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China EasternOverall score based on 6668 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "On time! Great service."
Cons: "Only slight disappointment is they couldn’t arrange a limo because I was outside the two day window. They did have a limo waiting for me in the way back, when I didn’t need one!"
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Pros: "On time! Great service."
Cons: "Only slight disappointment is they couldn’t arrange a limo because I was outside the two day window. They did have a limo waiting for me in the way back, when I didn’t need one!"
Pros: "I’m a vegetarian, they made it easy with the online ticket note. I appreciated the thoughtfulness."
Cons: "Small leg room but plenty of overhead space for luggage. Don’t forget you can only have 5kg of personal item and 10kg of carry on luggage. Not many people follow the rule but they will make you pay. I paid for heavy checked bag and still had to take items out... not sure if that’s just me!"
Pros: "The amenity Kit for the business called my attention. Well chosen and good."
Cons: "The temperature of the cabin was terrible. too hot in a flight of 14hours"
Pros: "There was nothing to complaint about. Thanks for the great sevices!"
Cons: "Nothing yet."
Pros: "Economy seats are not comfortable on any airline. I wonder why seats in a car are more comfortable than in an airplane? The staff were very zealous and proficient. They were pleasant and helpful. The food was the best of any airline I have flown. I was very impressed with the biscuits!"
Cons: "I did not like riding the bus to my airplane on the tarmac."
Pros: "The whole flying experience was great for a great price!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "boarding was slightly confusing, but flight was super-full and many other travelers were rude while waiting. also - wifi did not appear to work at all, and directions were not useful"
Pros: "The seats reclined more than I expected, the food was surprisingly good, and the entertainment options were very good."
Cons: "The flight attendant for our seating area was not pleasant. It wouldn’t have hurt him to try a little harder. Also it was very warm on the plane. We were expecting to be cold and it was quite the opposite."
Pros: "There was entertainment and wifi"
Cons: "The seats weren’t the most comfortable"
Pros: "Staff was friendly and price was cheaper."
Cons: "Bad headphones, very cheap quality of sound. Crew spoke very little English. Many announcements were in Chinese only. The plane deboarded at the tarmac and passengers were hauled in big buses packed with people-the ride was about 15-20 mins long due to the planes on runway, other buses and airport vehicles"
Cons: "They canceled my flight without an email confirmation. I went to the airport to find out it was canceled then to get an email now asking how my flight was when I couldn’t go. It was a pan just to even call about getting seats prior to and they had a hard time finding my itinerary. They even took 210 for th cancelation. Had to book with another airline for following day"
Pros: "Nice new airframe, for what that's worth. Staff are attentive, friendly."
Cons: "Atrocious legroom & my legs are NOT long; like being in a stress position entire haul. BRUTAL. Flown many airlines to SEA, this was so bad it shocked me. The food (every 'meal' was poor, gross all-around but the "bacon & eggs" ....the egg didn't taste like real egg, bacon left raw. Inedible. The one exception was the chicken breast, that was actually a good standard... but they never have enough for everyone, and the rest of the meal was inedible. Almost no snacks offered, variety of drinks non-existent."
Cons: "Missed flight due to delay and had to deal with rude staff for the rebooking. Around 15 of us got no real information and we’re just hoping for the best"
Pros: "Attentive attendants i business class"
Cons: "It would be good if the Chinese Eastern Airlines employees worked to improve their spoken English for the sake of those who don't understand Chinese. The airport announces over the speaker system were especially difficult to understand."
Pros: "The seats recline quite far- making it more comfortable, good up to date entertainment."
Cons: "The staff was rude, the food was horrible, they lost our laugagge-ruining our vacation, poor costumer service."
Cons: "The check in experience was awful. We have a layover in shangai and found out we have store our bag in a pay locker. He almost didn’t let my friend on as she had 8 clean pages on her passport but none of them were clean on Front and Back side. He said Indonesia would not let her. That was untrue. And we were in business class no less."
