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Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,765 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "gate crew had our small luggages checked-in even if there were tons of space available, flight crew chatted noisily hald the duraltion of the flight, video entertainment either kept crashing or playing the wrong episode, toilet had no water"
Cons: "overall service"

Pros: "Pleasant Flight attendants and good pilot."
Cons: "No free drinks at all! Cheap airline"

Cons: "They loose my luggage!!!!!!"

Pros: "Boarding very fast"
Cons: "Very small plane. No snacks offered."

Pros: "Free soft drinks /tea On time nice staff Clean cabin well organized"
Cons: "No free food Completely booked. no video monitors"

Cons: "There was no complimentary food: not even snacks. Nice to have some juice, tea etc, though"

Pros: "Movies available. Food available for purchase."
Cons: "It was crowded in the back of the aircraft. Many vacant rows were available, but my advance check in and seat change / upgrade was not available on line. I would have paid to have moved up to an un-occupied section of the aircraft if I could have. My mistake. I should have got up and walked around looking for these vacant seats. Despite the captain announcing that WIFI Internet was available for purchase. There was no WIFI on this aircraft. I am a tech guy. The flight attendant said just use your credit card. NO there was no WIFI available."

Pros: "Flights left at the scheduled time"
Cons: "Planes are very uncomfortable. There is no entertainment in the cabin (tv, music)"

Cons: "The flight was delayed I had to wait for more than an hour"

Pros: "My wife had injured her knee before our trip and was having difficulty walking. Air Canada provided wheelchair assistance every part of our airport transfers between Atlanta and Japan. Thanks so much !"

Pros: "Seemed to be more leg room than I recall from past flights."

Pros: "Very short flight, not much to say"

Cons: "Too short period between 2 flights, barely have time to pass the border, almost miss the next flight. No inventory of food."

Pros: "Getting off the plane!"
Cons: "They delayed the flight by almost 2 hours. Tried to make me check a carry on bag when the plane wasn't even at 50% capacity and one of the representatives was rude about it. Despite having a delayed flight and not many people on the plane, they still lost one of my bags. They also lied to me about taking care of my other friends who were coming from the same connecting flight as me but was hung up in customs. My friends were traveling with small children but were denied entry to the gate because they were a little behind. I could keep going but never again on Air Canada!!!! Never!!!"

Pros: "I like that we made it safely."
Cons: "The crew seemed to not like their job and were very short with customers."

Pros: "I liked the care, the kindness, and the help"
Cons: "n/a"

Pros: "Efficient crew as with the first flight I had, consistent service."
Cons: "I don’t know if it’s the Vancouver-Mexico route or if it’s the seats but there’s just something difficult about it. First time I flew into Vancouver I was exhausted which makes sense as I had to fall out of bed at 3am, but this time I was awake and well rested and it still felt draining (which generally doesn’t happen to me with flights). Maybe it’s the leg space and the seats? Not sure. Could also be the odd time zone crossing."

Pros: "smooth flight"
Cons: "if the connecting flight from Vancouver to Toronto was not 5+ hrs, and then told one of my luggege was lost, from Vancouver, to go though Security/Immigration and had to wait was not good. It was found and I was able to get to the gate but only 20 min. left... because the flight was late arriving from Montreal. Phew! Two customers had been waiting for a baggage for 24 hrs, there, totally frustrated. Compared to their ssituation, mine was not so serious? Two men at counter were not sympathetic, no emotions showing. Until I paid attention to their problem, a woman showed up, tried to amend the situation. AirCanada's corporate image was damaged by those two men."

