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Airline reviews

Cons: "3 1/2 hr delay"

Pros: "Crew was exceptionally nice. Live DISH TV unexpected and appreciated."

Pros: "On a quick 40 minute flight they still managed to serve coffee, water and snacks."

Pros: "Nassau security line was quick. US Customs line was quick."
Cons: "The Delta line to drop my bags was long and unorganized. The ticket agents were moving in slow motion. I waited over an hour to drop my bag. I thought I was going to miss my flight."

Pros: "Handing by any cap was great to get us on the plane on time."
Cons: "The plane we got on time to board was delayed enough to miss our connecting flight, so delayed another 3 hours when missing the next flight."

Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "All was great"

Cons: "Flight attendant in First class was visibly frustrated and unfriendly. He was not helping with my simple request for a blanket. Also, the were no food service in first class."

Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Thermostat broke, wi fi didn’t work. Temp 60 degrees entire trip. Sucked"

Cons: "More leg room and seat width. I don’t like having other passengers pressed against me."

Cons: "They have to improve the boarding process a bit."

Pros: "The food choices were broad enough for anyone. They came by with water periodically. The movies offered had a good range. The pillow was a surprisingly good size."
Cons: "Tight seating. Cold. Arm rests hurt my arms. Foot rest would have been a blessing. Blanket was too thin."

Pros: "Arrived on time"

Pros: "The staff was very nice and helpful."
Cons: "My husband and I could not fit in the seats without our shoulders being on top of each other. My shoulder was in the aisle way. I am 5’8 and my knees were up againstthe seat in front of me. Our flight from CVG to DFW had none of these problems."

Pros: "No turbulence"
Cons: "Cramed plane"

Cons: "It was delayed"

Cons: "Arrived 30 minutes late. The food is ridiculous."

Cons: "At least one hour late"

Pros: "I liked the cookies and juice. The interactive screen to watch something. The cleanliness. The price. On time. The service. Thank you. The excitement of flying."

Pros: "We had purchased economy tickets and got assigned seats that were not next to each other. As we were boarding the ticket person gave us a new seat assignment closer to the front and next to each other – we really appreciated and liked it. Makes me want to fly Delta again!"

Pros: "Departing"
Cons: "More than 4.5 hrs in taxi waiting to take off. Due to “few rain” and after 3.5 hrs we needed to refuel when we were about FINALLY close to our turn for take off. Horrible service by DELTA. Never flying again with them"

Pros: "clean plane, crew was very friendly."
Cons: "no dessert in meal"

Pros: "My travel was booked by a third party, so they selected a flight with a 37 minute layover. We left LAX ~30+ minutes late, so I less than 5. minutes to make my connection. I'm pretty sure the connecting flight waited for us to make it and the crew on the LAX flight tried to expedite those with VERY short connection off the plane as quickly as possible."
Cons: "SHORT connection times and unspecified delay made for a stressful flight."

Pros: "The crew at the airport was very courteous and helpful."
Cons: "No food; not even offered water; I asked a Delta employee about our seats and she was very unprofessional (mind you I'm traveling with kids and my boarding pass said that seats were to be assigned at the gate)."

Pros: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos, please reimburse on the credit card"
Cons: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos of the studio and musicians"

Pros: "Crew was friendly enough, but not overly."
Cons: "Entertainment system was (again) not fully functional. No success to "noon-movies", such as games. Plane was untidy almost from the beginning. Check-in staff was functional, but not particularly friendly."

Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "Did not like that they still made me pay a fee to bring my support dog aboard. Stood at the special services counter just to pay a fine for my medical animal."

Pros: "Every thing good"

Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "We were delayed an hour and a half"

Pros: "Great entertainment, comfortable seats."
Cons: "Middle seat with zero chance to switch."

Pros: "The variety of what you could listen to or watch. Liked the way the seats reclined. Plenty of leg room (I am short)."

Pros: "Food was actually ok and the crew tried to remain upbeat despite all the challenges we encountered."
Cons: "where do I start....seats are incredibly close together and once the passenger reclines their seat, it is actually painful. I don't consider myself overly tall or large at 5'10" and 190 pounds, yet I did not have circulation in my legs for nearly the entire flight. The pilot indicated that flight would be only 9 1/2 hours and ended up being 14.5 hours due to a maintenance issue that required us to make a stop in Anchorage. Pilot said it would only take 30-40 minutes to repair (supplemental oxygen bottle was apparently empty) and after 3 1/2hrs I think we were finally airborne, only to be delayed an additional 45 minutes or so upon landing because our gate was occupied by another plane. So what, they can't find another gate to use? The whole flight there was also delayed for an unexpected stop in Anchorage to get more fuel for the flight. Did they not complete proper flight planning? I'm a pilot and I know you can check winds aloft and plan your route with ample fuel for emergencies. So did this pilot not properly plan for the flight? I can go on and on about why I won't be flying with Delta for a long long the 5,000 air miles they gave me as a courtesy for putting me through so much pain...well those extra miles are useless to me. How about refunding me the cost of my horrible flight?"

