Find cheap flights from Chicago O'Hare Airport to Lerwick


Find cheap flights from Chicago O'Hare Airport to Lerwick

Chicago (ORD)
Lerwick Sumburgh
Fri 10/23
Fri 10/30
Any month
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How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights from Chicago O'Hare Airport to Lerwick?

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Top airline flying Chicago O'Hare Intl to Lerwick Sumburgh

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

British Airways
Overall score based on 22,794 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Waited for over an hour for trams to retrieve us from the aircraft."

Pros: "Excellent crew"
Cons: "Delay of more than 1 hr"

Cons: "Seat in row ahead was broken, causing it to recline too far and not correctly return upright"

Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Dinner"

Pros: "Roomy for the economy seats"

Pros: "Stow rack on window seat"
Cons: "Seats recline in your face"

Cons: "Flight was an hour late in boarding Plane was waasay to cold, even with a blanket i was freezing My TV screen and chair was disgusting My sons pillow had blood stains Flight attendant was rude Not enough movie selection"

Pros: "Pilot was nice"
Cons: "The chaos boarding, unorganized crew, missing our transfer flight and not given options to book differently"

Pros: "Boarding efficient, take off on time, flight smooth, crew professional."

Pros: "The crew was kind and patient."
Cons: "British Airways issued me and several others faulty boarding passes so I could not get through security and had to wait over 6 hours for the ticket counter to open so they could print me a whole boarding pass with a new barcode (I tried calling and they just told me to wait for the ticket counter to open). The emails they sent me with my tickets were all different and confusing, sending to different web pages to retrieve my boarding pass."

Cons: "The flight was delayed three hours, would miss our connecting flight.! Took another airline"

Pros: "The food, entertainment, and service was superb! Very easy to overlook how late the flight was. I appreciated the blanket and other items provided!"
Cons: "After a week, I still do not have my luggage. This is due to the flight being delayed 2 hours and I do not know why it was delayed. Because it was delayed, I missed my connecting flight."

Pros: "Flight attendants really are nice folks"
Cons: "1. Bought ticket via kayak chicago to prague, so I got outgoing trip on British airways but they codeshare it out to Aer Lingus. Unfortunately, these dumbos haven't figured out that no matter what the gyrations they do, I still want to be able to pick my seat beforehand. Nada. Not possible online. And forget calling aer lingus 800 number. called twice and was on hold for 30 min each time, they dont bother answering. 2. At airport, I was willing to pay extra for a good seat because of the issues above, so they said they would help me out. Ha - the manager who purportedly was helping me out gave me a seat up front next to a shrieking infant and behind a bassinet (he knew exactly what he was doing but didnt care). They really lie and think we're idiots. 3. Same thing for flight from dublin to prague. This time last row next to toliets Dont fly aer lingus if you dont book directly with them, same for british airways I looked at BA's website - they do let you book a seat in advance but you must pay something for every single seat. Crazy. There are no free seats"

Pros: "entertainment"
Cons: "the snack before arrival consisted of a protein bar"

Pros: "New plane, very comfortable seating. The headphones in biz class were awesome, forgot I was on the plane. Overall best American Airlines flight and I do fly them a lot. Also liked the dual screens option."
Cons: "The seat control in the touch pad - not conveniently placed"

Cons: "Missed flight due to connection delay"

Cons: "Nothing that could be controlled just a lot of turbulence. It would be nice for the pilot to reassure passengers"

Pros: "The gate agent"

Pros: "nothing-"
Cons: "I flew about 1 million miles and truly felt like a sardine- absolutely NO leg room and very archaic entertainment system. NEVER AGAIN !"

Cons: "Everything was great about this flight, except that I had a row of seats that would not allow the arm rest to go down. So even though I had 2 empty seats to my left I could not utilize them, which would have made the flight so much better. When asked I was told that the "curve" of the plane would not allow it. This should have been mentioned when I booked and chose those seats."