Cons: "Extreme delays on my return flight which made me miss my connection and get rebooked on another flight for the next day. We were delayed on departure, then on the tarmac, then in the air, and finally when getting off the plane. I am glad that I was rebooked and was given a hotel to stay at, but I did not like the way I was treated by Air Canada staff at customs. I passed through customs only to be sent back into Canada after having crossed through security because the staff decided to close. We were told by other staff members that it was up to them to decide when they were done and to talk them. I ran through the whole airport with about 7 other people to make it. Why make us cross through security only to send us back? There was no one there to guide us on what to do. I had to go through the whole thing again the following day only to have my face cream taken away (it is technically cream, not a liquid) and then be detained. None of this happened AT ALL the day before. I'd give more details but it was a complete mess."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They had nothing together. My first flight was delayed so I got in late and my connecting flight was rescheduled for 5 hours later. Their "free meal voucher" for rescheduling amounts to one slice of pizza and no drink. The airport then lost my checked bag and kept me waiting in one room for 4 of those hours to where I was still rushing to catch my next flight. Air Canada then forgot to assign a plane to my new second flight so I waited another 2 hours to board. Once boarded, the airline made us wait another hour while they loaded bags, then unloaded some of the wrong bags thy put on. They then tacked 25 minutes in the wrong direction and we went all the way back. I have never seen so many people rushing the customer service desks because they missed their connecting flights, throughout the entire time I was stuck in Toronto. Additionally, their "in flight movie system" doesn't work unless you rent one of their iPads. It prompts you to download Java Flash player even if you already have it instead of asking to run it. Then once you allow it, you get a 1-2 second animation then the movie breaks. There are similar errors with their music and tv show features, I tried all of these in my laptop and phone."

Pros: "The crews were nice and the seats were comfortable"
Cons: "There were so much miscommunication. Coming from Hong Kong it was late for 3 hrs , then I need to pick up my luggages and went thru immigration. Missed the flight to Toronto, checked at the counter and was told did not need to pick up my luggage until I got to Atlanta. Well at Toronto, my luggages didn't go through. I had to pick them up and went thru immigration on the USA side again. Missed my flight again! It was so frustrating except all the employees were very nice and helpful."

Pros: "friendly flight attendants good entertainment options"
Cons: "it was fine. I was pleasantly surprised after the first leg of my trip from Seattle to Toronto, where the staff were much less professional."

Cons: "Boarding Zones 3-5 is always a mess"

Pros: "We didnt crash"
Cons: "We didn't crash"

Cons: "First flight was canceled, they did not get me on a flight till 4 pm the next day! Not to mention the two French Canadians I talked to were extremely rude. Finally the 3rd customer service women tried to get me home sooner but was unable to!! Have flown for years on air Canada without issues but this last trip was such an inconvenience I will not being flying with them agin!! They also did not cover my hotel or the taxi costs associated with me having my flight canceled, not even a discount!!!!!"

Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Touch screens were broken"

Pros: "Nothing to like, just fair"
Cons: "3 toilets broken, unfriendly crew, disorder on bording, brake my luggage, I think is enough to unlike them"

Cons: "1시간이상 딜레이, 비행기를 타고서도 1시간쯤 있었던 것 같다. 그리고... 난 뒤에서 두번째 좌석에 앉았는데, 맨 뒷좌석에서 두 직원이 밥을 먹으며 얼마나 떠들어 대던지... 그리고 돌아다니면서도 주머니에 손을 넣은 채 거의 빼지 않고 말만 많은 젊은남자직원... 정말 건방져보였다. 착륙할 때 얼마나 급정거를 하던지 맨 뒤에 있었던 큰 물병이 떨어져서 맨 앞까지 굴러가더라. 다른 승객도 나와 눈이 마주친 후 무사히 착륙한 것을 축하한다고 쓴웃음을 지으며 농담을 했다. This is the Air Canada."

Cons: "There were too many things to mention, but I must say the customer service is not a strong point neither is a customer first mindset. The airlines apparent made several changes between my trip and I was threaten with additional bag fees when my ticket was very clear for two carry-ons and to checked bags, which also confirmed when I confirmed my seat request. After I was required to check my bags, I realized my earbuds were in the bag and the flight attendant did not give me a pair and actually told me I could purchase a pair...REALLY!I just did a 15 hour flight from Dubai, you were delayed by 2 hours on my last connecting flight and you can't comp a pair of .25 cent earbuds."