Cons: "The special meal I ordered was delivered to someone else. The entertainment system wasn't functioning properly and no English susbtiles we're offered for any of the movies, unlike my previous Delta flights (for some reason there were only Chinese)"

Pros: "Delta flights run one time and their fleet seems newer than most with comfortable seating. Having free movies in the seat back ahead of you is a big plus with a good selection of movies. Snacks are good and crew is always friendly and accommodating. We fly almost exclusively with Delta for the aforementioned reasons."
Cons: "Boarding is a hassle no matter the airline with few exceptions. You would think someone could figure and efficient method to get people on the planes. I suppose it could be the public that is the problem. Not a problem with Delta they run a good airline."

Pros: "Pillow, comforter, amenity kit were all good."
Cons: "Food was acceptable, but nothing exciting or above average. Seat had some trouble reclining, but eventually worked. Entertainment unit screen had issues with acting like I was touching it when I wasn't throughout trip. Made for major annoyance watching. Delta flight 410 on Oct 1, 2017 seat 3A."

Pros: "The service on board is always GREAT! in Aeromexico"
Cons: "The flight was canceled and we were put in another flight next night. But the staff in Buenos Aires run the situation chaotically and made mistakes that infuriated many passengers. They need more training to learn how to say "I am sorry" more often and know how to avoid getting into arguments with passengers."

Pros: "we got there"
Cons: "not much to like. a 55 minute delay from a small airport to the hub is going to cause you to miss your connection. Sure enough I missed my flight home and got to spend 41/2 hours in Detroit. They said it was a weather delay. But folks getting off the plane said it was a crew problem."

Pros: "Short eas6 trio"
Cons: "Lack if parking at airport"

Cons: "Undersized overhead bins so ALL carry-on rollerbags had to be checked."

Pros: "Hard to like anything with this delay -- missed 3 appointments in Raleigh."

Cons: "It enough leg room and I am not tall. I'm 5'5""

Pros: "Left reasonably on time, arrived a bit early, able to find overhead storage for my roll-on, even boarding in Zone 3"
Cons: "Very tightly packed; minimal comfort for the flight."

Pros: "Movie selection"

Cons: "1- 2 hour delay in Atlanta, 2- Missed my RJA international connection from JFK, 3- My luggage was not delivered to me by Delta in New York. 4- Had to spend one night in a NY hotel, and pay $185 for it, and I was told that Delta doesn't pay for the hotel because the delay was caused by New York Air Traffic Control. 5- After Delta re-booked me on Air France the next day, I made it to Amman, Jordan a day late without my luggage; which arrived another day late."

Pros: "Got delayed due to the computer shutdown"

Pros: "What they offer is OK."

Cons: "turbulance"

Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I didn't get my luggage with me when I arrived to casablanca as I lived 4 hours away from the casablanca. I have to come back the next day to get my luggage. I was very mad about I noticed one of my luggage has been damaged so now I have to buy another one because I can t use it. It was disgusting."

Pros: "The flight crew was nice and polite. They served drinks and snacks in a timely manner while on the flight."
Cons: "Flight was scheduled to leave early, the plane arrived, but they couldn't turn the plane around fast enough. We left the gat late, then pilot said we would still be arriving half an hour early. We arrived about 45 minutes late, and that was a problem because our connecting flight was due to depart now in 15 minutes. Lightning forced the airport to shutdown, which was great, we had a chance to catch our flight, but we were stuck in the airplane, and we couldn't get to our gate until the all-clear. I know this is not Delta's fault, but they did arrive quite late on a flight that, according to them, would be early. They also never communicated to the other flight that there were several passengers catching that connection. So by the time we had ran to catch our connection they had closed the ramp. Lightning hit again, and they shutdown the airport once again, so the airplane was still at the gate for about an hour, and they did not allow the 20+ passengers to board that plane, which was right there. So frustrating. The only thing that saved it was that our new flight was the new airbus, and although it left an hour and a half later, the comfort level was phenomenal."