Pros: "Great service, wonderful food. Very little turbulence and about 30 minutes early."

Cons: "Seat selection process was cumbersome."

Cons: "The flight was 2.5 hours late."

Cons: "The flight took off and 30 minutes into the flight to Paris, we were returned to Chicago for an unexplained mechanical problem. After 5 hrs delay, the flight was cancelled. I had to run to another desk for help and was rebooked on an Air France flight but did not receive miles for either BA or AF. Completely unprofessional and chaotic. Miserable to say the least because I missed the wedding that I was flying to, the only reason I flew there!"

Pros: "Food was good. Special meal request was well handled. Not lost in the shuffle."
Cons: "Even paying high price for Economy Plus did NOT give me more space. Leg could be better but width wise seats are tight like coach. Hardly an elbow room. Make Eco+ seats wider to justify higher price !!!"

Cons: "No working entertainment in our entire row. Bad qaulity seats"

Pros: "Nice large plane that wasn't near capacity."
Cons: "Long delay with minimal compensation. Gave us a rebooked connection that we had near zero chance of making."

Cons: "It was extremely hot on the plane. for the first 30 minutes there was no ac available and there was little to no help from the staff. I asked for water to cool myself down and ov waited about ten minutes to get it after hitting my help button multiple times. The flight attendants may have been overwhelmed with the requests as there were many just like me who struggled so they came off very rude. The plane was also not updated at all - not personal entertainment and once again, no ac/air for people to control."

Pros: "Crew where very nice"
Cons: "Lack of room"

Pros: "Grest staff"

Pros: "Saved 5 hours by being changed to a non-stop for the same fee."
Cons: "Working with Iberia to get accessible seating took ten irritating phone calls."

Cons: "The flight was awful! Boarding was unorganized. Once on the plane, space was TIGHT! I have flown with Iberia before and had leg room and TVs behind the chairs. This was not like this. Seats were uncomfortable for an 8 hour flight, smelly, and flimsy. I have never been more uncomfortable. The crew were nice but one was very rude to a passenger snapping at him and all ignored a very drunk man on my flight as much as possible. This man was very disruptive for most of the flight singing, shaking seats, touching other passengers, and walking about the flight. I did not feel safe at all! The staff would tell him to sit down, walk away, and he would be instantly back up. Staff would see this and ignore. I had no idea what to do. I felt unsupported and unsafe. The flight had constant turbalence to go along with it. To the point that they canceled dinner. I wanted to kiss the ground when I got off the flight. This was absolutely miserable. I could not be more disappointed."

Pros: "Entertainment was decent with new releases"
Cons: "Temperature of the aircraft was too cold, felt like being in the north pole, despite telling the crew, it remained like that the entire flight Delayed flight Crew not very nice"

Pros: "Friendly helping crew"
Cons: "They changed the gate three times and there was one and a half delay in take off"

Cons: "seats in World Traveller are the worst. I've never felt so painful sitting in an airplane seat. The curve of the seat makes it so that one must crane their neck the entire trip. The headrest sticks out a lot, further contributing to this problem. Anyone with half decent posture is going to have a bad time in these seats. I saw the club world seats while exiting the plane and wanted to cry,"

Pros: "I really liked how it was just one flight and no lay overs, the crew was very nice, and the food was good."
Cons: "It was very late and delayed."

Pros: "The crew was helpful and nice. The food was also nice. I had a gluten free meal and it was enjoyable."
Cons: "The plane itself was old there were no tvs on the seats so the "in flight entertainment" was awful. When you plugged headphones in there was an awful noise that prevented you from hearing anything from the movie/show. Considering this was a transatlantic flight, the plane should have been better. We were also delayed due to maintenance that needed to be done on the flight. Luckily London was my last stop so I was not late for anymore flights but a lot of people on the plane were. I was very disappointed and will be disappointed again if my return flight has the same issues."

