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Flight from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Fez Sais
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Royal Air MarocOverall score based on 2775 reviews
Airline reviews

Flight was almost 2 hours delayed.

Read more about Royal Air Maroc

Flight was almost 2 hours delayed.

See the review for the previous flight.

Royal Air Morac couldn’t check us in for the connecting flight and provide boarding passes, so they didn’t let us onto the flight. We spent 5 hours at the airport waiting for them to give us a new flight, and the problem was they communicate only via email so it took them over half of a working day. They insisted that we had to check out bags in and we we left without anything to their than a purse to spend the night in Morocco. The WORST experience I’ve had flying. The WORST company I’ve flown with. The WORST staff handing things. Never again.

Crew was calm, boarding time were kept, departure ties were promp. Pilots were great at take off and landing. My only suggestion is the interior of the aircraft from JFK to Casablanca to on 7/26/22 needs upgrading. The return aircraft from Casablanca to JFK was super. Finally the food was very good and more than enough.

All good

Pros: "Crew was fine. Below Air France better than American airline"
Cons: "Had a lo layover in Casablanca (landed at 830 and left at 5) and they lost my bag."
Pros: "nothing! Very poor service"
Cons: "Have special help for large families especially with young children. Most airlines anticipate large families’ arrival and keep a golf car at the gate to help them. Your company is careless, callus. In addition i lost 3 luggages"
Cons: "Too much focus on business class and 1/2 hour delay"
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Royal Air Maroc lost my two bags. Also, late boarding, delayed on the tarmac, late arrival in Lison, so I missed my connection."
Pros: "Royal air Maroc is run by bandits. Travel with them at your own risk."
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "The plane was on time, boarding was smooth and the seats were comfortable, again."
Cons: "There was no personal entertainment system. However, they had screens fold down from the sealing and showed some cartoons and very old silent movies."
Pros: "The crew was nice, the entertainment was very good."
Cons: "When boarding passengers it should be a bit more organized. Should offer a vegetarian dinner, it was only chicken or beef option."
Pros: "Great crew! The food was good. Good entertainment options."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit unorganized"
Pros: "direct flight, good timings"
Cons: "poor planes, poor service, bad food"
Pros: "Not really much; fed us twice but not really my kind of food. Alcohol included."
Cons: "Boarding is disorganized and chaotic. Count heads number of times and checked boarding pass three times in five minutes! Delayed over an hour but arrived close to in time. No reason given for delay. Entertainment system for my wife didn’t work."
Pros: "I liked how my monitor for entertainment kept glitching and making pretty colors. None of the monitors worked but I am an artist so I enjoyed the abstract colors."
Cons: "Terrible communication about delays and cancelations. You have to be very proactive in telling them what to do. They almost put me on a flight where I would miss my connection by 9 hours and then would have to wait 18 hours for my next flight. I was late for a family emergency. You can't rely on any website you have to call for updates and are lucky if someone picks up. I feel bad for the staff."
Pros: "Flight was very comfortable, and short we got there in less than 7 hours. The staff was friendly"
Cons: "Delayed flight as they waited their passenger from Barcelona to arrive. Total chaos at baggage claim"
Cons: "My flight was put on standby, so I couldn't check in using the machine. When I went to the Air Morac counter to check in, they refused to listen to what the problem is. First person told me my ticket is not business class, without even hearing out what the problem is. Second person told me to go to another counter. When I went there, the third person told me they only process passengers flying to Russia, again refusing to listen to what I have to say, and then direct me back to the second person. After that, second person confirmed that the 3rd person is responsible. So I went back, the third person finally decided to listen and told me to wait for their supervisor. I stood there for 40 minutes. The whole thing is extremely unprofessional."
Pros: "Good movie options"
Cons: "Awful food, slow service"
Cons: "Entertainment didn’t work—it was the worst."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Pros: "Crew was very nice and helpful. Food was better than usua Royal Maroc food. Overall good experience"
Cons: "They canceled my flight forcing me to leave my vacation a day early with not even a 24 hrs notice. This resulted in me losing out on money that I had already spent on tickets, the place we were staying, parking my car etc."
Pros: "The crew on the plane was pleasant"
Cons: "The seats were too tight. No leg room"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Out of fish, was forced to eat beef, no cold water. customer service no good, wouldnt let you take a backpack on plane."
Cons: "Had a two-leg flight with them. Needed to get second boarding pass in Casablanca (for some reason they would not issue both boarding passes simultaneously). It was absolute chaos trying to get the second boarding pass. Waited in line for about two hours. Some people missed their flights while doing so. On the plane, the seat selection I had made online at booking was not honored."
Pros: "All the on time"
Cons: "The The food and service in the Moroccan air line was not good . Enterprise for the flight ticket is way too expensive . I was expecting better service I pay 1387 $ for bad service"