Pros: "Excellent"
Cons: "Excellent"
Pros: "The actual plane, the entertainment, the likeability of the crew members"
Cons: "The food is way below average for an intercontinental flight such as this route: needs better quality, options and for 15 hrs flight, needs to come more regularly."
Pros: "The price of the ticket."
Cons: "The service and confort"
Pros: "Pretty good entertainment choices, attentive staff"
Cons: "Rude flight attendants. Luggage didn't transport to next flight."
Pros: "The price was amazing. You can’t beat rt from Chicago to Singapore for $630. Considering that’s what I paid, the flight was excellent. But overall and compared to other international flights, it was alright."
Cons: "The food wasn’t stellar (although, what airplane food is?), and my seat didn’t recline properly. That was really a pain, as it was a 14hr flight."
Pros: "the goodness"
Cons: "the ungoodness"
Cons: "Need to improve thier communjcation skill."
Pros: "Crew is decent. Choice of movies is good."
Cons: "The earbuds' quality are real bad, like dollar store bad. Portion of food is real small. Only offered snacks once. Could smell cigarette on 4 different occassions, smoke detector even went off once due to cigarette but no action was taken against the passenger. Could smell poop too. Not allowed to use electronic device even on airplane mode, which is ridiculous."
Pros: "It was a real airline"
Cons: "Didn’t let you use iPhones... even on airplane mode"
Pros: "Price. On time. Good food."
Cons: "Not being able to use phone -even in airplane mode for games or entertainment. Bus ride from terminal to boarding in Shanghai"
Pros: "Price of the ticket was phenomenal. Plus, there wasnt a significant decrease in service. When you travel on a budget, it is hard to do better than this."
Cons: "Food was soso. I got fish, they didnt have a choice. There is wifi. However, NOTHING american works. I am not sure why. I was able to get some chinese websites to work, no google, gmail or anything nonchinese. I suspect it has something to do with China censoring the internet?"
Pros: "Price was reasonable, there were screens on each seat. The flight was very smooth."
Cons: "The seats we bought together weren’t located together. The crew was rude and abrupt. The Wi-Fi was almost nonexistent. The seating was VERY cramped and for a 15 hour flight that’s a dealbreaker. Also, although I am not a vegetarian, I was surprised/disappointed to find they didn’t have a vegetarian meal option."
Cons: "Tickets should be printed for all the flights, instead of having to go to the ticket counter each time. Luggage needs to be shipped all the way through. People need better English proficiency, they were useless."
Pros: "Better than expected. Crew was very friendly and attentive. Great value business class!"
Pros: "Cheapish flight"
Cons: "Late. Dropped passengers into pouring rainstorm giving us each a napkin for protection. Airport in Shanghai is consistently dirty, poorly marked and mostly unfriendly. Big gobs of snotty spit in the sink. Yummy!"
Cons: "The wifi was too slow even for email"
Cons: "cabin was too warm and stuffy"
Pros: "Free internet access on the plane. Excellent"
Cons: "I have reserved the seats, but at check in desk, there was no information about it. I don't know what happened to my reservation."
Pros: "Overall the flight was great, great service"
Cons: "the A/C performance was very poor and uncomfortable to sleep during the flight, it was too warm in the cabin."
Pros: "I made a friend"
Cons: "I lost a friend"
Cons: "Our flight got delayed and didn't leave til 2am we were supposed to leave at 9"
Pros: "the service was outstanding"
Cons: "the temperature control in business class was very poor, it was too hot for the duration of the flight. 2 requests were made to improve and the staff tried, but it was uncomfortable."
Pros: "Cheap Friendly staff Smoothe ride Frequent beverage and meal service Blankets and pillows"
Cons: "No paper towels in bathroom Seats don't recline far"
Cons: "Everybody was told that the flight was on time, so we were on board at 8:45pm from Shanghai to xiamen. After waiting in the plane for 1.5 hours, they informed us that the flight was cancelled. We had to check out our luggages. The airline arranged the hotel, and our flight was rescheduled to next day at 8 am. We were randomly pick to stay with another passenger in the hotel. 2 people a room. When we reached the hotel, it was 1 am, and we were told to check out at 5:20 am. We all did, and waited in airport till boarding time. The flight was delayed again. It was too much of on and off and tiring with all the travels. I wouldn't mind if the airline tell us ahead, and we could have time to make some plans...instead just wait in the airpots."