Cons: "Flight was from FLL to YUL."

Pros: "entertainment choices"
Cons: "boarding process crew not helpful in baggage storage"

Pros: "Boarding a 10 hours flight without any form of entertainment is not fun. All the could manage was rent out iPad for cost of 10 dollars for to watch installed video. They also screwed up my itinerary without informing me"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "They have television screens"
Cons: "Boarding pathetic, crew not friendly, only paid alcoholic beverages, poor food, landing worst of all flights that I had."

Cons: "Too small for long flight. No big screens nor personal screens. You can get entertainment thru your own laptop, tablet, or smartphone, but selections are not very much. Very unsatisfied!"

Pros: "The customer service desk at Lufthansa/Air Canada did help us set up additional flights for the next day."
Cons: "Since we missed our first flight to Toronto, we missed this flight to Atlanta."

Pros: "none"
Cons: "bad service and didnot tell customer some critical information"

Cons: "Three hour delay. Getting into Atlanta at 2:00am"

Pros: "Amazing"

Pros: "I was grateful to make it onto flight but no thanks to crew from first flight who should have radioed ahead that we were on our way and late due to air canada flight I was also glad that bags got onto flight"

Pros: "I bought Business Class because the rate was very competitive. Seat was comfortable enough. Flight departed nearly an hour late, but arrived early at the destination, which helped."
Cons: "The flight attendants in first class honestly seemed overworked and had no time for anyone. A request for a mixed whiskey beverage brought a Diet Coke instead. The attendant didn't seem to care at all when the mistake was pointed out, nor did she fix it. Snacks and drinks were essentially flung at us with the care of throwing slop at farm animals. Which pretty much describes the quality of the meal."

Pros: "Amazing legroom!"
Cons: "Poor selections of snacks and drinks"

Pros: "This was the usual flight. Nothing exceptional. The flight crew were very nice."

Pros: "Loved the airplane! Seats better, window auto shading was wonderful, I felt more rested after landing."

Pros: "The selection of current movies was varied enough (the content got a little staler on the return trip). The hot food tasted good and was hot. The crew was not stingy with the drinks, which I always like even if they come around fewer times"
Cons: "How hard it is to be comfortable/sleep in the tiny seat."

Pros: "The food was pretty good for airline food. The stewardesses were nice and attentive, and they provided an ipad for in-flight entertainment free of charge (usually $10) when my boyfriend's laptop couldn't use the system. Air Canada employees at check-in were polite and worked quickly."
Cons: "We had a terrible experience on our first flight from Chicago to Toronto, causing us to miss our connection and delaying our travel essentially 24hrs in total. We were expecting the worst this time around as well, but things went without a hitch. Only complaint is that the in-flight wifi kept cutting out so I had to keep restarting the videos I was watching, almost every 15min or so. My boyfriend's Air Canada-provided iPad had great service though, and access to newer released movies."

Pros: "Everyone was very kind and helpful. I am glad to try Air Canada for thw first time this time."

Pros: "Leg room was sufficient"
Cons: "Touchscreen monitors were not the best."

Cons: "In flight movie wouldn't even go full screen!!! Had to squint"

Pros: "Crew very attending, helpful."

Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Movies could have more selection."

Cons: "got crushed here at airport. There was a lot of people here at 5am. No one was at the ticket counter and all check-ins were automated. So no staff available at ticket counter. The auto system didn’t recognize my passport with the ticket. Then I had to go to duty manager who was not helpful."

Pros: "Crew was attentive. Seats were comfortable. Food was not bad."
Cons: "Improve the Beijing airport."

Cons: "I missed the connecting flight because of the aircraft situation, but I had the following regrets. 1. There was not enough help from the ground. 2. The plane didn't wait for a minute. 3.Unfriendly transfer counter 4. It was too inconvenient to find and refit the luggage for about two hours."

Cons: "Luggage lost. Reported at the HK airport. The airport staff told me that no record of my luggage and filed a report for me."

