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Top airlines flying District of Columbia to Tromso/Langnes

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
LufthansaOverall score based on 27942 reviews

Pros: Great staff , amazing dinner, and the entertainment screen size was best
Cons: Seats could be a little bigger

Cons: Frankfurt connecting flights, security, and Passport control are terribly inefficient, with unclear guides to get passengers from B gates to A gates.

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: Better food, some entertainment, better bathrooms

Cons: Food poor going to Munich , legroom poor.

Pros: the crew was good , seat was not so comfortable
Cons: seat need to be more soft for a trip during 8h //

Pros: Excellent seats, excellent and friendly service:)

Pros: Not enough restrooms the food was not the good mor
Cons: More choices for food seats not comfortable too narrow no space

Pros: Everything except the checking in process

Pros: the airplane was brand new. l really like it and the crew was nice.
Cons: The seats were not super comfortable in economy class. There was enough leg-room but the seat itself was not.

Pros: Yes, everything was great

Pros: The crew was very friendly and provided excellent service
Cons: The seat could have been a little bit more comfortable. Then again for a long trip, unless you are in business or first class, it's not going to be that comfortable.

Cons: Fight could have been on time! It was over 45 minutes late, because of the crew

Pros: Efficient boarding, friendly crew, nice range of entertainment options.
Cons: An economy seat is an economy seat ....

Cons: Better food/choice-make it on time....and its quite cold in the plane-not sure why.

Cons: I was in the middle seat and my neighbor was a mentally challenged person who should not have travelled. She annoyed me the whole trip. Movie selection was very disappointing.

Pros: Touch screen is sharp and responsive.
Cons: Food is ok. Used to be better a few years ago when the cuisine had a Southest Asian fusion style.

Cons: The temperature on the airplane was uncomfortably warm. Not sure what was up with the AC but I had to change clothes and freshen up once arriving at my layover.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The flight left 19 minutes early, stranding 7 people who were connecting from New Orleans. We ran across the entire airport and made it to the gate before departure time. The employee at Lufthansa Senator lounge was nice enough to tell us that the crew must have felt like leaving early. She was very nonchalant about the whole issue. She also refused to assist us, and told us we needed to exit the airport and reenter through the ticketing counter. I upheld my end of the deal by reaching the gate in time. This situation needs to be rectified.

Pros: Greate service, good food, planty of legs room, everything on schedule and super comunication via email, text messeges!

Pros: Treated passengers well - even those of us in steerage. Food was excellent and entertainment options plentiful. Coach is still coach, and it’s hard to settle in for a nap. So, if arriving rested is important to you, spring for business class.

Pros: Underseat AC power and USB power was the highlight of the trip.
Cons: Food portions were tiny. Totally dehydrated at the end of the flight, and water was passed out in 100 mL servings. Insufficient space under the seat for a backpack.

Pros: I wasn't expecting free in-flight movies and meals, which were very welcome

Cons: After usual perfect service from Luftahansa, I noticed that my lagguage was opened and destroyed.

Pros: Impecable service. Even worth flying through FRA.
Cons: Nothing. Everything, as always, great. Keep it up.

Cons: This particular flight was delayed beyond reaching the next sep,so we have to rebook our flight threw Chicago in uncomfortable hurry.

Pros: Boarding was made seamless. Seating legroom always seems to be better then others I have flown with. Food seems to be better too. The flight crew is very friendly!

Cons: Walked a very long way in Frankfurf airport to transfer to another flight.

Cons: Frankfurt Airport is awful! Finding how to go thru immigration and being sent to three different places. Trying to figure out how to get to baggage claim. And the. Sorting out trains into the city. Worse than Charles de Gaul and I thought that was the real rock bottom.

Pros: Food was great.
Cons: Entertainment was frustrating

Pros: Service was very good, flight was very smooth

Pros: Restful flight

Pros: The service by the flight attendants was very good starting from the welcome to the end in spite of the fact that it was quite late night flight. Also by fortunate luck I had the chance to sleep as the next three seats to me were all empty in the middle block, which made the whole trip less exhaustive.
Cons: If the seats next to me weren't empty and I couldn't lay down across all of them it would have been a difficult flight as the economy seats are not even close with economy comfort levels of other international airlines like Turkish Airlines especially the seat pitch size. Entertainment choices could be improved by more recent movies. There were very few selection.

Pros: The in flight crew was great
Cons: I arrived a bit late to the airport. 5:15pm for a 6:05p for an international flight. I realize It is very late. I was delayed by donald trump protestors blocking the highway (not your fault). Dulles was a ghost town ( abnormally slow). All I had was carry-on. They said they closed the flight. They quoted me at $1800 for a one way ticket directly from Lufthansa. The original round trip was $900. I declined, sat down for 15 min booked another Lufthansa flight online for $800, checked in and was through security by 5:50. Just in time for my original flights last call. I could have made it easily. Boooo Lufthansa booo.