Cons: "The last 30 people on the plane were told there is no.overhead space for a second bag, so I had to check it at the gate. Once on the plane, there was plenty of overhead space. To make it worse, it was raining at my destination, and my bag, and contents, got wet while it was being unloaded."

Cons: "Good flight"

Cons: "They loose my luggage!!!!!!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delay led us to miss our connecting flight. Air Canada then lost our luggage for 6 days on our honeymoon!"

Cons: "They airline cancelled our return flight and booked us on another flight more than 2 hours later. We had an event to attend that night so we asked if they could book us on United so we wouldn't miss it. The agent outright lied and said there were no other United flights before then. As we were waiting for our flight, we heard the agents call the final call for a flight to Chicago. Truly disgusted with Air Canada - will never fly them again!"

Cons: "The seats are large, but they tilt forward. I'm 6'2" and have anxiety issues related to spinal problems. That forward pitch in the seat (half way up the seat) is an painful problem for people like me."

Cons: "Departure was late, causing me to have to run to the next gate"

Cons: "We were walking towards our seats near the end of the aircraft when this flight attendant stopped us from loading our hand luggage in the overhead bins. She made us stuff them under the seats in front of us. There was space im the overhead bin, but there was a bunch of stuff that belonged to the cabin crew. Rude."

Cons: "See above."

Pros: "Long wait for ticketing and at customs during transfer"

Pros: "One kind guy at air Canada in Toronto who was very helpful considering the lack of help from every one else. Arrived at 2 in morning exhausted."
Cons: "Attitude of staff"

Pros: "Air Canada is my favorite airline to fly. The employees are always helpful, from checking in to the flight crew."
Cons: "I only wish Economy had more leg room."

Pros: "I liked that we got a lot of food, and the movies were very good. Groups for boarding made sense and we boarded quickly"
Cons: "it was late and despite being 4.5 hours there were no free snacks or food. Only one toilet which we could never use bc of constant turbulence."

Cons: "horrible"

Cons: "No personal tv on an international flight. The tickets were pretty expensive, I would have expected a personal tv instead of having to use my cell phone- especially with spotty wifi. Chairs weren't very comfortable and the food was so so."

Pros: "The crew was attentive."
Cons: "The head phone slot did not work. Then the TVs went out which did not matter because I could not listen to them anyway."

Pros: "When I had to reschedule they were very nice about making sure that I had the information I needed and they gave me great seats on the way to London."
Cons: "My flight was Delayed and I had to reschedule that was unfortunate."

Pros: "Great Pilots The pilots were great! The weather was not optimal, but they did a great job of making us as comfortable as possible."
Cons: "Better Quality Food Needed The salted plate served was sub-standard. Also, it was full of salt and poses health risk for many people. In the past, better food was served including a pot pie. Also, the staff should be more aware of the wines to be served. And there is not enough attention paid to service in the executive cabin as the attendant runs back and forth between both cabins."

Cons: "This is the third time that I flight with Air Canada and the third time that my flight got delayed. Never again!"

Pros: "Plane was super old...peeling paint, barely any full size luggage space, no in flight tv and always late or delayed. 4/4 flights we took were delayed. This airline is the worst and were terrible at keeping us updated on delays or cancellations."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Never flying Air Canada again!!!!"

Pros: "Staff was friendly"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating"

Pros: "The crew was very friendly."
Cons: "The plane boarded early and the food was not good. The pasta was over cooked and essentially a mash."

Pros: "Staff were friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Delays leaving the gate led to longer delays taking off."

Pros: "Nothing to like about this airline. Horrible people especially in toronto, really unhelpful, extremely rude."
Cons: "Air line decided they didn't want me to take my connecting flight. Removed my luggage without consulting with me. Offered me a disgusting hotel. Forced me to pay out of pocket for food, taxis, transfers and my own hotel choice. Staff were so rude. No explanation to why they removed my bags. I made it in plenty of time for my connecting flight but airline had just decided. No staff member was interested in answering my questions or helping. They all just wanted to sod off home. they just didn't care."

Pros: "Despite weather travel delayed I was taken care of very well. Comfortable seats. More leg room. Friendly, calm crew."
Cons: "We were not given the option to change our flight out from Chicago when we knew we wouldn't make the connection in Montreal due to weather."

Pros: "The plane was new and pretty clean"
Cons: "Food was horrible. Crew was useless. No organization."

Pros: "Must bring your own electronic device"
Cons: "The temperature in the cabin was Frigid, even with blanket, 2 pairs of socks my coat & scarf I was freezing!"