Pros: "It was an "average" flight"
Cons: "Food sent me and others to the bathroom---not good"

Pros: "Same as my first flight"
Cons: "Same as my first flight, but the delay this time did not cause me to miss a connection as my travel terminated in Bangkok."

Cons: "Everything is fine."

Cons: "Flight very delayed, no information provided in English."

Pros: "The crew was nice. I liked getting a bottle of water to drink."
Cons: "Everything was fine."

Pros: "I loved AirChina! We also got the 72 hour permit and wished that our layover was longer. We loved Beijing and AirChina!"
Cons: "Leaving :("

Cons: "They added 10 hours to my scheduled layover and would not give me lounge access for the inconvenience."

Pros: "I was able to sleep most of the flight it was very comfortable. Flight attendant was courteous"
Cons: "Food was below average"

Pros: "On time departure, courteous crew."
Cons: "Limited movie options for such a long, international flight."

Pros: "This connection has been changed and it was too early for my flight, it got changed and i was told I don't hv a connecting flight.. ca7265"
Cons: "This connection has been changed and it was too early for my flight, it got changed and i was told I don't hv a connecting flight.. ca7265"

Pros: "A bit of the food"
Cons: "No valid explanation for the 2 hours delayed of the flight from montreal and upon arrival in Beijging there is a lot of miscommunication about what passengers have to do. Everybody does'nt know what to do. No one can exactly give us the way and right thing to do. No anwers to our questions. We were hungry and no way of getting in touch with our family members because airport wifi does'nt work for us. We were ask to go here and there without explanation and the hotel given does'nt deserve even a 1star..a better than nothing hotel. Tired, hungry and very exhausted . No words can describe our frustrations. We deserve a refund if not at least a compensation for that very bad service experienced on that flight of Air China 880."

Pros: "The food was really go and the flight attendants were really nice"
Cons: "Seats weren’t so comfortable so I will next time splurge on better seats"

Pros: "Economy had lots of leg room surprisingly."

Pros: "The crew is courteous and very nice looking."

Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "The planes are very old and lack basic comforts. As a business class traveler, the food was really below the standards of other airlines. Also some flights did not have individual entertainment systems. Finally the business class lounge in Beijing was the worst Ive ever seen. The food was basically instant noodles and small pastries. The whole experience was disappointing."

Pros: "我买的机票是商务舱,结果北京到沈阳这段是经济舱"
Cons: "我妈是个不能行走的病人,缺把座位安排到最后面"

Cons: "Nobody was even at the counter? Only a sign saying the flight was cancelled. Worst experience at the airport I've ever had."

Pros: "Cheap ticket"
Cons: "Air China still doesn’t let you use your phone at all during a flight even on airplane mode which is problematic when all of your music, podcasts, and audiobooks are on your phone. The food was terrible and in a 13 hour flight we were offered no snacks between our two terrible lukewarm meals. The flight attendants were not very helpful or friendly. My boyfriend was having stomach issues and they wouldn’t let them sit in an empty seat next to the bathroom for a few hours. They also booked our tickets with only an hour to switch and had to be rushed through security."

Pros: "Crew is rude. No English spoken."
Cons: "Shutting off electronics 45 minutes before you land is ridiculous."

Cons: "Missed this flight because the first one was late. There was not enough time in between. And my luggage didn't make this flight either! It became a big debacle and I spent an extra $200 fixing it."

Pros: "crew and customer service were good, boarding was good"
Cons: "comfort minimal, food poor and entertainment below par"

Pros: "Great service from crew."
Cons: "The length of and number of in-flight announcements. Being told to turn devices off at all times and lifting the window blind."

Pros: "Offered an emergency exit seat to make me comfortable. Great crew very polite and helpful Great pilot great landing"
Cons: "14 hour flights are rough on anyone but they made it bareable"

Pros: "The attendant gave my my water even though I fell asleep. Also the flight boarded on time."
Cons: "AC wasnt on during the boarding process."