Pros: The cabin crew was excellent all around, really made the experience a pleasure. Also very helpful when I couldn't locate my wallet as I was preparing to deplane, both in terms of helping me look and explaining what I could do if it didn't turn up (eventually it did, before I disembarked).
Cons: The seats, while relatively comfortable on their own, were really jammed in; it felt cramped even as a smaller adult. And the boarding process in Washington seemed to take a very long time.

Pros: they were on-time and we got from IAD to FRA in one piece.
Cons: you had to pay $35 ahead of time just to select your seats...they only allow 1 checked bag, half the flight was empty in eco plus but they still wanted you to pay to "upgrade", integration with UAL is cumbersome and difficult as you cant manage both legs of a UAL/LH flight from one carrier. Overall mediocre but hey - Cheap fares, you get what you pay for.

Pros: Excellent service, on time arrival, a great experience! Everything was easy with Lufthansa, which soothed my jitters and helped me relax (as much as is possible!)

Pros: the two older female stewards spoke slow enough so I could understand. The customer service rep in the lobby was always friendly, knowlegeable and able to help me. For example, I did not know, when boarding, if we had to show our passports, but I asked him and we did not. I did not grasp the five levels of boarding he mentioned. I knew our group was not handicapped and we were economy, but I did not really know if we were group 4 or 5 to board.
Cons: There was one female steward who made me take my carry on bag from the upper deck and store it below my seat so another lady's much, much larger bag would fit. Her bag was so large, I can't believe it met the standards. On the other hand, this procedure may be the way things work out,for the good of everyone, but it came as a surprise to me. To accomplish the task, she even asked another female to move her carry on from the rack above her to another several rows down. This lady's hair was too big for such a small plane. She talked way too fast in the first monologue. The plane seemed cheap and the sub airline had an air outlet that would not turn off and leaked with water mist. There was an air conditioner that also had a water vapor leak overhead, which my son said was a 'strip' which he could not control. We were seating in the back row. We noticed the plane was operated by Mesa airlines and the plane was assembled in Brazil, giving me a feeling of excessive cost cutting. Also, the pilot had an accent that sort of added to the 'Brazil' thing that he was not a native English speaker. However, he had a good landing at Atlanta near midnight. I did not feel I was on a real 'United' Airlines flight.

Pros: Smooth flight

Pros: excellent dinner selection movies and on screen entertainment were great
Cons: 2 hour wait on tarmac in Dulles for weather no one in the crew could tell us where our connecting gait was or whether we would have enough time to make it

Pros: Everything was amazing Very pleased!
Cons: Good choice entertainment but system is slow to respond and crashed on a few occasions

Pros: Food was actually pretty good, and was plentiful. Comfortable seating.
Cons: I don't think my tv worked.

Pros: The flight was delayed two hours. I flew them 10 years ago and thought their seervice rivaled the Asian airlines. Now their service and seat comfort is near the cellar dwellars. The premium coach seat I paid extra for was the narrowest coach seat I have ever had the misfortune to sit in. I am a small man. 5'*8" 165lbs. The normal sized man next to me and I had to sit with our elbows pinned to our ribs. Eight hours of hell. I also had a totally irritating woman from syria behind me. She pushed and banged on my seat back the entire 8 hours. She had to have her loud mouth yapping most of the flight. That was the worse experience I have had flying. Also the attendents didnt care about me. I had to ask for tea. Had to ask three times as they were waalking off
Cons: The flight was delayed 2 hours. The seat was tiny , cramped and uncomfortable. I travel a lot. This is the first negative review I have written in 55 years of flying.

Pros: It got me to my destination. The onboard entertainment system was nice.
Cons: Boarding was chaotic. We were required to line up and have our cabin baggage measured in the sizing apparatus. Elite (*Gold) FF members were not told to board early and when I asked one agent she directed me to the general boarding lines; only the agent at desk told me to board with the First/Biz passengers. The food had no flavor at all.

Pros: Nothing to like since it was cancelled
Cons: This was a very long day and when we were told the flight was cancelled and we should rebook there were 350 people being handled by 3 airline personnel and no organization or info was available to all of us in line. It took over an hour to get to talk with someone and then we had to wait for another half hour before we could get our voucher for a room and breakfast after having no dinner! Really bad, but the next day we had an easy flight, just got to our destination late and missed several tours we had booked.

Pros: Unfortunately expectations on flights are so low that I am hesitant to say much. It got us there in one piece and I guess that is considered nice these days.
Cons: I don't normally expect much of airplane food but this was a very low end food for an overseas 8 hour flight.

Cons: EVERYTHING! They put us on a United flight. 11 hours on the plane with NO ENTERTAINMENT. They apologized at the end and told us to all fill out a complaint at I did and still haven't heard back. The flight attendants were rude and it was a horrible flight. Worst international flight I have taken in my life. And it was for an adoption appointment with a judge in Riga, and we barely made it.