Pros: "We arrived safely."
Cons: "A majority of the staff was rude. The plane was outdated. There was no in flight entertainment."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Very disappointed"
Pros: "Lost luggage and no help"
Cons: "Lost luggage and no help"
Pros: "The food was fine, we left on time, no issues at the gate and quick departure."
Cons: "The plane seats were old and worn but that's not an issue. One of the crew members gave me attitude because I requested thebvegetaroan option after another stewardess said it was available. Apparently it can be ordered online free of charge but the encounter was unenjoyable with him. Otherwise good news."
Pros: "The crew was very rude and careless. The food was OK."
Cons: "The crew member assigned to the aisle I was in, was so careless that he bumped on me 90% of the times he passed and never excused one single time! The worst: when leaving the plane, I forgot my iPad in the pouch of the chair in front of me. 20 minutes later when I realized it, although I contacted the counter immediately they said that they could not find it and that they could not do anything to help me!"
Pros: "The lady who checked us in was nice. The flight made it to Morocco without crashing. That's all I can say positive right now."
Cons: "We left late. 45 minutes late without an explanation. Then the chairs are quite uncomfortable. The crew wasn't very pleasant, except maybe one guy. There are tons of announcements in 3 languages. Then we arrived late. And as if it's 1970 we get off the plane onto the tarmac, wait for a bus that takes 15 minutes to get you to the building, which I could have walked to in the same amount of time. Then you have to go through security again for some reason. So we missed our flight. Stuck in a shitty terminal without so much as an apology or a food voucher for our 6 hour wait till the next flight. Not a good experience."
Pros: "The plane"
Cons: "The customer service. They ignore you when you want to escalate issues to a manager, they are agressive in treatment. They cancelled all of my flight legs because I missed an intermediate flight leg and did not notify me. I found out at the airport when I was about to take my last leg. I understand some airlines have policies around no shows but this airline did not have the decency to even notify me of the cancellation so I could plan around it."
Pros: "Everyone was nice, helpful and it was easy to change dates without the big expense other airlines charge!"
Pros: "Provision of lounge to the travellers , meals and a place for resting whilst waiting for your connection flight"
Cons: "Toilets have to be more taken cared of, kept dry and restocked with toilet papers when used up."
Pros: "Staff were very friendly."
Cons: "No TV"
Cons: "This is the dirtiest airplane I have ever been on - the seats were stained. Dried food and drink spots were on the wall, back of the.seats and trays - flying on the plane made me feel physically ill. If at all possible, I will never fly this airline again."
Pros: "Yes, I did."
Pros: "The plane was almost brand new, service was excellent.. No delays or problems of any sort. Check in was quick, Flight on-time Smooth the whole way Super friendly staff It was great, Thank you,"
Pros: "Nothing positive to remeber"
Cons: "1. They think everyone should speak french .. Keep talking to me in french 2. Check in bag was awful .. Open late and only one employee help 3. Flight attended ignore you and seems annoyed 4. Drove us in a bus to the terminal at Casablanca and let the passanger wait with locked doors almost everyone out of the breath Terrible airlines i will never flew through them"
Pros: "Nothing i liked about that airlines"
Cons: "Assumingand expecting everyone speak french"
Cons: "Lost luggage. Low quality service. General atmosphere of lack of respect for the moroccan customers. Is this some kind of self hatred??"
Cons: "Airport security took forever and was very disorganized. Bathrooms were filthy. A man was washing his feet in the sink and only four bathroom stalls worked. After our plane ride, the airline lost my bag. I had to receive help from another airline agent since no one from Royal Air Maroc provided clear guidance. The front desk made me feel a sheet and gave me their phone number to call. I called 10 times at different times during the two hours that they should be working but no one ever answered. I left a voicemail and have not been contacted yet. I have no information about my missing bag after they failed to track where it should have been. Do not recommend this airline."
Cons: "Even though we got the aeroport one hour before our flight schedulle.we were not allowed to embarke.so i have to miss the flight and pay 500 dollars extra.therefore,this is the last time i will travel with moroccan airline"
Pros: "first classe crew and service on board. on time. AT brings passenger to hotel for long transit."
Cons: "Business class seat should be upgrade on this B-737-800. Turkish ailine has a J class a level above on their B-737."
Cons: "Boarding, the food and the seating capacity"
Pros: "I liked the service was good organized the staff were friendly and knowledgeable the food was excellent just the water I would like if will be served in bottles not small cups."
Cons: "I didn't like when people dirt the flight and the trash was everywhere the diapers on the floor the royal air maroc staff should make announcement to the travelers to leave the plane clean because people responsibility to walk to the trash can."
Pros: "Got us from A to B cheaply."
Cons: "Boarded then delayed take off for 70 minutes waiting for kosher meals. It was a 2.5 hour flight so meals were unnecessary to begin with. No formal explination given. Only learned about reason after a massive argument between passengers & crew. More than a little disconcerting."

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