Pros: "I was able to change seats after takeoff and have an empty seat next to me."
Cons: "You're not allowed to use headphones about an hour before landing."
Pros: "Cheap, economical option. Swift processes."
Pros: "I'm over six feet and was able to stretch my !egs on a 777. Bathroom was huge! Crew was efficient. Probably my easiest trip to Asia, didn't feel limje a 14 hour flight."
Cons: "Food was good but I'll pack some extra for the next flight. When flying out of China expect delays."
Pros: "The airplane staff was kind."
Cons: "One of my suitcases did not arrive to my final destination. I was told that it arrived in Shanghai but has not been shipped to Zhengzhou. I arrived on January 1st. It is now January 3rd, and I still do not have my suitcase. Also, I am being told that I will need to pick up my suitcase when it arrives, but it should be delivered to my home. This has been a huge inconvenience. I have important things that I need and it has been delayed for far too long. I should also not have to pick up the suitcase because it is not may fault that it was misplaced. I refuse to spend half the day to go to the airport, and I also refuse to spend money on a taxi service to get me there."
Cons: "The flight left late. The crew was useless. The food was terrible."
Pros: "I had a whole row of seats by myself, so was the rest of the passengers it was comfortable"
Cons: "They served the dinner buns after the dinner has already been consumed by basically every one."
Cons: "Seats are narrow, leg room poor, and food service is minimal."
Pros: "Costumer service"
Cons: "Time late"
Cons: "Traffic on the take off strip made us sit in our seats for a long time, about an hour and I had my infant on my lap who had peed through his pants but I wasn’t allowed to go to the lavatory and change his diaper or clothes! Not just this but I also had a very important meeting to attend in Seoul for business and the flight delay made me late! Unacceptable"
Cons: "The flight was always delay."
Pros: "Air China did an excelent job to get me to my destination."
Cons: "Kayak.com did not notify me my flight was cancelled. By my own dumb luck I showed up early enough for Air China to put me on a plane that was boarding. Come on kayak. You failed to provide details that could have ruined my trip. Get it together."
Pros: "Everything is good but there are kids make noisy during the sleeping and no one stop them."
Pros: "Crew member helped me get extra space for injured leg by having a passenger next to me find a new seat."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "entertainment"
Cons: "It should be illegal to have that short of layover in PEK that is impossible to make. They also made us stay on the plane for 5/6 hours waiting to take off with no explaination and very little food or water."
Pros: "Pricing"
Cons: "Planes not being delayed, causing us to miss our layovers."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Seems like airchina have no experience in aviation business"
Cons: "The plane was COLD. The food was absolutely disgusting! The seats are small. Lacking in the movie department. I will not use Air China again."
Cons: "We paid $37 to check in 1 Baggage and the flight from SFO to Beijing had delivered the baggage in baggage claim area. We had to take Chinese Visa to get to the baggage, even-though it is a transit. We missed the next connecting flight to Shenzhen as it ate up all our time. Now have to travel in the mercy of the airlines for next flight. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LIST THAT "VISA NEEDED IF CHECKING IN BAGGAGE" MISSED ALL FLIGHTS"
Pros: "Crew was excellent, flight was comfortable, food good."
Cons: "Long line at the check-in/ luggage drop off counter only ONE person for economy check-in. Kiosk did not pull up information so that I could use the shorter online check in/ luggage drop line. No entertainment.."
Pros: "Very good service on board, crew very attentive and polite."
Cons: "Lack of communication with customers in change of situation. Airline had to change the aircraft and as a result all passengers had to be transported to the new aircraft by buses rather than via boarding bridges. It was the longest airport shuttle ride ever because no one told us what to expect. People complained. But airline could have managed expectations better by giving notice to customers what will happen next, customers will be more forgiving that way."