Pros: "The plane was delayed and I had a short layover so I was maybe not going to make it to my next flight so they transferred me to another airline and was upgraded to first class for free!"
Cons: "I disliked that my flight was originally at 4 pm and the one that I was changed to didn't leave until 8 pm"

Pros: "The food was very good, and the alcohol was free even the second time around which i liked"

Pros: "Very friendly staff."
Cons: "Left late so missed connection. Was put up in a mediocre hotel."

Cons: "Deplaning and entering the terminal was delayed substantially."

Pros: "Very friendly crew. Smooth flight."
Cons: "No entertainment. Great person sat next to me."

Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "It was like flying in 1995. They may want to consider buying more modern planes."

Pros: "This is awful flight coz I brought it from kayak"
Cons: "Flight delayed due to plane defect. Stayed in plane for more than 5 hours. Baggage lost. Never made it on time"

Pros: "good entertainment but otherwise average or less"

Pros: "the crew was great, food was alright, and overall I enjoyed my flight"
Cons: "the only entertainment was able to connect to apple products or a renatble iPad. I don't have an apple product so that was a bit annoying"

Pros: "The crew on the flight was nice, and the entertainment was good."
Cons: "Our first Air Canada flight was 2hr delayed due to mechanical error. After a 2hr delay, we finally flew for 1hr, had awful turbulence on the way down, and got to Toronto only to find out there was no customer service desk. We missed our connection with Luftanza and had to fly Air Canada again. First off, we couldn't get on another flight until the next morning. Then the desk never called the hotel they gave us the voucher for, so when we showed up at midnight the hotel was fully booked and had no room for us. We had to fly into Heathrow instead of Gatwick (final destination was Brighton for an international conference). We missed the entire first day of the meeting and had to rent a car for 65 pounds each to take us to Brighton from Heathrow, finally arriving at our hotel by midnight. The customer service was non-existent for Air Canada. We literally are going to have to email them."

Pros: "The flight was comfortable. Entertainment choices were varied and generous."
Cons: "o'Hare needs an upgrade."

Pros: "How quick it waz"
Cons: "How close the seats were"

Pros: "Friendly crew. Very smooth flight. Easy to navigate terminal."
Cons: "Nothing!"

Pros: "I liked the way they handled the rain delay. Although inconvenient, they were transparent with the process"
Cons: "The lack of certainty whether we were removed or stilling our connecting flight to delay."

Cons: "Long delay because the catering company forgot to replenish the aircraft."

Pros: "The crew was good!"
Cons: "I wished that there were opportunities given for beverages. I also would have liked more explanations on how to connect to the entertainment."

Pros: "I like having the trip map in front of me so I can track progress. Usually I don't get it on flights this short."

Pros: "The crew was friendly, there was entertainment available via the display on the back of the seat."
Cons: "The touchscreen display wasn't working properly, making it difficult to control things like volume. I would have preferred a display with physical buttons that took a bit more time than the weirdly synced touch screen"

Pros: "Exceptional ground staff particularly the gentleman who checked me-in in ORD and the German speaking lady in YYZ (gate agent). Also the gate agent in FRA. last but not least, the Very friendly crews on all 3 segments"
Cons: "The food was a bit blend and not worth the calories."

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Ok"

Pros: "Services"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Ticketed for Air Canada, but it was a code share flight with United Airlines. The check in at United took over 15 minutes because my reservation was not recognized by the United online system. Luckily a United agent was able to work through my paperwork and get me checked in, with luggage, via Ottawa to London, Heathrow. However, at the boarding gate for my flight to Ottawa, my boarding pass was deemed invalid and it took another 15 minutes to issue a new boarding pass - with seating at the back of the bus. Was a frustrating/annoying process. Luckily I encountered two capable United employees who worked to resolve the issues."

Pros: "Nothing,Bad customer service and terrible accomodation. Will never use it again."
Cons: "Where do I even start. I was issued a ticked with which I required a canadian transit visa which was never mentioned anywhere. Now I had to get a whole new ticket because you didn't refund me anything. Thanks for that. Never using you guys again."

Cons: "Thank you so much really was the best price I got"

Cons: "Flight was good! Needs better inflight entertainment selection"

Pros: "I would like my money back,because I paid almost 50$ for the travel insurance. Would you please help me. Thanks"

Pros: "cheap fare"
Cons: "better airport connections"

Pros: "The crews were amazing, food was okay, overall pretty good"

Pros: "The crew was really nice."
Cons: "The check-in process was a disaster. First we couldn't check-in online, so we couldn't choose our seats. When we arrived at the airport and asked to be seated together, they said there are no 3 seats together anymore. What's the point of traveling together with friends if we are seated far away?"