Pros: Efficient, early check in and seat selection was simple and done from home. Got to the airport early which is unusual for me but everything went smoothly and was relatively low stress.

Pros: Everything else was fine.
Cons: I had paid for comfort seats ($140) extra. When I checked in at gate I was given another seat assignment (without explanation). It turned out to not be comfort seat, in fact it was the last row in the airplane. Had to get eh gate agent back, which was not fast. She said flight was full and a family had been spread out. I understand, but you can't just bump me from a paid and selected seat to a standard seat, especially on transatlantic flight after paying $140 extra. There was no apology. She went back to gate and little while later came back with a comfort seat. Some people seem not to have shown up as the seat next to me stayed open as well. It was very poorly handled.

Pros: The ice cream dessert
Cons: Old fashioned entertainment systems where you can't choose when you want to watch something you have to start watching at the same time as everyone. Flight advertised as Lufthansa was United both ways, there is a big difference between the service in both. United makes you pay to choose your seat like a budget carrier so everyone is angry about the seat they're in. Won't be flying them again if possible!

Pros: that there was a water and a blanket on each seat!
Cons: I thought there was free alcohol on international flights. that you were not allowed to use the given blanket until after take off.

Pros: na
Cons: The airplane crew was rude. They could have been more nicer regarding food. My mother is diabetic and I asked the lady to get her a small sandwich or something so she can take her meds and plus her sugar levels where getting low. And the lady on her side was really rude and said NO.

Cons: Noise in aircraft. Transit time between flights was too short.

Pros: Good boarding process and crew today.
Cons: Plane was delayed and connection in Copenhagen was missed, resulting in a five-hour delay overall.

Cons: Seats are too small in economy to be comfortable. Boarding was unclear and confusing, mainly because I didn't have a boarding group on my boarding pass.

Cons: The flight was cancelled without explanation

Pros: N/A
Cons: I was unable to make it to copenhagen due to missing my connection

Pros: The airplane was modern and well kept. The crew were attentive and kind.
Cons: Nothing - our flight out was great!

Pros: Overall, an incredible experience!!!
Cons: The food was excellent

Pros: I have used Kayak for years without issue. This time I was flying SAS for the first time. The plane broke and so that was the first huge delay SAS had terrible customer service. They reminded me several times that I was not a preferred customer and that I had bought my ticket through kayak. This is the reason they gave for lack of help. It was frustrating to say the least. I’m not sure how they expect to gain repeat customers if they treat first time customers like that.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Everything. Our flight was delayed from our departing city because the plane was leaking water on the floor and they had to send in a special cleaning crew to try to stop it. We were not given the seats we pre picked months before when buying the ticket. The ac was broken for the first half of the flight. Then, we missed our connecting flight because of the first delay. Once we got onto a new connecting flight, it was also delayed and once again, we missed our last connecting flight and are not making it to our final destination today.

Cons: My luggage was lost and still not found

Pros: Food was okay. Very smooth landing
Cons: Crew. One of the flight attendants was unfriendly and short when asked about food options. None of them were approachable.

Pros: Great flight on SAS
Cons: Very good food and outstanding choice of movies as entertainment.

Cons: Tiny, hard, uncomfortable seats and cramped conditions, just about the worst 8 hours in my life

Pros: Crew was friendly and professsional. Breakfast was good , as well as the selection of movies.
Cons: Apparently SAS is not part of the TSA network, so I was unable to use my Global Entry membership to get TSA Pre-Check. Non-alcoholic beverage service was meager (one beverage only).

Cons: Rude crew, and apparently now you only get one free nonalcoholic drink in Economy for an 8 hour flight.

Pros: Everything was nice and smooth. Nice comfort and smooth flight, arriving slightly before the time

Cons: Pay for a coke?

Pros: Friendly service. No problem with moving to open seats to stretch out.
Cons: Even though it was an older plane, it was still comfortable.

Pros: Decent movie selection and very smooth landing
Cons: Surprised that Asian airlines typically havr larger and more comfortable seats. The SAS flight was fully booked and you could feel the cramped-ness of it. Also we weren't given the choice of what to have for our meals and were merely handed our food. Lastly, the flight was very, very uncomfortably warm.

Pros: Flight was on time. Boarding was simple and easy. Staff were excellent in handling the boarding process and very prompt in getting people seated/luggage put in to overhead lockers, free tea and coffee was provided which assured that extra comfort, would definitely recommend.

Pros: The crew is great. Did everything within their abilities to be comfortable
Cons: The cabin was too warm for the duration of the flight. The movie content wasn't that great. Also, the headphone jack on my seat was temperamental and I lost sound quite a bit. I wish they had more vegetables in their dish

Pros: The comfort and technology on the aircraft.
Cons: NA

Pros: Not full. Kind crew.
Cons: No complaints.