Cons: "Because of the airplane delayed for one of my stop, I did not catch on my next flight and ended up bought another ticket, I was so disappointed."
Cons: "The food is not so tasty."
Pros: "Pleasant n courteous attendant"
Cons: "No tv monitor in biz class has old seats"
Pros: "The on time performance also inflight Meals"
Cons: "Check in for Departure"
Pros: "TICKETING, Leg room"
Cons: "Boarding, Flight amenities & entertainment, imited English"
Pros: "Didn’t like it at all, flight canceled and we have to find our own alternate flight to our destination for the connecting flights."
Pros: "Economy had lots of leg room surprisingly."
Pros: "Everything fine"
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Entertainment"
Pros: "Unedable food"
Cons: "Booked beyond recognition flavourless"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Most of the staff was very helpful and accommodating. On the first leg of the flight one of the attendants even suggested a wine with dinner, a very kind gesture."
Cons: "When my husband and I went to check in for our flight at the desk we had to wait very long time to get checked in. We noticed that one of the girls was in training, which is understandable but just inconvenient. We are both very patient people but this just made us nervous because our first flight on Air China to Japan on 10/26/17 was very delayed and caused us to have to literally run and still go through a rigorous security check. We were not rushed through the line even though we had nothing to do with our flight being delayed on our second leg. We then had to wait in another long line for security even after arriving into China on our flight back. There was also someone on board before take off with a medical problem and we could tell that some of the patrons started getting a bit aggressive or irritable. I don’t think the crew could’ve done much in that regard but wish the issue had been resolved a little quicker. I believe it was a 40 minute delay in take off."
Cons: "Beijing security was an absolute mess. their security measures were absolutely deplorable. Many people missed their flights. Confiscated my iphone charger that passed security measures twice before them."
Pros: "They have taken care of me like no other airlines do this days, always with a smile, lots of movies to watch from all over the world"
Cons: "They have no refund policy. I needed to change my flight date, but did not have a firm date in mind. Air China does not allow this. This is very unusual in my experience. And I fly a lot. Cheap bastards."
Pros: "Everything was mediocre, at best. I've had flights with Cathay and Asiana, and the flight was much more comfortable there."
Cons: "I think the plane arrived on time. However, we were allowed to disembark from the plane at the BOARDING TIME of our connecting flight! We ended up missing our connecting flight since the TSA had a long line, and even with the security letting us pass through, we did not make it to our gate. A group of people from the same flight with me had to wait 9 hours for the next flight to Los Angeles from Beijing. The WiFi at the airport was horrible. Can't even load simple Facebook messenger. We could not update our loved ones waiting for us at LAX."
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Very courteous behaviour"
Cons: "While the experience of flight was excellent, the missed flight to SFO led to severe inconvenience.The bus arranged for hotel was delayed,all heavy luggage had to be carried inside bus leading to hardship and severe personal strain as the did not have the capacity to accommodate all luggage. The extreme strain caused lasted during flight to SFO. It is suggested that due care needs to be taken of elderly, passenger with children etc.pl avoid such traumatic experience of such transits. Except for this rest of the experience was excellent."
Cons: "First time flying Air China - it was cheap and I mistaken it for China Airlines. Newer seats with touch screen TV, but the seating, screen and tray table were dirty and not properly wiped down. Lack of entertainment - no new movies, just a bunch of old released. Food was ok, minimal drink options. At time very difficult to understand crew members. It was the cheapest flight, and now I know why. The flight back to the US was significantly better than the flight from LAX to Beijing. That flight there was in an old Boeing with old dirty uncomfortable seats that I had to first drape with a blanket before sitting down and extremely dirty tray area that I scrubbed down with some wet wipes myself. The only saving grace was that it was an empty flight and I had the entire row to myself. Worst, we had a 7-hour delay in Beijing where the ground members did not speak English and could not give anyone an explanation as to why there was a delay. My family in Thailand came to the airport twice because they went back home the first time since they were waiting for too long and the airline could not give them an estimate of when the flight would take off. Never flying Air China again. Would recommend spending more a little more and fly EVA air or something else."