Pros: "Good food Free accomodation for layover"
Cons: "Too long"

Pros: "very Good service"

Cons: "Food"

Cons: "Service is bad. Food if not good as well."

Cons: "If we weren’t delayed for our flight and didnt missed this flight, i would have given a good review and be a good camper. I am requesting a refund/credit for a next flight purchase due to the incident. Please contact me at Thank you"

Cons: "They did not have a vegetarian option available to me on board. They should have offered bottled water for a a flight this long to avoid dehydration. Also my entertainment system was faulty. It didn’t offer a wide selection of movies and halfway through the flight or completely shut down. I couldn’t even listen to music or track the flight. Staff also had difficulty understanding my English so I gave up on communication."

Pros: "Good service, friendly cabin crews and on-time flight. Great price."
Cons: "no USB for charger; limited drink selection; restroom not as clean or as often cleaned as some other airlines"

Pros: "The overall experience was good. The crew was very helpful and responsive."
Cons: "If you take a late night flight from LAX they will wake you up to feed you about an hour or hour and a half after take off. It was quite uncomfortable to be asleep and to suddenly have all the lights turned on and woken up to sit the seat upright. It would definitely recommend waiting till after this to fall asleep. Not the crews fault, I just wasn’t aware of this."

Pros: "A lot of movies and good options to enjoy time while flying"

Pros: "Flight was on time, boarding was smooth, new equipment, crew very efficient, polite and helpful."
Cons: "The food was mediocre at best."

Pros: "The price"
Cons: "In business, food was unedible !!!! Flight attendants can’t speak English. They still using bus to transfer you from airplane to terminal witch take lots of time . Then u have a layover in Guangzhou China. They still working on internet service and only one place to eat really bad food . I highly recommend to bring your food with you. And to make everything just great I never received my luggage. Of course you try to call customer service. Guess what no one is available"

Pros: "It wasn’t a difficult flight"
Cons: "Wish there would’ve been inflight entertainment"

Pros: "and clean aircraft. I ordered LFML and will again. Well done. Inflight staff was efficient but not friendly."
Cons: "On the 77W - CZ657 CAN SFO, the economy aisle seat 57G is a normal economy seat but the overhead luggage bin does not open."

Pros: "Good es good"
Cons: "Non"

Cons: "of course they didn’t transfer our meal requests to the new flight. all the staff were grumpy."

Pros: "1. Boarding was on time and orderly. 2. The vegetarian meal was fine except for the penne pasta which hardly had any sauce. So it was like gnawing the more-than-aldente pasta - plain starch."
Cons: "1. The flight from LAX to Goungzhou was 1 hour late. We were all in the plane by 10 PM and the plane was to leave at 10:30 PM. It left 11:30 with all the passengers sitting on the plane for 1 1/2 hours! The delay made the rush to make it to the next flight in Guangzhou was stressful and exhausting. 2. I reserved an aisle seat beforehand because medical issue that require frequent trip to the rest room. The reservation person told me that I would have a window seat on the 2nd floor but no one is seated next to me. That was not the case. There was a person beside me that had to be disturbed frequently for my rest room trips. And this was a 15 hour trip."

Pros: "The flight attendants are great, and doing their best in a broken system..."
Cons: "The airline is always late, and you will consistently miss connecting flights. They will do nothing to accommodate you, or make your wait for the next flight any better. They've lost my luggage on 30% of my flights with them. Also, the entertainment system and selection is dated, and the food is hit or miss."

Pros: "They booked me on the next flight without much hassle."
Cons: "The plane was late so I missed my connecting flight."

Pros: "The flight was calm, though that's at the mercy of weather but taking off and landing was very smooth for a big Airbus. Easy to board ans staffs were great and courteous."
Cons: "The food wasn't bad but not on par with other airlines. But not bad."

Pros: "The service, food, and comfort are amazing. Their entertainment selection (movies) were larger than most other international flights I've been on. I was really impressed."

Pros: "The plane eventually did arrive"
Cons: "The plane was two hours late so we arrived at 2:30 am"

Pros: "Penty if room.plenty of staff on board"

Cons: "Hello, my son is the first time a man back to China, when we go back the plane delayed three hours in guangzhou, return, plane in xinzheng airport delays again, didn't catch the direct flight to New York, stay one night in guangzhou, endorse the flight from New York's flight to South Korea for my son, his first trip is so bad!"

Pros: "Cabin service was polite and friendly (one attendant especially helpful)."
Cons: "Food (New York origin?) was not interesting. Do not care for plastic fork and spoon."