Pros: I was running late to my flight, and I found the SAS customer service line exceptionally helpful in helping me make the right decisions regarding how best to deal with the risk of missing my flight. In the end, I made my flight in time, but I found customer service critical in making the best decisions regarding my pre-flight transportation. Additionally, the flight was smooth and enjoyable.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Efficient processing of passengers onto aircraft.

Pros: The crew was so amazing and friendly!!

Cons: Crew not very friendly.

Pros: Seats are more comfortable than those of many other airlines.
Cons: Normally, I am not picky regarding airline food. In SAS's economy or "Go" class, there is no choice of food. I can think of plenty of dishes that would be appealing to many people. Yet the meal that was served, beef stew, posed a problem as I don't eat red meet. Since many people also do not eat beef due to religious beliefs, I am appalled by SAS's decision to only serve this dish to its economy class passengers. As I ordered my ticket through Kayak, I didn't have the option to request a special diet, nor did I think to do so as airlines generally do not serve serve a beef dish as their one and only.

Pros: Good leg room. Tasty meals. A good variety of entertainment options.

Pros: Boarding was easy, I'm a Star Alliance Gold member so was able to get on board first. There were significant delays leaving Dulles and our connection was tight, but SAS held the flight so I give them props for that.
Cons: The crew was grumpy and unhelpful, but I can usually overlook that. What really got me was this: YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR BEER & WINE ON THIS INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT! Never in my 25 years of international travel have I seen this from a mainstream carrier. For this fact alone, I will never fly this airline again. You also have to pay to pick your seats in advance.

Pros: I had a window seat with a view of New York City as we flew North.
Cons: The sound quality of the earphones was so poor that I could not understand most of the dialogue of the film that I watched.

Pros: The entertainment system was very good. The crew were all efficient and courteous, with the exception of one crew member who was rather curt.
Cons: Our plane arrived at IAD late due to a minor mechanical that was repaired at its previous destination. Consequently, we departed IAD almost two hours late, causing us to miss our connection in Copenhagen. Norwegian Air had a flight leaving shortly from Copenhagen to Rome, but the transfer agent told us SAS "does not re-book with Norwegian." Instead we were assigned to two more flights, one to Brussels, and another from Brussels to Rome. We arrived in Rome around 17:00 rather than 10:35 as scheduled, losing a full day of sight-seeing.

Pros: Technically, since the first leg of my flight was changed I no longer flew this route, but it was through the same airlines and they fixed my issues no problem.

Pros: Timely or even earlier arrival. Generally, very good experience
Cons: NA

Cons: In-flight entertainment did not work, veggie meal I ordered was not there, and when I asked if I could have one of the extra business class meals, I was told no. I further asked if I could just have some chips from the snack basket and that was met with a death glare from the female flight attendant. All in all, the flight attendants were rude and unwilling to accept any ownership in the poor conditions of this 9 hour flight.

Pros: Modern plane, great entertainment system
Cons: Paying for booze, vegetarian breakfast is awful.

Cons: The plane was very old and not maintained well, dirty and not clean from the previous flights

Cons: My daughter was feeling nauseous the whole time. She pressed the button to ask for a moist towel but was ignored after much waiting; she pressed again, and more waiting came with no response. She got yelled at when she went to ask politely. I understand the crew can get busy but where is compassion for a customer in need?

Pros: Clean, comfortable plane.
Cons: No free alcohol. Limited food options.

Cons: Not very many current movies, very cramped.

Cons: Seats are allowed to recline to far. When you are sitting behind someone who has reclined their seat you have no room

Pros: Great aircraft, good food, awesome crew, very comfortable seats, the entertainment was really good. Overall super pleased. Hopefully it'll be the same on our return back to DC

Cons: They changed departure gate, we sat at wrong gate for most time

Cons: Unfriendly and rude desk help. Rude and insulting. United was a real disappointment. I will ask my travel agent to be in touch re screw up the economy plus seats. I had to pay extra for what our itinerant said had been booked. Mary, at the desk at C12 in Delles, she wouldn't give me her last name was unbelievably insulting and unhelpful.

Cons: Too much meat in meals.

Pros: Flight was fine, service good, and our seat choice excellent.
Cons: We left an iPad on board in Copenhagen and found that there was no way to inform SAS!

Cons: No individual seat control of airflow. The plane was very warm and there were no vents at each seat.

Pros: Attendants allowed any standing to ease weary legs as long as it was out of the way.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from District of Columbia to Tromsø

Airlines flying from District of Columbia to Tromsø have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from District of Columbia to Tromsø

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from District of Columbia to Tromsø

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from District of Columbia to Tromsø

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from District of Columbia to Tromsø

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from District of Columbia to Tromsø

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