Pros: "Business class was nice. I only had it for one leg of about 4 legs. Food was good. Service was good. This is only if you're in business."
Cons: "Economy seats are really small. My shoulders hit the head rest. I'm not that tall, but I'm not short either. I think the seat in front of me was only about 12 inches from my face. The 6 hour ride didn't have individual monitors. Why? No mobile products can be used- not even an iPod. I can understand an hour flight- but 4+ hours? The flight from PEK to SGN was super late, and no one would give an explanation. On the long leg, the movie selection was poor. Mainly Chinese movies. Only a couple new English movies, and some older ones."
Pros: "Airports r nice"
Cons: "Took 5 flgts in China every one was delayed from one to 5 hrs."
Pros: "Very nice and attentive staff"
Cons: "Delays without any information"
Pros: "Crew and plane boarding"
Cons: "Flight delayed around 2 hours"
Pros: "Attendants were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, but no sign was posted at the gate. Eventually we heard an audio message. No movies in flight."
Pros: "I like food ,drinks,and staff"
Cons: "What i didnt like was our baggage left with no keys, they all broke both keys we put in our check in baggage,just make us so dissapointing!!!"
Cons: "Both flight to and from had at least one plane with no entertainment. They're 13 and 6hrs. They also don't let you use your phone. Even on airplane mode. Both to and from also got delayed. Which may or may not be up to the airline."
Pros: "Great flight crew."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 2.5 hrs, however we weren't noticed until 15 mins prior to lift off. During our 9 hrs flight the inflight entertainment system worked for 1.5 hrs, and the movie selection was very limited."
Pros: "Check-in and boarding went very well, very quickly."
Cons: "The plane was suppose to depart at 6:25 pm, it ended up being closer to 8:00. I suppose that really didn't have to do with anything Air China did, but we ended up landing nearer to 11:00 than the 9:45 that I booked, It was nearly midnight before I was able to get home."
Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "Crew barely speaks English, they were all over Chinese and anyone else was like second class citizens."
Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "My seat 46D was broke and it took several conversations with crew members during 6 hours before they finally moved me to an other seat."
Pros: "Feet devices helped keepi legs elevated."
Cons: "Crew very rigid and militant. Windows were ordered to be open regardless of glair since I was sick and my eyes were sensitive to the strong light. Drinks were only offered once in a 13 hour flight. I had to keep going to the back to ask for it as I was dehidrated due to a bad cold..not a kind crew. Will not fly in Air China again."
Pros: "New planes n clean cabinet nice service."
Cons: "None"
Cons: "Can't reserve a seat on line even"
Pros: "Polite and customer oriented flight crew."
Cons: "Food could be better in terms of content/ ingredients. Entertainment choices for non-Chinese oriented movipes/songs were too few."
Pros: "Just a basic airline, don't expect too much."
Cons: "For US passengers, know that Air China most likely won't have your passport number on file to get your boarding pass. This is also known as the VIP number and they will refuse to issue your boarding pass. Not speaking the language can cause more of a headache trying to negotiate the issue. Note that all they need to do is input the passport number into their system. Experienced Air China boarding agents know this but others do not. I was also unable to use their online check in system and instead had to check in at the airport. Make sure to plan ahead. If you have connecting flights through AIr China note that your luggage will only be transferred if you checked them in from a major city. In my case I checked in from LA and my bags were transferred through Beijing to Hailar, but when I went back I checked them in at Hailar and had to physically check them in again at Beijing on to LA."
Cons: "Flight was delayed then after many hours got to know that the flight was cancelled. . It was terrible and didn't expect it.due to this my plans and work for effected. Now after my arrival to USA I received my laguages after 2 days. when I received my laguage Many of my stuffs are missing. I'm highly disappointed with this service. I'm never ever going to use air China again. I won't recommend to my friends too. A very bad service"
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