Cons: "We could not check on line"

Cons: "We waited for over an hour to get our luggage and then it came out on a different carousel and was not announced. But that may have been the fault of the Bali airport and not China Southern."

Pros: "The free gift bag of food given out after 3 hours of delay."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 5 1/2 hours. Bags were delayed upon arrival."

Cons: "Worst experience with the airline, but personal interactions were decent. The airline changed their flight times and subsequently changed our seating arrangements. They were impossible to get ahold of, and it took an international call to be told we would be charged more to change our seats back. Once we were at the gate, it was easier to speak directly with the agent."

Pros: "The flight crew were extremely hard working and efficient."
Cons: "Plenty of time at point of connection yet bags didn't fly with me to final destination. Not very impressed with the A380"

Pros: "Great service on the plane."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 3 hours."

Pros: "The food is great"

Pros: "Flight was fast & good service by flight attendants."
Cons: "Food served was mediocre."

Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "The food was lame"

Pros: "The ground crew at GuangZhou was very helpful in leading us from our delayed flight to our 2nd flight,"
Cons: "Our 1st return flight from Wuhan to GuangZhou was delayed for an hour, and we almost missed our flight back to the US by minutes as we have to go through Customs. But we had to pay for a cart transportation from the terminal because it was too far away. I felt like China Southern should've paid for the transport service, as it was their fault that we almost missed our flight."

Cons: "Flight delayed 90 minutes. Poor communications in boarding area. No bi-lingual staff. Food consisted of a cup of yogurt, banana, and stale bread. Awful. Cabin crew was rude. Spouse's entertainment system did not work correctly."

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Quick and efficient check-in. Very helpful personnel - I went away to pay my excess baggage and returned to a long line - but, the check-in clerk beckoned me to the front and handed me my boarding pass! Nice!!"
Cons: "Massive lines for security gates......if my flight had not been delayed, I would have missed my flight. I was in the security line for over 90 minutes!"

Pros: "Food (chicken and rice) was slightly better. Quiet ride"
Cons: "Soap in the restroom ?"

Pros: "China Southern is just fine, no better or worse than any other airline."
Cons: "I used China Southern to go to Delhi, transiting through Wuhan and Guangzhou. They make you get off with all your carry-on items in both locations, through a cattle run of security and confusing immigration lines, only to end up in exactly the same plane and seat as before. It's a major hassle during the early hours of the morning jetlagged and tired, and for myself, is not worth the few dollars in savings."

Pros: "None."
Cons: "The flexibility to changes of date of flight if you really need to. End up will pay much more than purchase whole round-trip ticket with other airline. Can't request seat changes even before few days or weeks of the flight. Overall not really feel comfort."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Kinda rude flight atendants, poor food and warm beer And no alchoohol,"

Pros: "The crew are nice. Some have difficulties in dealing with Westerners. Awful food."
Cons: "Awful food"

Cons: "I did not have a complete ticket until approximately 24-hours before departure and only after I called literally for weeks, and then finally told them I wanted to cancel. Then all legs of the trip were suddenly booked, but seats were not confirmed. I was charged a $450 cancellation fee despite the fact that they did not do their job because I was unable to trust anything they were doing, and subsequently booked my flight direct through Delta. Please keep in mind I purchased the ticket on July 3, 2016 and was unable to provide me a complete ticket until the night of August 16, 2016 with a August 17, 2016 departure date to China! I can honestly say this was the worst travel booking experience I've ever had."

Pros: "Staff was very helpful to get me to my connecting flight on time."
Cons: "Lack of communication that the flight was diverted by weather and would result in a very late arrival"

Cons: "The air plane was really old"

Pros: "seats selection was too difficult as the net services were not good"
Cons: "the service from air china pripor departure"

Cons: "Delayed though can’t complain much"

Pros: "Crew member helped me get extra space for injured leg by having a passenger next to me find a new seat."
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "The food was good and the seating was great as well"
Cons: "I wish there was a menu to request more food and drinking. I only had 2 drinks with my meals for the entire flight."

Pros: "The crew was indeed amazing. Food was ok. We had a tight connection and on request there was a Air China employee at the gate who speed processed us through the rather complex Beijing airport and made sure that we reached our connecting flight well in time. The plane was a newish 777-300ER."

Pros: "Crew very helpful, patient, and kind."
Cons: "Despite leaving on time, the flight usually arrives about 1 hour behind schedule. We took 4 flights with Air China and all 4 arrived to the gate about an hour after scheduled."