Pros: "ORD -> MAD The flight was on time, it boarded on time, it took off only a few minutes late (you can blame that on incredibly crowded ORD). It landed, on time, to an empty terminal. The plane itself was new, very clean, and very well kept. The crew was friendly and spoke a wide variety of languages, including English, French, and of course Spanish. They had no issue with Latin American Spanish or European Spanish accents, which is a concern for some. Overall the flight got me to my destination on time, in one piece, and without breaking the bank."
Cons: "The seats, oh the dreaded seats. In economy class the seats are the most uncomfortable thing you can sit on for 8 hours. If they replaced them with plastic folding lawn chairs, you would have a better time. But that is what you get for flying coach."

Pros: "The staff are good, and that is probably the only good part. This trip is operated by American Arilines"
Cons: "The airplain is too old. It is time to upgrade. Each seat should has its own TV. There should be a charger too on this long flight."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful. Flight smooth."
Cons: "Selecting seats was impossible because it was a British Airways flight operated by American Airlines - when I selected change seats on BA site it would send me to and when I tried selecting seats there it sent me to and on it went circles. I was finally able to select seats at the airport. Flight would have also been better if on demand entertainment was available at each seat in coach like newer planes."

Pros: "Wow! The padding in the seats was gone, the headrests didn't work (supposed to go up and down and side wings, to assist sleeping in place, did not work.) The upholstery was all frayed and there were no headsets to listen to the video/audio unless you brought your own. This on a 4+ hour flight!?! It's a new, spartan world out there. The most difficult part was to see one flight attendant working hard while another sat in her jump seat and read her Bible (commendable, but still....) Overall, I'd say it was a bare-bones flight. The cheese and crackers available for purchase for $8.49 was modest but good; it's hard to screw up cheese and crackers. I won't choose American again to make this particular leg of travel (again, I bought the return from an agency that said it was a British Airways flight, but ended up being operated by American Airlines.)"

Pros: "A nice surprise for the kids. Movies are all free in any class of seat. current blockbusters are in the choices. The children's choices were great as well. A dinner was included again for every class of service."
Cons: "Nothing!"

Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Food was not good"

Cons: "We were delayed 3 hours which is frustrating. The plane was an older model with small seats, no individual TVs, poor food ( to be truthful, the food was typical airline food.)."

Pros: "it was long time waiting ."

Cons: "That was the tightest seats I have ever been in"

Pros: "Friendly crew and the flight was on time."
Cons: "I was seated in the back so the lights from the service area interfered with sleep(overnight flight)."

Cons: "We arrived at the check in desk we were told that our booking has been cancelled. Obviously we were shocked as we were had not been notified that was the case. We were able to work with the airline crew but it was a disjointed journey that meant we arrived at our destination a day late. We did not have the seats we had made sure we booked (obviously) and I missed work the next day. We would like to know how to go about claiming compensation for the errors made in not contacting us about the changes."

Cons: "The flight was extremely delayed. The staff at the Chicago airport acted arrogantly when addressing passengers. A $12 voucher was issued however there were only 3 places open at that time and not only were they very far away from the gate, but the lines quickly grew to be longer than many passengers were willing to wait. Beyond this, when passengers did go to ask for an update they were quickly forced to take a voucher instead of any information and if they tried to refuse it on account of the extremely long lines, the phrase "go get something to eat and relax. We are giving you this voucher." was repeated until the passenger gave up and relented. I then was met by a team of flight attendants who were as annoyed as we were, and not only did they announce the fact that they were "as annoyed as we were" but that we should remember that and not take it out on them. The request to not "take it out on the crew" was made at least 4 times during the flight, including upon landing in a way that made it seem as though the passengers were children in need of reprimand. This treatment made an already uncomfortable delay much worse. Beyond this, I was extremely disappointed to find that my flight on British Airways was being flown by American Airlines without being advertised. I have not flown with AA since my last poor experience on an international flight with them, and I am sad to say that due to this experience I will not be choosing to fly British Airways unless I can be sure there will not be a flight with American Airlines."

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