this isn't possible. So I had to pay the fee, and arrive at my 7 hour layover with next to no cash on my card- too little to buy a meal in the airport. So I had a miserable layover experience. I do not recall seeing this baggage fee listed anywhere on Kayak when I booked my flight- it looks like this policy took effect in September 2017, but I booked my flight in July. I am very upset about this additional charge- it is dishonest and I will not be flying with TAP again. I am also considering using alternatives to Kayak, as the TAP representative said that it's Kayak's fault the baggage fee wasn't listed.

Pros: Very smooth

Pros: Very gentle staff. Good food and service. And I will visit Lisbon next time.
Cons: Too early in the morning. A better connection in Lis wil lhelp

Pros: Of no change is BULLSHIT

Cons: I booked these tickets for my friends Jamal Wiggins and Anthony Maxwell and they are still Lisbon. They are still in Lisbon! Their flight, 1306, had been delayed for almost 6 hours. The gate keeps changing and they've been getting ther run around all day. No food vouchers. This is horrendous. I am here at Prague airport. We only have a few days here and now one day is gone. They should be reimbursed! We are paying 400 euros for hotel rooms that aren't even being used because of this delay.

Pros: Good movie selection. Kind staff.
Cons: Attendants did not check on us for about four hours, and it was not a red-eye. So, a snack or drink would have been noce.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Delayed departure

Pros: On time, easy boarding

Pros: The food was good and there was a decent variety of things to watch.
Cons: Having another TSA check at our gate at the last minute just because we were going to New York, the whole process made our boarding time late and our take off time pushed back even though they had 3 hrs to figure it out. The main flight stuardess in charge was rude and kept giving attitude to people when they asked questions because half the people on the flight didn't understand Portuguese. I wasn't allowed to pick my seat on the website so we ended up in a middle row. The person i was traveling with is over 6 ft and could not comfortably fit in the seats. Thankfully no one sat on the end so we were able to spread out between 3 seats. The entire experience made us not want to fly into Portugal again.

Pros: Crew and food Were ok.
Cons: The whole flight, TAP decided to use low cost aircrafts to do long distance flights ..... very poor. Far too much Discomfort no entertainment at all.

Pros: Nothing so far since I'm not in Miami yet but in.. Newark.
Cons: Delay, horrible reschedule, missed flight due to a lack of time between departure and arrival, no communication, poor solutions, I had to pay for a hotel and food on my own. Goodbye TAP.

Cons: the entertainment system was outdated and did not work. For such a long flight this in not acceptable

Cons: TAP says they're partners with Jet Blue until something goes awry. didn't work as a team to troubleshoot on how to get me to Rome on time or even on the same day. missed a day of my trip. didn't compensate, didn't troubleshoot until too late. didn't work to make it right as a team. wouldn't recmmend

Cons: Food was a piece of bread with some ham.....why bother?????

Pros: The staff and no delays. Checking in , great customer services and she was vey efficient.
Cons: The uncomfortable seats .

Pros: Easy check in and bag handling
Cons: N/a

Pros: Food and attention
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Loved the customer service. Very friendly and helpful staff.
Cons: The plane was making the strangest noises!! Something with the landing gear perhaps? Very high pitched noise. Also, the boarding was horrendous. No warning of the fact that we would have such a long trek to the airplane and in the rain, no less. However, I was grateful that we ended up taking a larger plane to accommodate all of the luggage. But then the stewardess had to spray something in the air around the bins, I found that to be very strange.

Pros: Once we were boarded, everything went fairly smoothly. The cabin staff are not rude, however they are just there to serve food and drinks, and are totally uninvolved and unwilling to enforce any rules.
Cons: TAP is notorious for delaying departures, and both times I have flown with them, the flights have been delayed at least an hour. Their boarding procedure is also unorganized and often frustrating. The food is terrible. Don't eat the beef stew with Madeira sauce. It's like dog food.

Cons: NO Options for vegetarians. main curse and snacks were with meat. SANDWITCH WITH MEAT

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Chicago to Cape Verde

Airlines flying from Chicago to Cape Verde have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Chicago to Cape Verde

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Chicago to Cape Verde

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Chicago to Cape Verde

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Chicago to Cape Verde

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Chicago to Cape Verde

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