Pros: "The food."
Cons: "Entertainment system"

Cons: "Delayed an hour due to inbound flight late on schedule"

Pros: "crew and general experience was great"
Cons: "baggage mishandling"

Pros: "Yes they where excellent on everyway possible but the 1st hour of the flight was rough."

Pros: "It was an "average" flight"
Cons: "Food sent me and others to the bathroom---not good"

Pros: "Crew very friendly"
Cons: "Seats are hard and uncomfortable"

Pros: "Constant service through out the night on long 12 hour segment. Hostess was constantly walking up/down aisle serving great green tea and juices. Unlike other airline where crew puts off lights and go to sleep too"
Cons: "Food totally tailored to Chinese tastes. Though Muslim meal pre ordered was ok Beijing airport no WiFi and terrible security check"

Cons: "We only had one hour to catch our connecting flight, which was canceled and rescheduled by air China not by customer. Rude!"

Cons: "missed connected flight"

Pros: "The crew was very professional"
Cons: "My Tv couldn’t work"

Pros: "The movie selection was very good."
Cons: "We were supposed to leave at 3:00 PM and the flight didn't actually leave until 4:45 PM. The food was not very good and I had to ask for water. I got a whole bottle of water on the flight from Shenyang to Beijing but on the flight from Beijing to LA I was only offered 2 cups of water. It was hard to get comfortable so I could sleep."

Pros: "Budget airlines with all basic facilities"

Pros: "Perfect service. New equipment. On time. Business class feels like First Class. Attendants are punctilious and extraordinarily well trained. Seem to enjoy their work. Almost zero slip ups."
Cons: "No English language international or domestic papers. Nothing from Europe in any language. No Western media news or analysis. Film selections in English are limited, dated and bad."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Every thing First of flight got cancelled for no reason only Maybe because the plane was not full Oh my god no body can speak English there All the immigrants officers all staff none of them And boarding was outside by ladder it was freezing cold Cold and wind was up maybe 100 mile very bad for Kids all the children was crying Very bad service will never travel with any Chinese air Line again And the bo"

Cons: "this long flight was made much more difficult by the 10 hour layover in cold airport 11F outside while we had no cold weather clothes (since we were in 90F Thailand previous). We should have had short layover but flight got cancelled and terrible rebooking had us waiting 10 hours in middle of our trip at Beijing. The food on the flight was poor and the crew never came around to offer water."

Pros: "meals were served well, free beer and wine was great"
Cons: "food was not good, no veggie option , plane seemed outdated, seats crammed, in flight entertainment was not good. Remotes and navigation were terrible."

Pros: "Bathrooms were clean. Foot rests were comfortable."
Cons: "Chairs did not recline much for such a long flight."

Pros: "not too full. included a meal even though it was a night 5 hour flight."

Pros: "Boarding was okay.Flight was on time."
Cons: "The food was TERRIBLE not fit for humans.Crew was very unprofessional and rude."

Cons: "Beijing security was an absolute mess. their security measures were absolutely deplorable. Many people missed their flights. Confiscated my iphone charger that passed security measures twice before them."

Pros: "The blankets they give you are quite soft and the food isn’t too bad."
Cons: "Another flight we’ve had with air China that ran late (3 of 4 flights we had on our trip, all air China, were late). The cabin temperature is a bit warmer than most airlines."

Pros: "It was an experience..."
Cons: "The shuttle to the plane took a good 20 min."

Cons: "very inconvinient"

Pros: "The service was good. The aircraft was an old aircraft and noisy."
Cons: "Aircraft was old and noisy."

Cons: "The China Air flight from ULN to PEK was delayed by 12 hours and no compensation was received by China Air...i lost one day of work..."

Cons: "I checked in online on Air China's website, and then when I arrived at the airport in New York and waited an hour in the security line, TSA did not let me through because the boarding pass I downloaded from their website onto my phone did not scan on their machine, so they wanted a paper boarding pass. When I went to the Air China employees at the airport, they were all already gone so I couldn't get a paper boarding pass. Because of this I missed my flight. On the way back home, in the airport in Manila, I was checking in and the Air China employee told me that because I missed my flight in New York, I am not allowed on the return flight. This is outrageous!!! I had to get 2 new tickets with a different airline and it cost me $1200 extra!!!"