Cons: "They have no refund policy. I needed to change my flight date, but did not have a firm date in mind. Air China does not allow this. This is very unusual in my experience. And I fly a lot. Cheap bastards."

Pros: "Just fine."

Cons: "Gate crew did not provide any information about delayed departure times. We were told the plane would depart at 20:10 and ended up departing at 22:35. This was already several hours behind the originally scheduled departure time of 15:25."

Pros: "Chaostic"

Pros: "Excellent service attentive staff / good selection of wine and food"
Cons: "Entertainment very limited for non Chinese"

Pros: "Only crew"
Cons: "1 No provision for veg food cant use phone even in flight 3Even in this age buses ferry you from plane to the terminal,disgusting 4Security/immigration people lack smile on their faces"

Pros: "Delays everywhere, made no attempt to help until we had already missed our connecting flight."

Cons: "They seem to serve the same food on every flight, which gets monotonous."

Cons: "I could nos use my phone even though I took off the SIM card I did not get a good explanation"

Cons: "The seat is not comfortable."

Pros: "Foot rest at your seat."
Cons: "They don't allow you to board with a bottled water and wont give you one on board. Therefore on a 12 hr flight if you want to sleep (who doesn't) and you would like water, you have to have a little cup without a top to be on your tray table or in the easily hit with your knee cupholder. I ended up drinking my small amount of water quickly so I wouldn't end up with an accidental spill onto my feet. Not good foresight by a major airline."

Pros: "787-9 cool windows"
Cons: "The food for premium was gross and nothing different than economy. The staff was horrible and were non existent the whole flight. Seats in premium felt the same as economy."

Pros: "The food was great, they offered traditional Chinese and western style breakfast (morning flight). Most people sleep, it's a short flight between major cities so it feels more like a flying bus but for what it is, it's good"

Pros: "I arrived safely."
Cons: "Communication was challenging as my first language is english. Entertainment centre would lock up and freeze for all flights (I took 4). The plane seemed old and a bit sketchy. There was no boarding call, I just happened to be standing where I needed to go."

Pros: "Very efficient airlines and staff members. I never got on/off a plane so quickly. Staff was attentive to everyone's needs and were very friendly. I loved how affordable their roundtrip tickets were. I would fly Air China in the future!"
Cons: "There wasn't a good variety of entertainment on the flight, so I tried to sleep more on my 12 hour flight. There should be newer movies and more English movies. It seemed that most people on the flight weren't even Chinese, so it would be nice to lessen up on the Chinese movies to make room for English :) It was also very inconvenient how much this airlines changed their flight times."

Cons: "The transfer in Beijing Airport was very confusing and almost did not make the plane back home."

Cons: "1. Flight got delayed, so I missed my connection and I had to stay at the airport overnight. They did it provide a hotel to stay saying the delay was weather related and not their fault 2. Communication skills are extremely poor in Beijing airport 3. All flights were delayed from Air China."

Pros: "Overall, pretty great flights with this airline. We were delayed but ended up boarding earlier than expected which was nice. Our flight had plenty of food and beverage opportunities which was nice although don't expect anything out of this world, it's airplane food after all."
Cons: "Flight was delayed and no one knew how to communicate that to us. A sign would have been appreciated at least, considering we were out of the country we did not even get the email notification until the next day."

Pros: "I liked that it was cheap and one of the video games would have been really fun had it worked."
Cons: "My touch screen was broken on two of the flights. I was starving because there was no Vegan food. My knees were so bruised that I couldn't walk after the flight because they were so jammed and the person in front of me kept attempting to for the seat back when there was no space. The flight attendants didn't speak enough english to communicate. My baggage was lost. The customer service at baggage claim was rude, and it was a very confusing process finding the bag."

Cons: "No food for purchase. Rude service, lots of rules on board. Small movie selection."

Pros: "Quick boarding, good service from flight crew"
Cons: "Limited entertainment offerings, quality of food can be improved."

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