Cons: "Plane were smelly Crew could not speak English Baggage didn't come"

Pros: "Everything was mediocre, at best. I've had flights with Cathay and Asiana, and the flight was much more comfortable there."
Cons: "I think the plane arrived on time. However, we were allowed to disembark from the plane at the BOARDING TIME of our connecting flight! We ended up missing our connecting flight since the TSA had a long line, and even with the security letting us pass through, we did not make it to our gate. A group of people from the same flight with me had to wait 9 hours for the next flight to Los Angeles from Beijing. The WiFi at the airport was horrible. Can't even load simple Facebook messenger. We could not update our loved ones waiting for us at LAX."

Pros: "Boarding is quite ordered, on time"
Cons: "Gateway at Beijing Int Airport designed to/ from US bound is very far at the end of every thing, and even though they are doing their jobs as what of required, flight attendants need to put more smiles and greetings to customers. Food is somewhat just ok to fill your stomach."

Cons: "since this portion of my flight was cancelled by air china they tried to book me on the next day but my husband decided to come meet me in beijing after getting me a hotel and driver to pick me up the night that i was stranded. i told air china not to book me on the flight the following morning that i wasn't going to take it. they never did that and ended up cancelling the entire remaining flights on air china. this was the worst experience with an airline i've ever experienced."

Pros: "The flight was crazy cheap. The boarding was fast a simple enough, and the food was pretty good for airplane food. Overall I would probably pay this price to fly this airline again, but if I had to pay even 30 or 40 dollars more I would not."
Cons: "The Crew was crazy bad. They had plenty good enough English they just didn't give a rip if we needed something. My son spilled his yogurt on his lap so I asked for paper to get it cleaned up. The lady just huffed and walked away, I thought to get napkins, but nope, she never came back. This was one of several things that were just lazy or rude on the flight. Also, While I get that this is Air China, so most of the entertainment would be Chinese, the last time I flew Korean Air, and China Southern on international flights they had a pretty good international entertainment selection. Not so on Air China! there were about 4 English choices, and nothing else. Again, I would fly this again at this price (600 for round trip from CGO to DEN) but for even 30-40 dollars more, I would find something else."

Pros: "The seat next to me was empty."
Cons: "Air China had a delayed flight so I would miss my connection and their representatives in Beijing were rude about helping me contact my family to let them know about the situation. The food was the worst I've ever had and no one had beverages on the plane, I had to go get it myself."

Pros: "People were nice"
Cons: "Food"

Cons: "Delayed twice , served bad food, expired cookies and missing a luggage. 1st tym flying and last. You know what they say, " you get what you paid for"."

Pros: "The ticket agent in Manila was by far the most helpful, Professional and Articulate Agent I have ever met. I certainly tip my hat to Air China and those Professionals used to Ticket and assist Passengers.. I flew into Los Angeles from Pittsburgh, Pa On United Airlines Two week Prior and was charged an Excessive Baggage Fees , not counting the high priced Ticket and made to feel like an animal. Although I paid 436 USD for the ticket, I was treated as though they were flying me for free. (United Airlines) I wish the Local Airlines could learn from the International Airlines when it comes to common courtesy."

Cons: "My flight was cancelled. I was never notified about the cancelation. Found out about it when I got to the airport."

Pros: "It was an okay flight, nothing that great to speak of."
Cons: "Breakfast was pretty deplorable."

Pros: "The service and other features o nth trip were pretty much on par with what you would expect from international airlines, so nothing to write home about these."
Cons: "1) Missed connection - my flight from New Delhi, CA 948, took off about a half hour late, resulting in a delay in landing in Beijing, and me missing my connecting flight to Washington DC. Not sure whom the blame for the delayed flight lies with, but the time gap between the two flights was only an hour, and this delay added about 12 hours to my journey, including a forced stay in Beijing. While the airline provided free accommodation and assisted in changing the flight, this error should not have happened at all in the first place. I guess I knew this possibility existed when I booked the flight, but I was hoping the airline would be competent enough to avoid it."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed causing me to missed my flight. I actually got to the terminal while my flight CA987 was boarding for LAX but they won't let me board. My seat was sold to a standby pas sender. This happened to like 15 of us. Spent the next 7 hrs at Beijing airport trying to get a flight back to LAX. BEIJING is the most inefficient and worst airport ever."

Pros: "Nice plane, nice crew, no problems."
Cons: "Plane was empty and passengers were not allowed to spread out for more room and comfort."

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Service!!! Not great communication with customers. The line fir cancelled flight was disorganized and wait for 4 hours."

Pros: "Nothing at all from start to finish"
Cons: "Bad service, bad food, bad entertainment system, nasty bathrooms, bad service, dirty planes, bad service."

Cons: "I lost one luggage and is still waiting for Air China finding it."

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